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v ' Aug, 20, 1946'. '
2,406,205 '
‘ 4
Filed. Dec. 7. 1.942
' 5 She‘ets-Shé'et 1
William Ward Dal/Z6190’?
BY '
?an/bi 5mm”
w. w‘. DAVIDSON tr AL r
Filed Dec. '7, 1942
5 Sheets-Sheet 2 ’
g _
William, Ward-Davidson
Aug. 20, 1946.
Filed Dec.‘ "7, 1942
5Sheets-Shéet 3 _
Wdléa/n WQ?a’LhI/MSQ/Z ,
Aug- 20, 1946- ‘
Filed Bed. '7, 1942
~5 Sheets-Shee't' 4
Aug. 20,194§..
' w. w. DAVIDSON arm.
Filed Dec. 7, 1942
5 Sheets-Sheet 5'
. ;~
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
‘ 2,406,205
William Ward Davidson, Evanston, and ‘Frank J.
Breman, Chicago, Ill., assignors to Davidson
Manufacturing Corporation, a corporation of
Application December 7, .1942, Serial No. 468,100
6 Claims.
(Cl. 101-232)
Under the best conditions, ‘feeders for feed
ing‘ sheets to printing presses have done a very
good job of feeding the sheets against the stop
?ngers of the printing roll in such a way that
accurate registration would result. Under ad
verse conditions, however, as when the sheet has
a tendency to curl, thefeeders have not always
functioned so Well. Quite often the registration
Fig. 9 is a fragmentary perspective view of the
gripper bar.
Fig. 10 is a perspective view of the mounting
link by which the gripper bar is secured to the
Fig, 11 is a sectional view showing the securing ,
of the gripper bar to'the mounting link, being
taken approximately on the line II—H of Fig.'8
is imperfect, and with some feeders the sheets
and have to be removed H) . A preferred form of the invention has been
by hand.
chosen for illustration and description, in com
According to the present invention the printing
pliance with Section 4888 of the Revised Stat
gripper and the feeding means so cooperate that
utes, but persons skilled in the art will readily
failure to obtain perfect registration is rendered
perceive other means for accomplishing the same
virtually impossible._ This is accomplished by
results, and the claims are therefore to be-con
guiding the sheet all the way into the jaws of the
strued as broadly as possible, consistent with the l
gripper so that there is no possibility for a curl
prior art. ,
‘to, cause the leading edge of the sheet to fail to ‘
General organization and Operation
enterthe gripper or to pull away from the stop
‘ may occasionally jam
?ngers and thus produce inaccurate registration,
In the form of the invention chosen for illus
tration the sheets, which have been initially sep
arated and fed automaticallyin timed relation
At the same time other disturbing factors are cor
rected—factors which might interfere with the
registration as by causing vibration of the ma
chine or applying unstable tension to the chain
with the press, are fed by va conveyor board D
against feeder stop ?ngers E. .At the proper time - ~
carrying the printing grippers. ,
feeder'pressure roll H iSIlO-WGI‘Bd, ‘and the stop
Additional objects and advantages of the in
?ngers Eand the feed rolls coaxial therewith are
vention will be apparent from the following de
rotated to. feed the sheet to the grippingv and >
scription and from the drawings, in which:
registration stop unit Q, which carries the sheet
Fig. Us a somewhat diagrammatic vertical sec
tional view of a printing press chosen for illustra 30 to the bite of the printing rolls I and M. As seen
in Fig. 3, the printing roll I may include a litho
tion of the present invention, the view being
graphic plate J and a platen K. The roll M is
taken approximately on the line I—'l of Fig. 2.
the diameter of the roll I and bears a blanket
Fig. 2 is a horizontal section of the structure
L which cooperates first with the plate J and thenv
shown in Fig. 1, with the upper printing cylinder
with the platen K. In short, the plate J, after
and certain other parts removed for the sake of
being inked by cooperation with the dampening \
unit N and. inking unit 0, prints a reverse image
Fig, 3 is a view corresponding to Fig. 1 but
of the matter to be printed on blanket L,,Whl0h
taken approximately on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2.
in turn prints this matter on the underside of a .
