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Patented Aug. 20, 1946
Charles Hollerith, Jackson, Mich., assignor, by
mesne assignments, to The B. F. Goodrich Com
pany, Akron, Ohio, a corporation of New York
Application March 16, 1944, Serial No. 526,699
1 Claim.
(Cl. 152-381)
The present invention relates to wheel struc
ture for pneumatic tires of the type in which
provisions are made for securing the tire in posi
tion upon the wheel in the event of deñation
while in service.
One of the objects of the present invention is
to provide an improved safety wheel and tire
hold the parts just described in rigid assembled
in extended position adjacent the tire retaining
disassembled to prevent the necessity of stretch
ing the beads 26 over the projections, retaining
relation. It will be noted that the radial dimen
sion of the rings 20 are such that when piloted
from the wheel I0 the outer peripheral portions
thereof extend a considerable distance above the
pontions 24 upon which the bead 26 of the pneu
matic tire 28 is supported. These projecting por
tions of the rings 20 back up the inside of the
Another object of the invention is to provide
beads 26 and hold them in position upon the seats
an improved tire and Wheel assembly of the type 10 24 in engagement with the flanges I6 and I8 at
described which is characterized by the ease with
all times, irrespective lof the state of inflation of
which the tire may be mounted and demounted.
the tire 28. To facilitate the assembly of the tire
Another object of the invention is to provide a
and Wheel parts, the rings 20 may be sectional in
tire and wheel assembly _of the type described in
construction. It should be readily apparent that
which the beads of the pneumatic tire are held
the tire and wheel parts may be assembled and
flanges of the rim in the event of sudden defla
tion by removable members.
These and other objects and advantages resid
the same upon the seats 24 as is the case in wheel
structure designed to lform a similar function, but
ing in the wheel construction and the arrange 20 in which case the projections back of the tire
ment for accomplishing the objects of the pres
-bead are integral with the tire retaining rim of
ent invention will be appreciated from a con
the wheel.
sideration of the following specification and the
Having thus described my invention what I
accompanying drawing, the invention being de
desire to secure by Letters Patent and claim is:
fined in the claim.
25 A drop center wheel for pneumatic tires com
In the drawing is shown a vertical cross-sec
prising a drop center portion, annular flanges
tional view through a wheel and tire assembly
located on opposite sides of said drop center por
embodying the principles of the present invention.«
tion, annular rings piloted on said annular flanges
The invention has been illustrated as applied
and projecting above said drop center portion,
to the nose wheel of an aircraft which in service 30 the outer periphery of said rings being directly
is subjected to severe shock, oftentimes resulting
adjacent said drop center portion on opposite
sidesy thereof, angular shaped annular tire re
taining rim sections also piloted on said annular
the wheel. It will be understood, however, that
flanges, said rim sections having bead supporting
the principles of the present invention are not 35 seats adjacent said outer periphery of said rings,
limited to aircraft wheels, but have application
the outer periphery of said rings projecting ra
to wheels on all sorts of vehicles.
dially beyond said seats to provide an abutment
As shown, the wheel Ill has separate annular
to support the tire beads on said seat and prevent
portions I2 and I 4 defining the tire retaining rim
displacement of the same into said drop center
flanges I6 and I8. Inserted between the sections 40 portion, and means for removably securing said
in a blowout of the tire. Under certain condi
tions upon deflation the tire may be rolled olî
I2 and I 4 and the main body of the wheel I0
are separate ring members 20 which are piloted
upon annular shoulders 22. Bolts I5 circumfer
entially spaced throughout the Wheel structure
rings and said rim sections on said annular
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