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Aug- 29, 1945»
Fil'ed Nov. 25, 1943
Patented Aug. 20, 194-6
Le Roy B. High and Jack .B. Harmon, Detroit,
Mich, assignors to The Udylite Corporation,
Detroit, Mich, a corporation of Delaware
Application November 25, 1943, Serial ‘No. 511,660
3 Claims. (Cl. 158-135)
This invention relates to a torch and more
particularly to a torch useful for welding ther
moplastic materials.
form of a ?ame. The length and temperature
of this ?ame can be varied .by regulating the
amount .of air and combustible gas fed into the
combustion chamber from nozzles 3 and ‘I. The
It is an object of this invention to produce
a torch useful in the welding of thermoplastic
?ame in the combustion chamber I2 heats the
materials vwhich is operated with air and ‘natural
excess air ?owing through the tube‘ .I. This
or ordinary city gas.
heated air and the gases of combustion ?ow
Heretofore torches burning natural or city gas
through the tube I toward and through the hol
have not been used inwelding thermoplastics
lowironer tip 2. Some of thishot air and gaseous
largely because of the inability to control the
combustion ‘product ?ows Tout of the .tip .2 through
temperature of the torch within limits suitable
ori?ce I3 and the rest .of it ?ows out of ori?ces
for such type welding. This invention also con.Hl. Ori?ce I3 is controlled by :an adjustable
templates a gas burning torch ‘useful for welding
ring I5 which acts as a throttle for ori?ce I3.
thermoplastic materials in which the tempera
Thus, by adjusting ring 15 the e?ective size of
ture of the gas employed in the welding opera 15 ori?ce
I3 can be made larger or smaller to either
tion can be easily regulated at a temperature
increase or decrease the amount of hot .gas ?ow
somewhere between the softening point and the
ing out of ori?ce I3.
thermal decomposition point of the thermoplastic
The hot .gases flowing through the hollow tip 2
being welded.
heat the .tip ‘to a temperaturesomewhere between
It is also an object of this invention to produce 20 the softening and decomposition temperatures of
a combination hot air torch and ironer for weld
the thermoplastic being welded. Ori?ce I3 is
ing thermoplastics.
positioned and provided with an adjustment for
In the drawing:
sizeso that the hot gases issuing from this ori?ce
Fig. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view through
can be utilized in heating or melting the thermo
our torch.
25 plastic in the area being welded preparatory to
Figs. 2, 3, 4 and 5 are sections respectively along
ironing the same with the hot ironer 2. The gas
the lines 2_2,»3—3, 4-4 and 5-5 of Fig. 1.
which is ‘not utilized by ‘passing ‘through ori?ce
Fig, '6 is a detail showing a modi?ed form of
I3 is exhausted through ori?ces I 4 and serves
welding tip.
principally to maintain the’ i-roner 2 at the tem
Referring more particularly to the drawing it .30 perature
will be seen that the torch comprises a combus
tion chamber which conveniently takes the form
of a tubular member I, an ironing tip 2 af?xed
to one end of the combustion tube I and a gas
nozzle 3 mounted in the other end of the tube I.
Nozzle 3 is connected by means of a hose 4 with
a source of gas under pressure, such as, for ex
ample, natural gas or ordinary city or coal gas.
The nozzle 3 is provided adjacent its outlet end
Preferably the combustion tube I is surrounded
by a jacket I6 for cooling water which is ad
mitted to the jacket through water line H and
exhausted through water line I8. The tempera
ture of the gases ?owing out of ori?ces I3 and
I4, as well as the temperature of the tip 2, are
arranged to be controlled by regulating the out
put of air through nozzle 1 and the output of gas
through nozzle 3. Generally speaking, as the
with a cup 5. The tube I has ?xed to one end 40
amount of air from nozzle ‘I is increased relative
a header 6 which supports gas nozzle 3 and also
to the gas ?owing from nozzle 3, over and above
serves as a support for air nozzle ‘l which is con
nected by hose 8 with a source of air under pres
sure. Header 6 is ?xed to cup 9 which is carried
by and surrounds the air inlet end of tube I. Cup
9 cooperates with the end In of the tube I which
it surrounds to form an air distributing chamber
II. The air under pressure from nozzle ‘I ?ows
into distributing chamber II about the end It]
and then flows into the tube I through end I 0.
The air entering tube I is de?ected by cup 5 out
wardly about the gas nozzle 3.