Fig. 4 is an enlarged fragmentary sectional
to be printed, the platen K pressing the
view ‘corresponding to Fig. Band showing the 40 sheet against
the blanket L. After being printed,
parts at approximately the time'the sheet enters
the sheet is turned over and dropped into a re
the printing gripper jaws.
ceiving box P printed-face-up. To this end the
Fig. 5 is a view corresponding to Fig, 4 but ‘
gripper unit Q is carried by chains around the '
guide unit S to a ‘point where the grippers are
opened by cam R to release the sheet. The grip-.
showing the parts after they have moved slightly
beyond the positions shown in Fig. 4.
Fig. 6 is a fragmentary detail sectional view
showing the mounting of‘the feed guide roll. ,
Fig. 7 is a vertical sectional view taken approx-7
imately on the line 1-1 of Fig. 4, showing the
cooperation between the feeder stop ?ngers and‘
the guide thereabove.
pers are again opened by cam T to receive the
next sheet.
zations thereof are possible butv they, need not ,
Fig. 8 is a fragmentary sectional view taken ap
proximately on the line 8-8 of_'Fig. 1, showing
the cooperation of the‘gripper bar and the sheet
discharge stop.
In the illustrated form of press, other orga'ni- '
be described since they are not necessary to the‘
practicing of the presentinvention nor to the
understanding of the operation thereof. Indeed,
for the purpose of understanding the'invention,
the roll M could be one'of the printing rolls of any
printing press, and the gripping unit Qncould‘ bev
or evening 0f_;the two ends of‘ the guide member
3|.“v although ‘this 'issnot considered necessary. ‘V
' ~Gripp'eo? vand 'reyi'strationi stop‘ um't
' »
" Because of ‘the relatively narrow opening ofthef
engaged bya cam follower roller 63.911 .thelend;
ofwacrank armr-?4jrigidly carried :by' the shaft’.
56-? However’, when the. cam .R is engaged by‘ the.
roller_6_3 at the point for releasing. the sheet,
the gripper unit is positioned?along the straight. '
gripper jaws thereis substantially nochance that _ reach
of the chains 46, and hence the thrust‘:
the ‘sheet will curl to such an extent wi'thinthel
of the cam R on the roller 63 can easily twist
gripper .that it will be torn. or indented as the
the gripper bar 21 angularly as well _,as‘thrust—
gripper ‘ ?nger closes. However,v there would
nevertheless be a possibility, if conventional stopf 10 ing it downwardly; Such displacement of the
fingers were used,. 'that‘imp'erfect "registration
could result from having the sheet pressagainst'
one of the stop ?ngers ‘?rmly enough to cause
gripper.‘ barIZl' can ‘set up abnormal, strains in- the
chain'4B and start vibrations which‘mig'ht c'o‘n}
extend substantially all along the length of the
a support bar 1| mounted inside the pressfrainei
ceivably, cause improper registration of the ‘sheet.'
Such irregularities are prevented in accordance
slight distortion of the sheet at that 'point,'with
with the present invention ‘in thema'nner' seen‘
the result that one side of ‘the 'sheet would be"
v .
, '
advanced slightly more than the other. 'Accord-f 15 best in Figs. l,_8"and 9.
‘The cam R is carried by a plate 68 which pro-l
ing ‘to’ the present invention, this danger is'com—
jects from a sliding‘ carriage 69' whieh'slides'fe'nf
pletely overcome by having the stopshoulders 26
gripper vbar ‘21, being notched only where neces
and spaced'therefrom'by studs 12. .'I'h'e_1115DerT
sary to receive the gripper ?ngers 28 or other 20 surface 13 of’ carriage 69 forms a raceway for a‘
roller 14 journaled at the end of shaft '56,‘ so
necessary cooperating parts.
" I
'_ '
that this shaft is rigidly braced against outward"
Since the gripper bar 21 does not seat on'any
movement'during the time that the cam R exerts
part of the cylinder M butis' carried entirely by
a thrust on the follower 63. -The leading. edge
chains 46, a ?rm'and dependable connection be
of the raceway or bracing surface 13 may be re
tween the gripper and the chain is essential for
lieved slightly to ensure the smooth movement
complete accuracy in registration.v The chains
of the roller 14 onto the raceway ‘I3.v
' ,
' ‘
themselves will seat dependably and uniformly on.
