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'Aug'. 2o, 1946. _
Filed Feb. 28, 1942-
2 Sheets-Sheet l
` BYä L
Aug. zo, 1946.
I 2,406,198
Filed Feb. 28, 1942
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
Kendall Clark, Oakwood, Ohio, assigner to Gen
eral'Motors'Corporation, Dayton, Ohio, a cor
poration of Delaware .i j
Application February 2s, 1942, serial No'. ¿132,861
`5 Claims. (Cl. 158-17)
This invention relates to domestic appliances
and more particularly to washing machines.
An object of this invention is to provide a
washing machine with a device for automatically
introducing soap or other detergent intov the 5
Washing liquid.
the reciprocable agitator I I, form no vpart of this
invention, except in combination with the soap
or detergent distributing means hereinafter to be
described. These parts are morevfully described
and claimed in my copending application Serial
No. 358,871, filed September 28, 1940 `(Patent
Another object of this invention is to provide
2,366,236, January 2, 1945), to which reference
a washing machine with an agitator capable of
is made, if necessary, for further -disclosure
agitating the clothes and of introducing soap or
other detergent into the washing liquid.
Preferably the agitator II is provided witha
Another object of this invention is to provide ’ ~ flexible disc 20 of rubber or the like at its lower
a washing machine with a power-driven movable
rim, so -that whenl the agitator II is quickly re
holderfor introducing soap or other detergent
ciprocated,v it imparts a toroidal circulation to
into'the washing liquid.
the liquid, and at the same time effectively agi
Further objects and advantages of the present 15 tates thefclothe's or other articles to be Washed.
invention will be apparent vfrom the following
description reference being had to the accom-
The agitator II is provided Withva cylindricalv l
chamber 2l in its upper portion,` Whichfcom
panying drawings, wherein a preferred form of
municates with `the vliquid in the receptacle I0. Y
the» present invention is clearly shown.
rA screen 22 Iforms a detergent chamber ’inv the "
In the drawings:
20 upper part of chamber 2|. The agitator I I is se
Fig. 1 is a vertical cross section of a portion
' cured to the reciprocable shaft I‘I through the
of a washing machine embodying features of my
Fig. 2 is an enlarged view of a modified form
medium of a spider 23, so that liquid from the
receptacle I0 may pass freely through the screen
2,2 and spi-der 23 vto the upper part of chamber 2l
of agitator;
Fig. 3 is a View similar to Fig. 2 showing a
further modification;
l25 While the agitator is being reciprocated.
A re
vmovable cover 24 is secured to the top of the
agitator II', vfor example, »by a threaded engage
Fig. 4 is a view showinga further modification; y
ment at 25.
‘ '
Fig. 5 is a horizontal cross section-of the modi' When. it> is desired to wash clothes or the like,
ñcation shown in Fig. fl; and
> "
30 the clothes and liquid are placed in the receptacle
Fig. 6 is a vertical cross section of afurther
I0. The removable cover '2liv is removed and 'soap
f .
A washing machine embodying my invention
may include in general a receptacle I0 for hold-
or other detergent is placed therein in the form
of a powder or as one or more solid bodies, and
the cover 24 is replaced. Thereafter, the mech- '
ing Washing liquid and the articles to be washed. 35 anism I2 is energized to produce a vigorous to
Also, it may linclude a clothes agitator I I adapted
and fro or reciprocating agitator action, so that
to perform the washing operations on the clothes
or similar articles. It mayA also include an elec-1
tric power driving mechanism I2 for imparting
proper movement to the agitator II,
If desired, the receptacle IIl- may also be a
centrifugal Abasket capable of containing the
liquid while stationary, as'by means of the im-
the soap in' .the chamber 2i is quickly dissolved
anddisseminated into the liquid in receptacle I0
by the action of the liquid which flows back and
40 forth 'between the receptacle I0 and `the cham
ber 2| through the screen22 and spider` 23. This
construction prevents thev soap from Vclinging to
-the clothes, and insures proper solution of the
perforate tub I3 surroundingthe perforate tub V soap in the-liquid.
