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Aug. 20, 1946. _ -
Filed Feb. '26; 1944
4 SheetS-Sheet 1 »
l/E/PN ‘L. 50/1540
Aug. 20, 1946. '
3 '
Aug» 2@, 19%.
_ Filed Feb. 26, 1944
4 Sheets-Sheet s
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
Vern L. Schield, Waverly, Iowa
Application February 26, 1944, Serial No. 523,998
3 Claims.
(01. 2'14—1?.8)
This invention relates to earth moving devices
and has particular reference to an excavating,
dirt moving and material handling device.
While many devices of the excavating shovel
‘type have been proposed for large scale earth
moving, such devices have been for the main part
large, heavy, especially designed and constructed
machines which are notoriously expensive to buy
Figure 6' is a. view in elevation of a. clutch fork
for use with the clutches of the. turntable swing
and maintain.
It. is a particular object and an important ob
ject of my invention. to provide a small machine
constructed of readily available units and parts
which, by reason of their use for other purposes,
Referring now more particularly to Figure l; a
device constructed according to my invention may
be mounted on a mobile base- such as. the stripped
chassis of a truck such as illustrated at. lit. The
device of course could be mounted on a tractor
or the like in the manner I am about to describe.
In mounting the» device on the rear of a truck
I preferably employ a pair of H-' channels it and
I2 secured to the upper faces of‘ the side. members
of the» truck frame to reinforce the members and
toact- as a means for securing the channelled‘ ring
are low in ?rst cost and maintenance, so as‘ to
make available to the public a low cost. machine
l3 on the truck. This channelled ring is of par
which is relatively light and small but which can
ticular importance and a considerable portion of
the cost of manufacturing a device of this char
nevertheless do many of the common excavating
jobs for which the large machines‘ are too expen
acter is saved? by utilizing an ordinary steel» chan
sive: to operate.
nel which is rolled into a ring. This ring thus
Still another object of my invention is to pro~ 20 provides not only a circular path on which rollers
24. roll but also provides a circular lip or ?ange [5
vide a machine adapted to be mounted on any
ordinary conventional long Wheel base truck
chassis so as to eliminate the necessity for a
for the hook roller I51 to roll under to keep the
machine from tipping.
special built truck or heavy expensive caterpillar
To the inner face of the channel member [3 I
type tractor or carrier.
25 secure an internal gear or bull gear [4. This gear
is preferably bolted in place so’ that it can be re
Still another object of my invention
to pro
vide a device which is readily adaptable for use
placed and this bull gear is readily available on
the open market without the necessity of using
with a large variela/v of attachments such as drag
a specially constructed and cut gear.
lines, cranes, ditching machines, trench hoes; ex
cavating shovels and the like.
A rectangular frame having side members- It
and end members H is mounted for rotation about
Still another object of my invention is to pro- '
the axis of the bull gear by means of a through
vide an extremely simple device which is con
structed of relatively widely available parts and
units so that repair may be quickly effected‘.
Other and further features and objects of the ~
invention will be more apparent to those skilled
in the art upon a consideration of the accom
panying drawings and following speci?cations,
wherein is disclosed a single exemplary embodi
ment of the invention, with the ‘understanding,
however, that such changes may be made therein
as fall within the scope of‘ the appended claims,
Without departing from the spirit of the inven—
In said drawings:
Figure l is a view in perspective of a device
constructed according to one embodiment of my
shaft, center pin or-king pin It.
The center pin [8 is rotatably mounted in- sleeve -
bearings: t9 and 21. The sleeve bearing I9 is se
cured’ to crossmembers 22 which are in turn- se
cured to the channel member [3.
The bearing member 21 is secured to ‘a cross
member 23 which is. in turn secured to the side
frame members I16‘ of‘ the turntable frame.
Rollers 24 are provided which are rotatably
mounted in turn-table frame stiffening members
26' and these rollers‘ roll on the bull ring l3. A
plan view‘ of the various members'just described
is shown inFigure 3'. The turntable frame It
and I1 is thus free to rotate on the ?ange of the
steel channel ring, and held in place by the king
pin t8
A power means, such as the internal combus—
Figure 2 is a view,’ partly in side elevation and
partly in section, of the turntable of the device 50 tion engine, illustrated at 30, is mounted on an
engine irame' 31 mounted above the turntable
shown in Figure 1.
frame It‘. The unit here illustrated is a hoist unit
Figure 3.‘ is a plan view of the turntable of the
commonly used for elevating building material in
structure shown in Figures 1 and 2.
erecting buildings, and includes two drums
Figure 4 is a view in section of the turntable
in side frame members 32, these drums
and bull ring shown in Figures. 2 and 3.
being driven from the power unit 38 through a
Figure 5 is a view, partly in section and partly
chain drive such as that enclosed in the housing
in elevation, illustrating the turntable drive and
33; These units are provided with the drums 34
the control means for controlling the swing of
and 38. and; the drum 36 has an extension shaft 3'!
the turntable and the movement of the dipper 60 projecting beyond the side of the frame which I
stick, or other excavating means, and
utilize in rotating or swinging the turntable.
The means for rotating the turntable includes
a sprocket 38, a chain 39, and sprockets 4|, the
sprocket 4| being mounted upon a cross shaft
chine constructed according to my invention per
mits mounting of the operating machinery well
back of the center of gravity so that the need
or swing shaft 42 in bearings‘43; which in turn
for dead counterweights is eliminated and the
machinery itself acts as a live counterweight.