the sprockets by which they are carried. Of
Release stop
course, it is also desirable that the connection be
tween the chain and the gripper bar 21 be quite 30
It. will be observed .thatatlthe vtime of the reg-v‘
simple and inexpensive.‘ The mounting link 41‘
factory. Although this is called amounting link
lease by action of the cam Rthe sheetwill have
a substantial momentuminthe direction follow
ing the gripper unit Q. InM-vorder to ensure its.
dropping neatly onto the stack of sheets in the
that it might be considered only half of the chain
the grippers before they again close, it isde-Q
shown in Fig. 10 and the assemblythereof shown
in'Figs. 8 and 11 have been found to be very satis
’ for‘convenience, perhaps it should bementioned .35 receptaclebox P and also to ensure its leaving
link since it must be paired with‘ another link
sirable to provide a stop member 8|, for obstruct-v
plate 48 at the opposite side of'the chain 46.
ing the continued movement of the sheet. The
We have determined that the secret of depend
stop member 8| is preferably carried by arrod 82_
able rigidity between the ‘chain 46 and the 40. extending rigidly- from and carried by.‘ the car-a,
gripper bar'21 is in avoiding any ?exing of the
riage 69V. Thestop member 8| is. preferably pro-i
horizontal portion 49 of'the link. According to
the present invention, this is‘ayoided by provid-,;
ing ?anges 5| at the end of the ?ange 49 and
vided with resilient ?ngers 83, ‘which project ‘into;
slots 84 in the gripper bar 21 on opposite sides of "
by clamping the horizontal ?ange 49 between
the central
lug Z1
is accurately
the} vertical
“ tion
of the ‘gripper
two legs 52 formed at the end of the gripper bar
21. The clamping pressure is applied by a screw
54 countersunk in one leg 52 and threaded into
by the raceway 13, the grooves ‘84 neednot extend;
much below the gripping face of'gripper'bar; >21‘.
in order for the ?ngers 83 to safely extendto a;
position where they will dependably obstruct the.
continued movement of a sheet in contact with L'
The gripper ?ngers 28 are actuated by a grip
per shaft 56 which is journaled in lugs 51 formed
The carriage 69 ‘ may
1 ,'
be moved ' along
on the gripper bar 21. It is ‘preferred that each
of the gripper ?ngers 28 grip thev'sh‘eets against
gripper bar 2'! independently of the others, and
7| to a position corresponding to the length of:
the sheets, so that it will cause discharge of the.
to this end each is provided with its own spring
sheet at the earliest moment which willresultlin,
58. In order that they may act independently in.
this manner, however, they must have some lost
motion with respect to the shaft 56, and there
fore eachv of them (one exception being per
missible) is provided with a suitable lost-motion
means for actuating it to the open position. For
example, each ?nger28 may be provided ‘in its
hub with‘a slot 59 in which a pin 6| is positioned,
thelpin being rigid with the shaft 56. When a
grip ?nger 28 is at rest against a sheet, the pin
6| should be slightly spaced from the end of the
slot 59 which it will engage in opening the grip
Sheet release
When the gripper unit is passing around the
cylinder M, the tension on the chain draws the
chains ?rmly against their sprockets with enough’
tension so that neither the chain nor the gripper
b‘ar‘Z'I is appreciably a?ected by cam'li’z which
proper dropping of the sheet onto the stack in the.
receiver P so that there will be maximum visibility f
of the ‘sheets on the stack. The carriage is seé'?
cured by a lock nut 86 in. any position. to which
_ It carriage
has been
is found
that control
1 ._of the
. >_ sheet
, _, is;
improved by providing a guide Iwire8l loosely-l
suspended, from the middle of Va crossbar: 88 ._
?tting'looselyin a__ slot in thebottom end plate 829‘:
of the receptacle P.
, . _; _Y
‘As the stack of printed sheets is removedfthe»:
guide wire‘8'l'l will slip out or its; slotito avoid/Q
obstruction of the removal of the stack. .While
the guide wire 81 is in place there is no danger-7
70. that, the sheets will ?oat or be blown over the
end plate
_ .
