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Aug. 20, 1946. I
_ '
- Filed March 11, 1944
Patented Aug. 20, 1,946‘
.1‘. Kelley,
11, 1944,
Serial N0‘. 526,022"
1 Claim.
This invention relates to certain new and use
ful improvements in fountain pens, and the pri
mary object of the invention is to provide a
fountain pen with novel and eiiicient means for
enclosing and protecting the point of the pen
when the latter is not in use.
(01. 120-49)‘
Referring in detail to the drawing, 5~indicates
the fountainrpen proper, which may be‘ of any
preferred or" Well known speci?c construction
having a ?lling device whose actuating member
is disposed" at the inner end of the fountain pen
and normally covered by means of‘ a removable
cover cap 6. To avoid accidental loss of the pen,
the cap may have an attached chain 'i normally
In accordance with the present invention, the
pen point enclosing and protecting device in
cludes a barrel ?tted over and having threaded
wound upon a conventional spring reel 8 having
engagement with the barrel of the fountain pen 10 a pin 9 for attachment to the user’s garment.
proper. Thus, by causing relative rotation of the
The present invention embodies a device for
fountain pen proper and the barrel of the pen
enclosing and protecting the pen point II] of the
point enclosing and protecting device, they may
fountain pen proper when the latter is not in
be relatively moved longitudinally so as to either
use, and such device includes an open-ended
cause the pen point of the fountain pen proper 15 barrel II ?tted on the outer end portion of the
to be projected outwardly beyond the outer end
barrel of the fountain pen proper 5. The inner‘
of the barrel of the enclosing and protecting
end portion of the barrel II is provided with
device or inwardly beyond the outer end of the
internal threads, as at I 2, engageable with spaced
latter, depending upon the direction of relative
external threaded portions I3 and I4 provided
rotation of said fountain pen proper and the 20 on the intermediate portion of the barrel of the
barrel of the enclosing and protecting device.
fountain pen proper, and the portion of the lat
The outer end of the barrel of the pen point
ter barrel between the threaded portions I3 and
enclosing and protecting device is open and has
I4 is smooth, as at I5. Thus, by relatively ro
a spring-closed closure disc which will auto
tating the barrel l I and the fountain pen proper,
matically close when the pen point is retracted 25 they may be relatively shifted longitudinally so
inwardly of the barrel of said enclosing and pro
as to retract the barrel II with respect to the
tecting device.
fountain pen proper and cause projection of the
Other objects and speci?c features of the pres
pen point I0 outwardly of the outer end of the
ent invention will become apparent from the fol
barrel II, as shown in Figures 2 to 4, inclusive,
lowing description when considered in connec 30 so that the fountain pen may be used for writ
tion with the accompanying drawing, and the
ing purposes. On the other hand, by reversing
invention consists in the novel form, combina
the direction of relative rotation of the fountain
tion and arrangement of parts hereinafter more
pen proper and barrel II, they may be relatively ‘
fully described, shown in the accompanying
shifted in the opposite direction so that the pen
drawing and claimed.
point I0 is retracted to a position within the
In the drawing, wherein like reference char
barrel II, as shown in Figures 1 and 5, so that
acters indicate corresponding parts throughout
it is enclosed and protected against accidental
the several views:
damage. In order to close the outer end of the
Figure l is an elevational View of a fountain
barrel I I when the point II] is in the retracted
pen constructed in accordance with the present
position of Figures 1 ‘and 5, said outer end of
invention, the fountain pen proper being in re
the barrel II is provided with a spring-closed
tracted position with respect to the barrel of
closure disc I6 hinged, as at I1, to a band l1’
the pen point enclosing and protecting device, as
secured on the barrel II and adapted to auto
desired when the fountain pen is not in use.
matically close when the pen point ‘I0 moves to
Figure 2 is a view similar to Figure 1,'partly
the retracted position with respect to the barrel
broken away, with the parts relatively shifted
II. This disc is preferably of concavo-convex
so that the point of the fountain pen proper is
form, thereby enabling the user to fit the end of
projected outwardly of the outer end of the bar
the index ?nger therein while utilizing the
rel of the point-enclosing and protecting device.
thumb nail of the same hand in opening the
Figure 3 is a side elevational view of the device 60 disc I6 preparatory to projecting the pen point
as shown in Figure 2.
I0 outwardly of the barrel II. It will be noted
Figure 4 is a central longitudinal section taken
that the threaded portion I4 disengages from the
on line Iii-4 of Figure 2, and
barrel I l and moves out of the latter to the posi
Figure 5 is an enlarged fragmentary section
tion shown in Figure 1 when the pen point is
taken on line 5——5 of Figure 1.
65 in retracted position, as desired when the pen
is not in use. In order to limit the amount of
relative longitudinal movement which may be
ordinarily given to the fountain pen proper with
respect to the barrel H, removable set screws
I8 are threaded through the barrel H at a point
between the threaded portions l3 and ll of the
barrel of the fountain pen proper, said screws
and minor changes in the details of construction
illustrated and described are contemplated with
in the spirit and scope of the invention as
being adapted to engage the threaded portion
What I claim as new is:
A fountain pen comprising a fountain pen
proper having a barrel and provided with a pen
point at one end of said barrel, and an enclosing
and protecting device for said pen point includ
[3 when the pen point is retracted and to en
gage the threaded portion l4 when the pen point 10 ing a second barrel ?tted over the outer portion
of said pen barrel and having threaded engage
is projected, thus providing the necessary limit
ment with the latter, whereby the pen and the
ing action. However, should separation of the
second barrel may be relatively shifted longi
fountain pen proper and the barrel H be de
tudinally to selectively project the pen point out
sired for purposes of renewal, repair or cleaning,
this may be done pursuant to removal of the 15 wardly of or retract it within said second barrel
set screws l8. An important feature of the pres;
upon relative rotation of said pen and said sec
ent invention is that the pen point enclosing and
ond barrel, said threaded engagement embody
ing spaced external threaded portions on the pen
protecting device normally remains in assembled
barrel having threaded engagement in the inner
relation to the fountain pen proper and is not
detachable therefrom so as to be readily mis 20 end portion of said second barrel, and set screws
placed or lost. The construction is such that
in the second barrel cooperating with said spaced
it may be conveniently and easily actuated, and
threaded portions to limit the relative longi
the construction is also comparatively simple and
tudinal movement between the pen proper and
durable. It is believed that the construction and
said second barrel.
manner of use of the present invention will be 25
readily apparent from the foregoing description,
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