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Patented Aug. 20, 1946
’ v2,406,169 .
AigìffigíiUNrrEDf' STATE
Guarling F. Sirman, North Miami, Fla.
Application July 24, 1945, fsferia‘l No. 605,744 acxaims. (c1. 2804-58) 7
y theunder sidethereof. Y
one of .its objects to improve ’generally upon this
.type of vehicle,
Secured on the inner sides
of `the‘ forward endlportions' of 'said cleats I0 are
angular 'struts II which> incline „inwardly .and
This invention relates to wheeledr vehicles such
as push carts, barrows and the'like‘ and has for
¿Another object is to produce a device of this f
kind having a relatively low wheel base with the
bottomof the body or the platform part of the
device and the handle members arranged in a
downwardly from said end `'portions of the vcleats »
-I'€I.` These struts II are of a length so that vtheir
lower ends terminate so as to be secured’to 4the
upper side'of the forward end- portions of elon
definite Vcorrelated angularity with respect to each
otherand in -a‘ general plane in proximity to the
gated frame members I2 which are extende‘dbe
yond' the rear end of the body or platform. 6 to
constitute handle members I3, the free end por
periphery of the'groundfwheel or cylindrical sup
porting roller solas to aiford >easy handling of the
tions of said handle members I3'being reduced in
size 'and shape to' provide convenient hand grips
device as well as ’a convenient'placement of the
The innerend portions of thev cleats IIIofthe'
handle members so that the device may be pushed
or pulled with minimum physical effort on the 15 body »or' platform portionìligaœÁ extended some
distance so as'to bey securedonthe outside of the
part' of' the operator.
Other objects and :advantages to be -attained
will hereinafter’more fully-appear “in the 'follow
1- An illustrative‘but@non-limiting'practical ex
adjacent- vintermediate portions of‘v said integral
frame side members I2 and handle extensions I3,
as> at I5 (see Figure 2)', Extending downwardly
20 from the side frame members I2 at transversely
opposite places where the platform 6 terminates
empliñcation of the inventionv is illustrated in the
accompanying drawing, in which:>
s Figurel is a, top'planvviewyí‘
at its innerend andthe handle extensions I3 con
tinue therefrom is a pair of supporting legs I6.
These `:legs I 6 extend'perpendicularly from the
f «
Figure 2 is'a‘ side elevational'view;
Figure Sis a forward` end View; '
Figure 4 is ai?ear vend view; and '
Figure 5 is a longitudinal section on the line
5--`5 'ahdïon asome'what enlarged scale.
members‘IZ so that when theleg members are
supported withtheir lower' ends on the> ground
theywarefdisposed at a slight inclination instead
.of beingl - directly vertical.l Diagonal side brace
members I 'I are attached at their forward ends to,
Referring now to the drawing in detail, the
numeral 6 designates, generally, the main bodyV 30 the corner portion of the side framing adjacent
the forward end of the platform 6, as at I8,"and
portion of the device which, as shown, is of the
their lower inner end portions are attached to
plain platform type. However, as far as the pres
the lower end portions of said leg members I6, Y
ent invention is concerned, the body may include
as at I9, the intermediate portion of the members
side and end walls (not shown) which may be
I‘I crossing the membersI I2 and being secured
either ñxedly secured to the platform or bottom
thereto, as at 20.
portion 6 or provided and arranged so as to be
‘The forward strut members II are cross-con
detachable therefrom.
nected by a transverse brace member 2I which is»
Instead of the usual narrow rimmed wheels a
fastened at its ends to the outer face portions
cylindrical hollow roller 'I is provided. This roller
of said members II and it extends parallel adja
may be made of any suitable material, but as
cent .to the forward edge portion of the platform
shown it is made of wood. The same may be con
6. The lower end portions of the supporting
structed in any suitable or appro-ved manner. As
legs I6 are cross-connected by a transverse brace
shown, it comprises circular end heads 8 built up
22 and said legs I6 are also cross-connected by
of strips or segments placed edgewise together
and, preferably, each in double thickness with the '“ a diagonal brace 23 which is attached, as at 24,
to the lower end portionof the left legV I6 and
strips or segments of the one layer disposed cross
closely contiguous to the adjacent end of the
wise with relation to the other layer. So, too,
cross brace 22 and its opposite upper end portion
the heads 8 maybe constructed in any other
is attached to the right leg I6, as at 25, closely
laminated- or in a single piece form. The periph
adjacent the under side of the companion side
eral portion of the roller 1 may be built up of
frame member I2.
elongated rectangular strips or staves 9 and nailed>
The cylindrical groundroller 1 may be mount
or otherwise fastened at their ends to the heads
ed on the side frames of the device in any suit
8 by nails or other suitable securing means.
