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’ Mug; 2@, l9%4& ‘
Filed Aug“ 14, 19445
Jézyes 5.
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
James Shellenbarger Alspaugh, Portsmouth, Ohio
Application August 14, 1944, Serial No. 549,342
2 Claims. (01; 74——271)
This invention relates to transmissions and
more particularly to a mechanical device for
transmitting power from a driving shaft to a
driven shaft in such a manner that the speed
and torque ratios of the driven shaft relative to
the driving shaft are dependent on the ratios of
the power applied to the driving shaft with ref->
erence to the load to which the driven shaft is
scription considered in connection with the ac
companying drawing, submitted for purposes ‘of
illustration only, and not intended to define the
scope of the invention, reference being had for
that purpose to the subjoined claims.
> T
In the drawing wh‘erein similar reference char
acters refer to similar parts throughout the sev
eral views:
Fig. 1 is a longitudinal sectional fview of a
An object of this invention is therefore to pro l0 transmission embodying the present invention.
vide a mechanical transmission having driving
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary sectional view on a
and driven shafts interconnected by mechanical
gearing adapted to be controlled or locked in such
a manner that the ratios of speed and torque
may vary in proportion to variations of the power ' 15
somewhat reduced scale,’ taken substantially'on
the line 2-2 of Fig._1 looking in the direction of
the arrows.
Beforeexplaining in detail the present inven
and loads exerted on the driving and driven
tion, it is to be understood that ' the inven
tion is not limited in its application to the details
of construction and arrangement of» parts illus
A further object ofthe invention resides in the
provision of a mechanical transmission h'aving
aligned driving and driven shafts interconnected
by planetary gearing rotatably mounted in a
frame carried by the driving and driven shafts
trated in ‘the accompanying drawing, since the
invention is-capable of other embodiments and of
being practiced or carried out in various ways.
Also it is to be understood that the phraseol'ogy
in such a manner that the frame may move rel
or terminology employed herein is for the pur-. <.
ative to a stationary member to vary the torque
pose of description and not of limitation.
' and speed ratios of the driving and‘driven shafts. 26
Yet another object of the invention is to pro
A power shaft l0 adapted to be driven by any
suitable source of power is connected through a
vide a mechanical gear transmission having a
clutching mechanism [2 with a driving shaft [l4
journalled therein as by means of a pilot I6.
connecting driving and driven shafts through
The driving shaft 14 is also aligned with‘ a driven
planetary gearing in such a manner that the 30 shaft I8. journalled therein by the pilot as i]
sun gear carrier or the planetary gearing may
lustrated at 2B.
sun gear carrier interposed between and inter-
be locked against rotation or controlled as to
rotational speed to vary the speed and torque
ratio of the transmission of power from ‘the
driving shaftto the driven shaft.
A further object of the invention is to provide
a transmission having spaced selectively oper
able gear members to vary the torque and speed
ratios of the transmission of power from a driv
ing shaft to a driven shaft.
Still another object resides in the provision
of a transmission having gear-connected shafts
wherein means are provided for controlling the
speed of rotation of gear carriers and gears to
vary the power transmitting characteristics of
the transmission.
Another object of the invention resides in the
provision of a simple yet rugged mechanical gear
transmission for efliciently transferring power
from a driving shaft to a driven shaft in ac
cordance with variations of load between the
driving and driven shafts to provide an vefli
cient mechanical gear transmission.
Other objects and advantages of this invention
will be apparent from the following detailed de
The clutching mechanism l2 consists ofw a
sleeve 22 having internal splines'to engage ex
ternal splines 24 and 26 ‘formed in the power
and driving shafts It and [4 respectively. The,
splines 24 on the power shaft l0 are of'suf?cient
length to accommodate the entire sleeve 22 there
by completely disengaging the splines 26. on the
driving shaft I4.
" ’
The sleeve 22 has a groove 28 to receivefa yoke
30 slidably mounted on a rod '32 journalled in
a boss 34 of the housing 35. The yoke 30 is actu
ated by a lever 38 pivoted on a projection 40
secured to the housing 36.
