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Aug. 20, 1946.
MACHINE FOR cuwwme FOOD rnonucws
Filed April '4, 1945 .
' 3 Sheets~Shegt l
Aug. 20, 1946._
.File'd April/1. 1945
s sheets-shut 2
Aug; 20, 1946- '
- 2,40651'07
Filed April 4, 1945
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
H. .o
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
Peter F. Quinn, Racine, Wis.
Application April 4, 1945, Serial No. 586,571
(01. 146-78)
2 Claims.
wheel 6, which worm wheelis mounted upon a
My invention refers to machines for slicing
vegetable products, and it has for its object to
countershaft ‘I, journaled in the housing, and
extending at a right angle to the main driven
provide a machine embodying triple slicing de
vices in gear connection, one of which device is
The end of the countershaft is splined, and has
adapted to cut whole slices from a product, while Q1
secured thereto a cutting blade 8 extending in
the other two devices are adapted to slice and
both directions from said shaft.
split the slices into lengths whereby, for example,
As best illustrated in Figures 1, 6 and 7, the
shoestring potatoes and French fried potatoes are
splined end of shaft ‘I has adjustably mounted
produced simultaneously with the slicing opera
tion to economize in the time of preparing food 10 thereon, a, sleeved hub 9 of a disc ID, which disc
is formed with a radial slot II!’ from its hub for
the reception of the blade 8.
The casing has projecting therefrom, an open
mouthed hood I I for the reception of the disc Ill,
and said hood carries an inclined feed hopper I2
for the reception of root vegetables or the like.
Fitted into a groove of the disc hub 9, is a ring
With the above and other minor objects in view,
the invention consists in certain peculiarities of
construction and combination of parts, as will
be fully set forth hereinafter with reference to
the accompanying drawings and subsequently
claimed. 7
9’, to which is attached the forked end of a bell
In the drawings:
crank lever I3, which lever, as shown in Figure 1
Figure 1 represents a plan view of the machine
with the cover removed, illustrating the drive 20 of the drawings, is pivoted to an ear of the casing.
The opposite arm of the bell crank lever is con
mechanism and a double reciprocative carriage,
nected to a rod I4, which rod extends through the
with parts broken away and in section, as indi
casing, and is in threaded union with the end of
cated by line I—I of Figure 3; .
Figure 2, a longitudinal sectional view through
the bell crank lever.
the same, the section being indicated by line 2-2 25
When it is desired to vary the thickness of'a
slice, the bell crank lever is manipulated through
rotation of the rod I4, whereby the disc I0 is
moved back and forth with relation to the blade
_8 to control the thickness of the cut slice, which
and 2;
Figure 4, a vertical sectional view through the 30 slice passes through the slot II)’ of the disc, and
of Figure 1;
Figure 3, a cross section through the machine,‘
the section being indicated by line 3--3 of Figures
is discharged through the hood mouth.
machine, particularly illustrating the reciproca
tive carriage mechanism, the section being indi- .
cated by line 4-4 of Figure 3;
Figure 5, a detail sectional face view, illustrat
ing the rotary cutting disc, the section being indi
cated by line 5-—5 of Figure 3;
Figure 6, a vertical sectional view through the
same, the section being indicated by line 6-—6 of
The housing 3 has extending therefrom parallel
guide-rods l5 upon opposite sides of the driven
shaft 4.
The guide-rods serve as supports for a recipro
cative carriage A, the base l6 of which is mounted
thereon, and has arms I6’ Vextendingtherefrom. V
The base I6 of the carriage is formed with a
pocket ll, the upper portion of which pocket is
Figure 7, a detail sectional view of a cutting 40 provided with apertures for the reception of the
driven shaft 4, which extends therethrough, it
disc shifting clutch mechanism, the section being
being understood that said driven shaft is formed '
indicated by line 1-1 of Figure 6, and
with a spline 4' from end to end of its exposed
Figure 8, a detailed vertical section illustrating
portion. A worm I8 is mounted upon the driven
a fragment of the disc feeding hopper and cut
45 shaft 4, and has a feather engaging the spline.
ting disc.
This worm is mounted in the carriage pocket ll.
Referring by characters to the drawings, I in
The worm is meshed with a worm whee] I9, also
dicates a rectangular open mouthed casing, hav
mounted in the carriage pocket, and said worm
ing hinged thereto a cover 2. Secured to the
wheel is secured to a cross-shaft 20, which shaft
bottom I’ of the casing is a housing 3, into which
is journaled a driven shaft 4, the same being in 50 is journaled in the base I6 of the carriage and
?anges thereof.
belt drive connection with a motor, not shown,
The carriage arms terminate with recessed
which is carried by a hollow standard that de
plates 2|, into which recesses are ?tted knife
pends from the casing.
Figure 5;
blades 22, the plates having downwardly extend
The driven shaft 4 carries a worm 5 within the
housing, and said worm is meshed with a worm 55 ing ?anges 2|’.
The cutting edges of these blades 22 are aligned,‘
indicated in dotted lines, the knife blade will
with vegetable receivingpads 23, andthe pads,
sever a, slice therefrom and said slice is held
against forward travel between the gauge strip
are supported by depending legs 24, which are
adjustably secured to ?ngers 25, which ?ngers,
extend from the ?anges of the carriage plates 2 I,‘
26'. The slice, which is resting upon the pad,
will, be severed into a series of strips, by the
splitting wheels 29', and discharged out of the
casing through the opening B.
as best shown in Figure 3 of the drawings.
The pads 23 serve as reciprocative bottom for‘
a pair of verticallyvdisposed hoppers 26,‘ which
. are formed‘ in the casing cover 2.
