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Aug. 20, 1946.
‘ T.
Filed July 12, 1943
' Inf/672150?“ ~
Tkomms C’. %rz%
Patented Aug’. 20,‘ 1943
2,406,278 ‘
CLEANER,‘ ‘I ‘ :
Thomas C. Worth, Market \Harborough, England
Application July 12, 1943,,‘ Serial'No. 494,295 ‘
2 Claims. (Cl. 1834-8)
desired,_ may be removably
. 2 secured to the ihouse
This invention relates to an air or gas cleaner,
and it has for one object to provide means for
separating dust, dirt or other solid matter from
An intermediate housing section -I2 is; in effect,
cuplike. It comprises a generally cylindrical por
a moving stream or column of air or gas.
It has for another object to provide a means CR tion which ?ts, as at I3, about‘,_ the lower portion
I4 of the housing section I.‘ The housing-section
for carrying out in a single apparatus two stages
I may be provided with an outwardly extending
of separation, in one of which the heavier or
' bead or?ange I‘5, against which the upper edge
larger particles are removed. and in the other of
which the smaller or lighter particles are re
I6 o1’v the housingsection I2 abuts when‘the parts
IO are assembled together.
Another object is to provide in a‘single, com
pact apparatus, means (for accomplishing dry
separation and ?uid separation in a single, con
tinuous process.
()ne convenient means
,for securing‘ the two housing sections together
comprises w'bayonet locks which are formed by
slots I"! in the section _I2 which embrace pins I8
in the section I. Other ‘attaching means‘ could,
Another object is to provide an apparatus of
the type indicated formed of a plurality of read
ily separable parts to permit effective and con
ofrcoursa?be substituted forthese.
' Thef'housing section‘ I2>is provided with a ‘bot
tom portion I9which'is preierablydntegral‘with
grammatically in the accompanying ‘drawing,
the side portion I2 ,andwhich is‘ also preferably
integral with a central tubular inlet member 20.
Preferably the cup‘ portion formed by the mem
bers I2, I9 and‘ 20 is 'rounded,;as__at 2|; and 22.
The upwardly extending‘ inlet member 20 may
be provided with a ?ange or bead 23. Positioned
venient cleaning.
Other objects will appear from time totime
throughout the speci?cation and claims.
This invention is illustrated more or less dia
Figure 1 is-avertical section through one form
of the device;
Figure 2 is a transverse section *taken'at-line
. 2-—2 of Figure 1; and
Figure 3 is an' elevational detail showing one
form of a separable attaching means.
within the portion I2 ;and‘gengaging the inner
face of the member 20 is a ba?le “which is ‘an
nul‘ar in- plant and is preferably'curved or concave‘ '
and upwardly facing. Its inner edge lies'against
and is preferably secured tojthe upper and of the
member 20, as at 25, and it maybe provided with
Like parts are indicated by- like characters 30 openingsZB adjacent whichyare'p‘ositioned out-'
wardly extending members 21.‘ It may also be
throughout the speci?cation and the drawing.
provided-with openings 28 adjacent which are po
In the particular form here shown, the device
sitioned inwardly extending ‘members 29.‘ This
comprises a housing which is, in e?ect, formed
baffle may conveniently be Welded or otherwise
by three main and preferably separable parts.
There is thus an upper housing section I, which 35 permanently secured to the member 20., Posi
may be cylindrical in cross'section, which is '
closed by a member 2 which may be permanently
secured‘ in place or, if desired, may be removable.
The member I is provided with a'perforation or
opening 3 in which an outlet connection member 40
4is positioned.
tioned ‘above and overlying the upper end of the
member 20 is an inwardly directed baffle 30.‘ It
may be secured to the upper, end of the member
20 by arms 3| which are secured to that memé
ber and to the ba?le, As shown, the, outer‘edge‘ '
32 of the baffle 30 projects into the area ‘bounded
by the‘ baffle 24, and the lower edge 32 of the
ba?ie 30 is belowthe upper edges of the baffle 24
and'below the upper’ edge of the member 120.
