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Aug. 20, _1946.
Filed Jan. 6, 1945
'I `
2 Sheets-Sheet l
I».uMH HnV.Il. .
Garz/on Mmm
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Aug. 20, i946.
Filed Jan. e, 194s.
2 sheets-snaai 2
Gordan Munro.
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
2,406,027 _
Gordon Munro, Bremerton, Wash.
Application January .6, 1943, serial No. 471,457
3 Claims. (o1. Lio--smA
(Granted under the act of March 3, 1883, as
amended April 30, 1928; 37|) 0. G. ’757)
This invention relates to a data exhibitor and
has for an object to provide an improved data
exhibitor, wherein it is desired to have a great
deal of data readily accessible for selection of a
particular part of such data and for placing the
selected data in a readily visible position and
maintaining it in such readily visible position
without liability of being accidentally changed.
A further object of this invention is to provide
suitable apertures in one of the sides I'I or I8 of
the box body I I. The four spools on the two ends
of rods 20 and 22 are substantially identical and
each spool is formed in the shape of a hollow cyl
inder, as at:23, and terminates in an enlarged
bearing> 24 journalled in the aperture in the box
side I1. Beneath the bearing 24 the spool 23 be
comes an enlarged handle knob 25. These spools
23 are held on the rods 20 and 22 by having
a data exhibitor wherein a, great deal of data is
counterbored openings through the knob ends
placed' on scrolls", which scrolls are adapted to be
within which are placed a spring 26 vand a washer
rotated back and forth beneath exhibitor windows
21 held in position by a cotter pin 28 extending
and hold the particular selected data Visible
through the end of the rod 20. Each of the spools
through such windows while use is being made
23 being identical, two of the spools 23 are assem
thereof, without liability of the scrolls being acci 15 bled on thefrodv 2li-by merely inserting the spools
dentally rotated to thus change the selected data
over the opposite ends of the rod 20 after the rod
for some erroneous data.
2|) has been placed in position through the sup
‘.Still .a -further object of this invention is toV
provide a means for selecting desired data from
aîscroll'whose ends are mounted on spoolsìor
rotation in either direction and for maintaining
such selected data invisible position without lia
port insert I4.
The spring 26, washer 2l, and
ootter pin 28 are placed in one end of the rod 20
and then the rod 2U is pushed through the other
end against the action of the spring 26 to make
the-other end of the rod 20 extend suñlciently for
bility of having the scrolls accidentally rotated.
its spring, washer and Cotter pin to be placed
Still a vfurther object of this invention is to
therein, the spring then serving to equalize the
provide a means for selecting data from a plu 25 rod and keep its ends concealed within the spool
rality of data scrolls'through windows of a single
exhibitor member and maintaining such plurality
The pair of center spools 30 is somewhat smaller of» scrolls against accidental movement after the
in diameter than the end spools 23, but its assem
selected' data has been made visible through the
bly and construction are they same. The scrolls
30 3l have their ends secured to the spools 23 and
>Withlthe foregoing andother objects in View,
the spools are then turned in opposite directions
the invention consists in the construction, corn-until the scrolls are held on the spools 23 with
bination and arrangement of parts hereinafter
a'portion therebetween extending over a pressure
described and illustratedl in the drawings, in
plate 32. This pressure plate 32 is provided with
a pair of depending fingers 33 adapted to extend
Fig. lîis‘an >elevational view of -the data ex
into guiding wells ‘ the blocks I2 and I3.
hibitor of this invention.
The spools 30 on the center rod 2| are each pro
Fig. 2 is a section on line 2--2 of Fig. 1.
vided with an eccentric spring member 35 thereon
Fig. 3 is a partly end and partly phantom View.
so that when the spool 3l] is rotated this spring
Figs. 4 and 5 are edge views of one of the scroll
35 will, during one portion of its rotation, yield
pressure plates on a reduced scale; and
ably raise the pressure plate 32 upwardly.
Fig. 6 is a top plan View of the window chart
As is apparent from Fig. 1, the supporting in
with selected data visible therethrough.
sert I4 is somewhat to one side of the center of
There is shown at I0 the data exhibitor of this
the box .body I I, because in the particular exam
invention made in the form of a Abox body II.
ple illustrated the two scrolls 3| happen to be of
This box body I I contains a pair of blocks I2 and
diiïerent width, as a result of which the spools on
I3 separated from each other by a metal insert
one side are longer than the spools on the other
I 4 whose ends are supported in slits formed in
the ends I5 and I6 of the box body II. Extend
A window chart 35, shown in Fig. 6, is then
ing through sides I1 and I8 of the box body II 50 placed over the scrolls 3|, this window chart 36
are three rods 20, 2| and 22, these rods extending
being provided with any suitable data 39 thereon,
through the metal insert I 4. The blocks I2 and
as shown, together with any suitable number of
I3 are each provided with cylindrical recesses
window openings 31 and 38 thereon adapted to
therein of an appropriate diameter to receive two
cooperate with the data 40 and 4| on the scrolls
spools on each rod, each spool extending through 55 3|. Above this window chart 36 there is placed a
glass 42, this glass 42 being supported on ledges
43 mounted over the outer ends of the blocks I2
and I3, While the other two sides of the glass are
supported by ledges 44 formed on the outer edges
of the blocks l2 and I3.
