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Aug. 20, 19.46.
‘ 2,406,095
Filed Sept. 27, 1944
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
Martin D. Mathews, Indianapolis, Ind.
Application September 27, 1944, Serial No. 556,017
1 Claim. (Cl. 174-211)
This invention relates to insulators, the pri
mary object being to provide insulators each of
inwardly from the point 1 to the seat 8, but it is
also curved downwardly from the center toward
each of its ends, thereby extending over and part
ly around an internal node 9 integral with and
contained within the cap. The ends of the slot,
which has been indicated at ID, are joined to the
seat 8 by upwardly inclined curved grooves ll
which is formed in a single piece of insulating
material, such as porcelain or the like, and which
are so constructed that when twist wires leading
from a cable to the main wires are inserted there
into, a portion of each twist or duplex wire will
be supported at a high point so as to maintain a
dry spot and preventing a “wet weather cross” or
forming continuations or extensions of the cen
tral seat 8.
In practice the main wire or wires M are fas
a high resistance short between the main wires
such as frequently occurs during stormy weather
tened to the neck portion 3 of the insulator in
the usual way. The duplex or other wire to be
where ordinary types of insulators are employed.
With the foregoing and other objects in view
joined to the main wire M and which has been
which will appear as the description proceeds, the
indicated as W is fastened in the usual way to
invention consists of certain novel steps in the 15 the main wire M. It is then crimped at a point
method and certain details of construction and
between its ends, as indicated at C, to form a bow
and this bow is slipped upwardly within the in
combinations of parts hereinafter more fully de
scribed and pointed out in the claim, it being un
derstood that changes may be made in the method
clined curved slot 6 until the intermediate portion
of the bow rests in the seat 8 while the diverging
disclosed and in the construction and arrange
20 portions of the bow lie within the downwardly
ment of parts without departing from the spirit of
the invention as claimed.
In the accompanying drawing the preferred
form of the invention has been shown.
diverging curved grooves l I. As these bows open
downwardly under the margin 5 of the cap, at
points much lower than the level of the seat 8,
it will be obvious that a dry spot will ‘be main
25 tained at seat 8 with the result that a “wet weath_
In said drawing:
Figure 1 is a side elevation of the insulator en
er cross” or a high resistance short between the
gaged by a main wire and a duplex wire leading
wires will be avoided.
oiT from the main wire.
What is claimed is:
Figure 2 is a view partly in elevation and partly
An insulator for preventing the drainage of
30 moisture from a main wire to a duplex wire joined
in section taken on the line 2—2, Figure 1.
Figure 3 is a section on line 3—-3, Figure 2.
thereto, said insulator comprising a single piece
Referring to the ?gures by characters of refer
of insulating material providing a body, a neck
ence, I designates the body of the insulator which
on the body, and a cap on and having a marginal
can be made of porcelain, glass, or any other
portion extending outwardly beyond the neck,
suitable material and is provided with the usual 35 said neck and cap de?ning an annular groove for
annular bead 2 from which is extended a concen
the reception of a portion of a main wire and of a
tric neck 3 which, in the present instance, is
tie wire joined to the main wire, and a node in
formed with an integral cap 4 the marginal por
the cap de?ned by an arcuate slot opening out
tion 5 of which is extended outwardly beyond the
wardly under the marginal portion of the cap
40 and into the groove, said slot being curved up
Extending upwardly into the cap from the neck
wardly and inwardly within the cap, the top of
is a slot 6, the center portion of which opens
the node constituting an elevated seat for the
outwardly under the margin of the cap as shown
arched portion of a duplex wire when extending
at 1 while the central or uppermost portion of the
within the groove and upwardly within the slot
slot is located within the cap at a point well above 45 in the cap.
the level of the margin 5 and provides a recess or
seat 8. The slot is not only curved upwardly and
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