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Aug- 20. 1946-
Original Filed may 17, 1941
Patented Aug. 20, 1946
Ira June Owen, Laguna Beach, Calif., assignor to
Julius H. Kiel and Robert B. Kiel, Wilmette,_
Original application May 17, 1941, Serial No.
Divided and this (application April
271, 1942, Serial No. 439,903
4 Claims. (Cl. 306-11)
This invention vrelates to improvements in ?oor
cleaning machines and, more particularly, to im
provements in tool handle connections whereby a
surface treating machine may be manipulated by
a user. " The invention is particularly adapted for
use with traction and power driven machines of
the carpet sweeper-type described and claimed in
spaced therefrom a detent pin 5. The studs and
‘detent pins may be anchored in the lugs of the
housing in the molding operation or may be
otherwise secured. The bolts have a pivotal bear
ing surface extending outwardly of the housing
a distance greater than the thickness ‘of a cooper
ating bail strap and are provided at their outer
ends with enlarged head portions 6 forming stops.
The detent pins extend outwardly of the housing
?led October 29, 1940, and Serial No. 394,007, ?led
May 17, 1941. This application is a division of my 10 and have their outer ends rounded or tapered to
provide a cam surface. '
prior application Serial No. 394,007, now Patent
The structure hereinbefore described is, ar
my copending applications Serial No. ’ 363,345,
Number 2,316,709, dated April 13, 1943.
vAn object of the invention is the provision of
an improved machine and handle arrangement 1
providing easy manipulation of the handle and
cooperating machine when in use, and providing
a resilient upright support for the handle when
the machine is not being used.
ranged to be pushed over a surface to be cleaned
by a handle ‘I telescoped at its lower end within
a split metal ferrule or receiving member 8, to
which it is detachably connected by a bolt 9 pass
ing through the handle and opposite sides of the
ferrule, The ferrule has its lower end cut away
on opposite sides to provide bail strap receiving
provision of improved tool handle connections 20 recesses l0 and downwardly extending lugs l I and
:2 which, after insertion of the bail strap I3, are
for use with molded plastic bodies, and the pro
bent around into contact with the lower surface
.vision of a simpli?ed structure economical to
of the bail strap at its center after which the lugs
and strap assembly may be spot welded to pro
Other objects and advantages will become ap
a rigid structure.
parent from the following detailed description 25 vide
strap metal stock
having reference to the accompanying drawing,
parallel de
wherein like reference numerals represent like
pending resilient ends. The depending ends of
parts throughout the several views and wherein:
the bail are apertured for pivotal association with
Fig. 1 is a broken top plan view showing the
the extended bearing portion of the studs 4 pass
sweeper and handle combination.
ing through the lugs 3 of the housing. The bear
Fig. 2 is an end plan view partly in section of
ing surface of the’studs outside of the housing is
the device of Fig. 1.
widerthan the thicknessv of the bail strap to allow
Fig. 3 is a side view of the ferrule and Fig. 4
slight outward ?exing of the bail strap ends. If
is a bottom plan view of the ferrule and strap
desired, a small spring may be interposed between
the head of the stud and the bail end.
Having reference to the drawing wherein the
The bail strap ends above the points of pivotal
invention is shown embodied in a motor driven
connection with the studs are provided with small
carpet sweeper, l indicates the machine housing
apertures l4 adapted to receive the outer rounded
which is preferably, though not necessarily, of the
end of the detent pins 5 anchored in the housing.
one piece molded plastic type. The housing 40 In
this arrangement, when the bail is moved into
carries sweeper mechanism described and claimed
the vertical position. its ends are forced outwardly ’
in the above identi?ed application which forms
by the cam action of the ends of the detent pins
no part of this invention, as other speci?c ma
until the detent pin registers with the aperture
chines may be used. The housing is provided
with a contoured top and has a centrally disposed 45 l4 to seat therein and retain the bailand asso
Further objects of the invention include the
motor enclosing dome-shaped portion 2 provided
on opposite sides thereof with substantially par
allel vertically extending bosses or lugs 3 afford
ing mountings ‘for the tool handle and its con
nections. The bosses are enlargements of the
housing stock serving as reinforcements for the
housing and as substantial supports for the tool
handle connections.