Some of the air ?owing into the tube I unites
with the combustible gas ?owing from nozzle 3
and burns in the combustion chamber I2 in the
that necessary to give a combustible mixture, the
temperature of the gases ?owing from ori?ces I3
and I4 will decrease. The temperature of these
gases will also increase as the air and combustible
gas fed. into the combustion chamber is increased
to increase the size of the ?ame. Both the air
line 8 and gas line 4 are provided With Valves for
regulating the ?ow of air and gas therethrough,
We have found that the above described torch
can be used successfully in the Welding of thermo
plastics and the temperature of the gases ?owing
out of the torch, as well as the temperature of
the ironer 2, can be controlled effectively to avoid
any charring or thermal decomposition of the
plastic being welded. Further, the water jacket
maintains the torch cool so that it can be held
in the bare hands without discomfort or burning
of the operator’s hands.
In welding thermoplastics the hot gas ?owing
from ori?ce I3 can be directed against either or
nozzle outlet being spaced from the inside wall of
said cup and. said cup being closed inwardly
against the nozzle upstream from the nozzle out-_
let, means forming an air distributing chamber
surrounding the air inlet opening for said com
bustion chamber, inlet means for supplying air
under pressure into said distributing chamber
‘and'offset from the air inlet into the combustion
which are to be welded until the surface or skin
chamber whereby the air upon ?owing into the
is melted, whereupon the melted surfaces can be
combustion chamber and by the said cup is dis
brought together, preferably under pressure, and
tributed about the combustible gas nozzle where
allowed to cool to effect a weld between the two ‘
by the gaseous mixture burns in said combustion
chamber and the products of combustion are ex
In those instances where the welding seam is
hausted in the form of a hot gaseous jet from
exposed, the seam while in molten or softened
exhaust outlet.
condition can be ironed by means of heating tip 15 said
2. A torch adapted for welding thermoplastic
2 following the application of the hot gas blast
materials comprising means forming an elon
from ori?ce l3 against the surfaces being welded.
gated, imperforate combustion chamber, inlet
both of the surfaces of the thermoplastic bodies
This tool is particularly well adapted for weld
ing together, along their edges, sheets or webs of
thermoplastic material to form a laminated ther
moplastic body or article. In such case the tool
will be drawn along the edges of the laminations
so that the hot blast from ori?ce l3 will melt the
edges of the thermoplastic laminations and'ironer
means at one end of said combustion chamber
respectively for air and a combustible gas under
pressure whereby said gas burns in said combus
tion chamber, the other end of said combustion
chamber being in the form of an ironer in heat
exchange relation with the hot gases of combus
tion, means forming at least two exhaust outlets
2 will follow the hot blast to'iron out and effect 25 for the gaseous products of combustion located
a smooth sealing or joining of the laminations
adjacent said ironer end of the combustion cham
along their edges.
ber opposite the inlet end of the same, said ex
Tip 2 is arranged to be slid‘ into and have a
haust outlets being spaced circumferentially at
telescoping friction ?t with tube |. Tip 2 is made
least about 90° whereby the portion of gaseous
removable because it is proposed to use various
products ?owing from one of the exhaust outlets
types of welding tips with this torch.
can be directed on to a surface for pre-heating
In Fig. 6 there is shown another form of tip or
the same preparatory to ironing the surface with
nozzle 20, one end of which has been slipped into
the heated ironer and the other portion of ex
the end of tube l. Nozzle 20 has a straight bore
haust gases flowing from the other exhaust outlet
21 which allows all the hot gases generated by 35 can be directed away from the surface being
the torch to ?ow therethrough and be directed on
heated, and a valve for controlling one of said
one particular spot. The type oftip that will be
exhaust outlets, said valve being adjustable to
used with this torch will, of course, depend upon
vary the amount of exhaust gases ?owing from
the particular type of welding job on which this
one of said exhaust outlets and inversely vary the
torch is being used.
amount of exhaust gases flowing from the other
We claim:
l. A torch comprising an elongated member
3. The combination as set forth in claim 2
forming a combustion chamber, one end of said
wherein the combustion chamber is a tube and
member having an exhaust port therein and the
the valve is a ring mounted over and adjustable
other end having an air inlet opening therein, a 45 longitudinally of said tube to control the effective
nozzle for supplying a combustible gas under pres
size of one of said exhaust outlets.
sure extending through said air'inlet opening and
projecting into the said combustion‘ chamber, a
cup surrounding said gas nozzle and spaced from
the side walls of said combustion chamber, said 50
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