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Auge m, ww '
Filed sept. 15, 194s
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
Eugene Morehouse, Providence, R. I., assigner to
B. A. Ballou & Co., Inc., a corporation of Rhode
Application September 13, 194,3, SerialNo. 502,100 A I
' 4 claims.
(c1. 24-109)
This invention relates to separable members
is provided with opposite pairs of ribs which serve
such for instance as separable culi?A buttons or
the like and is an improvement upon Patent No,
to flex the holding spring means whenrelease
‘is desired and .I utilize the spaces between- each
1,595,055, dated August 3, 1926, owned by the
of these vribs .to insert additional holding means
-so'that instead> of »two'sprin'g wire projections
alone serving _to hold the members together I
same assignee as the assignee of this application. l
In the patent above-referred to the resilient
gagement consists of two bulging wire portions
provide a greater support between the members
than was heretofore found in the patent above
which engage back of the shoulder of a stud. All
referred to.
means for retaining the button members in en
With reference to the drawing I have shown
of the strain is carried upon these two wire bulg 10
this invention as applicable to separable cuff but
ing portions and these wires must be made of a
tons in which I0 designates the stud member
suñicient diameter to withstand the strain im
pressed upon them which may require a spring
and II designates generally the socket member.
The stud member is provided with heads I2 and
heavier than that otherwise which would be used.
One of the objects of this invention is to pro 15 I3 with a cylindrical post or stud I4 projecting
vide separable members which may be made with
beyond the inner head I 3. This stud I4 is notched
lighter weight resilient Wire and yet provide a
as at I8 to provide spaced shoulders I5 and I6
stronger holding action between the parts.
rthe latter between this notched portion and the
`Another of the objects of this invention is to
free end portion of the stud. Four ribs I1 are
increase the holding power between the separable- 20 left between the notches and arranged in oppo
members by increasing the number of portions
site pairs, as shown more clearly in Figs. 3 and 4.
upon which strain occurs which will permit of
The socket member II also consists of a pair
the wire which forms the support to be made of
of inner and outer heads 20 and 2| leaving a
lighter weight material and yet provide a stronger
spool-like portion 22 having a recess 23 within
holding of the two separable parts one with the
for the reception of the stud I4 as shown in
Fig. 1. The head 2u is formed by outwardly
Another object of this invention is tò provide
ñaring the spool portion as atv 24 with an outer
a construction in which the spring or resilient
wall 25 rolled into engagement therewith as at
means may be held in place in a very simple
26 which is provided with a central opening 21
manner affording a quick and simple assembling
for the reception of the stud. An inner spring
confining wall 28 having downwardly rolled edges
_29 is held in position by the inwardly extending
portion 30 of the enlarged end 24 and is also
provided with an opening 3| through which the
With these and other objects in view, the in
vention consists of certain novel features of con
struction, as will be more fully described and
particularly pointed out in the appended claims. 35 stud I4 may pass. Between these walls 25 and
In the accompanying drawing:
28 I have provided a spring or resilient means
Fig. 1 is an elevation partly in section illus
33 in the shape best shown in Figs. 3 to 4, while
trating my improved construction;
projections 34 are raised on one of the walls so
Fig. 2 is a sectional view of the socket member
as to hold the right angularly extending junction
40 portions of the spring in position. An additional
Fig. 3 is a section taken substantially on line
raised portion 35 assists in holding the spring in
3-3 of Fig. 1;
centralized position and also may serve as a stop
Fig. 4 is a. section similar to Fig. 3 but illus
to limit the inward movement of the engaging
trating the resilient wire holding means as ñexed
arm portions of the spring when desired.
The spring 33 is generally of a U-shape with
Fig. 5 is a section on substantially line 5--5 of
legs 36 and a bridging portion 31. The legs 36
Fig. 3;
are turned inwardly as at 38 to provide arms 39
Fig. 6 is a sectional view similar to Fig. 3 but
which are 'so bent as to provide inwardly extend
illustrating a modiñed form of construction;
ing protuberances 4I! and 4I with an outward
Fig. '7 is a sectional View of the modiñed form 50 junction point 42 between. The arc of the por
shown in Fig. 6; and
tions 40 and 4I is such as to nicely fit recesses I8
Fig. 8 is a sectional view similar to Fig. 6- but
in the stud andbe positioned between the ribs I‘I
illustrating a still diiîerent modiñed form.
to a releasing position;
The stud of one member of the separable but- l
The stud when inthe position shown in Fig. 3
ton of the above patent at its holding shoulder 55 is engaged to provide a full or maximum holding
by al1 of its shoulder portions and yet for release
it is merely necessary to turn the stud with ref
erence to the socket through substantially 45 de
grees into the position shown in Fig. 4 which will
flex outwardly all of the holding portions 40, 4|
shoulders in substantially a plane at right angles
of the arms 39 and permit the stud I4 to be with
drawn from the socket. A maximum holding is
to said axis spaced from one end thereof, and a `
socket member having an opening to receive said
stud with a resilient wire bent to provide a plu
rality of protuberances equally angularly disposed
about said opening to extend into said notches
and engage said shoulders to prevent axial sep
aration 'ofsaid members‘s'aid protuberances be
In some'eases-instead of utilizing' a wall such
ing at ‘least three in number, and said notches
as shown at 28 in Fig. 2, the Wall 25 as shown in 10 being provided in a number which is an integral
Fig. '1 may be turned inwardly to provide a tubu-v’
multiple of the number of protuberances`
lar portion 45 which may be provided with two'
slots 46 as shown in Fig. 6 through which both
projections 40 and 4| may extend or'the slots `
may be four in number as' shown at 4T and 48
in Fig. 8, leaving a wall portion of the tubular
extension 45 as at 49 between ythe slots 4l .and
48. These latter two forms provide somewhat
more control for the spring and may serve to limit
‘2. Separable means as set forth in claim l
wherein ,said protuberances are formed by bend
ingna single piece of wire and disposing the same
in substantially> a single plane at right angles to
said axis.
.3. Separable means as set forth in claim l
wherein means are provided to limit the move
ment of said protuberances toward each other
the inward extent of the bulging `portions which 20 when said stud is withdrawn from said opening.
engage `the shoulders for `¿holding ,the> same.
4. separable means as set forth in claim 1
wherein said protuberances andl notches are four
A1. separable means comprising a cylindrical
»in number.
.stud member having a plurality of :notches equally
singularly disposed- about its axis and providing 25
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