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Aug. 20, 1946. _
Filed néc. 15, .1941
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Attorzzgp 7'.
3 Aug. 20, 1946.
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Filed Dec. 15,‘ 1941
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WiZZardL. Jwmgm
Aug. 20,1946.
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2,406,241 -
Filed Dec. 15, 1941 .
5 sheets-sheet 4 '
Willa rdl . Morrzsan
Aug. 20, 1946.
Filed Dec. '15, 1941
5 Sheets-Sheet 5.
. 2,406,241
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
2,406,241 ‘
Willard L. Morrison, Lake Forest, Ill.
Application December 15, 1941, Serial No. 423,024
5 Claims. (Cl. 62-.-117)
This invention relates to refrigerated trucks
and has for its object to provide a new and im
proved device of this description particularly
adapted to deliver frozen foods.
The invention has as a further object to pro
vide a refrigerated truck for delivering foods of
different kinds in a refrigerated condition.
The invention has as a further object to pro~
vide a refrigerated truck having a plurality of
separated insulated containers and one or more
refrigerating machines, preferably gasoline op
erated and located forward of the insulated con
tainers, and arranged so that the current of air
a ‘refrigerated truck with two sets of separate
refrigerated containers, separated by a space,
the bottom of the space containing the pipes and
connections for the refrigerant used in connec
tion with the containers.
The invention has as a further object to pro
vide a refrigerated truck having a plurality of
independent refrigerated containers open at the
top and having a radiant heat shield over them,
arranged so that the heat due to the sun will pass
out from under them and upward and not act
to warm the material in the refrigerated con
The invention has other objects which aremore
produced by the motion of the truck contacts
pointed out in the accompanying
the condenser and other parts of the refriger 15 description.
ating apparatus so as to cool'them.
I have illustrated in the drawings one formof
The invention has as a further object to provide
truck embodying the invention wherein
a refrigerated truck having a plurality of sep
arate cooling containers into which different ma
terials, such as meat, berries, fruit, vegetables, 20
and the like, may be placed for delivery.
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a refrigerated
Fig. 2 is a diagrammatic plan view showing the
containers, freezing units and piping;
The invention has as a further object to pro
Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken on line
vide a refrigerated truck which is free of any
Fig. 4 with the cover or radiant shield raised;
cold chamber into which the customer or de
Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken on line 4-4 of
livery man must enter in removing or inspecting 25
Fig. 3 ;
the refrigerated materials.
The invention has as a further object to pro
' Fig. 5 is a cross-section of the truck body taken
on the line 5-5 of Fig. 3;
vide a refrigerated truck arranged so that the
Fig. 6 is a detailed sectional view taken on line
refrigerated material can be removed without
30 6—6 of Fig. 5;
the cold air dropping out or being lost.
Fig. 7 is a detailed sectional view taken on line
The invention has as a further object to‘ pro;
1-—1 of Fig. 6;
vide a refrigerated truck for delivering refriger
Fig. 8 is a view showing the development of the
ated materials, arranged so that the driver has
outer shell of‘the container.
Like numerals refer to like parts throughout
a clear rear view.
The invention has as a further object to pro
the several ?gures.
vide a refrigerated truck for delivering refriger
In the construction shown the truck is pro
ated materials that may be called an open refrig
vided with any suitable ‘motor, preferably the
erated truck.
The invention has as a further object to pro
vide a refrigerated truck provided with a plu
rality of wholly independent containers in which
the refrigerated materials are carried.
The invention has as a further object to pro
usual gasoline engine, located under the hood l
and a cab 2 for the driver. Back of the cab and
mounted upon the chassis 3 (Figs. 3, 4 and 5)
are a plurality of containers 4. Each of these
containers comprises an inner metal cylinder 5
into which the refrigerated material is received
(Figs. 6 and 7). Surrounding the inner cylinder
pendent heat insulated containers separated by 45 5 is an outer cylinder 6. There is a space 1 be—
a space, by means of which access is secured
tween the two cylinders into which the refriger
vide a refrigerated truck with two sets of inde
to any one of the independent heat insulated
ant is received.
Means is provided for causing the refrigerant
The invention has as a further object to pro
to travel back and forth longitudinally along
vide a refrigerated truck with two sets of heat 5.0 the space between the cylinders. ' As herein
insulated containers into which the material is
shown, this is secured by providing a series of
received, said containers separated by a space
which acts as a walk for parties seeking access
to the containers.