Although I have described a speci?c embodi
'ment of my invention, it is apparent that modi
connected through the links 48 to the control‘ ' ?cations thereof may be made by those skilled
member 49 to be selectively engaged to rotate the
in the art. Such modi?cations may be made
turntable in one direction or the other as de 10 without departing from the spirit and scope of
sired. Rotation of the turntable is Y effected
my invention as set forth in the appended
through the bevel gears 5| or 52 which selectively
drive the bevel gear 53 in one direction or the
I claim as my invention:
other to rotate the spur gear 54 in one direction
1. In an earth working device of the character
or the other as desired. The spur gear 54 is‘in
‘described, a truck having a rear axle and rear
mesh with the bull gear l4 and since the shaft
supporting and driving wheels, and a chassis
56 on which the spur gear and bevel gear are
frame, a turntable mounted on the rear of said
mounted is rotatably mounted in a bearing 51 on
frame substantially over the rear axle and in
the turntable frame; rotation of the turntable in
cluding a forwardly extending frame, an elevator
one direction or the other as desired is secured. A 20 hoist unit mounted on the forward end of said
clutch fork 50 is shown in Figure 6 by which the
turntable frame, a boom pivoted at its inner
are secured on channel members 44.
The shaft 42 is provided with oppositely dis
posed clutches 46 and 41 and these clutches are
clutch collars 55 are shifted.
An A frame or boom BI is pivotally'mounted on
end to the rear end of said turntable frame and
extending generally rearwardly, a mast structure
the end of the turntable frame opposite to the 25 ?xedly carried at the rear end of said turntable
power unit 30 by means of pins 62 and projects
frame and extending substantially directly up
outwardly therefrom.
wardly therefrom and generally above said rear
I preferably mount a mast structure on the
axle in substantially all positions of said turn
turntable frame by means of the A shaped sheave
table, and cable means extending between said
support frame 63; the mast members 64, 66, struts - - hoist and boom and trained over the upper end
B1 and E8, and tension members 89 and ‘II. This
structure is stiffened by the cross members 72.
The sheaves 34 and 35 are geared together as
by gears (not shown) and these sheaves may be
engaged to their respective drive shafts by means
of clutches indicated at ‘l3 and“. If the clutch
14 is engaged the sheave 34 is rotated and the A
frame may be raised or lowered by means of the
‘cable 16 which is reeved over the cat-head sheave
‘H, the boom head 18, and dead ended on the
of said mast structure.
2. In an earth working device of the character
described, a truck having a rear axle and a chas
sis frame, a turntable mounted on the rear of
said frame substantially over the rear axle and
including a forwardly extending frame, an ele
vator hoist unit having two driving drums and
mounted on the forward end of said turntable
frame, a boom pivoted at its inner end to the
rear end of said turntable frame and extending
40 generally rearwardly, a mast structure carried
If the clutch 13 is engaged, the drum or sheave
at the rear end of said turntable frame and ex
3B is rotated in one direction or the other to either
tending substantially directly upwardly there
reeve in the line 19 or let it out to thus swing
from generally above said rear axle in all posi
the stick 8| which is pivotally mounted on the
tions of said turntable, a ?rst cable means ex
end of the boom 6 l. The dipper stick 8| may car 45 tending between said hoist unit and boom and
ry the ditching bucket 82 or a conventional ex
‘trained over the upper end of said mast-struc
cavating shovel. The clutches ‘l3 and 14 are con
ture, and a second cable means extending directly
. trolled by means of control handles 83 and 84
from said hoist unit to a dipper stick carried
through any suitable linkages; as shown. Foot ~
by said boom, one of said cable means being
pedals 85 may be utilized for braking the sheaves 50 connected with one of said driving drums and
34 and 36.
the other cable means being connected with the
Obviously since two lines are available, a crane
other of said driving drums.
may be mounted in the place of the A frame GI
3. In an earth working device of the character
and one line used to raise and lower the boom
described, a truck, a turntable mounted generally
and the other line used to raise and lower a load. 55 over the rear wheels thereof and including a
In the same manner a drag line may be rigged up
forwardly extending frame, an elevator hoist unit
and operated from the structure here shown. The
mounted on the forward end of said turntable
entire turntable may be rotated as desired, so that
frame, a boom pivoted at its inner end to the
a load may be picked up and loaded in the wagon f 60 rear end of said turntable frame and extending
or truck or disposed in a pile as desired.
generally rearwardly therefrom; a mast structure
including an A frame extending substantially
It is apparent that I have provided a machine
which may be moved from one job to another
vertically from the rear end of the said turntable
at a minimum of expense and time. This effects
frame, a freely rotatable sheave mounted in the
a material saving in the overall cost of a job‘ upper portion of said A frame; a ‘bracing struc_
and permits the machine to accomplish many 65 ture for the A frame including struts mounted,
at their lower ends adjacent the lower ends of
small jobs or operations in a short time. The
.boom or A frame 6 l.
the A ‘frame and diverging upwardly and for
wardly away from the A frame and the struts,
and tension members extending from the upper
ments. The parts are easy to get at for repair 70 ends of the struts forwardly and downwardly to
the forward end of the turntable; and a cable
and servicing.‘ The swinging clutches may be
extending between said hoist and said boom and
mounted or dismounted in a few minutes. This
trained over the said sheave.
machine is extremely light, which also makes it
extreme outstanding simplicity and the structure
of the machine permits ready and quick servicing
and repair of parts and substitution of attach-4
highly portable, and the operator can quickly.
change from one attachment to another.
A ma- 75
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