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All‘g- 20, 1946.
Filed June 18, 1945
4 Sheets-Sheet 1
R. G .LeZbunacau
Aug‘. 20, 1946.
Filed June 18, 1945
4 Sheets-Sheet 2
‘ R, G’. LéTaurneau.
Aug? 20, 1946-
- 2,406,309
Filed June 418, 1945
4_ Sheets-Sheét 3 '
R. G ZleTourneau
$114.15; m
Aug- 20, 1945-
2,406,300 ‘
Filed June 18, 1945
4 Sheets-Sheet 4
2?. G LeTouz-neaw
M" 11ml;
Patented Aug’. 20,1946
Robert G. Le Tourneau, Peoria, 111., assignor to
R. G. Le Tourneau, Inc., Stockton, Calif., a cor
poration of California
Application June 18, 1945, Serial No. 600,154
6 Claims. (Cl. 37-126)
lengthwise of the direction of travel, and includes
This invention is directed to an earth working
implement, particularly an earth scraper of the
carry type, i. e. a scraper operative to dig, load,
carry, and discharge earth.
One of the objects of this invention is to provide
a carry-type scraper which is self-propelled.
transversely spaced, substantially horizontal side
beams S. The side beams 6 are inwardly facing
channels, and a substantially rectangular car
riage 1 is supported from the side beams 6 for
movement lengthwise of the main frame, by
means of rollers 8 which engage and ride in the
channels of said side beams 6, Side thrust rollers
9 maintain proper ‘alinement of the carriage, 'l and
It is also an object of this, invention to con
struct a self-powered carry-type scraper which is
designed to be loaded, selectively, by movement of
prevent binding thereof in the channeled side
the implement resulting from wheel'traction, or 10
by independent powered-movement of the bowl
The main frame 5 is of substantially greater
assembly relative to a main supporting frame, or
length than the carriage 1, whereby the latter is‘
loaded by a combination of wheel traction and
capable of a relatively long travel within said
said independent powered movement of the bowl
Another object of the invention is to provide a
self-propelled carry type scraper which com
prises, with a tractor coupled in unitary draft
ing frame’ assembly II which carries an axle l2,
mounted on and movable lengthwise of the main
frame; a wheel supported bowl assembly ?xed
beneath and movable with the carriage; power
means operative to move the carriage alongr the
main frame; and a front apron suspended from
the main frame and adapted to cooperate with
A forwardly opening earth receiving-bowl’ I0 is i’
disposed beneath the carriage 1-, and at its rear '
end said bowl is ?tted with a rearwardly'project- ‘
relation to a trailing main frame, a carriage
the bowl assembly at the front.
main frame.
on opposite ends of which are mounted the rear
ground engaging, transversely spaced wheels, l3 '
of the‘ implement.‘ The frame assembly H in
cludes an upstanding portion 54 pivotally con
nected at its upper end to the. carriage ‘I at the
rear for ‘swinging movement about‘the axis of the
rear rollers 8.
‘Adjacent its forward end and on opposite sides
the bowl I0 is suspended from the corresponding
‘end of the carriage 'l by lift cables 15 which are
30 reeved between sheave blocks IE on the carriage
for which it is designed.
and sheave blocks H on the outsides of the bowl.
These objects are accomplished by means of
From the sheaves IS the pull leads l8 of. the cables
such structure and relative arrangement of parts
l5 extend rearwardly, pass about direction
as will fully appear by a perusal of the following
ohanging sheaves I9, and thence extend laterally
A further object of the invention is to produce
a simple and inexpensive device, and yet one
which will be exceedingly effective for the purpose
speci?cation and claims.
inwardly to oppositely wound connection with
In the drawings similar characters of reference 35 the cable drum 2!! of an electrically actuated re
indicate corresponding parts in the several views:
versible power winch, indicated generally at 2|,‘
Figure l is a side elevation ‘of the implement in
mounted on the carriage 1 adjacent its forward
carrying position.
end and substantially centrally of its sides.» The
Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional elevation of
40 electric power winch 2| is actuated, as are the
the implement in diggingand loading position.
other hereinafter described electric power winches "
Figure‘ 3 is a similar view but shows the imple
jof the implement, by means of an operatorcon
ment in discharging position," »
Figure 4 is a plan view of the implement.
