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Aug. 20, 1946.
H. c. LIMA
Filed Oct. 9. 1944
. .
, J/V VEN/*02.
, and, .JW
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
¿application October-9, 1944,7ÍSerial. No. ‘557;782
ÍnïCúba.` ‘OctOber 22, :1943
2 Claims.
.'Ilhi'siinvention rela-tes `to floaders for -revolvers
on line 'I-l of Fig. 6, 'showing the ¿position in
of-ïany type-and it has for itsobject to provide
animproved loader‘wherein the pins adapted to
whichfthe cartridges are held.
Figure 8 i's a similar section `vievv t‘othat of
retain-.and releasev the cartridges, l instead of `being
Fig. '7, ’showingthel'position of ’the inner‘me'ch
rotated inßahorizontal «plane as in ~a previous v
anism for 'cartridge release in the modified form.
application to be filed`> as a division of application
In Figs. l, 2, 3, 4 and "5pt 'the’drawing the
numeral I indicates'the-central cylinder‘of the
loader to which are rigidly joined by means of
vertical joint Aline‘s’vvhich can be made‘by solder
ing, a plurality of‘outer cylinders 2 all parallel
Serial No. 514,801 filed December »18, 1943, `are
slidable longitudinallywithin the central» cylinder
of the loader bymeans-»of the ,pivotal connection
of the Vpins lwith a disc carriedbya longitudinal 10
central stem `»si-«lojectedto theelastic tension of a
coil .spring surrounding it- and carrying exteriorly
thereof 4.a disc adapted to receive »the pressure Yof
to the central~cy1inder-| land being of the same
diameter ‘which will îpreferablybe smaller than
the diameter of the central cylinder I but larger
than the diameter ofthe ‘cartridges 3 so as, to be
one-‘of the user’s lingers, wherebyaslight pres
sure "will Ábe'suiiicientfto get thewsirnultaneous rc 15 apt to "respectively'receive the latterttherein, the
length of the central cylinder fl beingr at least
loading and cooling of «a revolver’s chambers,
equal-to that of the outer cylinders ‘2.
thereby -giving certain self-acting character to
The outer cylinders 2 `are open-belowand have
such kind of mechanisms, withoutfalteringtheir
at their top portion Ya big opening "4to permit
Another object of the invention is to provide 20 the examination Yof the percussion -cap vof Veach
cartridge. Thef’central cylinder I has'a‘thickened
said Yloaders with means whereby the discharge
bottom >portion A5 provided with a ÁWide opening
of oil or other lubricating liquid will be obtained
6 and :at 'its `toplportion `it has an Yenlarged ex
moresafely andeñìciently than by mere outlet
holeslin an inner vessel movable within the cen
tension in‘the shape of `~acup l the bottom of
tral cylinder as is provided in my prior applica 25 whichis a disc'ß having a 'central opening 9 and
which "constitutes ~the top A‘portion of `‘sliepen-trai
tion, the central cylinder being adapted to serve
cylinderlthereby‘closing it.
as an oil vessel and the oil ‘being discharged
Throughrth‘e‘openingïßfof the disc‘ß is slidably
through a seat valve governed by the central lon
mounted at `the axis'of the cylinder I arstem Il]
gitudinal stem carrying the pins for retaining and
vreleasing the cartridges, so that upon alight pres 30 carrying vvlixedly thereonfby'm’eans of ’a pin II
through‘a sleeve I'2’ a cylinder I2 closed above
sure being exerted by'a ’finger to actu‘ate the car
and open‘below’which smoothly ñt's’into the cen
tridge releasing mechanism, the oil valve will be
tral cylinder Iiand‘fhasïits length equal to about
opened also and the oil will be‘allowed tc Yfreely
half theìleng’th of the central cylinder, its upper
ilow through a wide opening in the bottom por
portion remaining‘normally at‘a certain distance
tion of the central cylinder, which opening also
from the disc‘ß obturatingthe cylinder I and its
serves for injection of oil therethrough into the
lower edge remainingïat ïabout the 'same distance
from the -bottom ‘5 cfcentral cylinder I. The
stem I0 has its lowerpcrtion Ill’ of ~reduced di
the l "ñgures of the accompanying drawing, 'of
40 ameter to pass loosely through the wide opening
ß 'of‘ï'the bottom‘ä o"f central ‘cylinder I and said
Figure 1 is 'an outer elevational view of the
The invention‘is described with reference to
improved loader-'oi' my invention.