The invention has as a further object to provide
passage-forming members located between the
cylinders 5 and 6 and in the space ‘I; These pas
sage forming members are divided into two‘sets,
‘the passage forming members 8 and the passage
forming members 9. The passage forming mem
Since the truck is used in the sun, I prefer
bers 8 extend from the bottom of the space to a
point near the top thereof (see Fig. 8). The
passage forming members 9 extend from the top
to provide at the top of each set of containers
a radiant heat interceptor 23 which is hinged
at 24 and which is provided at one side, prefer
ably the inside, with openings 25. Heated air,
of the space‘ to a point near the bottom thereof.
The ends of the space ‘I are closed by the mem
bers i0 and H at the top and bottom. This
therefore, which tends to accumulate in the
space 26 between this interceptor and the top of
the container, being light, will pass out the open
ings25 and escape and will not pass down into
forms a continuous passagewayextending ‘back
and forth longitudinally of the cylinders and in 10
the container asthe warm air always rises and
the'space between them along which the refrig
fails. Some suitable means is preferably
erant material passes.‘ These members are
shown in Fig. 8 with relation to the outer cy1in-' ~
der 6.
The refrigerant material preferably en
provided for holding these interceptors in an
' open position when access to the containers is
desired. For this purpose I have shown the
ters the space 7 near the top thereof at the point 15 members
2'! pivoted to the interceptors and the
I 2 (Fig. 8) where it divides, a portion of it pass
members 28 pivoted to the member 22, the two
ing back and forth along the sectionsforrned- by
being pivoted together.
the passage forming members in one direction,
One set of containers is placed at one side of
as to the left, and a portion of it passing backv
the truck and the other set at the other side so
and forth along the sections formed by the pas
that there is a space 29 between them, This space
is provided with a floor 30, upon which the driver
of the truck or the customers can stand insecur
between the cylinders 5 and 6 through the open
ing access to the containers on either side. In
ing it. It will be seen that all of the carrying
the space 29 beneath the floor 30 is located cer
space'in the containers and, therefore,.for the 25 tain
pipes and ?ttings for. the refrigerating appa
entire truck, is surrounded by‘ a primary cool
ing surface, and by means of this arrangement
the refrigerant material divides into two portions,‘
ments, each comprising a compressor 3| and a
each of which passes only half way around the,
motor 32, which is here shown as an internal
3,0 combustion engine, and a condenser 33. I also
The‘ truck is provided with a plurality of re
prefer to provide a fan 33a for the condenser,
frigerated containers, preferably divided into two
which is driven vfrom the motor 32, the motor
sets, one set being on one side and the other set
driving the compressor 31 by means of thebelt
being on the other side. with a space between
, ~
them.‘ In the construction shown, there are four
containers in each set, although of course more
ing parts 34 which project laterally out beyond
or less of these containers may be used as the
the front or cab portion of the truck. The front
conditions require.
portion of these projecting parts are provided
The containers 4 ‘of each set are preferably
with means for permitting air to pass there
connected together in some suitable manner. 40
through when the truck is in motion, such as the
In the construction shown, they are connected
grids 35. One refrigerating apparatus is located
together by'the connecting members M, one on
in each of these projecting portions. It will be
each side of each set and preferably'nea'r the
seen that when the truck is in motion, air passes
top'of the containers. Theseconnected mem
through the grids and in contact with the con
bers may be connected
sage forming rmembersgas for example to the '
right. These two portions are discharged from
to the outer cylinder in- '
any desired manner. As herein shown, the outer
cylinder has welded thereto the‘angle members
15 and these angle members are connected to' the
‘ connecting members My by fastening members
l6. These connecting members. are shown_as
1 angle wirons.
passing out to the rear of the truck.
I have shown two sets of refrigerating appara
tus as a matter of safety,‘ for either one alone
is suf?cient to properly refrigerate all of the con
: tainers.