I4. 'I'hese tubs'may be secured on a rotatable 4-5
By‘this construction it is to be seen that the
sleeve I 5 drivingly connected tor the rotatable
agitatorII is capable ofjsimultaneously agitating
cage I6 of the electric power driving mechanismy
the clothesin the receptacle I0 and Aof introduc
I2. The sleeve I5 may surround a to Vand fro or
ing/the soap or detergent into' the liquid.
reciprocable shaft I'I which is secured to the agi-
In the modification shown in Fig.` `2,7the -agi
_tator II, so that the agitator II may be given a 50 t-ator II a may be placed in a container such as
to and froV or vertical movement by means of the '
Hl shown in Fig. l, andmay be vertically recip
wobble mechanism I8. ` A flexible bellows seal I9
rocated substantially in the same manner as agi
is secured to the shaft I1 and receptacle I n to
tato;-` II in Fig.`_1. AV cylindrical chamber v2id
prevent> now of liquid along`> the shaft. `The de`-'
is placed in the upper portion> of the' agitator
tails of the container, and its combination _with 55 immediately below the removable cover24a. 'I'he '
the agitator and receptacle l0 may be used by v
chamber Zla is provided with openings at 26
themselves or in combination with any means for
and 21 to communicate with the tub l0. The re
wringing the clothes. The wringer construction
mainder of the agitator I la may be substantially
may be separate from the receptacle l0, or the re
the same in construction and operation as the
ceptacle I0 may itself be a combined washing
agitator Il previously described. In operation, VI5 Vreceptacle
and centrifugal basket, of the type
@the cover 24a is removed and soap or other
describedv in my copending- applicationrabove re
detergentr is'v placed inthe cylindrical chambel`
ferred to.
2la,_after which the cover 24a isY replaced on
the agitator.
tion as herein disclosed, constitutes a preferred
Wform, it is to be understood that other forms
might be adopted, as may come within the scope
rocated in the liquid receptacle, together withï
liquid and clothes, to agitate rthe clothes and
disseminate the soap into the liquid -throughl
. ofthe claims which follow.
openings 26 and 21.
l YWhile the form of embodiment of the inven
Thereafter, the agitator is recip- '
» >What is claimed _is as follows:
In the modification shownvin Figfß; the agita- '
i 1. Aäfwashing vapparatus
n .Y
comprising a
,tor l Ib is substantially the same asi agitator Ila, 15 adapted to contain washing liquid and articles to
y rvbut the rubber cylindrical chamber 2th is made»bewashed, a vertically reciprocable shaft eX
separate from the main body of the agitator. It“
is provided with openings at 26h. Soap isîintro-J
duced by removing cover 24h, after which the
cover' is replaced andV `the«operationV then> isgthe‘
same as in Figs. 1 and 2;_¿. Y c ,
In the modiíicationïs'hown in
v5, the
agitator Hc maybe placed in any suitable liq'-
uid receptacle, such jasu` I0, shown -in'fFigM/l.
However,V the agitatoril'lc-vis of the Vtype’which
Vis moved _to and fro or oscillated abouta vertical'
ï axis, coa-Xially with the drive shaft 11a. Pref
erably, this is of the typeY in which novertical
tendirig Vupwardly through the bottom of said
tub, an agitator in said ¿tub secured to said shaft,
said agitator beingoutwardly flared at the bot
tom> and Yhaving a detergent chamber in’fits up
perl part provided with a perforate wall' at the
ybottoni of said-,detergentchamber in open com-`
munication with‘said tub, and a removable cover
25 in sealing engagement with the upper part of
said agitator to permit insertion of detergent into
' said chamber'while said agitator‘is inY operative
>reciprocaticm takesrplac'e,> the movement being
position in said tub. .
` u
2. A washing machine> comprising a~ tub
adapted .toV contain> liquidv and Y articles to. be
` limited ïto oscillationabout the vertical axis. 30 washed, a vertically.reciprocable-shaft extending>
However,v it is to -be understood that a Vcombined
upwardly through the'bottom of'said'tub, an agi-1 A
vertical >movement and oscillation. about an axis ; tator in saidtub mounted on -said-shaft,<said~agi-,:
’mayl be provided, Yif desired.k The agitatorllcY
is provided.> with a- plurality of generally Vradial
tatorY having. an outwardly-.flared-lower;portion
open to saidtuband having an-up‘pen'narrow,>v
1hollow varies 3i! which aid in_îagitating the‘clothes 35 substantially ,vertical walled chamber «in open»
during the kwashing operation. ‘I‘he’upper por
’ communication with said lower-portion,~_-a1per-V
' tion or :the agitator „forms a chamber Zic into
vwhich' the> soap or other’detergentrmay be intro
forate wall defining a detergentcontainer in thef .
