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Aug. 20, 1946. _
originai Filed Feb. 26, v1944
' l
' 2,406,194
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
Latt J. Carter, Kannapolis, N. 0., assignor to‘ I
Graton & Knight Company, Worcester, Mass.,
a corporation of Massachusetts
Original application February 26, 1944, Serial N0.
523,991. Divided and this application January
17, ‘1945, Serial No. 573,291 -
4 Claims.
(01. 69-21)
My present invention is a divisional of my prior
1, 2, and 3 for size, and/or could be marked with
the standard size of the loop check straps here
tofore employed, such as 22, 23, 24,,etc. By this
and copending application Ser. No. 523,991, ?led
February 26, 1944, now Patent No. 2,371,025,
granted March 6, 1945, covering my improved
arrangement, a single standard line of check
check strap as an article of manufacture; the 6 straps can be kept in stock instead of alarge
present divisional application being directed to
number and series, which require separate book
cover and protect the method of manufacturing
keeping, storage, and handling; and when, new
said check strap.
check straps are desired the same can be prompt
As explained in my said parent application,
1y assembled by selecting the necessary number
my present invention enables a check strap to 10 of layers for the width of plug and ?tting the
be manufactured and utilized, wherein the open
bolts thru the proper end portions of a strap for
ends of the strap can be threaded thru the fric
the size and length required.
tion clutch or other parts of a loom without dis~
I may also simply mark the end portions of
mantling the loom, and may thereupon have the
the check strap where they are brought together
open ends united, preferably, thru an intermedi 15 to form the loop and make the perforations at the
ate plug member, thus completing the assembly
last moment just before completing‘ and assem~
of the check strap directly on the loom and, pref
bling the same, thus leaving the rest of the end
erably also, with means to provide a considerable
unperforated; or, as above noted, I can make
range of adjustment for the length of strap de
the series of perforations for the holding bolts,
sired during the operation of joining the ends 20 thereby having the strap ready to receive said
and plug.
bolts at any sized number. which it is desired to
Furthermore, my present method and the check
supply. This feature is‘. of great importance.
strap resulting therefrom provides a preformed
and predetermined bevelled face on the plug and,
In carrying out my present method, I prepare
a check strap of su?icient length to permit a
preferably, a preformed molded bevelled surface 26 pre-moldingof the middle portion in forming
On the middle portion of the check strap oppo-V
the strap into a U-shaped contour, together with
site the plug, so that the bene?t and advan
sufficient length for each side'or arm of the U
to permit adjustment for the greatest length of
its oscillations within the con?nes of the check
loom and picker-stick oscillations desired. The
strap is secured. Thus, by premolding the mid 30 series of perforations have this adjustable length
tage of full contact with the picker stick during '
dle portion of the check strap into a loop and as
‘feature or a series of markings therefor ‘can be sembling a plug member or a series of members‘
made either before, during, or after this pre
for width and stick-contacting bevel or face de
molding operation; and where one or more mark
sired, I secure the advantages of an even wear
ings for the uniting bolts are employed, the per
and longer life with my novel type of check strap, 35 forations can be made after the check strap is
as well as increasing the checking operation by a
otherwise assembled in the friction clutches and
wedging action at the plug end.
on the loom.
A further and most important feature of my
I also prepare a series or set of plug members
present improved check strap consists in the uni
'which maybe either a single plug of suitable
versal adjustability accorded by my novel con 40 contour to cooperate and align with the bolt or
struction. Thus, by forming the open-end loop
rivet holes in the ends of the arms, said plug
of a length and size sufficient for a larger, or the’
member preferably having a preformed beveled
largest, looms intended to be supplied, and there
face to correspond with the pre-formed molded
upon forming a set or series of plug layers, each
bevel at the base of the U in the check strap,
with a plurality of spaced and adjusted openings 45 viz. at the opposite end.
or markings in each end portion to which the
Thus the picker stick during the checking op
securing bolts are ?tted, I am able to make from
eration will strike only against the middle of the
a single standard blank a large range of vari
check strap, at the premolded portion; and at
ably sized check straps, both'in length and width
the other end will strike on the plug at the pre
at the plug-holding end.
These perforations in adjusted or spaced posi
tion, 'or markings for same, would be gauged to
' 60
within the range for which the check" strapjis:
Preferably, I make the plug
sired can be instantly assembled when putting the
correspond with the standard lengths, of looms
made. Such adjustments could be either marked
bevelled portion.
end of a series of layers so that any width de
bolts or rivets thru the ends and the intermediate.
