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Aug. 20, 1946.
c, M_ SHARPE '
Filed Aug‘. 19, 1943
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Aug; 20, 1946.
Filed Aug. 19, 1943
2 sheds-sheet 2
\ \\ \
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
Charles M. Sharpe, San Francisco, Calif.
Application August 19, 1943, Serial No. 499,191
1 Claim. (01. 99-358)
The invention relates to a cooker designed for
cooking food articles such as frankfurters, ham
burgers and the like, the cooking being effected
by utilizing the article as a conductor for an
Figure 3 is a Vertical sectional view taken on
the line 3-—-3 of Figure 2.
Figure ii is a bottom view of the 000K613!
In the embodiment of my invention as here
illustrated, the cooker includes a receptacle 5 and
a cover 6 therefor, the receptacle comprising side
and end walls ‘I and 8 and a horizontal partition
9 which divides the receptacle into upper and
on an elevated support with the opposite ends
lower compartments [2 and I3 and forms what
of the frankiurter bent down and held immersed
in separate liquid wells, an electric terminal be 10 may be termed a false bottom for the receptacle.
The compartment I3 provides a space in which
ing provided in each well and the current is
the electrical apparatus for the cooker is con
caused to pass from one terminal to the other
tained, while the compartment [2 is designed to
by way of the liquid in the Wells and in the
form the space for cooking.
The partition 9 is formed with a centrally ele—
An object of the invention is to provide a
vated portion M which extends from one end
cooker of the character described which is formed
wall to the other and provides a member on
in such manner and of such material that there
which the frankfurters, hamburgers, or other
will be no danger of the parts being deleteriously
food articles to be cooked, are arranged to be
e?ected by contact with or exposure to the food
supported. The portion I4 is in the form of an
and liquid during the cooking operation.
arch, and the opposite sides [6 thereof extend
Another object is to provide a cooker of the
electric current. More especially the invention
relates to this type of cooker in which the frank
furters for instance are arranged for positioning
character described in which a minimum of con
downwardly and outwardly to planar portions I‘!
which in combination with such sides and the
tact of the food with the cooker will be required,
contiguous side and end walls of the receptacle
all portions of the food will be subjected to the
same cooking conditions and no portion of the 25 de?ne liquid wells 18 and I9. Arranged within
each of the wells are a pair of electrical ter
food may be impaired by contact or exposure to
the cooker parts.
A further object of the invention is to provide
a cooker of the character described which may
be easily cleaned and kept in a sanitary condi
A still further object of the invention is to pro
minals 2i and 22 mounted on posts 23 and 24 ex
tending from compartment l3 through the
planar portions 11. The posts 23 and 24 asso
30 ciated with the terminals 2| and 22 in well I8
are connected by a bus bar 26 whichis arranged
for connection to one of the leads 2'! of a source
vide a cooker of the character described in which
of electric current, while the terminals 2! and
all of the electrical connections and operating
mechanism are entirely removed from the cook
22 of well [9 are connected by a conductor 28
ing compartment.
Yet another object is to provide a cooker of the
character described which will be both easy and
safe to operate.
The invention possesses other objects and
features of advantage, some of which, with the
foregoing, will be set forth in the following de
scription of the preferred form of the invention
which is illustrated in the drawings accompany
and to the other lead 29 of such current.
In cooking the food articles, the frankfurter
or the like designated by the reference numeral
31, is positioned to extend across the arch [4, as
shown in Figure 2, and with its ends 32 and 33
extending into the wells is and I9; the wells being
?lled with a liquid such as a saline solution, which
will conduct an electrical current, and sufficient
liquid is placed in the wells to cover the terminals
and permit the immersion of the ends 32 and 33
in the liquid. In this manner when the terminals
are energized, the current will ?ow from the
liquid in one well through the frankfurter and
into liquid of the other well, thus heating the
tion may be adopted within the scope of the in
frankfurter so that by leaving the current on for
vention as set forth in the claim.
50 a relatively short time the frankfurter will be
Referring to said drawings:
come completely cooked. Preferably as will be
Figure 1 is a top plan view of the cooker with
clear from Figure 2, the arch portion M is
the cover removed.
provided with a central depression 3i which ex
Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view of the
tends for the full length of such portion and is
cooker taken on the line 2--2 of Figure 1, but
with the cover included and in closed position. 55 closed at the ends by the end walls 8. This de
ing and forming part of the speci?cation. It is
to be understood, however, that variations in the
showing made by the said drawings and descrip
pression serves to trap any juice that may be
discharged from the frankfurters and deposited
on the supporting arch, and thus tends to provide
a better cooking operation and at the same time
prevent the juices from discharging into and
mixing with the liquid in the wells. The above
construction is also advantageous in that a ?rm
support is provided for the frankfurter but with
nals, the liquid, or the frankfurter, while the
cover is open and the leads 2‘! and 29 are in con
tact with a source of current, a double-pole
single-throw switch means is preferably incor
porated in the leads and conductors. As here
shown, such means is in relatively simple form
and includes a spring plate 42 of insulating ma
terial which is supported by the binding post 23
a minimum contact between the frankfurter and
associated with well l9 and has provided thereon
the support.