It is apparent that the splitting wheels 20' .
are rotated in the reciprocative action of the
It will also be
noted that-:the inner ,walllof each‘ hopper carries; 10
a ‘gauge strip 25", whichi‘is aligned with thertop“
surface of the pads, and serves as a stop whereby
the slice of vegetable resting on said pad, is held==
moved‘back and forth upon-the‘ driven shaft due
in alignment with the hopper... It should a be
pli?cation ,ofzmy invention minutely as to detail,
noted, the adjustability of the bottom pads 23,
with reference to the knife edge 22, will permit;
varying the thickness of ‘the slicecut fromthe .7
thescopeof the claims.
vegetable product.
of toothed splitting wheels 20' positioned ‘directly u
gether- bye-rings.
This cutting apparatus is adjusted to produce
to its anchorage, within the carriage pocket ll.
' While I have shown and described one exem
it is understood that I may vary the same within
I claim:_,
l.v A‘food product slicing and splitting machine,
including a hopper, the slicing and splitting
' V
The cross-shaft 20 hasmounted thereon groups:
under,,the.~carriage plates-2!, and. one set of the.
same, as ‘shown in: Figure, 3, ,are-\ spaced. 010535130
carriageby'sthe ,featheredworm; 18;‘ ,which is
means comprising a spline driven shaft, guide
‘ rods-upon opposite..,si,des of .the shaft, acarriage
mounted upon .theeguide-rods, having,..;a._,pocket,
therein, a :bottom ipad-forgthe hopper carried- by;
the carriageand adapted to ,travel backandforthi.
what is,-known as shoestringppotatoes.» The oppo
site- sideefwheels 0f». the splitting. apparatus. are
‘ under .saidhopper,v a bladerextending. cross-wise,
spaced widely apart; for thejpurposeofLspIitting
edgeof said pa,d;.a_,cross.-shaft journaled in the.
coarse zFrench friedtpotatoes.» Obviously, other
vegetableproducts maysbe treated with this corn--v
bination; slicer . and split-ten device.»
As shown iin-Figure ‘lithe-bottoms of the car-‘
‘of the ,pad, spaced above.andrearwardly -of~._..th_e=
carriage, extending ,.through..,.the _ pocket..portion.->,
thereof, a. worm wheel cairiedby,thepross-shaft ,.
30 within “the . pocket, a... feathered. worm...slidably;v ,
mounted upon the spline’ drive shaft innmesh,
riage plates 2| have'd‘etachablyqsecured thereto,
with Ihe?I'OSS-rSh?ft.:WDI'Il'lrWhEBl, aganghof split.
comb-bodies, 22' through-‘which the cutting sur
faces ofrthe~Whee1s--20!l;revO1Ve... In- order to sep
aratevthesplit productsrfrom the wheels and dis
1y of, and .in juxtapositionitovthe knife. blade,..a.1.
charge .the same -thr.ough casing, bottom open- .
ings ‘B, B,- I, providesdownwardly inclined- slotted
StI’ip_’21,‘= which :strips are detachably- securedto'l
the inner.“v walls ,~of:.the carriage; ?anges, 2i ', and.
ting wheels carriedby, said_cross._-shaft rearward-1. .
35 countershaft in. gear connection ,with ,the, drive
shaft, and a crank armparried‘by thecounten...
shaft in pitman connection with the carriage.
2. In a machine for cutting,.vegetablesJnto ’
different sized slicedportions , having _.triple,. ,fe‘ed
eXtend- inwardly betweensthe~,sp1itting. wheels, to 40. hoppers and..jmovab1e. knivesjor ,each hopper»;
the hub :ringsi thereof; ,
the combination. of .a. driving.,mechanismfon the,»
knives. comprising a. pcwer.shaft.,- a..w,orm_.?xed.§.
Theparriage lisrreciprocatedupon itsguide rods .
r and driven-shaft-dbya wormswheel 28, the said,
thereon, a counter, shaftiinugearl connection;
worm whee1 being mounted upon‘ _a_.-.vert~ica1ly§
with the power_ shaft‘. worm“forirdrivingythe
,knifelof, one-hopper», -a ,ps'econdiwormgin splinedg,
disposed. countershaft» 2 9, journaledin the hous
ing~_3,- theadrive sbeing. imparted'to-the. worm. wheel; .
connection with said power shaft, a movable..can-l..
from‘ithe i-interineshedwormx 5 of the. driven .sh-aftl
riage. having , a, pocket. zencasing thesecond worm
The iprojecting; upper :end .of-the .countershaft .
nected ‘by. a .pitmangrod _3 I to. :the-base portion;
wheel; guides f or, the. carriage, .a everticallyidisgy
posed ‘rotary counter shaft 'in driving gearrconr.
nectionwith-the ?xed power. shaft. wormpacrank
of the carriage. Hence,_.;with.,each\ rotation. of
carried .by the. ,counter. shaft .in _ .pitmanconnece
carries-a crank. 3il,., crank-is pivotally con- _
the :crankm'i?y the "carriage. will: be reciprocated ‘
tion with} the A carriage,- ., a .,cross.shaftnjournaled.1
forwardly, and. backwardly; , as .indicated in full .
and dotted lines, Figure 4.
in the carriage in gear. connectiontwith' the._power.. '
shaft splined .wormwheelfonactuating.the slicing
From. the foregoing;description.. it. is apparent 155 knives- of .the ,other ,two ,hoppers, , ,and -gangs; of ,.
serted-intoieither .or_=both_= of the. hoppers 26, land..
splitting wheels carriedaby-ethe -cross.,shaft for...
forming. .thevegetableslices, fromJheJast. men:
the carriage-is in thepositiomshownin fulllines, ,
tioned twohoppers,intodengths.. 1 -
that Yew-hen‘ a- masswbod-y; such .as. a 4. potato, . is in- .
Figure-.14,» as’~it.travelsionwardly?tc the position
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