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Patented Aug. 20, 1946
I: 7' :f $2,406,099
" I
' Arthur J . Penick, Houston, Tex.
3 Application October 16, 1943, Serial No.‘ ‘506,610
V2Claims. (01. 251-71)‘ _*
This invention relates to a valve assembly.
An object of the invention is to providean
assembly of the character described embodying
gageable with an external annular shoulder 12
on the bonnet and thev clamp nut_l0, has a
threaded connection with the valve casing as
a casing with a ?owway therethrough and hav
clearly shown in Figures 1 and 2.1
ing a controlling assembly in the casing provided
with a ?owway which may be brought into align
ment with the ?owway- of the casing to provide
Within the casing there is a cylindrical con
trolling assembly including the cylindrical sleeve
; ' _ ,
valve I3 one end of which has the transverse
bore I4 and the other end thereof has the'vlongie
- an unobstructed channel for‘ the ?ow of ?uid
through the‘ valve assembly; said controlling
assembly'being movable to another position’ to
close the ?owway through ‘the casing and being
expansible with means to expand the same to
tudinal inwardly tapering bore ‘l5 wherein there
is ?tted a tapering expander I16. This‘. expander
form ?uid tight seals, when the’ valve is closed,
through and the‘ other end is’ internally and
coarsely'threaded to receive the coarse ‘threads
l8 of the valve stem, I9,‘ This stem extends
fits snuglyin the ‘bore 15 and is formed hollow;
One end of the expander has the ducts ‘H there-.
to prevent leakage of the ?uid ?owing’ through
the line into which the valve assembly is con
axially through the bonnet and‘ may be turned
by'any selected meansias by the'hand wheel 20.
It fijsimounted-to swivel in the'bonn'et by _~me'ans
of an external rib/f2!‘ thereon which rotates-"in
insideannular groove 72 2‘ in the bonnet. -"Iihejrib
Another object of the invention i-sto provide
novel means for expanding the controlling as
The invention also embodies a novel lubricat
ing system for lubricating the movable parts.
is'retain‘ed in-the groove 'by means of an'irisidé
With the above and other'objects in view the
gland 23 which is screwed into the bonnet against
said rib.
invention has particular relation to certain novel
The expander I6 is mounted on a coil spring 24
features of construction, operation, and arrange
ment of parts an example of which is given in 25 which is interposed between it and the bottom of
- the bore l5 and is retained against detachment
this speci?cation and illustrated in the accom
panying drawings wherein:
from the valve l3 by means of the retainer ring
Figure 1 shows a side view of the valve assem-.
25 which is countersunk into the outer ends of
bly, partly in section, showing the valve open.
the expander and valve and which is welded to
the latter as shown in Figures 1, 2 and 4. Ac
Figure 2 shows a side view thereof taken at
cordingly by turning the stem [9 the controlling
right angles to the view shown in Figure 1 and
assembly may be moved to open position as
shown partly in section.
shown in Figure 1 or to closed position as shown
Figure 3 shows a side elevation of the con
trolling assembly. '
Figure 4 shows a side view of the valve assem
in Figure 4.
Opposite the bore I5 the valve [3 is provided
bly, partly in section, showing the valve closed.
on one side with the longitudinal .slit 26 so that a
Figure 5 shows a cross-sectional view taken
on the line 5-—5 of Figure 4.
Figure 6 shows a cross-sectional, fragmentary
view taken on the line 6-5 of Figure 2.
Referring now more particularly to the draw
the valve will be expansible. This slit is at right
angles to the axis of the bore M.
The expander I5 is normally held in its outer
position by means of a pin 21 mounted in the
valve and Which projects into a socket 28 in the
expander as shown more accurately in Figure .6.