Referring now more particularly to the char
acters of reference on the drawings, the imple
ment comprises a tractor, indicated in part at l,
in Fig, 1, and which tractor is preferably of the
two-wheel “Tournapull” type, supported by a pair
of transversely spaced ground engaging driving
trolled circuit.v The electric power winch :21,
together with the other ‘similar winches included
vin the'implement, are not onlyreversible but are
,‘nor'mally brakedagainst rotation of'the drumie.
. The structural details‘ of the electric power
winches form no part of the present invention'
1 and any suitable type may be employed, f '
The unit comprising the carriage ‘l and the
wheels 2. Adjacent its rear end the tractor l is 50 wheel mounted bowl assembly pivotally con
?tted with a combination draft coupling and
nected thereto, as above described, are arranged
power steering unit, indicated generally’ at 3,
to be power actuated in a forward direction and»
which is connected, as at 4, centrally with the
forward end of a trailing mainframe 5.
The main frame 5 is of open type, elongated 56
,lengthwise‘of’ the frame 5_by means of the fol
A pair ofv reversible electric power winches, in
dicated at 22, are mounted on the main frame 5
may selectively brake the tractor wheels 2, or the
rear wheels i3.
‘ at the front and include‘ cable drums 23 each dis
‘posed on a transverse axis and substantially
galined with the corresponding side beam 6.
In operation of the above described scraper it
Cablesft lead from the drums 23 rearwardly
‘ about upstanding‘sheaves
may be'loaded independently of wheel traction,
on the carriage at
as follows:
. the front and
adjacent the corners.
After pass
‘ ing about the sheaves 25 the cables Zc'l extend for
i The apron 255 is partially ‘raised by the cable 33
the bowl “flowered by the cables !5 until
wardly to an anchor on the frame. While the
the blade 3! is in ground engagement. There
above cable system is shown for the purpose of . 10
the tractor l is driven. forwardly to a cer
clarity as including only two lines’, a multiple; ' ‘ '- after
tain extent, w'hichcauses the carriage '5, together
line block and tackle system may be employed
if greater power is desired.‘ When the carriage
with the bowl Id, to move rearwardly relativelyv
‘to the main frame 5; the power winches 22 being
actuated at such time to permit the'cables 24 to
pay out as s'aidcarriage retracts. With the bowl
It in such retracted and lowered position, the
apron 25 is dropped into ground. engagement, as
shown in dotted lines in Fig. 2, and in which fig
1'! is adjacent the rear end of the main frame 5
‘the electric power units 22 can be actuated to
cause forceful forward movement of said car'
lriage, together with the bowl Hi, relativeto said
fzmain frame.
Ahead of the bowl to
adjacent the forward
ure the bowl is also shown in its retracted and
ierndr‘o?'but below the main frame 5, the imple~
digging position. The operatorthen locks the
‘ment includes a‘ front apron 2E adapted'to co~
front wheels 2, permitting the rear wheels 3 to
operate in closing relation with the forward end‘
remain unbraked, whereupon the electric power
,of the bowl iii when the latter is inian advanced
winches 22 are actuated in a direction to pull in
‘position, as shown in Fig. 1;" themount for the‘ 25 the cablesiiil _This causes the carriage l to
1apron 26 comprising the following:
forcefully advance, carrying the bowl i9 with it.
‘ A pair of heavy-duty transversely spaced sup
As the bowl advances the lads 3i digsinto the
porting arms 2‘? are fired inyconnection with the
earth andthe dug earth flows into said bowl;
apron‘ 26 at opposite ends, and extend rearwardly
the bowl continuing such advance until it comes
therefrom alongside the bowl id. Adjacent the so into closingrelationship with the lowered apron
rear end of the bowl, whenadvanced. and to the
2P5. Thereafter both, the bowl and apron are
outsides thereof the supporting arms 2?’ are piv~
raised to loadcarrying position, as shown in Fig.
