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AUS- '20,’ 1946-
‘ .-
FiledDec. 20, 1944
Patented Aug. 20,1946
I 2,406,257
1 * 'IUNITED sures PATENT? 10mm)
it '_ 2,406,257 .
‘Albert R. Romero, Tucson, Ariz.
Application December 20, 1944, Serial'No'. 569,000
1 Claim-
(Cl. 70—227)
This invention relates to locks for bicycles, mo
torcycles or the like, installed as a ‘permanent
part of the equipment of such transportation
units; it being an object to provide a lock, pref
erably of the permutation type, rigidly attached
A lock 4 of the permutation type has a hasp 5
which is held closed or released, according to the
structural features of the lock mechanism which,
it isthought, need not be described in detail,
since any appropriate locking mechanism may
be employed. The lock casing has a plate 6 at
tached to it, as at 1, and the lock is held station
to a member of the bicycle or motorcycle which,
for the purpose of simplicity of description, will
ary on the fork I by a clip 8 which is ‘in such
be hereinafter referred to as a “bicycle”; the
to the lock that when the lock is func
said lock, in the present embodiment of the in
tioning, the said lock can not be dislodged from
vention, being attached to a fork stem of said 10 the fork. The clip 8 comprises a strip of metal
bicycle; the said lock having associated with it,
doubled on itself to form a loop C, and one length
novel means which are introduced between spokes
0 of the clip is attached to the plate 6 of the
of a wheel of the bicycle and retained in a po
lock by fastenings such as rivets c’. The length
sition transversely of the wheel through means
of the lock, the said transversely disposed mem 15 of material of the clip on the other side of the
loop is shaped to partially embrace the fork l
ber being articulated with respect to another per
and has its end 02 bent at an angle so that it
manently mounted element of the equipment.
projects through a space in the lock casing, which
A further object of this invention is to provide
space is back of the end plate 03 of the lock cas
novel means for mounting the lock on the frame
ing, and the said end of the clip within the lock
or fork of the bicycle, and other means for
casing has an aperture 04 which alines with an
holding the associated parts inactive during
aperture in the lock casing through which the
travel, yet permitting ready adjustment of the
of the lock projects. Hence, when the lock
locking means when the bicycle has come to rest;
is functioning, the hasp prevents the clip from
and it is furthermore an object to provide an in
being removed from the lock and additionally,
stallation of the character indicated which has 25 the'clip is held on the lock casing by fastenings
proven efficient and satisfactory, as well as com
paratively inexpensive to produce and maintain.
With the foregoing and other objects in View,
' such as screws 05 with appropriate retaining
means as illustrated in Fig. 4.
A yoke 9 has its end extending through the
the invention consists in the details of construc
lock casing and anchored therein by having its
tion, and in the arrangement and combination of 30 ‘ end upset within the casing, as shown at A. The
parts to be hereinafter more fully set forth and
yoke is threaded above the upset portion and a
lock nut B is threaded thereon to engage the
In describing the invention in detail, reference
casing of the lock to hold the parts assembled.
will be had to the accompanying drawing form
The yoke may be turned or partiallyirotated in
ing part of this application, wherein like char
the lock casing or, in other words, may be swung
acters denote corresponding parts in the several
to an appropriate position for shipment, and the
views, and in which
' yoke may be made of ?exible steel cable or B-X.
Figure 1 illustrates a view in side elevation of
The said yoke arches over the mud guard and
a fragment of the rear fork and mud guard of a
has a leg I0 secured by a clip H to a fork 2, so
bicycle, with a device embodying the invention 40 that
by this means, theyoke is rigidly attached
mounted thereon, the wheels of the bicycle being
to the bicycle structure. The end of the leg i0
is provided with a‘ hook l2 vby which a link I3
Figure 2 illustrates a sectional view on the line
is swingingly or oscillatably attached to it; it
2-2 of Fig. 1;
understood that the connection of the link
Figure 3 illustrates a section of the fork with '
with the leg is on the upper end of the link when
the lock and its mounting in plan;
it is in the position shown in dotted lines, Fig. 2.
Figure 4 illustrates a sectional view on the line
The joints between theend of the hook and the
4-4 of Fig. 1; and
looped end of the link are closed by soldering so
Figure 5 illustrates a sectional view on the line
that they can be readily detached or, if desir
5-5 of Fig.1.
able, these members may be connected by a, uni
In the drawing l and 2 denote the forks of a
versal joint. As shown in Figure 1, the link is
bicycle frame and 3 the usual mud guard, which
engaged by a spring clip M in which it is held
may be of any convenient structure, it being un
by friction and maybe readily dislodged there
derstood that a wheel 33 of the bicycle operates
from by pullingit outward with respect to the
between the two forks.
clip. The link is shown as having a knob or en
largement I 5 on its end-which will not escape
' through the loop of the hasp when it has been
locked in the hasp as it is shown in Figure 2; it
ibeing understood that when the bicycle is to be
locked, the link ‘is extended transversely between
V the spokes-of the wheel and secured in placeby
adjusting the lock to its locking position, sothat
by this means, “a ..stationary lockingminstitumene-a.
site side of the loop being shaped to embrace
one leg of the frame and having an angularly
disposed end coacting with the lock and having
means for receiving a hasp of the lock when in
looking position whereby the removal of the lock '
is prevented, a yoke attached to the lock and
having a part projecting downwardly along the
other leg of the frame, means for attaching the
partrtomthe, others leg’ ofnthe sframeaa :ioint-v on
tality is installed ion-bicycles; onwtheslikhsnomtim: 10 the ~endr-iofl-risaid leg, 2. link having ado-int mem
common use.
ber coacting with the ?rst mentioned joint, said
I claim:
link being adapted to assume an approximately
A look construction for looking a wheel of a bi; " “ horizontal position through a space between
cycle relative to a fork-like frame
spokesv ofath'émhe'elcand to be lodged in the hasp
wheel is mounted, comprising means foiuatt'aeh-S- ‘.;‘5Wf;;;thel10¢k;sand a spring clip attached to a, per
7 ingthe lock to the frame comprisingdalengthofl i ,
manentfpartxof the bicycle for engaging the link
' material doubled. on itself to form a loop;means
' for attaching the material-onsnneisidriiofsi?mxlohprs
tothe lock, the length of material on threnoppgav
and holding it inoperative;
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