From the foregoing it is seen, that a press}
has been provided which prints with.‘ accurate."
registration dependably even under.“ adverse‘
715, conditions such asu'when" the sheetsdihaveliaw
gripperjmeans; having is, ?xed "position - with‘ ‘re-7
spect to- -sai'd~~ roll- at the time that " a ‘sheet held
thereby-enters,_the.;>bite1: of.;-.the xiifh?llggcouple,
tendé?oyftofcurl. "This dependability is *ac
complished with apparat
which-is quite simple
and in fact-"representsevery little additional cost
7 means for. causi-ngthe gripper means toopento
c as ycomparedi ~ ‘00* the -_simplest ' type of structure
receive a sheet, and, means’ for feedingv .ajsheet
withinithe gripper means while said gripper
means "is open comprising means for engaging
suitable for vhigh grade printing heretofore
‘We claim‘:
the"; sheet andiorwarding the‘ sheet to ithejgrip
' 115a printing 7 press, including a printing
,, per ‘means; .a table‘: on whichjthe sheet tslide's
couple: one-"member of-which- isa printing roll,- ~ when ‘moved toward the gripper "means, sub’
gripperxandv registration stop "means having-a
stantialh7 unyielding ,lguide means, converging
towardfthegtable to direct the “leading edge of
?xed. ’ position " with 1 ‘respect to said 'roll‘ at; ‘- the
time‘ 'that a sheetiheld "therebyientersthe: bite
of- *thejprinting‘ couple, ‘means’ for ‘causing the
theljjsheet close. “to the , table,v and‘ ‘?nal jguide
meansf'?xed ‘withrespect to the table ‘for caus
ing the :sheet to bend“beyond‘"thetable into‘ the
gripper-means to opento "receive a sheet, and
means for feeding a sheet" ‘against the stop
. opened gripper means ‘and against;a registra
meansgwhi'le, said gripper 'meansis ‘open com- ‘
tion stop‘ ‘?xed "with ‘respect :to, said gripper
prising "feeder istop ‘?ngers; Vmeans for feeding
means ‘and jfulvlybl‘ocking the throat t'hereof,._
said *?nalguidefmeans extending into lateral
a Sheet‘againstthe stop-?ngers in timed rela
tion ‘to ‘the operati'onofl the press, means for
alinem'ent‘ with v‘the ‘opening gof said , gripper;
slde=registering *the vsheet before itleave's the
feeder stop?ngersyguide means inclined toward
the "feeder stop ?ngers andyprojecting' between
theffe'eder 'st'op?ngers to ensure engagement of
means whereby passage ‘of thesheet between ‘
the ?nal guide means and theigripper meansis
positively jprevented‘.
4. A_ printing ‘press 'inclu'dine a printing‘,
: roll; sprockets ‘at the endsvv of 'the printing roll,
a 'shéetwith said‘feeder 'stop'?ngers, means for '
engaging ‘the sheet adjacent the feeder ‘stop
?ngers while itgis'incontact therewith and for
warding the sheet ‘to the vgripper and stop
means, said stop means blocking the throat of
the gripper, a table on which the sheet slides
between the stop- ?ngers andv gripper and stop
means',yguide 1means ~'~converging toward‘ the
table ‘to direct ‘the leading edge of the sheet
chains carried by‘the sprockets‘, a gripping and
registration stop‘unit c'arriedby'thel'chains, and
means'to ifeedsuccessive sheets “to ' the. gripping
and registration stop runit:for successive print;
ingoperations with "exact uniformity; ‘said; grip
pingaand registration stop unit having hori
zontally. slotted ends,reach end‘ being vcarried-by
a side'ppl'ate forming. one of ‘the .links, of the
with "respect-to the table ‘and extending into
chain, and ‘having, a horizontal '?ange ?tting
closely into ‘the slotted ends ‘of said‘ gripping
causing the's'heet- to bend'beyond the table to a '
and" registration stopj unit, verticalg?anges ,rigid'
with, v‘and; extending'upwardly from :saidlhori
close ‘to ~ the; table," * and
close ~ proximity iwith ‘the printing couple for, 35
direction'proper for-entering the opened grip
zontak?an'ge. spaced to receive and support said
gripping and registration stop unit,,.an'd means
intersecting the plane ‘of said?nal ‘guide means 40 for: rigidly‘ assembling said unit to" the _ side; plate,
whereby 'thelpositioninfg of the. gripping and
whereby; passageof;the-sheet between the, final
per “means, the 1 plane ' of the’ open ‘ gripper means
guide means-and the .gripper‘means is“ positively
