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Aug. 20, 1946;
2,406,160 I
Filed Oct. 26,-1944
OTTOGMPL 07 '75s 01v
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
Otto Carl Otteson, Racine, Wis.
Application October 26, 1944,_Serial No. 560,421
2 Claims.
(01. 30—335)
serves as a suitable accommodation seat for th .
This invention relates to a holder which is
especially designed to accommodate a reinforced
reinforced back of the conventional single-edged
safety razor blade I l. The notch is inward of the
adjacent outer end of the shank and also spaced
a distance from the juncture between the shank
and handle. It is‘closed by a cover plate |0a
which is of length slightly less than the shank
and extends from the extreme outer end ofthe
satisfactory cutting tool.
shank to a point near where it adjoins the han
In carrying out the principles of the invention
I provide a simple and expedient holder which, in 10 dle. This blade is of a width corresponding to
the shank and it is held in place by appropriate
conjunction with the attachable blade provides
fasteners I2 such as to permit its removal and
a cutting tool which may be used to advantage in
replacement if necessary. It wil1 be noticed also
the home, laboratories and for general utility cut
that the plate is provided with set-screws I3 ar
ting wherever needed.
More speci?cally, I provide a holder of a special 15 ranged at points along one edge in order to press
?rmly against the reinforced back of the razor ‘
type which may be satisfactorily utilized to ac
commodate any brand of safety razor blade of the ' blade. This is brought out to advantage in Fig
back single-edged safety razor blade and the ob
vious purpose thereof is to provide a structure
through the medium of which already used and
discardable razor blades may be temporarily sal
vaged and employed in the holder to provide a
single-edged type, the construction being such
ures 2 and 3'.
It is thought that persons skilled in the art
that the blade is held to utilize a large portion of
the cutting edge in reference to both length and 20 to which the invention relates will be able to ob
tain a clear understanding of the invention after
width of the blade. The blade is held in such a
manner that a maximum of support is afforded
same, this to promote rigidity and reliable service.
considering the description in connection with
the drawing. Therefore, a more lengthy descrip
tion is regarded as unnecessary.
Due to the method of clamping and retention, the
Minor changes in the shape, size and arrange
holder, throughout its length may be relatively 25
ment of details coming within the ?eld of inven
light in weight and small in proportion, making
tion claimed may be resorted to in actual practice,
its use practical for very thin cuts and suitable
if desired.
for utility in restricted and otherwise inacces
I claim:
sible places.
1. A holder for using otherwise discarded safety
Other features and advantages will become 30
razor blades comprising a body including a han
more readily apparent from the following descrip
' tion and the accompanying illustrative drawing.
In the drawing, wherein like numerals are em
ployed tov designate like parts throughout the
dle and a shankprojecting from one end of said
handle, said shank having an adapter notch
formed in one edge and face thereof, this to ac
35 commodate a razor blade, and a notch and blade
covering and retaining plate removably secured
Figure 1 is a top plan view of a holder for a
to one side of the shank and having a major por
razor blade, this constructed in accordance with
tion thereof covering said notch and a part of the
the principles of the present invention. ‘
Figure 2 is an edge elevation of the same.
blade therein, said major portion of the plate
Figure 3 is an enlarged end view, quite exag 40 being provided with set-screws to press against
gerated showing only the blade accommodation
the blade, and to assist in lodging it ?rmly in the
and the clamping means.
Figure 4 is a top plan view with the blade and
2. A safety razor blade holder of the class de
the clamping plate removed.
scribed comprising a single piece of stock of ap
Figure 5 is an enlarged section, to the ‘scale of 45 propriatematerial having one end portion fash
Figure 3, this taken on the plane with the line
ioned into a handle and the opposite end portion
5—5 of Figure 4.
merging into a relatively narrow extension, said
Figure 6 is a detailed View of the blade-clamp
extension constituting a shank and said shank
ing plate.
being provided in one face with an elongated
Figure 7 is an end elevation of Figure 1 ob 50 adapter notch, said notch opening through one
serving it in a direction from left to right.
edge and constituting ,a seat for snug removable
Referring now to the drawing by distinguishing
reception of a part of a standard razor blade,
and a covering and clamping plate of proportions
and shape corresponding approximately to that
It can perhaps be made of Wood or equivalent 55 of the shank, said plate being removably fastened
stock. In includes a suitably shaped and pro
to said shank and overlying the notch, that por
portioned handle 8 and an extending reduced
tion overlying the notch being provided with set
screws and said set-screws serving to engage the
shank 9. The shank 9 is provided intermediate
its ends and in the top with a notch I0 which
opens through one longitudinal edge. This notch 60
> reference numerals, it will be seen that the holder
is of suitable proportions, shape and material.
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