. upperY portion ofV said chamber, and'arengiovablecover in sealing engagement with the top'of said
chamber to `permit insertion of'detergent into said-l '
chamber while said agitator is-in operative posi-ï `
duced by unscrewing the coverfìilc. lOpenings 3i
are îplaced in the vupper partofV the agitaton- and
other openings 32y are placed along the bottom
of kthe agitator, ’Otherfopenings‘ 32e are placed.
Y along the side walls of the Varies 3i).V
f placed inside of the chamberllb. «In operation,
.Y ..
>In ,the- modification'shown in Fig. 6, ank agita
tor somewhat similar to that shownin Eig. ‘1l-y is
chamber, a perforate wall deñning a detergent
used. .'I‘hatis, it is an agitator of¿ the type which »
container inV said chamber accessible to liquid
passing backÍand forth through said support, and
is submerged in a' receptacle similar to receptacle
1B, and is provided with radial vanes 35. In .this`
vanes 35.
a removable cover in sealingv engagement with the
.Y top of said chamber'topermit insertionfofdeter
60 gent into said chamber while said agitator 1 is in
operativeposition in said tub.
'I'his chamber is provided with a mov-V
A screen» 38¢is
placed Yunder the coverr31and is adapted to'hold
' soap powder or other detergent, vwhich isïintro
duced through ythec_)pening-_atV 31. If desired,
Yradial openings 39 may also 4be Yprovided in the
side of chamber 36. In operation, after the soap
has been introduced through 31, theagitator is 70
oscillated and washes the clothes in~ the „liquid
and> simultaneouslyfdisseminates the soap'throughV
the screen 3,8 as th/eÍliquid is agitated duringíthe
,Y washing operation. Y
.4Q-'A washing agitator to Vbe vertically recipro-r
catedin a'tub by’a vertically reciprocable shaft
extending below said agitator comprising: a tubu
larrimperforate main body having an outwardly
able cover 31, and may be open at the bottoin>
to the liquid in the receptacle4 i6 V(Fig. l) through
the' open bottom kof the cone.
narrow, substantiallyïvertical walled‘chamber
opencommunication with saidlower portion, a
support between s_aidagitator'and shaft havinga
liquid passageway between said lower portion and’E
case, however, the lower portion ofthe agitator
isran open'cone at the bottom and is provided
withja hollow chamber. 36 between the radial
v wardly> flared Vlower portion open to lsaid tub pro
vided'with a 'flexible rimV andV having anupper, Y
into the .washing liquid while'the clothes arerbe
tat-or in said tub, said agitator having anI out
i 33, so that »the soapïis dissolved Íandfdisseminated -.
washed, a vertically reciprocableshaft extendingv
upwardly through the bottom of said'tub; an agi
the liquid from» the receptacle «Illusurrounding the,
agitator circulates through the chamber ,210
through the openings 3E, ,32 and 32e,l and .this
liquid is kept in agitation by the vane ror vanes
ing agitated.
v3. A washing machine comprising *a tub
'I adapted to contain liquid and articles to Vbe "
oner or more inward radial or-spiral vanes 33 1are
Vextending cone-.shaped flange at its lower edge ;._a
spider in said body for attachment to said down-V
wardly extending reciprocable: shaft, saidgspiderv
permittingthe passage of‘liquid back and‘fo-rthL
into saidmain body; a screen in said main body;V
belowthe top ofsaid body'forsupporting pow-.. '
dered detergent; and a removable, cover in seal-1V
ing engagement withrtheV top end_fof said mainY
~' „ body for the` _introduction off polli/@ered ldetergentY
intosaid body’while'in operating position,and
for the gradual solution of said detergent by liquid
passing back and forth through said screen during
operation of said agitator by said reciprccable
5. A washing agitator to be vertically recipro 5
cated in a tub by a vertically reciprocable shaft
extending below said agitator comprising: a main
body having an outwardly extending cone-shaped
iiange at its lower edge; means for attaching said
shaft to said main body; means in said main body lu
forming a chamber to contain powdered deter
gent, said chamber having an opening at the top
for the introduction of said detergent; a remov
able cover in sealing engagement with said main
body closing said opening; and means providing
for the iiow of liquid int-o and out of said charn
ber from and to said tub to dissolve said deter
gent upon reciprocation of said agitator.
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