Its outer end extends out beyond the valve and'is
ings wherein like numerals of reference designate
the same parts in each of the ?gures the numeral
l designates the valve casing which is, prefer
ably substantially cylindrical in form. The cas
ing has a ?owway 2 transversely therethrough
‘and may have the pipe connections 3, 3, around
the ?owway for the connection of the sections
4, 4, of the line to the casing. One end B of the
dovetailed and works in a vertical dovetail groove
29 in the inner wall of the casing and whose
lower end is outwardly curved as shown in Fig
ures 2 and 4. The pin has an external annular
shoulder 30 and between said shoulder and the
casing is closed and mounted on the other end "
internal annular shoulder 3| of the valve there
is a coil spring 32.
thereof is a bonnet 1 whose inner end is formed
with a ?ared seat 8 which ?ts over a correspond
Upon movement of the valve from open posi- '
tion, shown in ‘Figure 1, to closed position, shown »
ing tapering seat 9 of the valve casing. The
in Figure 4, the expander and the valve will move
bonnet is secured in place by a clamp nut [0
as a unit until the valve lands on the stop 33.
which has an inwardly extending ?ange ll en 55 At the same time the pin 21 will have been with
drawn from the socket 28by the outwardly curved
end is adapted to project into said socket and‘
end of the groove 29 assisted by the spring 32; 7
whose outer end extends out beyond the ‘valve ’
Upon further rotation of the stem the expander
and is of a dovetailed shape; means connected
With-the expander for moving the controlling as
sembly to one position to align the bore with the
passageway‘ and to another position to align the
' I 6 will be moved further into the bore I5 thus
expanding the valve and causing it to fit very
closely against the inside wall of the casing I
around ?owway 2.
valve with the passageway, said casing having a‘ '
Upon reverse movement of the stern l9 the ex
longitudinal inside, dovetailed groove whose inner
pander assisted by the spring 24 will be retracted
end isroutwardly turned, the outer dovetailed end
and as the controlling‘ assembly moves" toward 10 of saidlpin working irr'sai’dgroove-and being en
gageable ‘therewith for"retracting~fthé* pin from’
open position the pin 21jwi1l be forced back into
the bore 28 and the parts of said assembly will be _, said'socket as the controlling assembly moves to
locked together.
~said last namefdposition to release the expander 1
The valve» l3 has the externallongitudinal
channel 35 which connects with the circumferen
tial grooves?? therearound and it also has‘ a duct
31 leading from the bottom. of the bore 15 on .
through the corresponding endof the valve 13.‘
to allow its further movementto expand the valve
into close contact with the casing walls around
7 ‘ said passageway.
2.’ A valve assembly comprising, a valve casing
having a passageway therethrough for ?uid, a
A lubricant may be ‘introduced into the valvef? ’_ controlling assembly‘in. the casing embodying a
chamber through the inlet duct 38 which is cone 20 sleeve valve which is transversely expansible, at
onev end,_ and having artransverse bore, at. the
trolled? by the-plug 39 and said’ ‘chamber kept
other end,- an expander in the‘ expansibleiend of
partly ?lled with lubricant." As the controlling
the valve having an external socket,v apinslidably
assembly is moved back and forth the lubricant
mounted; in‘ the valve and whose inner end. is
‘ y will passalong the channel.‘ 3-5¢into the vgrooves
36 to lubricate the valve and‘ will pass; through 26 adapted. toproject into said socket and whose
outer end extends; out beyond the valve; means
the duct 31- into the bore 15' to lubricate the'ex
pander‘ andits bearings and- will pass on through ' connected with the expander for moving the con
trolling assembly to one positionrtoalign the bore . '
the ducts“ ‘and will ?nally reach ‘the threads Is
with. the passageway and to another'position to
'as well as the bearings of the stem in the bonnet.
The drawings and} descriptionare illustrative‘ 30 al-igng'the Valve’ with the'passageway, said casing
having a longitudinal inside, groove whose inner
merely while» the broad principle of the‘ invention
willbe'de?ned by the appended claims.
I _
l. A valveassembly‘comprising afvalve easing
end is outwardlyturned, means on the outer end
‘ of. the pin engageable in and slidable along said
groove for retracting. the pin from said socket as
having vav ‘passageway’ therethrough for fluid; ‘ a
the controlling assembly moves to said last named .
controlling ;-assembly in» the‘ casing embodying a
position to release the iexpander to allow its
further movement to expand the valveinto- close
sleeve’ valve which vis- slitted: longitudinally and
expansible at one vend and; having a: transverse
‘ bore at the other end, an expander in the slitted .
~ end of the valve having an external s0eket,;a~ pin
slidably mlountedein the valve and-whose- inner
contractv With- the casingwalls around?» said pas- .
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