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Aug. zo., 1946.
Filed July 9, 1945 ""
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
-O-,FFiifiCfE f
`J ack ' Gralter,y Chicago, -Ill».
Applicationuuly. 9, 1945,‘seria1'No.hsos,`s9s
1 Claim.
’ This invention relateswtolighters adapted 'to
vfunction ‘regardless of heavy winds, and used
for-„the lighting of cigars and cigarettes.
'Among the Aobjects of my invention is to pro
vide a windproof lighter having a, closure adapt
ed to easily and definitely open and close as de
sired and to prevent undesired closing; to supply
(Cl. 6.1-1.1) f
I2~andî I3 have ears» 3l with'openings :312`therein
'to pivot-ally receive » the opposite ends ¿of ‘pivot
pinsfï33l which lare embedded» in `-carri f34 whichï is
integrally formed `as an extensionat*the-Sinner
end of inner side Wall 29 on cover 24. kThe front
and back walls 21 and 28 of cover 24 have round
ed cut out portions 35 to correspond with round
a closure providing a good seal; to provide a con
tainer and casing so formed that the container
ed ears 3l.
The cam 34 has a radius 36 at its free end. In
herently possessed by my invention.
24 to closed position, radius 36 rides downward
use when the cover 24 is pivoted to open position
is easily removable from the casing but will not 10 on casing I8, radius 36 rides upwardly on spring
rattle when in position in the casing; to create a
2I until the radius is above center. Then the
construction eliminating unnecessary parts; and
spring 2| bears against the under portion of ra.
such other objects advantages and capabilities
dius 36 and holds the cover in open position by
as will later more fully appear and which are in- Y
15 spring pressure. During the pivoting of cover
While I have disclosed herein certain pre
ly on spring 2| until past the half way mark.
ferred embodiments of my invention, yet I wish
Thenspring L2| bears against the upper of radius
it understood that the saine_are susceptible of
36 and holds the cover in closed position by spring A
modification and change without departing from
the spirit of my invention.
A removable container> 31 has a closed top 38,
Referring to the drawing, Fig. V1 is a perspec
front and back walls 39 and 40, and inner and
tive View of the exterior of my device; Fig. 2 is a
outer side walls 4l and 42. An open bottom 43
side elevational View with the cover open; Fig. 3
leads to a hollow interior 44.
is a top plan View of the casing; Fig. 4 is a top
Within interior 44 is integrally formed aV flint
plan view of the device; Fig. 5 is an enlarged 26 tube 45 extending from the bottom to a boss 46
sectional View on line
in the top 38, which has an opening 96. A wick
sectional View on line 6-6 of Fig. 5; Fig. 7 is a;
hole 41 extends through top 38. On either side’
bottom plan view of the packing.
of hole 41 are a pair of spaced lugs 48 integrally
The embodiment selected to illustrate my in 30 formed in top 38.
vention comprises a casing 10 having a closed
A flame guard 49 has a base 50, high opposite
bottom I I, a front wall I2, and a rear wall I3, an
side walls 5I curved to meet at one end, and end
inner side wall I4 and an outer` side wall I5 form
ing at the other end in a pair of spaced lugs 52. Y
ing _a hollow interior I6 and an open top I1. Ad
The side walls 5I have a plurality of opposite
jacent the inner wall. I4 but slightly spaced
spaced holes 53, and bottom cut out draft por
therefrom are ribs I8 integrally formed in the
tions 54. The base 58 is mounted on top 38'of
inner surfaces of front and rear walls I2 and
container 31. The base has a central wick open
I3. Said ribs are connected at their bottom por
ing 55 positioned to register with wick hole 41 in
tions by integral connecting portion I9, on bot
container 31. The base 59 also has a pair of
tom II. The ribs I8 and connecting portion I9
smaller openings 56 spaced on either side of wick
form with inner side wall I4 a chamber 29 which 40 opening 55 and adapted to receive lugs 48. The
houses leaf spring 2|. Said spring is bent on it
lugs 48 are then peened over to hold ilame guard
self about one third from its bottom, with the
49 on container 31.
lower double portion 22 within the lower portion
A knurled wheel 51 is rotatably mounted on
of chamber 20 and the upper end 23 extending
45 pin 58 extending between and attached to lugs
through open top I1 a short distance above the
52, and positionedto strike against flint 59 ex
walls of the casing. The lower portion 22 Vof the
tending out of opening 46 in boss 45.
spring 2| is bent slightly outwardly so as to bear
Within flint tube 45 is a coiled spring 60, the
against the ribs AI8 so that the spring 2I is self
upper end of which contacts ilint 59 and holds
fastening within chamber 20, and ribs I8 act as
50 it to extend through opening 46 to contact wheel
an anchor for the spring 2 I.
51. An adjustment screw 6I has its upper shank
A' cover 24 has a closed top 25, open bottom
62 positioned within spring 60 and has screw
26, and complementary front 21, rear 28, inner
threads 63 to engage the screw threads 64 in the
side 29 and outer side 38 walls. Y
lower end of tube 45, and an enlarged end 65.
My cover 24 is hinged to casing I9 as follows.
A packing 66 is split to receive the lower por
The upper inner corners of front and rear walls
tion ofa' wick 61, both of which extend within
Lighting ñuid 0r
other suitable liquid iluid‘is added to the pack
Y interior 44 of container 31.
ing and the Wick. The upper endof wick 61 ex
' front, back and bottom walls forming a chamber,
' a leaf spring positioned- within said chamber, said
spring bent on itself about a third from its bot
tom, with the double portion of the spring po
sitioned in the lower, portion of said chamber,
the lower end of said spring bent to contact said
turning the wheel thereagainst.
the upper end of'Y said spring extending
The'front and back walls I2 andY I3 of casing
slightly beyond the open top of said casing, said
Y IIl have'llow horizontal ribs 68 at theirbottom
front and back Walls having integral ears ex
portions, soY that whenA container „31 4is-'placeol in
tending' from their upper’inner corners, a cover
the interior _I6 Vofcasingv I0, the ribs 68 prevent 10 having
corresponding closed top, front, back and ~ ~
the container 31 and screw 6I from touching the _
_ inner and outer side Walls, a cam extending loe
Y bottom II. The container is held in? position by
» ~ yond and formed integrally with said inner side
friction grip against the front Vand rear Walls
Wall, pivot pins embedded in said cam and ex
I2 and I3, the outer side Wall I5 and ribs I8.`
tending' within said ears to pivotally hinge'said
a cigar
a casingv'IJclaiini
have . coverltosaid casing, said cam having a radius
@adapted to engage said spring> for holding said
I king closedrbottom, front, back,V outer and inner
‘cover-‘in desired open and closed positions, said
-tends through openings 41 and 55 for lighting
' upon receiving a. spark from the’flint caused by
side walls and an open top, a pair of spaced-»ribs
.formed in the front and back walls, said ribs
_ ' hollow interior of said casing adaptedto remov- Y
,slielitlsnspaced,fromV the .innerfßide wahrend@
ably receive a fuel cangjsaid chamber conñning
» .tionspf saidribsrsaid ribes, ,Connecting member
@n da dJacent portionsof the?inner side wall, the ì
interior andinterference‘with “the' free
ingress and egress orfthe fuel can. '
Connecting.„rilemlzèzrv connecbinslthe bQbtOm'pbr:
lsaid j spring and preventing its entry into >saicl
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