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Patented Aug. 20, 1946
Thomas F. Cass, Jr., Wayne, lll., assignor to Con
tainer Corporation of America, Chicago, Ill., a.
corporation of ,Delaware
Application April 28, 1944, Serial No. 533,128
4 Claims.
(Cl. 229-14)
yThe invention relates to sift-proof cartons,
and more particularly to cartons especially
adapted for packaging finely divided material,
formed of ordinary paperboard, and the other
layer comprising a suitable liner B which may
either be a paper sheet secured. to the paper
board portion by means of an adhesive such as
amorphous wax or similar composition, or may
be a moisture and vapor-proof substance such as
such as salt, sugar, soap flakes and washing
powder. The principal object of the invention is
to provide a carton which may be tightly sealed l
so as to prevent loss or sifting of material from
the carton. Another object of the invention is to
provide a sift-proof, lined carton which may be
glassine, parchment, cellophane, “Pliofilm” or
the like.
Referring to Fig. 1, the carton blank as shown
moisture-proof and grease-proof.
10 comprises a body portion including a pair of
In accordance with the preferred embodiments
wide panels I0, I0 and >a pair of narrow panels
of the invention, these are accomplished by pro
II , I I, although if desired all the panels could be
viding a paperboard blank from which the carton
of the same width. Extending beyond one of
is to be formed with a lining sheet preferably se
the narrow panels I I is a lined sealing flap I2,
cured thereto by means of an adhesive, such'as 15 While extending from the opposite panel Ill is
amorphous wax or a similar composition. The`
an extension I3 of the liner B only, the stock
blank is then die-cut to form end ñaps, but in
portion A of the carton terminating at the Ver
stead of cutting the entire flap through the
tical line I5 and its extensions 22, 22. The panels
paperboard and liner a portion of the liner is left
I0, II and I2 are separated from each other by
uncut so that when the inner end ñaps are folded
any suitable means, as for example vertical score
downwardly the uncut portions of the liner will 20 lines I4, I4, while horizontal score lines I6, I6
draw away from the adjacent flaps and form a
may be provided for separating the main panels
bellows corner, and when the seal is completed
III and II from sealing panels I'I and I8, the
by folding down the outer flaps a completely
reference numerals I'I designating the relatively
sift-proof carton is provided.
25 wide extension flaps, and the reference numer
als I8 designating the narrow extension flaps
The invention will be more readilyr understood
by reference to the accompanying ‘drawing and
the following detailed description, in which are
set forth an illustrative embodiment of the in
ventive thought.
In the drawing:
projecting beyond the panels II, II. The liner
extension I3 may also be provided with extensions
I9, I9 separated therefrom, if desired, by suitable
30 score
To form the sealing or extension ñaps I'I and I8
Fig. 1 is a plan view of a lined blank from
the blank is die-cut in such a manner that slots
which the carton may be formed;
20 are formed separating the ñaps, which slots
Fig. 2 is a View of the carton embodying the in
vention, with all but one of the end flaps turned 35 extend entirely through the paperboard portion
Aof the blank to the horizontal lines I 6, and
down, the turned down outer end flap being par
also extend through the liner down to points a
tially broken away to show the bellows corner
short distance from lthe fold line, leaving un
by means of which the sealing is obtained;
severed portions 2| which, when the extension
Fig. 3 is a detailed fragmentary view of one of
the corners of the box before the end flaps have 40 flaps >are folded down, are adapted to form corner
seals which eifectively prevent sifting of the
been turned down, this View showing the ex
tension sealing flaps of both .the carton and the
material. Similarly the liner iiap portions I9
are separated from the flaps I'I by means of cuts
Fig. 4 is a sectional view on the line 4~-4 of
22 which extend down to uncut portions 23 cor
Fig. 1;
45 responding with the uncut portions 2l, 2| at
Fig. 5 is a sectional view on the line 5-5 of
Fig. 2, but with the 1ast of the sealing flaps closed;
Fig. 6 is a detail perspective view on an en- I
the ends of the die-cuts 20.
In setting up the box the panels are folded to
tubular form along the lines I4, III and are se
cured in place by means of the external ñap I2
larged scale showing one of the corner seals.