A frame cover 45 is then
secured over the glass 42 by suitably located
screws 46 to hold the glass 42 securely in position.
In operation, the scrolls 3l with their selected
data thereon have their ends secured on the ap
pro-priate spools 23 and extend over the pressure
the United States of America for governmental
purposes Without the payment of any royalties
thereon or therefor.
Having thus set forth’ and disclosed the nature
of this invention, what is claimed is:
1. A data exhibitor comprising a window chart,
a scroll movable beneath said Window chart, said
chart and said scroll having appropriate coop
erating data thereon, means for moving said scroll
so as to make selected data on said scroll visible
plate 32 and beneath’ the window chart 36 and
glass 42 thereabove. By selecting any one of the
knobs 25 the scrolls may be rolled in the appro
priate direction to make the desired data on the
scroll visible through the appropriate window
opening on the chart 3S. After the desired data
on the scroll has been brought into proper posi
tion, the spools 30 are rotated by means of their
knobs 25 until the spring 35 presses against the
through said Window chart, means for holding
said scroll against movement when the selected
scroll data is in appropriate position, said holding
means including a pressure plate beneath said
scroll, yieldable means including an eccentric
roller mounted beneath said pressure plate, said
eccentric roller comprising a cylindrical spool,
and an eccentrically mounted spring thereon.
bottom of the plate 32, thereby yieldably forcing
with data thereon, scrolls movable beneath said
chart, said chart >and said scrolls having appro
priate cooperating data thereon, means for mov
the pressure plate 32 up against the scroll 3l, the
chart 36, and the glass 42. When in this posi
tion it is not possible for the scroll to accidentally
move and thus disturb the arrangement of the
data visible through the Window openings.
2. A data exhibitor comprising a window chart
ing and tensioning said scrolls so as to make se
lected data on said scrolls visible and legible
through said Window chart when said scroll is
stationary or in motion, said means for moving
As shown on chart 36 the data on the scrolls
and tensioning scrolls including spools mounted
and th'e chart is such as is appropriate for mak
on shaft rods, a thin insert sheet supporting said
ing a selection of tap drills. When the workman
rods, retractible spring means axially forcing said
desires to make a particular tap drill, he places
the appropriate data in position for exhibition 30 spools together against said insert sheet, said in
sert sheet braking any back lash or slipping of
to him as just described, thus yieldably holding
spools thus keeping the scrolls taut when sta
the scrolls against accidental movement While he
tionary or in motion, said braking and tension
is Working on that particular size of tap drill.
ing force being caused by friction between spool
When he desires to make a diiïerent size h'e first
rotates the spool 30 until the spring 35 is moved 35 ends and insert sheet, said braking action being
released by pulling said spools axially away from
away from contact with the bottom of the pres
said insert sheet While rotating the same.
sure plate 32, permitting the pressure plate 32 to
3. A data exhibitor comprising a Window chart,
drop and cease to press on the scroll 3l. The
a scroll movable beneath said chart, said chart
scroll 3l may then be rotated in either direction
by means of its spool and until the new selected 40 and said scroll having appropriate cooperating
data thereon, means for moving and tensioning
data is visible, and then the spool 23 is again ro
said scroll so as to make selected data on said
tated to lock the particular data Vin the exhibitor
scroll visible and legible through ‘said Window
position. This yieldably holding of the data in
chart when said scroll is stationary or in motion,
position prevents the possibiilty of error through
means for holding said scroll against movement
accidental change of the visible data While the
when the selected scroll data are in appropriate
Workman is in the midst of his operations. Simi
position, said holding means including a pressure
larly, any other data may be placed on the scrolls
plate beneath said scroll, yieldable means for
and the window chart approximate to any sub
holding said pressure plate against said scroll,
ject matter and operated in a similar manner.
and retractible means for holding said yieldable
Other modifications and changes in the num- '
means against said pressure plate, said retracti
ber and proportions of the parts may be made by
ble means including an eccentric roller mounted
those skilled in the art Without departing from
beneath said pressure plate, said eccentric roller
the nature of this invention Within the scope of
comprising a cylindrical spool and an eccentri
what is hereinafter claimed.
eally mounted spring thereon.
'I'he invention described herein may be manu
factured and used by or for the Government of
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