‘ plug member or members.
Also, preferably, I utilize a doubledayered
4 .
In Fig. 3 I have illustrated a plug 25 of a width
check strap construction as shown and claimed
in the patentto Mark C. Howarth No. 2,291,587 of
July 28, 1942, as such a double-layered construc
tion is peculiarly bene?cial to the loop and plug
' feature of'my present open end check strap, giv
substantially equal to that of the picker stick 20
with which the check strap is to operate, so that
the picker stick will strike the bevelled face 26v
of this wider plug 25 without the wedging action
ing strength and increased wear and, hence, long
on the side Walls of the check strap.
life to the completed strap.
mold the middle portion of the check strap con
Refer-ring to the drawing illustrating preferred
embodiments of carrying out my method:
Fig. 1 is a side view, partly broken away, show
ing my loop check strap;
stituting the bow or U-shaped portion '30 oppo
site the plug end with a pre-bevelled contour
3 I _. as shown in Fig. 4.
Fig. ,2 is a plan view showing the check strap
threaded thru the friction'devices on a loom,
the latter being partly in cross section;
Fig. 3 is a plan view of a modi?ed form; and
Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional view on the line 4—II
of Fig. 3;
In the form shown in Figs. 3 and 4, I may also
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary view showing the range
It will thus be appreciated that I have devised
a check strap construction suitable for appli
cation to a loom where heretofore a circular or
continuous check strap has been employed, and
which latter required the partial removal of the
loom-friction devices to apply the same; and I
> have also developed a new and novel check strap
construction which is extremely simple, e?icient,
of adjustment afforded by my improved check
and wear-resistant.- In case of wear on the plug
members I2 or 25, they can be readily renewed
As shown in the drawing, my improved check
and plug members of different width and differ
ent material can be utilized, if found desirable.
' I prefer to form these plug members of layers of
strap, as above noted, and is herein shown for
leather of substantially the same strength ‘and
illustrative purposes, the strap being designated 25 density as that of the strap I, and can thus read
generally as I, with the middle portion in the
ily build up the thickness ‘of the plug to vary the
form of a bow or U-shape 2, preferably molded
wedging action of the picker stick where a nar
into this shape and .with the opposite ends 4 and
rower plug is employed or intofull width of the
5 being united together by bolts 8 and 9 with the
picker stick, as shown in Figs; 3 and 4. ,
intermediate plug member I0. These bolts are
As shownlin Fig. 5, I have illustrated ‘different
detachably secured With nuts II—II as shown,
methods of ?tting or marking the end portions
or in any other suitable manner, the intermedi
of the check strap I so as to provide for universal
ate plug member III being provided with a bev
adjustability to looms of varying sizes ‘within a
elled face I2 on the inner or loop end, which bevel
range. As above noted, this is a very
is substantially that of the picker stick 20 at the 35 substantial
as heretofore check straps,
end of the oscillation to give a substantially full
strap is of suitable length and of any material
desired, preferably being a double-fold leather
particularly those made in circular form, had to
length contact on the plug member.
be originally built of predetermined lengthto' ?t
This plug member III may be of any suitable
the loom to which it'is intended the same‘was
material and of any thickness desired, being
be applied, these being designated by different
herein shown as comprising two or more leather 40
numbers and sizes.
Where a double or folded check strap,
Therefore, a manufacturer had to have on hand
such as that of said Howarth patent is employed,
I form the same with the opposite edges I4 and
I5 arranged at the top of the check strap, and
the folded edge 16 at the bottom to obtain the
a substantial supply of different sized check
straps, requiring separate ‘handling, bookkeep
ing, accounting, etc., and thus, one check'strap
made for one size loom could not be substituted
advantages explained in said l-Iowarth patent.
With the loop check strap construction as thus
for a different size loom.
By means of my present open-end loopcon
explained, the nuts II or other fastening means
struction, I am enabled to have one standard size
can be readily released and the end portions of
provided with suitable adjusting designations so
the check strap 4 andv 5 threaded thru the fric 50 that from'a single stock supply on hand, check
tion members, usually employed on a loom where
straps can be readily and instantly assembledto
a circular strap is desired.