The several containers of each set are embedded
‘ in insulated material
densers and the remaining portions ofthe'r'efrigi
erating apparatus so as to cool the same, the heat
The refrigerant from the refrigerating appara
~if! which "surrounds the
tus on the left (Fig. 2) passes from the condenser
j cylinders and fills the space between them_ (see
Fig. 6). There is an insulating member l'la 55 into the pipe 36 and the refrigerant from the. re
frigerating apparatus on the right passes from
extending along the bottom of each set of con
Thercontainers are closed at the bot
1 tom and there area plurality of supports I8 ex
the condenser into the pipe 31. These pipes are
provided with valves 3% and 31a. Both of these
pipes are connected to the receiver 38 by the pipe
39 so that refrigerant from either or both of
I tending through the insulation i'ia and rest
ing upon a base 65 attached to the chassis of the 60 them passes into this receiver. The refrigerant
truck. This base is provided with locating mem
passes out of the receiver through pipe 40 into
bers ltlarwhichv project into the insulation Fla
the pipes El and 42, these pipes being provided
‘ so as to assist in holding ‘it in proper position.
with the valves 133 and 44.‘ These pipes pass along
i There is an’ outer casing 20, preferably of metal,
at the sides of the containers under the floor 30.
1which extends around each set of containers. 65 There is 'a pipe’ 65 for each container which con
gThis casing is provided
nects with the pipe 4! or the pipe 42. In each
with a portion 2i which
of these pipes is an expansion valve 46 and lead‘
extends down to the bottom of the truck on the
foutside. .There is preferably a cover member 22
ing from each expansion valve is a pipe 4‘! which
connects with the space 1 between each of the
‘which extends along the top of each set of con
Itainers and which is provided with vopenings for 70 cylinders 5 and 6, the connection "being'made
through the opening l2 (Fig. 8); ' The refrigerant
the upper ends of the containersi There area
material, after passing back ‘and forth through ‘
series of covers 4a, preferably, one for each con
the space 1 of each container, passes out of ‘said
;tainer, by means ‘of which access is secured
space 7 through the opening l3 (Fig. 8'), and
through the ‘ pipe: 48' . and passes. into "the pipes ,
49 and 58 provided with the valves 5| and 52 and
thence it passes by the pipe 53 into the pipe 54
and thence to the compressor 3|.
they support the heat interceptors in their open
position and the handle 13 is attached to one of
these, being shown attached to the member 21.
Some means is preferably provided for holding
There is an opening in each cover member 22
the container covers 4a in their closed position.
above each expansion valve 46 provided with a
This is done by means of the member 14 (Figs. 3
removable closure device 55 so that access can
and 5) attached to the members 28 and which
be readily secured to the expansion valves when
are provided with projections 15 which engage
this becomes desirable for any purpose.
projections 16 on the container covers. It will
A fuel tank 55 is provided for the truck engine
be seen’ that when the heat interceptors 23 are
and the refrigerating apparatus engines. This
in their down position the projections 15 engage
tank is provided with the cap 51 covering the
the projections ‘I6 so as to hold the covers closed.
opening through ‘which the fuel is inserted. Fuel
When theheat interceptors are raised, the covers
is inserted into the tank by lifting up the floor
are released.
'30. The tank is connected by pipes 58, 59‘ with
It will be seen that there is here provided a
the engines 32.
refrigerated truck having a body formed of re
Means is provided for removing oil that may
frigerated containers for the food, the containers
be carried over from the compressor into the
being separated by a non-refrigerated space, by
space 1 between the cylinders 5 and 6. As herein
means of which access is secured to such refrig
shown, this is accomplished by means of a pipe
erated containers, there‘ being means for prevent
69' (Fig. '7) which is connected to the space 1
ing the escape of cold air from such refrigerated
near the bottom and with the pipe 43 leading
containers into the non-refrigerated space while
back to the compressor so that suction of the
the food is being removed from such containers.
compressor will draw this oil back and ‘return it
The bottoms of the containers are below the
to the compressor.
driver’s seat and the tops of the containers are
Each of the outer cylinders 6 is provided with
at armpit height for the average person stand
a projection 6a which projects into the insulat
ing on the floor 30 so that articles on the interior
ing member Ila and which assists in maintain
of the bottom portion may be easily reached by
ing the cylinders in their proper position.
the average person.
