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Aug. 20, 1946. .
' 2,406,167
Filed Allaril :5, '1944
l g
f‘ ,8]
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
KyrleIFrancis Seals, Lamar, Colo.
Application April 3, 1944, Serial No. 529,258
2 Claims.
(01. s1--s.30)
The present invention relates to implements
which is securely fastened to the wall or other
support 6. It also includes a lateral shelf flange
‘2, the latter being at an approximate obtuse an
gle to the Wall 6. As brought out in Figure 2,
and devices such as are expressly designed and
constructed for applying and removing screw
caps, that is, caps of the type used on various
so - called
the shelf ?ange is provided with'selectively usable
keyhole slots 8 and 9, these to accommodate the
As the preceding statement of the invention
implies, I am aware that many different types of
so-called wrenches and similar devices have been
headed studs it on the adjacent ends of the noose
sure an effective clamping action while minimiz
nected to the crank arm I3 on the hand-crank [2
ing the likelihood of crushing either the cap or
the jar neck.
Other features and advantages will, become
more readily apparent from the following de
scription and the accompanying illustrative
as shown in Figure 2. The adjacent links coil
around in a return bend fashion and the crank
arm I3 is turned to a point beyond “dead-cen
“Mason” and similar jars.
or chain 1 l. A crank l2 having an appropriate
hand-grip is pivotally mounted on the shelf
devised to facilitate the step of either applying 10 ?ange l and this is provided with a crank arm I3
or removing screw caps. The present invention
underlying said flange and pivotally and oper
pertains to what is believed to be a novel and
atively connected to the adjacent end link of the
improved structure for accomplishing the same
chain as brought out to advantage in dotted lines
general purpose, the same being outstanding,
, in Figure 2. It will be noticed that the hand-grip
comparatively speaking, in that it grips the lid 15 portion of the crank is disposed at an elevation
or cap in such a way as to support the entire load
well above the plane of the chain, this to provide
and to leave the hands free to embrace the jar
desired clearance and appropriate operation of
or container, thus simplifying and rendering the
the parts.
results more reliable and satisfactory.
The chain is made up of flat links 14 pivotally
More speci?cally, the invention has to do with 20 connected together, certain of said links having
an especially constructed wall-type hanger brack
integral depending lugs l5 and said lugs being
et or ?xture, said ?xture serving as an appropri
provided with anti-slipping teeth and serving as
ate adapter for the cap gripping noose or chain,
grips for the screw cap IS on the jar H,
whereby to not only securely embrace the cap and
The cap embracing and gripping ch'ain device
support the load but to angularly position the jar 25 or unit is of a, self-sustainingtype in that the
for convenient and expeditious handling.
links I4 are of rigid metal and have their, adja
A further feature of the invention is thought to
cent ends overlapping and pivotally connected
reside in the provision of a novel cap embracing
together. One end of the chain is provided with
chain constructed of ?at pivotally connected
the aforementioned headed stud 10 which is
links, the links being provided with laterally ar 30 slipped into either one of the selected keyhole
ranged toothed cap-engaging grips, the latter
slots 8 or 9 as the case may be, this to partially
coming into engaging contact with the cap, and
adjust the chain to the size of cap being han
the links resting on the crown of the cap to in
dled at the time. The opposite end link is con
ter,” whereby this end of the chain is “locked,” as
it were.
In the drawing, wherein like numerals are em
ployed to designate like parts throughout the
In practice, the device is used as shown in Fig
ure 1, the links M resting on the top or crown
of the cap it and the gripping lugs I5 engaging
the cap at circumferentially spaced points. Fig
Figure 1 is a view partly in section and partly
ure 1 being a comparatively small sectional illus
in elevation showing the wall bracket, the adjust 45 tration, those lugs which face the observer have
able jar cap embracing and clamping means
been omitted for clearness of illustration.
It is evident that with the rim of cap securely
held between the coacting lugs and the chain
thereon, and the manner in which the device is
Figure 2 is a top plan view of the bracket and
jar embracing chain and associated features.
securely tightened and properly adjusted, the
links provide thrust receptive abutmentss The
jar is thus Wholly and completely supported, tak
Figure 3 is a fragmentary perspective view of a
portion of the special link chain.
The wall ?xture or bracket is denoted by the
numeral 4 and is of appropriate material and pro
ing the weight oil of the user’s hands. This
leaves both hands free to embrace the jar and
portions. ' It embodies an attaching flange 5 . 55
the cap therefrom.
to turn it in a direction to dislodge and unscrew
The obtuse angling of the
gaging lugs.
a vertically elongated attaching ?ange adapted
to be fastened to a vertical relatively ?xed sup
port, and a lateral ?ange at the upper end of said ,
obtain a clear understanding of the invention
description is regarded as unnecessary.
Minor changes in the shape, size and arrange
2. In arscrew cap applying and removing de
vice of the class described, a ?xture embodying
7 to which the invention relates will be able‘to
after considering the description in connection
with the drawings. Therefore, a more lengthy
gether. and provided with lateral toothed cap _en~.
shelf ?ange 1 projects the chain to assume an
angular position in the same plane or alignment
therewith. This‘ positions the jar at a satisfac
tory angle to expedite handling and use.
It is thought that persons skilled in the art
?ange, said lateral ?ange being at an approxi
mate obtuse angle to said attaching ?ange and
being provided with selectivelyl‘usablei keyhole
ment of details coming within the ?eld of inven- ‘ 7
slots adjacent one end, a hand'crankinounted
for operation on said lateral ?ange at the oppo
tion claimed may be resorted to in actual prac
site end thereof, said hand crank being provided
tice, if desired.
with -a crank arm and said crank arm being lo
cated beneath the adjacent underlying surface
Having described‘ the invention, What is claimed
as new is:
of said lateral ?ange, a chain‘unit, one of the
, end links ‘of said chain unit being connected
1. In a screw cap applyingand removingde-r
with said crank arm, the opposite end link being
vice of the class described, a wall ?xture includ-'
provided with a headed stud for selective recep
ing a plate having selectively usable keeper slots, '
a hand crank mounted for operation on said plate 20 tion in said keyhole slots, the links of said chain
between said end links being rigid, overlapping’
one another, pivotally connected together, and
certain of said links, being provided with lateral
toothed cap-engaging lugs.
and provided with a crank arm, a chain unit, one
of the end links of said chain unit being con
nected with‘ said crank arm, the opposite end link
'7 being provided with a headed stud for selective
use‘in the slots, said chain links being rigid, over
lapping‘ ‘one another,’ pivotally connected to
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