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Aug- 20, 1946- v
Original Filecj. Aug. 13, 19.45
Q\\,n3.1 1.
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
, .. ..
_;;,uN1TEo vs'rA'rEs PATENT osrlce *
Alexander M. ,McDougall, .San Francisco, Calif.‘
. Substitute for abandoned application Serial No.
498,546, August 13, 1943.
This application
August 21, 1944, Serial No._ 550,380 -
~ ‘
4 Claims. (01.!lift-i312)v 1 Q i
'This application is a substitute for'abandoned
mediate of the tank top I. and tween deck 5, thus
the ‘ramp, if well aft as illustrated, will extend
about equally .fore vand aft of such bulkhead.
Consequently, I. have divided the ramp into a
erence to that type of ship, for example, as illus 5 stationary portion 2 within. the forward cargo
hold above the tank top and the pivotally ad
trated in my U. S. Patent No.- 1,913,207 designed
iutsable portion 3, aft of said bulkhead they be
especially for carrying vehicles such as railroad
ing normally when in cooperative position, on
cars, automobiles and other forms of rolling stock.
the same‘ inclinedplane as clearly shown in Fig
- One'of the principal objects is to provide novel
ure 3 of the drawing.
means for most convenient transfer of such cargo
Now to provide head room andsu?icient clear
from one deck of the vesselto another in the
ance for railroad cars,. forrexample, above the.
process of loading or discharging cargo.
stationary portion 2 of the ramp, and still sacri
.The other‘ principal: object is that of - proper
?ce as little storage space as possible on the tween
utilization.‘ of. Water ballast in-lo-ading ‘ and/or 'un->
loading thegcargo of the vessel, so that these 15 deck, I provide a bridge section 4 of the tween
deck-5 pivotally, mounted as at ’O and which sec
two‘features combined may result as nearly as
application Serial No. 498,546, ?led August 13,
1943, and relates to vessels‘and method of load
ing and/or unloading same and'has special ref
tion, when raised, as shown, amply affords the
necessary headroom,. however, when lowered to
the ,sameplane with thetween deck, functions
.lOther objects and. advantages-will appear in 20, normally either for, transportation or storage in
conjunction with theother pivoted section 3.
the further description of the invention. ..
To provide such, novel , cooperation of a ship’s"
vReferringnow to the accompanying drawing
decks for, the movement of cargo, I have con-_
forming part of this-application and in which like’
possible in the. perfection of what might well be
termed a self-cargo-handling- multi-deck car
reference characters indicate like parts:
Figure 1 is a broken» sideelevation of a vessel
such as referred .to in» my former patent supra and.
illustrative of. a. vessel having three, or more
spaced decks available for cargo space.
Figure .2. is a broken plan view, of the inter
mediate or so-called tween deck, and
: Figure 3. is an enlarged broken vertical _;sec->
tional view of the novel combinedvramp-and bridge
andv their cooperative relation '_to the ‘spaced
,It is to-be understood that the invention here
claimed does‘ not involve any speci?c details of,
construction but rather the cooperation of the‘
novel elements with a certain type of < ship, or
vesseL; andmam'pulation ofgthe latter in han
nected the two otherwise free ends of the sec
3 and 4 as by a single line 6 upon either side
25., tion
thereof leading over the necessary bracketed
and spaced sheaves ‘I and 8 suspended from the
next deck -9 above, which may as shown, in Figure 1, be the main deck. '
In thisv manner, and when in suspension the
two ‘sections obviously counterbalance each other
and render the operation of movement of same
very simple.
The bridge section 4 may be provided with any
suitable means for sustaining the required weight
"above same, for example, as by laterally extend
ing transverse beams indicated at I0 which may
rest within recesses H formed therefor in the
sides of the opening into which the bridge ?ts.
The ramp section 3 pivoted at I2 is shown as '
dling of cargo as well as conservation of cargo 40
provided with supporting bents l3 and which
space within the vessel.
In order to accomplish this it is obvious that
may be removable if desired and the space other
wise occupied or additional temporary supports
any of the vehicles forming the cargo of the ves
may be mounted thereupon to insure the neces
sel that are to be carried upon the tank top deck
I, must, if rampedv to or from same be accom 45 sary stability for the section 3 when in its raised’
position and acting as a portion of the deck to
plished as nearly as possible to the place of entry
which it is pivoted.
to the vessel, which in this instance is at the
For convenient movement of this ramp section
stern. Thus my illustrating the combined ramp
I have shown a ?uid cylinder l5 vertically dis
and bridge as far aft as possible and upon either
one or both sides of the after cabins and com 50 posed and provided with a piston rod l6 pivotally .
attached to the ramp 3 so that'any predetermined
partments in the center of the vessel for ma
form of ?uid power may be utilized for raising
chinery, et cetera.
or lowering the section, which obviously, by vir
Furthermore, it is well known to be essential
tue of the line 6 connections before described, will
that a watertight bulkhead be maintained just
forward of the boiler compartments and inter 55 simultaneously move the bridge section 4.
Now the matter of maintaining the watertight
in my former patent supra and my other U. S.
bulkhead just forward of the boiler compartment»
Patents Nos. ‘1,772,612; 1,773,368; and Re, 18,350
which is required for safety in such vessel con
struction, I have provided the'arcuately shaped‘ '
economical operation.