A step 6| (Fig. 3) is provided for providing
The use ‘and operation of my invention are as
easy access to the ?oor 30. The rear end of the
?oor 3E1 rests upon a support 62 a short distance
In the use of frozen foods, for example, such
from the rear end of the truck and there is a step
foods vmust be delivered to the user in a proper
member 63 extending from this support and pro
frozen condition. By means of my invention the
jecting slightly beyond the end of the truck. The
frozen foods or other materials to be delivered in
step 6! is hinged at 64 to the step member 63.
a cold condition are placed in the containers.
When the step is down in its operative position
They are preferably frozen at a central plant, ‘
it engages the bumper (55, there being preferably
although they may, of course, be frozen in‘ the
rubber members 56 interposed between it and the
truck, if desired, but this would limit the use of
bumper. When the step is not being used, it is
the truck as it takes time to freeze the food.
moved up so that the part 61 meets the floor 38 .
The party who puts the frozen food or other
and becomes a part of the floor, as shown in
material into the containers passes with the food
dotted lines in Fig. 3.
into the non-refrigerated passageway between
The cab is provided with a rear view mirror
the sets of containers, lifts the heat interceptor
68, by means of which the driver can have an
23 and removes the covers M from the containers,
unobstructed view to the rear without turning
and deposits the food or other material in the
his head to look through the rear window 69.
The covers are then placed on the .
This is possible because of the open space be
containers and the heat interceptors moved to
tween the refrigerated containers.
their closed position.
The base is acts as the bottom of the recep
tacle into which the pipes for the refrigerating
apparatus are received. The ?oor 30 acts as the
top of this receptacle and as a removable cover
The truck may then be driven to the various
points of delivery, the driver being able to see
through the space between the sets of contain
ers so that he has a clear view of whatever is
Some means is provided for securing easy ac
at the rear of the truck, making it easy for him
to drive and to back the truck into delivery or
cess to the refrigerating apparatus used‘ to re
frigerate the food containers. In the construc
other positions.
tion shown this is secured by mounting the com- '
the sun rays and. the heat due to the sun rays
escapes through the openings 25 so as not to heat
The heat interceptors 23 intercept the heat of
pressor and other parts of the refrigerating ap
paratus upon a base (Figs. 1 and 2) which is
the containers or the material therein.
separate from the truck body and which can be 60
The party who is purchasing the food may
removed through the opening ‘H3 in the side of
easily pass up the steps to the ?oor 30 and lift
the truck. This opening is closed by a door ‘H
up the heat interceptors 23 and the covers 4a and
which is fastened by suitable fastening devices
look into the receptacles so as to see the food. to
12. The pipes 54a is made of ?exible material so
be delivered. The delivery man can then remove
that it may be of sufficient length to permit the
as much of this food as the given customer is to
refrigerating apparatus to be} moved out of the
receive and deliver it to- the customer. During
truck body. When this is done, the connections
all of this process the customer and the deliv
of the condensers 33 to the pipes 36 and 13 are
ery man are standing in the non-refrigerated
disconnected by unscrewing the connecting parts.
space or passageway between the containers.
These connecting parts are easily accessible be
With this invention everything is open to the
cause they are at the outside.
daylight and no heat of lamps acts to heat the
There is preferably a handle device 13 con
containers or the food therein. Furthermore no
nected with the heat interceptors (Figs. 3 and 5)
cold air drops out of any of the containers when
by means of which they can be raised and low
the customer or the delivery man enters the truck
ered. The members 21, 28 are arranged so that
ybodys'or' while the customer is looking at the
"a driver’s cab mounted on said chassis, a truck
body connected with ‘and supported upon said‘
chassis comprising a plurality of vertical cylin-.
drical evaporators, heat insulating material sur
rounding the vertical surfaces of said evaportors
foods in the‘coolers or. While the foods are being
removed from the containers.
terthe food containers are reduced to the
proper'low temperature and the food therein
frozen, metal cylinders 5 and 6 and the refriger
‘ and ‘extending. between them, heat insulating ma
ant in between them act as a hold-over so that
terial extending along the exterior of the bottoms
the refrigerating‘apparatus need not be oper
of said evaporators, an outer casing extending
ated, asa rule, during the delivery, as this hold
over action keeps .the foods properly frozen. 10 around the evaporators and the ‘insulation there
for so as to form a unitary structure, a refriger
When, of course, it'becomes desirable, the re
ating element connected withsaid evaporators,
frigerating apparatus may ‘be set in operation
comprising a compressor, a motor and a con
was to insure the proper temperature in the con
denser, ,a receptacle therefor located to the rear
tainers. ' This, of course, would be necessary
driver’s cab,'and a platform extending
where long .trips are made in' the delivery .of the 15 .ofsaid
longitudinally along said evaporators at one side
It .will be seen that there is here provided an
‘4. A- refrigerated truck, adapted for dispens
open. truck with ‘refrigerated .‘containers into
ing frozenmaterials, including a truck body, a
which the frozen food'sv are received','and that .