Within the housing I a massof ?lter material
5 is positioned. It is convenient to hold this ma- '
terial in place by an upper member'which may
comprise an annular portion 6 and a plurality 45 Thecup member ordinarily contains a quantity 7
of oil‘ or other liquid and preferably that liquid
of branches ‘I which may meet at the center, as
stands at a level somewhat above the lower edge
at 8. In general, the member formed by these
32 of, the ba?le 36, although considerable varia
parts is shaped to provide many openings, but is
tion‘in'the oil level may occur without destroying~ ’ p
of such size and shape, and the openingsare of
, .
such size and shape, as to prevent the ?lter ma 50 the effectiveness of thedevice;
A third housing section is positioned removably
terial from being carried away in the moving
belowthe section I2 and may be held in place
stream of air or gas.
by a spring bail 33 which is preferably provided
The ?lter mass is vsupported‘and positioned
with a roller or other anti-friction device 34,.the‘
from below by a member which may comprise an '
annular member '9 and arms or branches I0 55 bail being pivoted in ears '35 which are integral
which maybe joined centrally, as at I I. The ar
rangement‘ and purpose of the lower ?lter sup
porting means is gener‘ally'the same as the upper
member just described above. The annular por
with a band‘ 36, whichis itself, positioned about
and secured to the housing section _I 2. The lower
section includes a shell or. housingi‘portion 31
which at its‘upper edge abuts-against a portion
tions 6 and '9 may be welded to the housing or, if v60 ‘of the member I2,‘preferably the bottom portion
2,406,278 ‘
ings 38 which are formed by outwardly projecting
with cleaning liquid, and the solid matter is fur
ther entrapped in this liquid and removed from
tongues 39. The effect of this constructionis to
give enteringifair a whirling motionr One or more
the column of gas. The liquid itself tends to
flow downwardly again into the cup and carry
slots or openings 40 are formed ‘in the shell 31 5
with it this solid matter.
i9, and it is provided with a plurality of open
The cleaned air ?nally emerges from the ?lter
and adjacent each of these there is preferably
formed an outwardly projecting lip or vane 4i. = mass and passes outwardly throughthe connec
which tends to scoop on solid matter which comes 7 ' ” tion 4 to the point of use.
into contact with the inner surface of the mem;
' ' -'I claim:
ber 31 or approaches that'surface. This solid-1c, . 1. Inan' air, cleaner built up from vertically
aligned‘ nested cups, a bottom cup adapted to re
matter is directed to the openings 150' and passes
through them into a space which‘ is de?ned partly‘ ‘ ceive'dust, va dry cleaner cup closing the top
of the bottom cup and including a bottom por~
tionextending into the bottom cup and having
with a ?ange or collar 44 which is secured to the 15 dust discharge apertures associated with dust di
recting vanes therein and a side portion extend
shell 31, as at 45, and the space, enclosed be
ing above the bottom cup and having .airinlet
tween the members 37. and 42 thus forms a re
apertures, a liquid containing cup closing the
' . ceptacle into which solid matter deposited from
top of the dry cleaner cup andhaving an axial
the air as it whirls about Within the shell 3‘!
.by' the member 31 and partly by a shell 42. This , V
shell at its upper edge 43 is in sealing contact
is collected and retained.
0 air discharge duct extending upwardly'above the '
' Although I have shown an operative form of
level of the liquid in ‘said cup and adapted'to
my invention, it will be recognized that many
changes in the form, shape, and arrangement of,
parts can be made withoutdeparting from the
spirit of the invention, and my showing .is, there- 25
fore, to be taken as,'in a sense, diagrammatid.
In particular, the structural details may be widely
varied.v The means for holding the .parts sep
arably together might ‘be of almost any type.