Figure '2 is a top'plan partly broken away view
lower»portionïends‘exteriorly 'of Vthe bottom 5 in
a valve 4I3 :adapted tof'seat on the lower 'edge of
the opening'ô "and`provided with a lower recess
Figure 3» is a' longitudinal vertical section` view 45 I 4’ adapted torest on a projection usually pro
vided at the top center of the magazine of some
on 4‘line 3-3 'of Figure 2, in the 'cartridge holding
Figure 4 is a horizontal section view on line
4--4 of Fig. `3, 'the “cartridges beingfomitted.
revolvers. lThe‘stem 'Iûîhas near the upper end
of the "reduced portion riß' ia 'transversal notch
Id‘which'is crossed by .ashorizontal pin lñ’having
Figure 5 is a section view similar to that of Fig. 50 its ends ri‘gidlysecured to‘îtheïperipherialWall of
3,'showing'the position of'the‘inne‘r mechanism
the cylinder I beneathïthe inner cylinder I2‘an'd
for cartridge release.
Figure-6 is a top plan view‘o'f'a modified form
of theloader.
Figure 7 is a longitudinal vertical section «view 55
said stem ‘ I 0 is surrounded between the'upper por
tion of the`inner`cylinder=l2 and the ’pin I5 Vby'a
coil spring ~~I6 tending to maintain `the -stem I 0
raised, lsovthat its'upp‘er endwill project-,upward
Y .
above the disc 8 forming the top portion of the
of the former form being omitted and the notch
central cylinder I, the projecting end of the stem
I4 being dispensed, the valve being an inner valve
instead of an outer valve, by having the shape of
a plate 28 projecting transversally from the stem
I 0 carrying a disc I1 having a slight recess at
its upper face to facilitate the application of the
user’s linger for operation of the mechanism.
The stem I0 carries between the sleeve I2’ and
the fixed disc 8 through the opening â of which
it runs, atransversal disc I3 having a diameter
I0' at the upper end of the reduced section I0"
of the stem III', which reduced section Ill" ends
outside the bottom E’ in an enlargement 29 pro
vided with a lower recess Y353 adapted to rest on
a projection usually provided at the centre of the
somewhat smallerthan the central cylinder and»
being provided with a number of holes corre 10 upper portion of the magazine of some revolvers.
sponding to the number of outer cylinders. » In this case the enlargement 29 can be provided
Through said holes are pivotally connected the
with a vertical side groove 3I to facilitate the in
inner ring-shaped ends of eye-bolts or pins I9
sertion into the opening 6’ of the point of an in
jector for oil injection.
mounted to slide across bevelled openings 2@
formed at the joint of the peripherial wall of the 15
This modiñed form of loader is operated simi
central cylinder I and of each of the outer cylin
larly as the one described in the first place, by
ders 2, the bolts I9 being sufficiently long to pro
pressing with one finger the upper depressed por
trude in a position into the outer Cylinders 2 un
tion E" of the cylinder I', whereupon the latter
til placed beneath the flange 2I of the cartridges
descends carrying along _with it the outer cylin
3 lodged in the respective outer cylinders 2 to re~ 20 ders 2' with the cartridges 3', the stem I0' re
tain the cartridges 3 within the cylinders 2 and
maining immovable,`where‘upo'n thel -pins I9' will
t0 remain lodged in another position within the
run upward into the’cylinder l" thereby releasing
central cylinder I.
the cartridges 3' which will fall into the chambers
The central cylinder I is filled with oil 23 in
of the revolver, and by the bottom 5' withdraw
the space limited by the bottom 5 of the central
ing from the valve plate 28, the oil 23' will- be
cylinder and by a hole 25 at a middle point of the
allowed to iiow through’the opening '6'l which
height of the inner cylinder I2, which can be made
never remains closed below. In the modiñedform
by means of an injector through the space be»
a safety position‘may be attained'by means of `a
tween the reduced section IG’ ofthe stem I9 and n’ , bolt 32 of sufficient length to pass across holes"
the wall of the opening 6 of the bottom 5 of the
33 in the projecting upper portion of theI cylinder
central cylinder I. 'The entering of outer air to
I and across a hole 34 formed in the upper en'd
permit the egress of oil 23 is effected through a
portion of the stem III', as shown in Figs. '7 and'8.~
hole 24 in> cylinder’l and an adjacent cylinder 2
It is obvious that changes may be madeiin the.
and hole 25 in inner cylinder I2, which holes reg
. size, oil capacity and number of the outer cyl`-.ister one another in the position in which the
inders,`a_s well as in the' construction details of'.T
cartridges 3 are released.
To discharge the loader into a revolver, the
same is placed in resting position ofv recess I4’ of
valve I3 on the‘projection usually carried 'bythe
magazine of a revolver of an appropriate caliber, 40
so that the points 22 of the cartridges will partly
penetrate into the chambers of such a magazine,
and upon the user pressing with one linger the
disc I'I, the stem I il will descend against the elas
the loader, without> thereby altering the essentiall
character of the invention which is sucphvpalsclaimed hereinafter.