power plant therefor, a driver’s cab, a longitudi
in between these containers is an open space
20 nal Walk behind said cab, extending forwardly
which is not refrigerated and into:which individ
to said cab and providing a free rear view space
uals'who wish to inspect or remove or insert the
foods. pass, that no lights or other heat produc
‘for the cab, and a storage and dispensing unit
locateda't one side of said walk, in a position
- ing devices are used in the space where the foods
adapted to permit an unobstructed view of the
are .contained or in any space‘ whichwould tend
to heat this space or these foods, and that by 25 driver from the rear of the cab along said walk,
said storage and dispensing unit extending up
means. of this open truck frozen foods can be
wardly from the level of said walk'and including
‘delivered to any distant point desired without
an open topped evaporator adapted to serve as
loss of cold due to the spilling out of cold air
a container for the articles to "be stored, the top
at any time, either when the food is inspected
30 of said evaporator being at a height convenient
or removed from the truck.
for-an operator standing on‘ said walk, a remov
It ‘will further. be seen thatthe driver has a .
able closure for the open top of said evaporator
free'view of what is infthe rear of the truck, which
and means for passing a refrigerant through said
is of very great‘ importance in the proper hane
and a heat interceptor located above
dling of the truck both in avoiding ti‘af?c and in
backing into .delivery or'other positions.
In the c0nst1'ucti0n'.sh0wn..the truck body is
evaporators ini this construction
form .the
nal walk behind said cab extending'forwardly to >
permit 'an unobstructed view of the driver from
the rear of the cab along said walk and between
1.. A ‘refrigerated truck comprising a ‘body
,said units, each said storage and dispelnsing
unit extending upwardly from the level of, said
formed of “evaporators Which actas‘containers
into which‘ the'mat'erial to be ‘cooled is received,
said containers being formed‘iiito two sets sep
arated by a non-refrigeratedspace in'which in
dividuals’stand when'inserting materials into or
removing materials‘ from ‘said containers, and a
heat interceptor located above each set of said
containers and‘separatedtherefrom by a space,
said space having .a connection below said heat.
interceptors to the outside atmosphere. through
walk and including a plurality of open topped
evaporators, each adapted to serve as a container
for the‘articles tobe stored, the tops of said
evaporators being at a height convenient vfor an
operator standing on said walk, removable clo
sures for each said evaporator, and means for
passing. arefrigerant through said evaporators,
said evaporators being aligned longitudinally
along one side of the truck body, and a unitary
I ‘which air heated'by the sun striking the heat
'interceptors‘ escapes without heating the con‘
for the cab, and a storage and dispensing unit
located at each side of said Walk and extending
longitudinally therealong in a position adapted to
40 said- cab and providing a free‘ rear view space
strengthening elements ‘of the truck ‘body ‘and
power plant therefor, a driver’s cab, a longitudi
with. the ‘insulation con titute the refrigerated
body of the'truck.
5. A refrigerated truck, adapted for dispens
ing frozen materials, including a truck body, a
made up ‘of a plurality of separated ‘metal cyl
inders acting asevaporators or cooling elements,
the cylinders being. insulated. The cylinders or
said removable closure.
outer-housing surrounding said-evaporators, and
a mass of insulating material between said hous
ing'and said evaporators, surrounding and under
2. A refrigerating truck comprising a plurality
1 of evaporators mounted thereon, each evaporator 60 lying '- said' evaporators,- ' and a; separate- com
having two covers, one above the other and sep
‘ arated by a space communicating with the out-A
side atmosphere, vthe upper cover acting as ‘a heat ‘
: 32 A refrigerating truck comprising a chassis,
fpressor-condenser unit for each said storage and
dispensing unit in circuit with the evaporators
thereof; and a single receiver in circuit with'both
storage and dispensing units and with both com
pressor-conden'ser units;
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