The mounting lugs 3 of the housing are each
' provided with a mounting stud‘ 4 and vertically 55
ciated handle in the upright position.
. '
The bail strap is preformed with its depending
ends substantially parallel so as to fit over the lugs
on the housing. In using the device, the handle
is swung from the vertical position, wherein the
detent pins are positioned in the apertures of the
bail, to the normal angle of use. In this move
ment ends of the detent pins act as cams to force
the ends of the bail strap outwardly along the
bearing studs until the detent pins clear the bail
stock and the ends of the bail resume the normal
su?icient to maintain it in its normal preformed
state but if desired aiding springs may be used
between the head of the bearing stud and the
curved top portion provided with a central dome
with oppositely disposed reinforcing and mount
position. The resiliency of the bail strap metal is
ing lugs, a handle structure comprising an in
verted U-sha-ped bail of strap metal having ver
tically aligned apertures at the ends thereof,
means for pivotally mounting said handle over
the dome, said means comprising aligned pivot
studs projecting from opposite sides of vthe dome
The arrangement desired provides an advan
tageous one, especially for molded products.
Parts are easily formed from standard metal.
and detent pins imbedded in the reinforcing lugs
stock and the split clamping ferrule advantae 10 of the housing and projecting outwardly there
geously allows for greater tolerance in handle
from to engage apertures in the bail strap to re
size. Moreover; the ferrule and hail strapv form<
a strong rigid structure when the underlying lugs
are bent into clamped position and are spot
tain, the handle in a vertical position.
, 3. Inva carpet sweeper, a molded one-piece
housing having substantially vertical sides and a
15 curved top portion provided with a'central dome
While the invention has beendescribed in con
with oppositely disposed reinforcing and mount
nection with a speci?c embodiment, words used
ing' lugs,‘ a handle structure comprising an ine
are those of description rather than of limitation,
verted U-shaped bail of strap metal having ver
and practice of the inventionrwithin the scope'of ‘
tically aligned apertures, at the ends thereof,
the appended claims may be resorted to without 20 means for pivotally mounting said'handle over
departing from the true) scope and. spirit of the I
the. dome, said means'cornprising aligned pivot
invention in all its aspects.
studs projectin'gfrom opposite sides of ‘theidome,
I claim:
- V
said studs‘having bearing. portions wider than the
1. In a carpet sweeperra molded one-piece
thickness‘ of the‘ bail strap to allow for outward
housing. having substantially’ vertical sides and a 25 flexing of the bailgends, and projecting detents
curveditop, said top being provided with a central
disposed vertically‘ above said studs adaptedvrto
raised dome’ provided on opposite sides thereof
engage in apertures inthe bail when the handle
with reinforcing and mounting lugs, a pivotal‘
is swung to a vertical position, said detents having
mountingvbolt in each of said lugs'projecting- out- ,
cam surfaces for movingithe'ends of 'the bail
Wardly therefrom to detachably receive the ‘ends; 30 outwardly on the pivot studs inpassage ofithe
welded to the strap.
of a handle bail, a projecting'detent disposed ver-i
tically above said mounting-bolt in each of said‘
' liandle to the vertical. position.»
=1, In combination, a molded'one-piece-housing
lugs; and an operating handle‘ having ‘a strap-like
having, a dome shaped top portion.‘ provided with
thickened portions onopposite'sides thereof re;
bail straddling'said dome, said bailhaving ver-l .
tically aligned apertures in the end thereof for
cooperation with said mounting bolt and detent,
inforcing and mounting lugs,‘ alignedv pivot studs ~
‘ projecting outwardly from said lugs,‘ a detent pro
jecting outwardly from each of the-lugs and dis
the bail and‘ its mounting being so constructed
and arranged that the bail may pivot on the
mounting bolt during operationrof- the machine
‘ 1 and may be retained in avertical position by the
detents and hail apertures when the machine is‘
not in use. ~
2;; In a‘ carpet sweeper, a, molded one-piece’
housing having substantiallyvertical sides and a
posed vertically above thelp-ivotistuds, an inverted
U,~shaped?metal strap. having its'ends apertured
in alignment for pivotal engagement on the pivot
studs and for holdingr engagement with the de
tents when in vertical position, and means cen
trally of said str p for detachable engagement
witha handle.
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