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Aug. 2o, _1946. l
'Filed Feb. 2, 1945
' 2,406,229
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
William H. Leinweber, Chicago, Ill.
AApplication February 2, 194,5, Serial No. 575,747
2 Claims.
' '
My invention relates to improvements in com
pressors and more particularly to a hollow piston
closed at both ends having inlet outlet ports in
(o1. 23o-_172)
the chamber 4 by th‘e air or iiuid compressed in
the chamber 5 when the piston is in its lower
position as shown in Fig. 2. 'I'his forced, com
the sides of the piston and a compression cham
air or fluid from the chamber 4 will pass
ber therein to give greater vaporization of iiuids. 5 pressed
out through the upper ports II through th'e up
The invention will be best understood by rei’
per ports ‘I into the chamber 3, from whence it
erence to the accompanying drawing forming a
passes out through the outlet valve 6 under com
part of this specification, and in which,
pression. When the piston I5 is in its upper
Figure 1 shows a longitudinal, central sectional
most position, a position adjacent the top wall I2, `
View of a device embodying my invention.
the inlet Avalve 8 will communicate with' the
Figure 2 shows a similar view of the same illus
chamber 5 below the piston I5 and a charge of `
trating the piston in a differentV position and dis
air or iiuid will be admitted into the chamber
closing the three compression chambers for its
from the inlet valve 8. As the piston moves
thriple compression.
downwardly, this charge of air or fluid from the
Referring in detail to the form of my invention 15 chamber 5 will be forced through the ports l and
illustrated herewith', I have shown a compressor
Il into the chamber 4 of the piston I5, and when l
cylinder I4 containing a thriple piston I5 and
the piston I5 reaches a point where one of the
having a head I provided With a discharge valve
lower ports registers with the inlet valve 8, a
6 and an inlet valve 8.
of air or fluid will again be admitted to
These valves and cylinder construction maybe 20 charge
the chamber 4 of the piston. Thus, it will be ap
of any number or any type.
parent that the air or fluid compressed in cham
The bottom cylinder wall I6 has in its center
ber 5 being admitted through' the ports 'I and
a boss I Il in which piston rod I3 containing two
II into the chamber 4, is met with a charge of
piston rings 9 at the lower end is ñtted into boss
or fluid through the inlet valve S, and this
I0 similar as a piston is fitted into a cylinder 25 compressed air or fluid and the charge of air or
and works in the same manner therein, this ar
iluid from the inlet valve 8 will then pass through
rangement prevents leakage of fluid or the like
the ports II and l into the chamber 3 where it
from entering into the crank case and thinning
will be re-compressed and expelled through the
out the cil.
outlet valve 6. By this construction, it will be
The upper threaded end of the piston rod I3 is
apparent that there are three stages of com
screwed into boss I2 in the hollow piston I5 this
pression in the operation of the piston, the first
arrangement gives perfect alignment at all times
stage being the compression of the air or fluid
a more even stroke of the piston and piston rod
in chamber 5 and the expulsion of compressed
in boss IU the efficiency is increased considerable
air or fluid into chamber 4, where the compressed
for longer periods of time without repairs as no ‘
uneven wear to th'ese parts occur at anytime.
The hollow piston I5 has inlet and outlet ports
II at the sides of the piston which `communicate
through cylinder port 1.
The operation of the compressor described is
air or ñuid is bombarded by a charge of air or
ñuid through the inlet valve 8. From this cham
ber 4, the compressed air or fluid is then admit
ted into the chamber 3 Where it reaches the
third stage of compression and is expelled
through the outlet valve 6. As before stated,
the valves 6 and 8 may be of any approved con
Viewing the compressor with its parts in the
struction, it being the intention that as to the
position shown in Fig. 2, in which position the
valve 8, air or iiuid is admitted only into the
air or iluid from chamber 5 has been expelled
into chamber 4 of the piston I5, the piston I5 is 45 chamber 5 and chamber 4 and escape of air or
fluid is not permitted therefrom, whereas valve
in substantially its lowermost position, with a
6 is constructed to permit escape of air or fluid
wall thereof closing the port of the inlet valve 8,
chamber 3 but will not permit admission
which inlet valve 8 is of a construction which
of air or fluid therein.
admits air or iluid into the chamber 4 or 5 under
While I have illustrated and described the pre
certain conditions to be hereinafterrnoted. As 50 ferred form of construction for carrying my in
the piston I 5 moves upwardly, one of the ports of
vention into effect, this is capable of variation
the lower ports II will register with the inlet
and modiñcation without departing from the
valve 8 and a Acharge of air or iluid will be admit
spirit of the invention. I, therefore do not wish
as follows:
ed to the chamber 4. As the piston moves up,
to be limited to the precise details of construc
this charge or air or fluid. will be forced out ci' 55 tion set forth, but desire to avail myself of such
2. A compressor comprising a body providing
variations and modification as come Within the
a piston chamber, a piston in said chamber and
scope of the appended claims.
providing on opposite sides thereof, together with
said body, compression chambers, said piston be
Having thus described my invention, what ;I
claim as new and desire to protect by Letters
ing of Vsubstantially hollow construction, means
Patent is:
providing communication between the compres
a piston chamber, a piston in said chamber and
sion chamber on one side of the piston and the
interior of said piston, means providing com
1, A compressor comprising a body providing
providing on opposite sides thereof, together with‘
said body,r compression chambers, said piston be
ing of substantially lio-110W construction, means
providing communication between the compres
sion chamber on one side of the piston and the
vinterior of said piston, means providing com-’
munication between the interior of' said piston Y
and the compression chamber on the other side
of said piston, and means for charging a, fluid to
the interior of 4said piston chamber at a prede
termined point in its movement within said
munication between the interior of said piston
and the ccmpression chamber> on the other side
of said piston', and means for charging a fluid to
the interior of said piston chamber at a, prede
termined point in its movement within said cyl
index, said last-named means including an inlet
valve and ports formed-in said piston for com
munication with said valve.
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