- closure l1 depending from and ?xed to the free
with a view of augmenting their successful and
end of the ramp section 3, the same being formed
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Pat
‘to line ‘up and overlap the adjacent marginal
edges oftheopening in said bulkhead necessary
ent is:
‘L'In: a car-ferry vessel'iof' the type described
forthe passage of cargo. A permanent-portion
having a plurality of parallel decks including a
of the bulkhead is shown at l8 and as forming 10 tween deck, an adjustable section of saidtween
the after terminus of the ?xed portion 2 of the- i
deck pivotally attached at its after end in a plane
ramp and it is deemed obvious thatxany form
with the normally :remaining portion thereof
of suitable temporary watertight connection of
and lowerable to function as a part of a ramp to
the closure portion of the rampmay be resorted 1
the deck ‘below same, a ?xed section of ramp
to, such as greased water-tight guides, or if (16- r ‘upon: saidlower deck and cooperatively engage
; sired, bolted for temporary’ security,.as is:com- 1 ..ableiwith-theimovable end of said adjustable sec
‘ 'mon in many parts of ship construction.
tion, and a second adjustable section of said
_While the ramping of cars fore and ‘aft on
tween deck directly above said ?xed section piv
shipboard is old as suggested. in my former patent
otally attached at its forward end in a plane with
supra as well as others, the instant invention
said remaining portion whereby provide; am-v
‘ makes» useyof whatT-is commonly referred, to. as
pie heads-room ‘for obiectspassing ineither di- \
rectionthereunder when. raised .andmeans con
1 water-"ballast space during :thelQading andA-or
unloading of such a. ship:.designed especiallylas 1
a car 1 ferry, or ‘for transporting rolling; stock
which is susceptible to; the .forceoi gravity- during.
‘ itsmovement;
r‘For-this purpose ,1 provide. in conjunction with
or; trimming tanks as at: 2 I; inthe'foreepeakthere
‘ of and at 22 in the stern as indicated in. Figures 1.
and-2 so-that-ith’e samelmay: be employed int-he ‘
‘ longitudinal trimming. oil the ship to assist-‘in han- ‘
3 either, when‘t'ne‘rampis being usedor not.‘ .
It'is well knownlthat'vesse'ls. of this type. in
pwhich- the-‘boilers. and enginescarev well aft” nor
7‘ mally. remain .‘trimmedby. the: stern, that is with‘
. 1 the stern or heavier‘after portionv much deeper in.
2. A‘ combined,bridgezandrampafor a car-terry,
V of the type describedhavin-g a'tween-deck and-ea;
‘ a-~ship,ias'.here .describedauxiliarywater space; ‘
dlin-g of the rollingv cargo. such vas illustrated
necting the free-ends of. said: tweendeck sec,
tions: whereby to insure theirope'rationiin unison,
tank ‘top deck comprising, :a. track; carrying. ‘por
tion of said, tween deck‘ being hingedly' supported
at. one'end to a '?xed.;portiqn;of..-saidtween deck.
and swingabledownwardly iromthe-normalplane
thereof and a like portion normally-forming; ‘a;
continuationgof said tween ;de,ckqalso hingedly
supported at . its; remote ‘ terminus; from: said other
- portion, and meansconnecting: the-:free ends of.
said-sections \wherebyithe weightqof. one coimten
balances ;the; weight of: the. other: when .moved in
oppositev directions.
1 thewater than the‘ bowYand-what
known ‘as
water lballas-t I space is provided the; entire. length.
3. In a vehicle ferry of the» type described have
ing :a; tween 1 deck .and. -a.' lower. :deck,. means for
'1 of the ship belowthetank-top-deck-‘VI’, suchspace
being» divided into suitable compartments. fore
conveyingryvehicles intemnediate of; said. id'ecks:
comprising, two. .;cooperatively, united: swingable
and‘aft by~certainof theitr-ansverse girderszbelow
the; tank top being’ ‘formed into Watertight bulk
means to insure; the .freeendS. of-xsaid sections ..
1 - Thesevar‘ious compartments are, of course‘,
‘ connected up'tO‘ the ballast handling: pumps;v and
"piping system not shown; of; the ‘ship and selec- I
sections. of said-tween . deck, said .unionactingzas
45 moving in; opposite. directions ‘when; operatedland
each counterbalancing the weight. of: the other‘
41 An adjustable combined bridge: and‘ ramp.
unit for a car-‘ferry of :thestype. described having
ltively operable for desirednavigabilitythereof;
an upper-anddower- deckiinthe hold thereotcom
‘However; in this ‘instance 'I- propose'ito- use such 50 prising, two normally a-butting sect-ionsuof said?
compartments inccnjunetion-witntheinovelaum
upper - deck 'being- hinged at their remote termini
‘iliary' compartments just ‘described to expedite
‘loading or unloading of the ship by changing-"the
thei'radjacent ends, the. one: to act. as an open.
‘rare ‘and aft inclination thereof, ‘thus utilizing
closure for said ramping space and the otherl'ito
andv movable vertically- ' in; opposite directions ‘(at -
55 act as-a ramp :for said cars'and'means cooper
atively uniting‘ the .ifreev-end's. ofv saidi sections
'F'rom‘the ‘foregoing, it’ is apparent "that I have
i devised novel and simple "means-i for assistance in»
to insure-said vertical- movement» in ~mg>posite
ithe‘handling of cargo :as'well asutilizingthemax
j gravity int-he- movement of ‘ cars “therein.
‘imurn-capacity' of that type of vessel illustrated
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