The driving shaft I4 is provided with a pinion
gear 42 spaced aXially from a pinion gear '44
?xed to the driven shaft IS. A sun gear sleeve
46 having spaced sun gears 48 and. 50 is rotat
ably mounted on the driving shaft l4 between
the pinion gear 42 ?xed to the drivingshaft l4
and a radially extended ?ange. 52 also-formed on
the driving shaft l4.
A planet carrier 54 having spaced flanges56
and 58 interconnected by suitable frame mem
ber 69 is mounted on ‘the sun gear! sleeve 46 ‘and
sleeve 45 against rotation. As the driving shaft
‘ planet carrying ?ange 58 is’ provided with an
I4 rotates within the locked sun gear sleeve 46
driven shaft I8 as illustrated in Fig. 1.
the pinion gear 42 ?xed to the driving shaft I4
rotates the pinion 84 to rotate the planet carrier
mounted on a surface 54 of the driven shaft I8
between a ?ange 66 and the pinion gear 54 ?xed 5 54' around the non-rotating sun gear sleeve 45.
Rotation of the planet carrier 54 about the sleeve
to the driven shaft I 8.
45 is effective through the sun gear 48 meshing
Spaced stabilizing members formed of spaced
‘ with the pinion 86 to rotate planet carrier'54.
. °Rotation of this planet carrier 54 is effective
shoes 68 positioned in radially extended slots in
' the driven shaft I8 are yieldingly urged outward
ly by a. spring 0 ‘to yieldingly' engage‘the inner 16 through thepinion ‘95 meshing with the pinion
surface-*ofthe bushing '52 to exert a slight fric- ,
44 ?xed to the driven shaft I-8 to-rotate the driven
tional force thereon to damp out oscillations and
?uctuations of the drive.
shaft at a lower gear ratio. .
The gear ratios 'of the various drives can be
varied through wide limits by changing the sizes
Pinion carriers ‘I2. and 14 having spaced trun
nions ‘IE-‘I8 and 80-82 respectively are rotat 15 of the mating gears to provide ‘any desired gear
‘ratio for a particular application.
ably mounted in the ?anges .56 and 53. The car
Braking means of any convenient type may be
rier ‘I2 is provided with spaced pinion gears.v 84
provided to control the speed of rotation of the
and 86 adapted to mesh with the‘ pinion gear 42
.planet carrier 54 or the sun gear sleeve 46 to per
?xed to the driving shaft [4 and to the. sun ‘gear,
48 carried by the sun gear sleeve 45 respectively. 20 mit progressively varying the gear ratios in either
direction. The braking means may be of any de
..The;pinion carrier“ is provided-With pinion
‘g-gears >_.8-8:>andg90.meshing ‘with the. sun gear 58
..carried~..<by». the = sun gear sleeve, 46 and with the
_.pinion:gear~ 44 fixed to the driven shaft I8 respec
sired type such for example as of the friction type
whereinthe pinion gears I88 and i Illare replaced
vvwith smooth metallic brake drums or'?anges,and
25 the lever 98 is operable to actuate contracting
brake bands to engage the brake drums to control
the speed of rotation of the planet or sun gear
carriers. When this expedient is resorted to, vir
» Means may. be provided to lock- the vsungear
. sleeve-46 or the planet carrier 54 against-rotation ~
to vary the torque and speed ratios of the drive
tually any desired gear ratio can be established
.-.from1the,~drivingshaft I4 to the driven shaft l8.
.-Any .- suitable 1: braking mechanism may be- em 30 and maintained between the driving; and driven
shafts, and the ratio may readily be varied When
~ ,ployed to control thespeed of, or to lock the sun
ggearl'sleeve or planetcarrier. 'One desirable form
ever necessary to carry the load to which the
‘ V v.of-such-braking means includes‘ the rock shaft 92
driven shaft is subjected by the power applied to
journalled in'spaced bosses 94 and 96 of the frame
the driving shaft.