able or approved manner. As shown, the roller
The body or platform portion 6 is provided at
its opposite longitudinal sides with cleats III on 65 'I is provided with a shaft 26 which extends axi
ally therethrough, and'is ofV a length to project
some distance at its opposite ends beyond the
adjacent heads 8 of the roller. This shaft 26 _is
sion, each side frame having a strut element
inclined downwardly and vinwardly »from the for
ward upper corner of the .frame and joined to
ñxedlysecured to the roller so as to have no
the forward end of the Vaforesaid elongatedY diag'- a K
independent movement either longitudinally or 5 onal truss element and further including a leg,`
rotatively with respect to the roller. That is to A
member attached at its upper end tothe inter
mediate part of said elongated diagonal truss
say, the shaft and the roller rotate the one by
member and extending substantially perpendicu- _
and with the other and also they are fixed to
, move endwise. together,v The extreme end por
Y tions of5~theïshaft 26"’ arev journaled
a'conveny- 10
larly thereto and having its lower end `attached>
tothe lower inner end îoiî> said crossed truss-mem
tional manner' in' bearing elements ‘ 21 " secured'- on
ber of the side frame, a fi’at' main body panel hav-y
the under side of the forward „end portions `of_ _ _ „` îing cleats on its under side and contiguous to its Y
' ~î"longitudinal side edges, said cleats 'being resp’ecf'Y e
said side frame members l2.
The device of the‘present invention is of gert-¿9j '_yj tively secured at their outer ends to the'foiward> j
eral utility on the farm and many industries, l5 uppcrrcorners of the side frames and at their
inner-endsL toJ the intermediate portion of the
and placesrof
use, and
vrespective,:elongated truss elements of timeframes'V
rimmed supporting wheel would cut rutsand-otl'f
vand adjacent to the upper ends of said leg mem-`
Y erwise mar and damage the surface thereof; but,` - Í bers-aand' an V'elongated cylindrical roller element ' \ "
Von the contrary, the supporting roller of thepres- 20 disposed transversely‘of the AVvehicle and Yover-V
hungafullye by;- >the; -forwanií end: portiorn oflgsaid
eniizdevice fcan: be ¿usedëltofadva-ntage; in.;l rolling Y
ont lanyyunevenness ínL-thefground oriflawn;
`main;body; panel; said;rollerrelemenirmayingï an 'A
axle extendin-gfA therethrough andñxedlw attached
thereto so as to rotate thereby l`:andi»_tlnerrewitlr,.Y
vehi'cilezzof "the: pnshzzjeart.- type lis; produced. in; a
simple;> compa-ct: andsrigidiframe: structure; with 2_'5 the;- outer;end portions:v of: saidraxsiepbeírrgcjour
aríowç‘c'enter-,of gravityfforzthamainibody; portion
naled r in .bearings provided:v ,theref or zon‘x'the ¿side
Y >lî'rom:thie'fforegoing itíis'rseen thatfthe wheeled Y
oriplatformïparïtofîtherdevice andîwitharoller
frames «ofv the~;v,elricle adjacentithe lowerrforward
support; of :a substantial ,haseetransversely of f the
` support;` and:with.handlerextensions-„of.îtheïside 30
C0l’rllßsl‘ísi‘rlg.;af,?latfvbodyyplatformI panel; inclined
slightly rearwardlygand` downwardly;` fromritsffon-y Y
handling/and; manipulation:` of 1 .thef device ~- with
Waard-rend;l said' body panel beingfmollntedfat'iits
bers; l2?` and: handle extensions i3. thereof; with
frames-¿l arrangedív and-4 disposedf: for; convenient
` Y an ideal leverage effect of the side frame mem
2.. A-a wheeled-i vehicle@ of; the,vr classwT described;
vehicle; an‘dî parallè'k with:V the ,-Vaxis'; of _ theï roller
The yillustration:isA ¿butfion'ee- practica-t embodiîe
Vmentiof the: ihventionïìafndftl'iœ same: admitsîof"
considerabl'ez~modiñcation withinir the; spirit K Vand
Y scopa #offi'thes' appended claims; . The invention;
side? frames ;_ said; side .frames Veach:comprisingkan
elongated .diagonal-,trussamember extending near@
lwardly and upwardlyrat angincline; reversely‘l to
but- :at' .substantiallyÍ - the: same-r angularity asv ¿said
' - body panel, ,leg¿_members..extendingpdownwardly
from the inner end portions'of saidsidez-‘frames
thereiforais n'otrflimited;toztherspeciñciconstrucê ,40 tod-est normallyv upon; the-ground;k andiazsupport- K
l ,
ti’on1 and?arrangement:shown:~
ing ground: rollerfextending; transversely; of; the '
»~ Havìngzthus : described the; inventioniwhat
vehicle and disposed inwardly~underneath1 the
body panel so as torbevcompletely. overhungiby
the forward endportionïoffsaidspanehsaid'ground n
rowf type',U comprising:diagonally? trussedr side ,45 roller being journaledi-axially‘atritszoppositefends
frames and axcnossedîtruss ‘member-,'i-eacl'i frame
on said side framesrzofîtliertvehîclea
` ?includ-ingil an. elongated?ëbar: e1ement,î; a: portion v
n offvvhirclil` constitutes an: elongated‘fïhandleflexteir
l' GUARnmœY-re sini/rainV
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