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Aug._2o, 194s.
2,406,094 ‘
Filed May 1'7, 1945
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
Joseph M. Miller, Littleton, 0010., assignor to
J. D. Cochran, Grass Lake, Mich.
Application May 17, 1945, Serial No. 594,187
1 Claim. (CI. 76-87)
My present invention has reference to a sharp
ening device of the type in which two pivotally
supported discs are employed and which discs
closed by my drawing. With my improvement
it is impossible for the discs to spring apart,
and, therefore, the discs positively act upon the
cutting edge of the knife so that the cutting edge
of the knife is effectively sharpened by drawing
are designed to have drawn there-between the
blade of a knife or scissors to be sharpened and
the object of the invention is to simplify and
the same between the discs and as the discs are
pivotally mounted the pressure of the knife be
materially improve this type of knife or scissors
tween the said discs will cause only a slight turn
sharpening devices.
ing of the said discs and such pressure also tends
The invention, therefore, resides in the con
struction, combination and operative association 10 to force the discs toward each other and not to
spread the discs, and, therefore, into tight bind
of parts such as will hereinafter be de?nitely set
ing and grinding action against the edge of the
forth in the following speci?cation, speci?cally
set forth in the claim and illustrated by the ac
The base I and associated parts, with the ex
companying drawing.
15 ception of the steel discs are made from one piece
In the drawing:
and bent to form the device as illustrated.
Fig. 1 is a plan view of the improvement.
Fig. 2 is an end view thereof.
Fig. 3 is a side view thereof, with a knife K in
The discs can be changed when worn, thus
prolonging the life of the sharpener.
The scissors guides are shown off center of
Fig. 4 is a plan view thereof, with a pair of 20 the discs to retain the proper bevel for the cut
ting edge, and the action is repeated for each
scissors S in operative position.
operative position, and
The improvement contemplates the employ
blade of the scissors.
The space H between the knife guides 6 and
ment of a triangular metal base i which ‘is de
‘I is shaped to conform with the shape of the
signed to be ?xed on a suitable support. The
base, at one of its corners, is notched, as at 2, 25 knife blade.
The base I is provided with an opening [2,’ to
and the sides, adjacent the said notched corner
permit the base to be fastened to a suitable
are preferably integrally formed with upstanding
sides or ears 3, respectively. The ears 3 are pro
It is to be understood that my invention is
vided with parallel scissor guide portions 4 and
5 respectively, and the ends thereof are upwardly 30 susceptible of various changes in its form, pro
portions and minor details of construction, and
extended to form knife guide portions 6 and 1.,
I reserve the right to make such changes as prop
respectively. There is pivotally secured on the
erly fall within the scope of the appended claim.
inner faces of the ears, preferably by machine
Having described the invention, I claim:
screws 8, the sharpening discs 9 and I0, respec
A knife sharpener comprising a substantially
tively. It is to be noted that discs 9 and H] are 35
triangular base having one of its corners notched
not arranged in spaced parallel overlapping rela
and its sides, adjacent to the notch formed with
tion nor are the inner corners at the peripheries
upstanding ears aligned angular scissor guides
of the discs disposed in slight contacting engage
formed integral with the upper edge of said ears,
ment as is true for instance with respect to the
patent to R. J. Dearborn, No. 1,069,768,, but the 40 and spaced from each other at the ends thereof,
upwardly extending knife guide portions extend
periphery of the disc I0 is closely adjacent the
ing upwardly from the ends of said guides and
inner face at the periphery of the disc 9.
shaped on the inner sides thereof to conform to
The angular relation of the discs is the vital
the shape of a knife to be sharpened thereby,
feature of my construction. By this arrange
ment the cutting edge of the knife cannot spring 45 a sharpening disc pivotally secured to each ear,
and the periphery of one of the sharpening discs
the discs apart which has been found true with
being in close proximity with'the face of the
respect to the Dearborn and also with respect to
other devices wherein the cutting discs are not ‘
arranged at the same relative positions, as dis
cooperating sharpening disc.
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