‘otedya-t their rear ends, as at 2%, to the lower
that the load may be transported to the
end of rigid bracketsZQ which are ?xed in con
‘- point of discharge. _'lt7l'1en the vimplement reaches
nection with and’ decendfrom the side beams t; 1' such point the apron 25 is opened and the end
of the main frame
the: ends ‘
Intermediate their
is advanced, as shown in Fig. 3, for the
the supporting arms 2'?! pass between the lift'
purposeof discharging‘the load. from the bowl.
cables 15 and the adjacent sides of
bowl ;
‘ ‘lij‘his discharge maybe accomplished with the
' lowering ‘movement of said
below fully ,
scraper moving in order to properly ‘spreadithe
closed position of the apron 2% relative to the an
bowlv is being nreventedeb'y stop blocks as so».
.' if his desired to load the scraper partly by
cured to thesides of the bowl'aind onto which
wheel ,‘traction and partly by ‘independent pow~
stop‘ blocks the sheaves i l are secured.-
At its forward edge the‘ bottom of the bowl is:
is ?tted with a cutting ordigging blade-ii, while 45
'1 The apron 2E
‘ ered movement of, the carriage l‘ and bowl it, the I
e isas follows:
the apron 215 is an elevated position, and
; the bowl iii retracted and lowered to dig-‘
at its lower and rear edge the apron 25 is ?tted
with a complementary hladefilh
ngp'osition, the implement is driven forward
vertically adjustably suspended
through the medium of the drive wheels
' from the main
1 until
frame: by means of a’cable 33'
the blade 5i has ?lled the bowl if} to the extent
apron at the front and adjacent 5o of the tractive capacity of said wheels .2. There-v
its lower
and thence extendin upwardly
after the forward movement of the irnpiement is
in guided'relation abouts, cab-1e
352 of a
‘stopped; the brakes on wheels 2 are set; the apron
electric power winch
mounted, on
25 lowered; and the carriage l’ and bowl to ad
vthe main frame 5 adjacent‘ its forward end and
the remaining distance to'said apron" by.
substantially centrally of the sides thereof.
‘the independent power means comprising the
V iThe bowl lEl'is provided ‘with a forwardly mov
electric power winches 22 and’ cables-724i, which
secured to
’ able end gate 36 normally disposed in the rear
forcefully 'advance'the carriage ‘in ' the manner .
end of. the bowl and forming the back wall
thereof.‘ However, this end gate is mounted for
previously described.‘ "When the load. has been
acouiredit is transported and discharged in the
powered forward movement in the bowl and to
discharge ajload therefrom, generally as follows:
‘A frame ‘structure 31 extends rearwardly from
the end'gate, 36 and includes ar'cluster of guide
rollers 33 cooperating ‘with a7 horizontal guide I‘
beam 239' in'a frame assembly ii. . Theend gate»
36, together with its franie'structurciil, is ‘power
same manner previously described.
It will, also be‘evident that with the bowl to in
an advanced position, the apron
and said
‘bowl 1
y also housed in thesame ‘manner as a
conventional carry ‘ typescraper which loads
'7 solely by wheel traction. '
advanced and retracted from a reversible electric 1
power Winchell mounted'in thev frame assembly
i l. and including an end gate advancing cable sys- ‘
. tern 4i and an end gate ‘retracting cable system "
t2, bo-th’of which‘ systems connect in operative
“from the foregoing description it will be read~
seen that there has been produced’such a de
vice as substantially ful?lls the objects of the in
1 ‘
<1 set forth in‘ the appended claims.
