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Allg'. 20, 1946. ‘
.2,406,018 l
vFiled 0G12. 14, 1942
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rílmu nu
ml m l
\\ Si
Patented Àug. 20,> 1946
2,406,018 '
Hans 0. Irmscher, East Hempstead, Long Island,
N. Y., assigner to Nati onal Urn Bag Co., Inc.,
Long Island City, N. Y., a corporation of New
Application October 14, 1942, Serial No. 461,968
5 Claims. (Cl. 93_3)
This invention relates to the manufacture of
ñlled containers or bags, and more particularly is
directed Ito infusion packages, such as tea-balls
with handles and like articles of manufacture.
Among the objects of the invention is to gem
erally improve the construction of ñlled con
tainers or bag-s in the form of infusion packages
With handles as inexpensive articles of manufac
ture, which shall comprise few and simple parts, „.
which shall be easy and cheap to manufacture,
which shall be capable of quantity production on
automatic super high-speed packaging machines,
which shall have pressure heat sealed joint
seams forming an improved attachment connec
tion of a string handle with the bag portion of
each package, and which shall be practical and
eñicient to a high degree in use.
Other objects of the invention will in part be
obvious and in par-t hereinafter pointed out. The
invention accordingly consists of features of Acon
structions, combinations of elements, arrange?
ments of parts which will be exempliñed in the
constructions and method hereinafter described
and of which the scope of the application will
be indicated in the following claims.
In the accompanying drawing in which are
shown various possible illustrative embodiments
of this invention.
lamina. Where ñlter paper is used as sheet ma
terial II, the base layer is made of vegetable
ñbrous pulp stock which is coated with the dry
porous lamina, so lthat when made into tea-ball
bags Illa has suñicient wet strength to withstand
immersion in boiling water without damage or
disintegration and without loss of tensile
strength. Bags Illa of tea-balls I0 made of Said
filter sheet material Il permits ready infusion
and must have such composition that it is in
soluble in hot water, produces no toxic eifects,
and imparts no odor or taste even to the slightest
degree to the brew.
The bag Ita of the tea-ball Ill for economy
may be produced on a super high output tea
ball manufacturing machine such as described
and shown in applicant’s copending application,
Ser. No. 450,289, ñled July 9, 1942, for Infusion
package manufacture, and may comprise mate
rials assembled and heat sealed as shown and de
scribed in said applicant’s aforementioned appli
cation with the addition of providing a string
handle i2 in the manner hereinafter set forth.
When coated ñlter paper is used as sheet ma
terial I I, it has been found in practice that a 61/2
pound ñbrous stock sheet of approximately _001
inch thick of high wet tensile strength forms a
practical filter paper base layer for Ithe pur-v
poses described herein. On such layer ñnely
Fig. 1 is a View showing a method embodying
the invention as applied to the manufacture of 30 powdered copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl
acetate may be uniformly sprinkled or sprayed,
Fig. 2 is a view as seen from lines 2_2 in
“partially fused” by heat to 60° C., and pressure
Fig. 1.
thereon for providing a pervious, dry and
Fig. 3 is a front elevational view of a com
extremely thin coating or lamina which does not
pletely manufactured tea-ball and string handle
embodying the invention.
materially affect the filtering capacity of said
layer. Approximately three ounces of such vinyl
Fig. 4 is a cross sectional View taken on lines
powder for each pound of said layer will form a
4_4 in Fig. 3.
porous coating or lamina of normally less Ithan
Fig. 5 is a View showing a variation of Ithe im
.0005 inch thick.
proved method of manufacturing tea-balls em 40
Tea-ball bags Ilia when constructed of the
bodying the invention, and
Figs. 6 and 'l are sectional views taken on lines
aforementioned sheet material II
have the
lamina or coating side of the filter material II
as the interior surface of the tea-bali bag Illa.
The edge seam joints Ißb and top seam closure
a tea-ball completely manufactured and con 45
Iiic of said bag Ilia for enclosing .the con-tents 'I'
structed to embody the invention.
then formed by having the coating surfaces
In practising the embodiment of the invention
placed in face to face relation, pressure heat
shown in Figs. lto 4 inclusive, heat sealing sheet
sealed into permanent adhesion. With said coat
material Il may be used in making a bag Ißa of
ings formed of copolymer of vinyl chloride and
said tea-ball I0 in which the contents T is en 50 vinyl acetate permanent sealing fusion of said
closed. Said heat sealing sheet material II may
joints IIIb and closure Ille will take place when
be of any suitable foraminous construction, such
pressure heat sealed at about 130° C.
as filter paper, ñnely perforated parchment or
8_6 and 'I_l, respectively, in Fig. 5.
Referring in detail to the drawing, I!) denotes
The present invention is directed particularly
Cellophane, cotton gauze and the like layer base
to the manufacture of tea-balls I I) with perma
treated or coated with a dry thermosetting plastic 55
nently attached string handles.` When coated
before the top sealed closures Ilûc are applied,
the string handle I2 is formed into the sinusoid or
heat sealingl filter sheet material II is used in
machines such as described in my said copending
application, Ser, No. 450,289, such sheet material
wave-like configuration in the same manner as
described above, while the unit sections are being
formed and filled, and the bights 12a are inserted
only to a depth to the top ends of partitions
joints ilile after which the top closures are heat
I I is fed from a suitable supply as a continuous
strip or web and while continuously travelling
through is folded centrally thereof to provide a
longitudinally extending bottom fold lod. Said
web While being folded is engaged by a series of
sealed with joints I Hic permanently anchoring the
bight portions of the string handle. Thereafter,
spaced movable pincer jaws, indicated in Figs.