What I claim is:
1. A loader for revolvers, comprising a hollow
central Cylinder having va side wall and closed atits vtcp and at its bottom, a plurality of cartridge
receiving cylinders each open at its lower end and,
tic tension ofthe spring Iiiythe' valve I3 thereby 45 arranged aro-und said central cylinder and secured
thereto to form a rigid unit, a cartridge control
withdrawing from its seat, and the pins I9 are
member in the fornrof a manually operable stem
caused to sufficiently slide downward within the
slidably mounted within the central cylinder and
bevelled openings 2i! to withdraw them from the
provided with a lower reduced portion loosely
interior of the outer cylinders 2 until they free
passing through an opening in the bottom of the »
the flanges 2I of the cartridges 3 which will be
central cylinder, a pin ñxedl transverselyto the
released and will fall into the chambers of >the
side wall of the central cylinderwithin the 1atter._
revolver. This discharge position is shown in
and passing through a slot in thev stem, .an inner
Fig. 5 of the drawing. At the same time, as the
' cylinder closed at its top and open at _its
stem I à descends, the orifices 22V and 25 will regis
ter one another thereby allowing outer air to en 55 bottomv iiXedly attached to the stem and friction
ally engaging the inner wall of said central cyl~
ter, whereupon the oil 23 containedl in the central
inder, a coil spring surrounding the stem between`
cylinder will ilow out through the opening 6
said transverse pin and the upper closed .end- of
opened by the valve I3 and it will be spread over
the inner cylinder, a transverse disc having >a
the revolver chambers and cool them.v
To secure the loader mechanism in a safety 60 smaller diameter than the central cylinder nxedly
secured to the stem above said inner cylinder,-a
position and to hold it in a 'determined position
series of pins pivotally connected to said disc and
to facilitate its filling with oil or its undue‘dis
passing through registering openings'formed in
charge, a safety pin 2S may be used which is in-~
the adjacent side walls of the central cylinder and
serted across a hole in the cup 1 vabove the disc
I1 or beneath same, according tothe eifect sought 65 each cartridgerreceiving cylinderfsaidv pins being
to be obtained.
In Figs. 6, 7 and 8 is illustrated a modified form
of the inner mechanism for operating the pins I9.
In this modiiied form the central cylinder I' has
its upper end closed by an upper portion I">
slightly recessed toward its centre and the stem
adapted tonormally hold the cartridges within
the cartridge receiving cylinders in one position
of said stem and being adapted to release the
cartridges in another ‘position Aof said stem, and'
finger operable means attached to
of said 'stem for withdrawing the
cartridge receiving cylinders-to
which theyare adapted to cause
the upper end
pins'from thel
a positionV in"
the release of
IB' is actuated against the elastic tension oi va
coil spring El surrounding the stem III' between
cartridges placed in Said cartridge receiving c‘yl‘
the disc 8’ secured to the cylinder I' and the disc
I8' carrying the pins' I9', the transversal’pin' I5 ' 75
2. A loader for revolvers, comprising a hollow
central cylinder having a side wall and closed at
' tion of the central cylinder for receiving a lubri
its top and its bottom, a plurality of cartridge
receiving cylinders each open at its lower end and
arranged around said central cylinder and se
cured thereto to form a rigid unit, a cartridge
control member in the form of a spring pressed
cating liquid adapted to be injected through the
opening in the bottom of the central cylinder,
which opening is normally closed by the valve
on the lower end of said stem, a transverse disc
of less diameter than the central cylinder ñxedly
secured to the stem between the upper end of
the inner cylinder and the upper end of the
stem mounted slidably within the central cylinder
central cylinder, a series of pins pìvotally con
and extending through an opening in the upper
portion of the central cylinder, said stem being lO nected to said disc and adapted to move in oppo
site directions in response to slidable movements
provided with a lower reduced section loosely
of the stem, said pins extending through reg
passing through an opening in the bottom of said
istering openings formed in the adjacent side
central cylinder, a valve ñxed to the lower end
walls of the central cylinder and each cartridge
of the reduced section of the stem and projecting
receiving cylinder, said pins being adapted to
through the opening in the bottom of the central
normally retain cartridges placed within the car
Y cylinder and having in its outer face a depression
tridgef'receiving cylinders, and a ñnger operable
adapted to be placed on a central VVprojection usuv
disc on the upper end of the stem for causing the
ally provided at the top of the revolver to be
pins to be withdrawn from the cartridge receiving
loaded, an inner cylinder closed at its top and
cylinders and thereby are adapted to release the
open at its bottom ñxedly mounted on the stem
cartridges which have been placed in said car
and fríctionally engaging the side Wall of said
tridge receiving cylinders.
central cylinder and forming a closed chamber
between said inner cylinder and the lower por
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