The relative proportions of the baffles within the 30
oil bath portion l2 might be Widely varied. ‘The
serve as an air discharge outlet for the air en~
tering the dry cleaner cup, an arcuate mushroom
ba?le overlying the upper end of, said axial duct,
adapted to direct air downwardly toward the
liquid in said liquid containing cup, an upwardly
convex; circumferential baffle provided, at its bot
tom, with baffled openings and aligned-with the
path of flow of air from said mushroom bai?e,
extending below the liquid level in said liquid
containing cup and having an outer discharge
number of openings inithe baffle .24 and their '
edge spaced radially outwardly from the outer
particular shape'and disposition might be widely
edge of the mushroom baille, and a container po
sitioned above and closing the top of ' the liquid
varied. Similarly, the number of openings in the
member 37 and- their positioning in that member 35 ' containing, c'up,;having a cleanedv air dischargev
duct extending therefrom and havingan air per-'
vious?lter mass therein in the line of delivery
The use ‘and ‘operation of‘this invention are
might be widely varied.
of air from said liquid containing cup,
._ l
2., In an airy cleaner, a centrifugal separator
' with ‘an internal combustion‘ engine as a means 40 container having a generally cylindrical upper‘
V. #The invention will ordinarily be associated
for cleaning theiair which passes- to the engine,
although ‘it. maybe used in many'other Jassoci~
ations in which it 'is' necessary/or ‘desirable to
remove 's’olidjmatter from ‘a moving column of
,air or gas, If it, be assumed that the cleaner is 45
.to be used in connection with an engine, the
member 4' will be connected with the carburetor
or will otherwise be connected to carry clean air
to the point oftu'se. As the engine commences
operate; ‘suction.
air " is 'drawn
through the cleanenentering ‘the openings 38
andbeing given ‘a whirling action. The air thus
portion and amp-shaped lower portion,_said;up
per. portion having outwardly extending inlet’
scoops spaced circumferentially thereaboutjand
adapted to impart to .» the inflowing air a path:
conformingv generally tothe inner face of said
upper portion, said lower portion having inward-f
ly extending dust scoops, extending into the path 1
of flow of the air to be cleaned, a dust receiving
housing surrounding the. lower portion of the
_ container _and_ de?ning
._a dust-receiv
' 'ing space in communication with said dust scoops,
and a discharge outlet duct extending upwardly
from said upper portionv of the separator con
tainer, a liquid container‘positione'd above and
chamber 3i,‘ and the heavier: matter tends to
move outwardly and hence approach. or come 55 partly, closing the top of said centrifugal‘ sep:
arator container and having a central air dis
in contact with the inner surface of ‘the meme
charge duct extendingto a level above thelevel'
' ber 31. Such heavier matter passes through the
‘opening or openings 40 and may be‘ assisted in
of liquidin said container, an inverted‘arcuate
_ circulates or -whirls. about the space withinthe
mushroom shaped baille adapted to direct the air
this" movementv by the scooping action of the
members El if they are present. Once solid mat‘- 6f). which ?ows upwardly through said discharge duct
ter has passed through the wall of the shell. 31,;it
is entrapped and remains within the space de
downwardly toward and against the, liquid in said
container, an additional cleaning housing closing
I‘?ned‘by that member and the memberJlZ.
The relatively cleaner air now moves upwardly
the top of said liquid container, an air pervious
?lter mass positionedtherein, and an additional '
through the membergiu and is directed 'down- 65 upwardly convex ba?le positionedv in; said liquid
container and surrounding said air discharge
wardly by the member 39 toward the oil or other
duct, said additional ba?’iehaving, in its bottom,‘
liquid which is present. The air then moves up
ba?iedopenings' and being of substantially greater
diameter than the diametervof said inverted baft-j- '
baffle ‘36' to and through thefllter mass 5. .The
liquidwithin th‘ecup portion i2 is to a‘greater 70 fle, whereby it is adapted to direct airupwardly
or‘less' degree carried upwardly by the passage
toward the bottom ‘ of said air : pervious. ?lter
1 ' wardly again beyond the'lower' edgez32. of the
' of the air or gas, and'toa greater or less degree
saturates the ?lter mass, so that the relatively
small passages through which theair or gas must
mass, and means for removably securing said con
tainers in nested relationship.
move'in passing through the ?lter mass are lined 175 I‘.
‘ '
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