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Aug. 20, 1946.
G. T..SMlLEY-"
Filed Nov.- 1, 1944
s sheets-sheet 1
Ini/entor '
602/440 ZZ/O/‘MS JM/LE Y,
Aug- 20, 1946- V
Filed Nov. 1, 1944
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
w Uz4.i/g.
N (h
: I
q, ___-|
N j
I .
- ‘
‘b I
Gas/kw 79am): 671/45);
won- _
By wémwvwa .
Attorneys .
Aug. 20, 1946. '
G_ T_ $M||_EY
Filed Nov. 1, 1944
I '
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
G's/20w 27/0005 (SM/LE)’,
B, 9mm ‘
Patented, Aug. 20, 1946
. 2,40 6,170
.sonnrritmon “CASE TRIMMER
. 'Gera'ld?homas Smiley, .San ‘Fernando; Calif. '
' .iApp‘lication November 1, 1944;‘ Serial 035613246
t .This invention-relatesxto: a-;cartridge=z.caseitrim_
substantially- @along -the line 1"-'|-‘| - of ‘iFig-ure'il'l ~‘as
-mer, .and .more particularly. 1305811011 .a device
' viewed-5 in v the 1 direction indicated i-byithearrows,
"adapted to be =11ti1iZEdrf0lt trimmingzthe'cartr-idges
of ri?e-:or zrevolver ammunitionmrior to.:reloading '
‘lFigureJS iisianr' enlarged vperspecti-vea‘liew~ o'flthe
A primary :obj ect-z OfythlS .inventiomisathe: provi
sion 40f ‘an improved partridge utrimmer Lpartic
ularly ‘adapted. for-the .use.~of:--sportsmen-::and oth
erswho reload theirrown ammunition.
5 cutting-blade utilized-in: con‘j unctionlwith 'the’de
‘ vice- in-the --instant-‘~invention.
Like ‘reference numerals refer ‘to like eparts
throughout several views- of theldrawi-ngs.
iI-Iaving @reference- now to ithe drawings, i there
As conductive to a clearer understanding ‘1.0f2?1i0i is shown at ill) a standard. or <supportgadapte'd
this .inventionpit .Amay betherefpointed outithat
a cartridge case (tends 'to
> ?reda .few times. .In "the interests .of accurate
. marksmanship it is essential that theammunition
to be ‘secured - to @any' suitablevisurface, as?aework
bench» or the like,‘l‘by means of screws 3H. i-Sup
port 450" isiprovidedhwithia workingihea’dilz' secured
thereto as bymeans of screws |e.2’.:or"the‘ilike. “IBhe
.be absolutely .uniform, 2a tvariationrzin the .lengthils; head W2 :is ' provided :‘with an ‘upstanding ilug ' 513
.of the .cartridge. cases . tendingstoiprodnce ‘irreg
having ea :bore. :| 4 iitherethrough :through which
ularity in:?ring,~.and .consejquent inaccuracy. rAn
extends a shaft l5, on the outer extremityrof
which is -secure'dsa crank 16 counterweighted as
at : I17. 'i'I'hezopposite @end.;of:.1the rshaftclsS :-is pro
. the cartridge .cases .may rbe -' trimmed :and- :cham- e20 .vided 'with :a "cylindrical member .-.|8,.;provi-ded
fered .to. absolute .-11niform-ity ;prior .ztozreloading
with a radial slot, in which'iiswadaptedartoibe pc
important :object .- of the v{instant invention .is,
therefore, to provide sadeviceby meanswf which
the same.
vAns'a‘dditi'on-aliob'iect :ofzthis invention is the
i sitionedawutting yblade |-9,=;secure,d imposition as
provision of such a cartridge case trimmer which
vided with a centrally positioned recess, within
will ‘be sturdy and durable in construction, reli- 25 which is adapted to fit the shank 2| of a cylini
able and efficient in operation, and relatively‘
drical guide member 22, a set screw 23 serving
simple and inexpensive to manufacture and as
to hold the parts in related assembly. From the
foregoing it will now be seen that rotation of the
Other objects reside in combinations of ele
crank It serves to rotate the member I8 and cor
ments, arrangements of parts, and features of 30 respondingly the blade |~9 for a purpose to be '
construction, all as will be more fully pointed out
more fully pointed out hereinafter.
hereinafter and disclosed in the accompanying
Extending transversely from the head I 2 are
drawings wherein there is shown a preferred
a pair of rods or bars 30, adapted to be releas
embodiment of this inventive concept.
ably secured in the head l2 as by means of screws
In the drawings:
35 3|. The rods 30 have mounted thereon a block
Figure 1 is a side elevational view of one form
32 provided with apertures through which the
of device embodying the features of this inven
rods 30 are adapted to extend, to the lower or
Figure 2 is a top plan view of the device dis
closed in Figure 1.