lethis specification describes in detail the
pre nt'and preferred construction of the device,
relation with the cable drumtiofthe. winch 4d.’ " ' st
, ihfpractice such deviations from such detail
,The ‘wheels 2 of the tractor, as well as the
‘may he rose d to as do not form a departure
rear wheels l3 of the implement, include brakes
(not shown), by means of " which 5the operator
from the sp t of the invention, ‘as defined'by
said claims; »
5 ,
Having thus described the invention, the fol
lowing is claimed as new and useful and upon
which Letters Patent is desired:
l. A self-propelled scraper comprising, in uni
tary relation, a tractor, an elongated mainframe
disposed above the ground
coupled to the
tractor in draft relation, an earth digging and
carrying bowl unit extending below. the -main
frame, means mounting the bowl unit in con
nection with the main frame for relative length
wise movement, power means between the frame
and bowl unit operative to effect such movement
of the latter, and a front apron mounted in con
means extending between the carriage and bowl
4. A self~propelled scraper oomprisingyin uni~
tary relation, a tractor, an elongated main frame
disposed above the ground and coupled to the I
tractor in draft relation, a carriage} mounted on
the main frame for longitudinal sliding move
ment, an earth digging and carrying ‘bowl unit
extending below the carriage, a frame structure
10 on the bowl unit secured to the carriage whereby
the bowl unit moves with said carriage, ground.
engaging wheels on the bowl unit, and power
means connected between the main frame and
carriage to effect such movement thereof; said
nection with the frame and disposed in coopera
tive relation ahead of the bowl unit, the bowl 15 frame structure mounting the bowl unit for ver
tical pivotal adjustment, and suspension means
unit being open at the forward end and said end
extending between the carriage and bowl unit.
being closed by the apron when the bowl unit is
5,. A self-propelled scraper comprising, in uni
moved lengthwise into engagement therewith;
tary relation, a tractor, an elongated main frame
said front apron including transversely, spaced
side arms projecting rearwardly on opposite sides 20 disposed above the ground and coupled to the '7
tractor in draft relation, a carriage mounted on
of the bowl, rigid depending brackets on the
the main. frame for longitudinal sliding move—
main frame to which said side arms are pivotally
ment. an earth digging and carrying bowl unit ex
attached at the rear, and, vertically adjustable
tending below the carriage, means mounting the
means suspending the apron from said main
2. A scraper as in claim 1 in which the bowl
unit is pivoted in connection with said mounting
means for verticaladjustment, and liftcables
depending from said mounting means for attach
25 bowl unit for lengthwise movement with the car
rage, power means connected between the‘main
frame and carriage operative to effect such sliding
movement of the latter,’ a vertically adjustable
front apron suspended from the main frame in
cooperative relation ahead of said lengthwise
ment with the bowl on opposite sides,‘ the side
bowl unit, a forwardlymovable end gate
arms of the apron extending between the liftca
in the bowl unit, and end gate actuating means
bles and adjacent sides of the bowl, and stop
mounted for movement with the bowl unit.
members on said sides of the bowl disposed to lim
6., A scraper comprising an elongated frame
it relative lowering of the side arms below a pre 35
disposed above and for movement along the
determined point.
ground, a wheel-supported ‘earth digging and
3. A self-propelled scraper comprising, in uni
bowl unit extending below the frame,
tary relation, a tractor, an elongated main frame
means mounting the bowl unit in connection with
disposedabove the ground and coupled to the
the frame for relative lengthwise movement, pow
tractor in draft relation, a carriage mounted on 40 91' means between the frame and bowl unit‘ opera
the main-frame for longitudinal sliding move
tive to effect such movement of the latter, and a
ment, an earth digging and carrying bowl unit
front apron mounted in connection with the
extending below the carriage, a‘frame structure
frame and disposed in cooperative relation ahead
on the bowl unit secured to the carriage whereby
of the bowl unit; the bowl unit being open at the
‘the bowl unit moves with said carriage, ground. 45 forward end and said end being closed by the
apron when the bowl unit is moved lengthwise
engaging wheels won the bowl unit, and power
into engagement therewith; the bowl unit and
means connected between the main frame and
front apron being secured in connection with said
carriage to effect such movement thereof; said
mounting means and frame, respectively, for in
frame structure being pivotally attached to the
dependent and power actuated vertical adjust
carriage whereby the bowl unit is vertically 50 ment.
swingable, and vertically adjustable suspension
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