10 a pair of contacts 11.3 and 415, the ?rst of which
The cooking operation is preferably effected
is connected by conductors £16 and 41 to the other
while the cover 6, which is connected by hinges
post 24 associated with such well, while the sec»
36 to one of the side walls 1, is positioned over
ond contact 44 is connected by a conductor 48
the receptacle to close the compartment 12, and
to the lead 21. A pair of contacts 50 and 5| are
such cover is provided adjacent the side edges
positioned on the busbar 26 for engagement by
31 thereof with ribs 38 which when the cover is
the contacts 113 and 44 respectively, so that the
moved to closed position are arranged to engage
circuit may be closed when a frankfurter is op
the ends 32 and 33 of the frankfurters and de
eratively supported with its opposite ends in the
press and hold them in the wells. A spring
different wells. ‘The contact 5| is in electric con»
pressed dog 39 may be used for locking the cover nection with bar 2%, but the contact 5i] while
in closed position.
mounted thereon is insulated therefrom and con~
An important feature of the present invention
nected to the lead 253. The spring plate 42 nor“
resides in forming both the receptacle and cover
mally keeps the contacts 133 and 44 spaced from
in such manner that no portion of the interior of
contacts 53 and 5i, and such contacts are moved
the cooker will be liable to corrosion or tend to . ~ into engagement only when the cover 6 is in
become unsanitary, and likewise no portion of the
closed position as illustrated in Figure 2, there
food may be contaminated by exposure to cor
being provided in the .side wall of the receptacle
roded surfaces or parts which may become un
a plunger 52 which is secured to the plate and
sanitary. As will be seen from the drawings, both
is forced downwardly to depress the plate by a
the entire receptacle and the cover are each 354 portion 53 of the cover. As will be clear, when
formed as a one-piece member, and preferably
the cover is raised, the plunger is permitted to
each of such members is made in the form of a
rise so that the plate will be released and the
casting of plastic material. By making the re
contacts disengaged. Preferably a mounting 56
ceptacle and cover in this manner, not only will
for a pilot lamp 5'! is provided on the front wall
all of the portions be effectively electrically in~
of the receptacle, and such light is connected in
sulated, ‘but there will be no joints or cracks ex
series in a conductor portion 53 between contact
posed to the interior of the cooking compartment
5i and post 24 of well NJ. The lamp as will be
and therefore no areas in whichfood particles
evident will be lit only when circuit is closed, and
may collect and make difficult the task of keeping
is designed to illuminate a colored glass 59 cover~
the cooker in a clean and sanitary condition. In
ing an opening 6| in the receptacle wall.
this connection, it may be explained that the
I claim:
portion of the terminals exposed in the wells are
In an electric cooker for i‘rankfurters and the
formed of carbon which is not affected by the
like, a one-piece receptacle having a transverse
solution in the wells and does not become or ren
portion de?ning with the sides of the receptacle
der the adjacent portions of the walls discolored 1 a pair 01’ liquid Wells spaced by a member having
notwithstanding continued and frequent use of
spaced longitudinally extending portions posithe cooker. It will also be noted that no sharp
tloned to engage the frankfurters at spaced points
corners or crevices are present in the compart
intermediate the ends thereof and de?ning there~
ment l2, and that particularly in connection with
between a depression intermediate the Wells for
the wells and supporting arch, the surfaces are
trapping liquid on the member, electric conduc
long and gentle sloping or curved and designed
tors at each end of said wells extending upwardly
to permit easy access for use and cleaning. The
said transverse portion and having ter
above remarks as to design rendering the recep
tacle eilicient for use and cleaning, are also ap
plicable to the cover. Thus it will be noted by
reference to Figure 2, that the portion on the
inside between the frankfurter depressing ribs 38
is formed with a downwardly facing concavity ti
extending for the entire distance between the ribs
minals exposed in said Wells, and a cover for
closing said receptacle having peripheral portions
arranged to seat upon the receptacle sides and
provided adjacent and inward of said portions
with longitudinal portions extending downwardly
relative to said peripheral portions and positioned
and in fact de?ning one of the sides of the ribs. 60 to engage and depress therein the ends of the
frankfurters supported on the longitudinal por~
It will be noted that the ribs are positioned so
tions of said member, the said member being in
as to engage the very end portions of the frank~
the form of an arch in horizontal section with
furters, and thus all of the moisture condensing
the side portions extending downwardly and out
on the walls of the cavity will flow back upon the
frankfurter and help the cooking operation. It 65 wardly to form the adjacent sides of the wells,
and said cover being formed on the underside
will also be noted that the cavity is relatively
deep and that the only portions designed to en
thereof with a concave surface complementary
gage the frankfurter are the tips of the ribs. It
will thus be seen that the frankfurter will be sup»
to said arch surface but spaced therefrom suin
ciently to clear the frankfurter or the like and
ported and held in position by but two points of 70 extending substantially from one of the down~
contact on the upper side and two points of con
wardly projecting portions of the cover to the
tact on the lower side.
other so as to direct the condensing vapors on
In order to prevent any possibility of anyone
inducing a flow of current by touching the termi
such surface to said projecting portions.
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