. V
Figure 3 is an enlarged view taken from the
top of the device, certain concealed parts thereof
being disclosed in dotted lines, and-certain other
inner face of which is a?ixed a U-shaped clamp
ing member 33. The member 33 is apertured to
40 provide for the passage of bolts 34 which ex
tend through corresponding apertures in mem
ber 32 and are surrounded by coil springs 35.
Nuts 36 threaded to the extremities of the bolts
34 serve to retain the parts in related assembly.
parts being shown in section, showing a car
tridge in position in the machine.
Figure 4 is a sectional view taken substantially
5 Thus it will be seen that the springs 35 serve
along the line 4—4 of Figure 3 as viewed in the
direction indicated by the arrows.
Figure 5 is an enlarged end elevational view
taposition with the member 32 in such manner
as to clamp the rim of a cartridge case therebe
tween, in a manner to be more fully‘pointed out
normally to bias the member 33 into close jux
of the device, certain parts thereof being broken 50 hereinafter.
Figure 6 is an enlarged sectional view taken
substantially along the line 6-6 of Figure 1 as
A rod or post 48 is ?xedly secured in the mem
ber 32, and has pivotally secured to its extremity
as by pivot 4|, an operating handle 42. The oper
viewed in the direction indicated by the arrows.
ating handle 42 is likewise pivotally secured as
Figure 7 is an enlarged sectional view taken 55 by a pivot 43 to a lug 44 mounted on a plate 45
all the objects of this invention and others in;
cluding many advantages of great practical utility
and commercial importance.
secured to rods 30, the arrangement being such
that movement of the handle 42 toward the head
' 1 l2 serves to compress the springs 35, and with
r I draw the member 32 from the member 33, in such
As many embodiments "may be made of this '
inventive concept, and as many modi?cations may
be made in the embodiment hereinabove shown
manner that the rim of a cartridge may be in
; serted therebetween.
and described, it is to be understood that all mat- I
Means are provided for varying the distance
ter herein is to be interpreted merely as illus
3 between the member 32 and the rotatable mem
trative and not in a limiting sense,
j ber [8, such means taking the form of a screw
1 50 engaging in- a suitable threaded aperture in 10
'1. In a device of the "character described in
combination, a base, a frame extending from said
serves normally to biasthe blockl32 in a direce " base, a rotatable blade carried by said base, and
,means on said frame for clamping a cartridge in
tion toward the head of the apparatus.
' ‘
juxtaposed relation to said blade, said means in
From the foregoing the'operation of the de-'
vice should now be readily understandable. When 1~ cluding a block on said frame, a plate having an
it is desired to trim a cartridge case 53, the oper-_ '7 aperture therein adjacent said block, resilient
means biasing said plate toward said block, and
ating handle 42 is moved‘ downwarclly,v moving
block 32 and plate 33 until the extremities vof , means for separating said plate and block.
2. In a device of the character described in
members 34 abut member 45, whereupon the plate 20
‘ block 32, and passed through a bore in the mem
‘ ber 45. A spring 5| surrounding the screw_50
a combination’, abase, a frame extending from said
3, 33 is separated from the block 32 against the com
base, a rotatable blade carried by said base, and
means on said frame for clamping a cartridge'in
juxtaposed relation to‘ said blade, said means
:pression of- spring 35 andthe flange‘ of the, car- 1
1 tridge may be positioned in the U-shaped depres
,, sion in plate 33. When the handle is released ‘
' 1 block 32 is biased back to;its originalposition by 25 including a block on said frame, a plate having
an aperture therein adjacent said block, resilient
spring 5|, and springs 35 securely clamp the car
means biasing said‘plate towardsaid block, means
1; tridge ?ange between the plate 33 and block 32.
for separating said plate and block, and means
, The device may be readily adjusted to a suitable
for varying the position of said block with-respect
1 length for a particular type, of cartridge by means
of‘ screw 50 and, when properly adjusted, release 30 to said blade.
, t
I of ,handle 42 will position'the cartridge over the ‘
- 3. In a device of the character described in
3. guide member 22, with its edge or rim in engage- ‘
combination, a base, a frame extending from said
base, a rotatable blade carried by said base,‘ and
ment with blade I9. The handle l5 isthen ro
1 tated rapidly, and the blade !9 serves to trim‘ the » means on said frame for clamping a ‘cartridge in
‘ lip of'the cartridge, 2,-5.W€11 as chamfering the 35, rjuxtposed relation to 'said blade, said means in
cluding a block on said frame, a vplate having an
inner and outer faces thereof in a simultaneous
f 1 operation.
Obviously when
' >
vaperture therein adjacent said block, resilient
the device is once adjusted for
7 the reception of a particular size or caliber of car- , 40'
1 ‘tridge, all cartridges trimmed by the device will‘
i ' be of‘ identical length.
From the foregoing it will'now-be'seen that
‘ there is herein provided a device accomplishing
means biasing said plate toward said block,means
for separating said‘plate and block, and means
for varying‘ the position of-said ‘block with respect
1 to said blade, said means including an adjustable
screw engaging said block and said frame;
.~; .
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