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Patented Aug. 20, 1946
'iMichael L.~.Gcorg.opoulos,;WashingtonyD; :0.
Application ‘December 30, 1944;"Serial Nol-‘57 0,726
» 6:‘,Olaims.
(61;:‘3 6—.7.7)
This application is a continuation in part of
application-I’Serial >No. 497§4'63,<-1?led August 5,
vv“reariip‘ortion of'f'sectio'n I ‘l'la -'-and through? this
loop a strap (not shown) may be inserted and
fastened around the foot, but preferably this
The object of my invention is to provide a
novel safety device for walking on ice or hard 5 strap and loop may be omitted to make fasten
ing of the device to the foot or shoe in place more
snow, which can be attached to either shoes 01‘
overshoes, and which is not permanently secured
What I claim is:
to the shoe but can readily be removed when de
1. In a quickly attachable and detachable ice
It is an object of my invention to provide a 10 creeper for use over either shoes or overshoes,
the combination of a pair of substantially rigid
device of this character which can be securely
plates seating over the sole of the shoe or over- ‘
attached to and readily detached from the shoe
shoe, and each having a multiplicity of prongs,
or overshoe, and which may have merely straps
a transverse hinge connecting said plates to give
and buckles or other simple fastening means,
and which is believed especially suited for Army 15 ?exibility, said hinge being disposed approxi
use in northern climates where ice is likely to be
mately midway of the entire area covered by
said plates to permit of folding the plates in
It is an especial object of my invention to pro
overlying position for convenience in transpor
vide ice creepers with the vstraps arranged to
tation when detached, and a strap interlaced
permit of the foot being inserted as in a slipper 20 over the top of the shoe to permit the foot to be
to expedite the attachment or detachment of the
quickly slid into place under the strap, loops
creepers from the shoe or overshoe.
secured near the edges of the plates and through
I attain these and other objectives of my in
which loops the strap is‘threaded, the‘ strap
vention by the mechanism illustrated in the ac
terminating in free ends of su?icient length to
companying drawing in which:
be fastened around the heel and over the ank
Figure 1 is a top plan view of my ice creep
to secure the device to the foot.
ers having the sole strap made in hingedly con
2. In ice creepers of the type described and
adapted for quick attachment and detachment
nected sections;
Fig. 2 is an edge elevation of the form of the
by the wearer, the combination of a pair of
invention shown in Fig. 1;
hingedly connected metal plates of approxi- '
Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view of the form of
the invention shown in Figs. 1 and 2.
mately the same area, each having a multiplicity
Referring to the accompanying drawing, I
of projecting prongs, the hinged-connection ofv
said plates being transversely disposed at ap
provide a sole plate consisting of hingedly con
proximately the central portion of the sole of the
nected, preferably metal, sections Ila and I'll)
shoe or overshoe, a strap interlaced over the
which are connected by the hinge I'lc. These
sole sections are each provided with a plurality
of suitable prongs l9. Attached to the side
edges of sections Fla and I'll) by rivets, or other
upper portion of the foot, and loops carried by
the plates through which it is threaded, the
strap having free ends adapted to be secured
around the heel and ankle to permit of quick at
suitable means, are the straps 2| which are each
'_ tachment or detachment of the device from the
3. In ice creepers of the type described
provided with loops or rings 2la. At the front
end of sole section I'Ib is a loop 24 through which
a strap 22 is threaded and which strap in turn
is threaded through the loops or rings Ma. and
then extends for a sufficient length to permit
of its being fastened around the ankle and either
tied or fastened by a suitable buckle (not
For military use especially it is important that
a form of ice creepers be provided which can be
very quickly attached to or detached from the
foot or overshoe and this invention is believed
to admit of more rapid attachment and detach
ment than is possible with any ice creepers now
in use.
adapted for quick attachment and detachment,
.~the combination of a pair of plates of substan
tially like area, each carrying prongs to engage
ice, snow or muddy ground, a transverse hinge
connecting said plates and positioned under the
central portion of the sole of the shoe, said plates
being foldable into compact form for transpor
tation when detached, a plurality of loops carried
by the edge portions of said plates, a strap ex
tending through said loops and interlaced over
the crown of the foot to, permit of quick inser
tion of the foot, said strap terminating in vfree
ends of suf?cient length to be fastened around
the heel and over the ankle to quickly and de
tachably secure ‘the ice creepers in place.
4; In ice creepers of the type described, the
the necessary degree of relative movement of
same, and one long strap interlaced to receive the
foot, and engaged in the strap anchoring means,
strap anchoring means carried by the aforesaid
of substantially the same size ‘and adapted to be
plates, the strap having free ends for securing
the device to the foot without the use of buckles.
seated'over the soles of shoes or overshoes, short
straps affixed to the edge portions of said plates
6. In ice creepers of the type described, the
and carrying loops, a strap interlaced through
combination of a pair of ?exible hinged plates
said loops and permitting the foot to be quickly
seated over the sole of ya shoe, said plates being
‘slid in:pl'ace' on the plates for lacing, the free 10 of similar area to permit of their: being folded
ends of the strap being of su?lcient length to
compactly when removed for transportation,
each of the plates having projecting prongs,
extend around the heel and ankle and permit
V vcombination of ?exibly connected pronged plates
ting of quick attachment or detachment and "
a plurality of loops ‘carried by the plates in
compact folding of the ice creepers for trans
cluding a front loop and side loops, a relatively
long strap interlaced through the aforesaid loops
5. In a detachable ice creeper for use on either
shoes or overshoes, including a pair of substan
to permit the foot to be quickly slid into place
under the interlaced strap, the strap terminat
tially rigid plates of similar area seating .over‘
ing in free ends engageable around the heel and
ankle to quickly fasten the device in ‘place with
ing ice and snow engaging elements, hinged 20 out the use of buckles, 1
means disposed transversely of the sole and op
the sole of the shoe or overshoe, said plates hav- ’
eratively connecting said platesland permitting
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