registration'stop'unit with-respect to the chain
will 1-be ' uniform‘ ‘for successive ‘printing opera
' prevented:
"2. 'A *printing’ press including a printing
couple ‘one member- of-which is a, printing, roll,
and registration ‘stop’ means having‘ a
‘ gripper‘
?xedposit-ion 'with respect ‘to ‘said- ‘roll 'at the
time that‘axsheet held vthereby enters- the’ bite '
of “thaprinting couple, ‘means for causing the
gripper meanstoopento receive ‘a sheet, and
5.‘ The combination ,ofygripper means for :a
printing press, ‘means ‘for. causing, the gripper
means-‘to open to receive‘ a sheet; registration
stop: means extending ‘across the "throat, of the
gripper; "and'means for ‘feeding va sheet within,
the, gripper means while. said gripper means Li's
meansv "for ‘feeding a ‘sheet- vjagainst the stop,
means while ,said ‘gripper means islpen com
prisin'gffeeder' stop ?ngers; means for feeding
open~=comprisirlg 'means for engaging?the sheet
and) forwarding ,the ‘sheet to ‘the gripper means,
a sheet‘ against ‘the "stop: ?ngers in ‘timed; rela
tion ,to “the, operation of the press, ‘means ‘for
sidef-registeringthe sheet ‘before it leaves the
feeder‘ 'stop' ‘?ngers; 'means vfor engaging "the
stop ‘?ngers and “gripper means, substantially
_ close to vthe table, ~‘and ‘?nal, guide means» rigid
sheet'ad'ja-cent-the, feeder stop ?ngers while, it
is in contact therewith and forwarding the,
with the-table forrcausing "the sheet to bend
beyond the table-‘to aK'dilL‘CCtiOIl'PI'OPBIVTOT ‘ex
a ‘table ‘on ‘which the sheet slides ‘between "the
unyielding guide means converging ' toward the
table to direct the leading edge iofgthe ‘sheet
sheet'to-thegripper and'stop-rneans, said stop
tending into the ‘openedp'gripper‘means and ex
means blocking the throat ofY-the “gripper, ,a 60 tending-‘into lateral alinement'rwith the opening
table’on which'the sheet slides betweenthestop f
?ngers and-grip'perand stop means, substan
of " ‘said jgripper ~means‘ whereby passage of the
sheet ‘between ‘the finalguide means‘ and the
' tially- unyielding ‘guide 'means' .convergingto-,
, ward'the'table-to direct the leadingfedge ofthej
gripper means is positively ' prevented.‘
or -
sheet close to the table, and'?-nalvjgu'ide ‘means- ' '
, ?xedwith-respectt0 the table iorcausing the
shéeti'to bend beyondjthe vtable into the opened“
"BF-In Ia printing-press ‘oi‘the'type- comprising
a printing "couple; sprockets .Jdriven with the
couple and chains carried‘ibythe sprockets, the
combination "therewith of" a bar carried by the
gripper means and extendinginto lateral aline
chains, registrationustop means ?xed in posi
ment'with the opening 'of saids'gripper' means 7O5 tion with respect to gripper means on “said bar,
whereby passage of the-sheet between the-?nal
the gripper means including jaws" having “a lim
guide means and the gripper means ,and, lim
ited opening, 'r'means ior'opening‘the ‘jaws in
perfect ‘registration due to :sh'eet‘curl "are jjp'os'i- 7,
:‘Saif'd stop
of? the
tively fpreven'ted. , '
including, “a ' jprintinfg "
1 oouple’onef'member ‘ of vcwlii‘chtis a~printing roll, '
75*travel "of a sheet'into ‘the ‘gripper jaws, a ‘feed
table, means for forwarding a sheet over said
table into the gripper jaws in timed relation
with the_operation of the printing couple, ?xed
rigid lower guide means extending into close
proximity with the path of the bar and inclined
upwardly, to initially ?ex the sheet, rigid upper
permit passage of the gripper jaws, the feeding
means and gripper jaws operating in such timed
a relation that the sheet is forwarded into the
.gripper jaws during the interval in which the
plane of the open gripper jaws intersects the
guide means in ?xed relation to said table ex
tending downwardly into close proximity with
the path_,, of the bar for directing the sheet
downwardly from the lower guide into the grip 10~
per jaws vand against the registration stop, said
upper and lower guide means being slotted to
plane of the upper guide means whereby pas
sage oi’ the sheet between the upper guide
means and the gripper jaws is positively pre
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