1 and 2 in dotted lines at J to provide section 10 one or more leading sealed section units, each
with a handle I2 may be severed from the moving
units which are filled with uniform quantities of
web for providing the tea-ball Hii with a string
tea T by suitable measuring device (not shown)
bail handle l2.
in any well understood manner through the top
It is thus therefore seen that there is provided
openings of the bags before the same are heat
Said bag top openings of the section
m an improved method of manufacture and an ar
ticle in which the objects of the invention are
achieved and which are well adapted to meet all
conditions of practical use.
As various possible embodiments may be made
in the above invention and as various changes
might be made in the embodiments and method
above set forth, it is understood that all the above
units are then permanently heat sealed as at
closure Hic, spaces S being left unsealed between
each of said section units.
To provide a string handle for each unit section
in practising the invention, a continuous length of
string is formed into sinusoid or wave-like con
iiguration having a series of looped handle portion
l2 alternately disposed with relation to a series
matters here set forth or shown in the accom
panying drawing are to be interpreted as illus
of bights lia by means of suitable spaced pins P,
so constructed and arranged as to engage one or ~ ,
trative and not in a limiting sense.
more of string portion forming said bights ifa,
the latter being inserted into the moving folded
web through the unsealed portions S at the top
as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:
l. in a method of manufacturing of the char
Thus having described my invention, I claim
acter described, the steps of continuously moving
openings of the unit sections, as shown in Figs. l
and folding a strip of heat sealing bag sheet ina
terial to form spaced apart filled section units with
closed bottoms, arranging a string in wave-like
configuration with alternate loop and bight por
and 2. The successive bights No remain in their .
inserted position > between the unit section of
folded web when the pins P are withdrawn. I'i‘hen
suitable pressure heat sealing means (not shown)
tions, inserting said bight portions into the sheet
material between the section units, heat sealing
said sheet material about each section unit for
permanently embedding the inserted string bight
portions in seam joint portions between said sec
tion units, and severing said seam joint and the
are applied in any well understood manner to per
manently heat seal partition joints ille between
the unit section thereby embedding the portions
of the string forming the bightgl I2a therein all
While the filled unit section formed from said web
is kept moving or travelling through machine.
One or more of the leading section units are then 40 bight string portions embedded therein centrally
for completing successive individual packages
severed from the leading end of such travelling
each with loop string handle portion havin-g the
web by a suitable knife or cutter K so as to leave
ends thereof permanently anchored in oppositely
positioned 'neat sealed joints of each package to
complete individual tea-balls lil with attached
string bail handles i2 as shown in Fig. l.
It is to be uriderstood that the portions ef the i
provide a bail handle.
2. The method as defined in claim i in which
string handle forming the bights 12a embedded
into the heat sealed partition joints ille may eX
tend any suitable distance within said sealed par
tition joints in order to assure positive attach
ment anchorage. «As shown in Figs, 1 and 3, the
said steps of arranging the string and inserting
the bight portions are carried out concurrently
with the steps of forming the ñlled section units.
3. In the method of manufacturing packages
formed with spaced heat sealed seam joints, the
steps of arranging a string with alternate loop
and bight portions in wave-like configuration, in
portions forming the bights Ira extend through ,
a great part of the length of the partition joints
liie, the ‘nights IEa and the partition joint hie
being severed by the cutter K centrally at their
midportion leaving the edge joints seal at lßb in
tact. The portion of the strings embedded in each
serting the string bight portions within successive
joints prior to the heat sealing thereof, heat seal
ing and severing the heat sealed joint and each
bight portion to form a bail handle of said string
loop portions with a split bight portion anchored
of the severed joints lilb is formed of a sein-i
bight 12o which extends to the edge of the joint
Ißb. Preferably the surfaces of heat sealed par
in a split portion of the heat sealed joints on in
dividual packages cut off by the severing opera
gated as shown to increase the bondages of said
joints and improve the appearance of the finished
4. In a method of the character` described, the
tea-balls lil. The bail handle l2 provided on each
steps of making a series of connecting bags
tea-ball l0 is non-tangling to facilitate packing _ formed with heat sealed seam side joints of uni
for shipment and for dispensing when used, and
form width extending thereabout, filling said
requires no alteration in the tea-ball structure
bags, arranging in wavelike Configuration a string
by the user for making the suspension package
with relatively large Vloops and narrower bight
handle available for the brewing operation.
portions spaced therebetween, inserting the
Where the invention is practiced in connection
spaced bight portions of said arranged string in
with other forms of high speed tea-ball making 70 position between the bags, and heat sealing a top
machines such as those operating, as for example,
closure seam joint to incorporate said bight por
as shown in Figs. 5, 6 and 'î where the travelling
tions for permanently anchoring same, and split
folded web is first heat sealed with the spaced
ting said side joints ‘centrally to provide a looped
partition joints I Iûe forming successive unit sec
bail handle extending across the width and be
tions> which are ñlled with the tea or the like T
tition joints iûe and closure ißc may be corru
yond each bag a sufficient distance to serve as a
iinger gripping means.
5. A method of making tea-balls which com
short of the length thereof, heat sealing said joints
to embed the bights in said position, and splitting
prises placing heat sealing ñlter paper in face to
length of each and cutting the embedded bights to
terminate each in a curved end at the edge of said
seam joint leaving the closure thereat intact with
said curved ends of the cut bights permanently
anchored in successive split seam joints to pro
vide a succession of tea-balls With tagless bail
10 handles.
face relation and forming a series of section units
of bags having uniformly spaced joints with a
charge of tea in each bag unit between said joints,
arranging a string in wave-like configuration with
alternate loops and bights so that the loops extend
beyond the bag units a suñîcient distance to pro
said last mentioned seam joints centrally along a
vide a finger gripping means and the bights in
serted in position between said units in said joints
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