?t any size loom desired within the range accorded
As herein shown in‘ diagrammatic form, these
by the length of the strap.
friction members comprise adjustable rounded
For this purpose, as shown in Fig. Eel-may
members I8 and I9 on each side thru which 55 provide a set of bolt-receiving holes properly
the check strap is threaded and, thus, the strap
spaced for the different sizedstraps,‘ within the
encircles the picker stick 20. These ‘friction
range accorded by the length of the check strap,
members I8 and I9 can be released for threading
which series of holes are designated at, 36-33,
thru the ends 4 and 5 and arms of my check
which holes are appropriately spaced to receive
strap and, therefore, the friction devices can be 60 the bolt holes 8 and 9 when assembling the loop
adjusted, as desired, and the bolts 8 and 9 unit
strap. Two series of such bolt openings 38 can
ing the ends and the intermediate plug are as
be arranged at the top and bottom of each end
portion of the strap I and in spaced relation coe
' 'The width of the plug II) can be variable.‘ As
. shown in Fig. 2, the width of the plug II) is less 65 operating with the corresponding bolt openings ‘
in the plug II], as will be appreciated.
than the Width of the picker stick 2!) and, there
These adjustments can be suitably marked to
. fore,,as the picker stick approaches the plug end
designate the size and, as such sizes are usually
of my check strap, it will engage the. sides of
in length, I have illustrated the same as
the check strap and afford a wedging and check
ing action before the sitck actually strikes the 70 marked “22,” “23,” and “24,” so that thebolts
?tted thru the corresponding 32'2"’, openings
would be for thegshorter loops desired, and those
face I2 of the plug. Such wedging is released
by the check strap sliding bodily thru the fric
for the longer openings nearer theyend portions
would make the check strap a correspondingly
vtion members I8 and I9 so there will be no in
“ terference with the-stick at the start of the re
turn stroke.
Instead of preforming the holes 30, I may simply
designate the properly spaced points in which a
single hole can be quickly punched when the strap
is to be assembled with the plug.
I claim:
1. The improved process of making an open end
check strap of the kind described, with an in
termediate plug united at the open ends of said
therein rivets, bolts, or the like to complete the
3. The improved method of ‘making a check
strap having a U-shaped'contour and an inter
mediate plug member .at the open ends of the
strap, which consists in preparing a leather blank ‘
of twice the width of the strap intended to-be
made and of a sumcient length'to allow for ad
strap, which consists in preparing a check strap
justability of the longest length of loom with
of suitable length to permit a pre-beveling and 10 which the strap is to be used, thereupon folding ,
premolding at the middle portion, together with
said strap lengthwise to» constitute a wear-resist
a range of adjustability for length at the open
ing layer and a reinforcing layer, premolding the
end portion, thereupon premolding the middle
middle portion of said‘folded strap to a prede
portion into U-shaped contour with a predeter
termined contour, with a bevel extending from
mined bevel, preparing a plug member for ?tting 15 the integral bottom portion uniting said two
between the open ends, said plug member having
layers upwardly toward the folded edge portion,
a preformed face substantially corresponding to
and thereupon applying an intermediate plug be
the preformed bevel of the U-portion, and there
tween the open ends of the arms uniting said
upon uniting the open ends and the intermediate
plug and arms, said plug, having a bevelled face ‘
plug to complete the check strap.
20 cooperating with that on the molded middle por-‘
2. The improved process of making a check
strap with an intermediate plug member unit
4. The improved process of making a check
ing the open ends of a, U-formed strap of the
strap with an intermediate plug member uniting
kind described, which consists in molding‘the
the open ends of a U-formed strap of the kind
central portion of the check strap into the con 25 described, which consists in molding the central
tour of a U-shaped 100p, forming perforations in
portion of the check strap into the contour of a
the opposite arms of the U in alignment, prepar
U-shaped loop, forming perforations in the oppo
ing a plug for assembly between said arms, said
site arms of'the U in alignment, preparing a plug
plug having preformed holes to cooperate with
comprising a plurality of layers for assembling
those in the open ends, said plug having a pre 80 between said arms, said layers having preformed
formed face construction and arranged for assem
holes therethru to cooperate with those in the
bly with the open ends, and bevelled from the
open ends, each layer having a preformed face
bottom portion upwardly to give full face con
and a selective number of said layers being as
tact to a picker stick oscillating within the loop
sembled and united with the open ends of the
of the check strap thus formed, thereupon uniting 35 check strap by fastening elements thru said pre
the end portions of the arms and intermediate
formed holes in alignment thru both arms and
plug by positioning the same with selected holes
the plug.
thru arms and plug in alignment and ?tting
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