..36<and actuated bya convenientlylocated lever 35
_98. _:'I'1,1e'>shaf-t'>92 is'provided with spacedcarins I
-I claim‘:
-l. A transmission
. '
comprising’ driving ‘and
~I‘Illl-and I 02.having actuating portions I84 and
driven shafts having axially spaced pinion gears,
--I06=adapted to ‘engage: gear members. I58 and
HILcarried by the p1anet~carrier 54 and sun-gear
a sungear sleeverotatably mounted on the driv
ing shaft and having two axially spaced sun gears
isleeve 45 respectively to . selectively lock the 40 of different diameters, a j planet pinion carrier
concentrically mounted on the driving and driven '
(planet-carrier 54.-or the :sungear sleeve>45 against
shafts, -a shaft journalledin the planet pinion
carrier, axially spaced pinion gears of different
diameters ?xedto-said shaft and connecting the
‘ rotation to, effect the desired variation of .the speed
_. and torque transmitting characteristicsof the de
driving shaft "pinion with one of the sun gears I
The operation of thisrdevice is as follows: When
thellever 98 is;in the neutral position with the
eactuatingportions IMand Hit‘v out of engagement
v‘With'thegears- I08 and I I0,‘ powergapplied to the
,.of the sun‘ gear sleeve. a second. shaftjournalled
in theplanet pinioncarrier, axiallyspaced pinion ‘
gears of- different diameters ?xed to;said second
7 shaft :and interconnecting the other :of. said sun
‘ ; driving shaft I4 istra-nsmitted through the pinion
:tion of thepiniongear; ‘841s, transmitted through
carriedby the’ sunwgearisleever With'the
driven shaft pinion, andmeans toselectively lock
thesunygear sleeve or'the planet ipinion carrier ;
. the; pinion gear: .86- to‘ rotate ' :the _ sun; gear sleeve
- to. transmit; power from the. driving shaft to; the
-gear. 42-~to'rotate thenpinion gear “carried by the
pinion carrier 12 of the planet carrier. 54. ‘Rota
-.-46>concentricallymounted-on the drivingshaft Hi.
If a'fhign-igear. ration-is desired,;the.lever '98 is
50 {gears
drivenshaft at varying. speed and torque ratios’.
2. A power transmissioncomprising a driving
aactuated'jitozmove the contacting portion . I84 ; of
'shafthaving a; pinion :gear, adriven. shaft hav
ithe'arm :I I30. mtoengagement With’the pinion I08
to lock ‘the .vplanetjcarrier -54;against rotation.
‘Rotation of the driving ‘shaft I4 is .then effective»a piniongear spaced fromthe ‘pinion gear of
'the driving shaft',;a.planet pinion carrier concen
tricallymountedcn the driving and driven shafts,
I through ithe pinion 1'42 , to ~- rotate . the .pinion 84 (30 a sun gear sleeve having; axially spaced sun gears
.?xedltoitheminion" carrier 'IiZxabOut its trunnions
of different diameters. journalled ‘onthe driving
. 15.22.1161 18. E Rotation .of-v the‘ ‘pinion carrier ‘l2.1is - _.shaft, _ connecting means between the driving
shaft pinion and one of the sun gears of the sun
. eeffectiveithroughiheipinion186 engaging the sun"
. gear sleeve including pinion gears ofdifferent di
7. gear 48 to rotate the sun' gear sleeve.“ about the
ameters, journalledinlthe planet pinion carrier,
.1driving;shaft fI4. . Rotation of the sun .gearsleeve
P46 1:18.: effective’ through. the‘ sun gear. 50 to rotate
.the; pinion 88.:?xedto the‘ pinion carrier lé'jour
Inalledinz: the trunnionstil and.82. ‘As this pinion
:carrier ‘I4 rotates'itb'drives .gthedriven shaft 18
ithroughztheapinion {gears '90 and . 44 ' at a high
If a lower gear ratio is desired; the lever. 98 ‘is
' aact-uatediinthe. opposite direction to movethe
’ ucontactonvportion' I106 ofl thearm I52 into engage
I:ment‘:withrthe:pinion;>I'I2Il>to§1ock>the sun gear
connecting means between the driven shaft pin
.ionand the other ofithesun gears of the sun gear
sleeve including .pinion gears of diiferentdiame
:ters journalled infthe planetpinion carrier, and
manually operable. means to'selectively lock the
.planet pinion carrier .er. ‘the - sun -;gear " sleeve
against rotation ‘to varythespeedwand'ftoiidue
ratios ofv powertransmission' fromrthel driving
:shaft to thedrivenshaft. e
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