50 and the internal liner extension I3, these being
Referring to the drawing in detail, and with
preferably secured in place by means of Suit
particular reference to Fig. 4 thereof, it wil1 be
able adhesive. These iiaps in their securing po
noted that the carton is formed of two layers,
sition are indicated in Fig. 3. It will be noted
one designated at A comprising the main or stock
that as shown the flap I2 terminates short of
portion of the carton and being preferably 55 the sealing flaps I'I and I8, whereas the portions
I9, I9 of the liner extension I3 extend to the
ively secured to its entire inner surface,'said
outer limits of the sealing flaps I‘I and I8.
blank being cut and scored to provide a plurality
To close the carton the narrow flaps I8, I8 are
of side wall panels and closure flaps integrally
ñrst folded downwardly into horizontal position,
joined to said panels along a score line, said
as illustrated in Fig. 2. As these ñaps are folded 5 closure ñaps being deiined from adjacent flaps
into sealing position the uncut portions 2|, 2|
by cuts in said sheet of paperboard extending
of theliner will tear away. from the adjacent
outwardly from said score line and cuts in said
flaps I'I,v I'I and’form-abellows corner 25. When
.sheet of lining material coinciding with said
the seal of the box is completed on folding down
`inst-mentioned cuts but extending outwardly
the outer iiaps I‘I, I'I the bellows corner will-be 10 only from points substantially outwardly spaced
folded over, as indicated in Fig. 5, and will be
:from said score line.
retained between the various layers of;1the...end
, 3.‘A_» folding carton formed from a sheet of
sealing iiaps, thus effectively` preventing sifting
_paperboard having -,a sheet of lining material
of the contents.
securedy to its entire inner surface by means of
The invention has been’described in detail' for"l5.„an~ amorphous wax or similar adhesive com- ’
It will be obvious
prising four rectangular side wall panels having
that numerous modifications' and variations'may
the purpose of illustration.
' integral rectangular closure flaps joined thereto
be resorted to without departing from` the spirit
alonga-score line, a lateral extension of said pa
of the invention Thus the composition ofthe
perboard on one of said side wall panels adapted
liner may be varied as desired, and also the flap 20 to be secured to another of said side wall panels
"extensions 'I2 and I3 may be varied or omitted,
> to form a tubular carton body, a lateral extension
*provided'other'suitable corner-sealing means is
substituted. 'The' size of the bellows corners 25,
of- said lining material on one of said side wall
panels, and an end extension on said last-men
" l25"wil1 be > dependent lon the length of the cuts
tioned lateral extension, the paperboard portions
42l,` 2l, but should preferably be comparatively ¿25 of Vsaid closure iiaps being deñned from each
HIsnialler-and’only s'uñicient to- eiîectively close the
other by cuts therein extending outwardly from
`‘corners ‘of the cartons.
I claim;
'said score line and the lining material portions
of said closure flaps and said end extension be
' 1;'A folding -carton-‘formed’from a sheet of
ing defined from each other by cuts therein> ex
^` paperboard having a sheet'of lining material ad- îT30 tending outwardly only from points substantially
"hesively secured to its entire inner Asurface inoutwardly spaced from said score line.
i’cluding aplurality'of’adjacent side wall panels
'4. vA -folding carton formed'from a sheet of
and a plurality of closure flaps integrally joined
'paperboard having a1 sheet of lining material
to ~said Ypanels along a' score line, said closure
secured to its entire inner surface by means of
‘ iiaps being deiined“ from 'adjacent flaps -by cutsïf~35 an amorphous wax or similar adhesive including
“extending completely through said sheet of paa` plurality of adjacent side vpanels and a plu
perboard substantially to said score line and exrality of closure naps integrally joined to said
tendingL through said’ sheet of lining material
ypanels along a scoreiline, said closure flaps being
>`only to pointsslightly but substantially removed
'"frorn`said score'line.
2.`AV folding- carton blank having »elements
' ' adapted-'to provideY a sift-proof closure at least
'- at one end thereof comprising a sheet of Vpaper-
*"»boardïhaving-a'sheetfof liningrrmate'rial- adhes-
'defined from adjacent iiaps by cuts extending
('40 completelythrough said paperboard sheet out
‘wardly ‘from said score line and extending out
>wardly through said sheet ofv lining material only
V'from points spaced outwardly of said scoreline.
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