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Aug. 27, 1946.
s, „1_ BENN
_ `
2,406,314 v
Filed Nov. 1v, 1945
' (Ittorñvegs
Patented Aug. 27, >1946
stephen J. Benn, Philadelphia, ra.
Application November 17, 1942s, serial No. 510,676
(o1. 4-227)
2 Claims.
This invention relates to deodorîzing or disin
fecting means for use in conjunction with ilush
the arm I3 to the shaft. These parts areoldsand
form no part of the invention except'in combina
tion with the features hereinafter described. '
tank toilets.
The object of the invention is to provide a
A receptacle y I5 is provided for the deodorant,
incense or disinfectant, and may be of any desired ’
shape or size. Formed in or secured to the re
flush tank with means for dispensing a predeter
mined quantity of deodorant, incense, or disin
fectant into the flush water-'upon actuating the
flush valve in order to destroy or render in
ceptacle are a pair of hangers I6, shaped to‘fen
gage over the upper edge’of the end wall 6 of the
tank.> These are of inverted U-shape and of suf--l
noxious any eilluvia.
A further and particular object of the inven
10 ncient length to support the receptacle the proper
tion is to provide a device for the purpose men
distance below the upper edge of the tank.
The `
portion of the hangers immediately above the re
ceptacle are offsetV as indicated at I'I to hold the`
tank without any alteration or substitution of
receptacle in spaced relation to the adjacent wall'
parts in the tank or its operative mechanism,
and Without necessitating the services of a me 15 of the tank. This minimizes or prevents accu
tioned which may be readily applied to the ilush
A further object of the invention is to provide
a device of the class mentioned which may be
manufactured and supplied to the market as a
mulation forming between the receptacle and the
adjacent wall of the tank and also maintains the
actuating mechanism hereinafter described from
contacting the wall of the tank. In> the top of
complete operative unit adapted to be placed in 20 the receptacle is a filling opening provided with a .
position'within the flush tank and coupled to "
closure I8.
iiushing mechanism by a single simple operation.
In order to discharge a portion of the contents
Other objects will appear hereinafter.
of the receptacle upon each actuation of the nush
handle, ‘the receptacle is provided withv .a dis
With these objects in View, the invention con
sists generally in a container for a deodorant or 25 charge opening controlled by a valve which is
disinfectant provided with means for suspend
actuated by a trip arm suitably connected to the
ing the same within a flush tank, a discharge
flush handle shaft. To this end the bottom of the
opening in said container, a valve normally clos
receptacle is formed with a boss I9 into which is
ing said opening, a valve actuating lever pivotally
threaded abushing 20 having a bore 2| constitut
mounted on the container, a link attached to said ` ing the discharge opening. The upper end of the
lever and adapted to be connected to the flush
bore is contracted and formed with a valve seat
valve release mechanism so that upon each actu
22 for a poppet valve 23 having a stem 24 extend
ation of the latter. said lever will operate the
ing below the boss I9. Interposed _between a
valve to permit a desired quantity of deodorant
shoulder formed by the contracted portion of the
or disinfectant to be -discharged into the flush 35 bore and a spider or guide 25 on the stem 24 is a
water within the tank.
spring 26 for normally' holding the valve on the
The invention will be more readily understood
by reference to the accompanying drawing form
Mounted on the receptacle adjacent the lower
ing a part of this specification and in which:
portion thereof is a bell crank lever 2'I'.'` This
Figure 1 is a plan view of a portion of a flush 40 lever is preferably mounted on a stud 28 on a lug
tank illustrating the device suspended therein,
29 depending from the bottom of the receptacle.
This lever may be stamped from sheet metal, and
Figure 2 is a section on the line 2_2 of Fig. 1.
comprises a substantially horizontal trip arm 3D
Referring now to the drawing, 5 indicates a
extending under the receptacle and beneath the
nush tank of the usual type, and B and 1, por
valve stem 24, and an upwardly extending arm 3| v
tions of adjacent end and front walls thereof re
having a laterally offset lug 32 at its upper end
spectively. In the front wall of the tank is the
which is perforated to receive one end of a tie rod
usual bushing 8 within which »is mounted a shaft
33, the opposite end of which rod is provided with
9 on the outer end of which is fixed the ñush
a. perforated end 34 through which the screw I4 is
handle IIl for actuating the ñush valve, not .50 extended to attach the discharge medium of the
shown. The inner end of the shaft is usually
receptacle to the flush handle. The end of the
polygonal in cross-section as indicated at II, and
tie rodextending through the lug 32 is threaded
upon this is mounted the hub I2 of the flush
as at 35 to receive nuts 36 which are arranged on
valve lifting arm or actuating lever I3. A screw
opposite sides of the lug 33 and by means of
or bolt I4 is tapped through the hub I2 to secure
which adjustment may be made between the lever
V2‘1 and the ñush mechanism to properly position s
the arm 30 with relation to the valve stem 24. ‘ In
order to facilitate the operation of the device with
ease and without strain on the mechanism, the
arm 3| is of su?ûcient length to extend an appre
ciable distance above _the level of the shaft 9, and
the rcd 33 extends horizontally therefrom to acl-`
jacent said shaft and is then bentY angularly
downward as indicated at 31 to engage the screw
i4 at right angles'or 4tangenti-ally'to fits path of
I claim:
1. The combination of a ilush tank provide
with the usual ilush valve actuating lever, with
a reservoir suspended therein, said reservoir'pro- `
vided with a discharge opening in the lower por
tion thereof, a discharge Valve normally closing
said opening, a stern on said valve extending be
low the reservoir, a bell crank lever pivotally
mounted on said reservoir, and comprising an arm
extending beneathv said valve stem and an arm
Vangular-ly disposed with »relation to the first said
' .'"lît should be noted that the. entire device is _of c _ arm, and a connection between the last said arm
unitary construction, that is, it forms a complete»
Y "and the flush valve actuating lever.
operative unit which, as a whole, 4may be pesi,t A -~ l2. The combination of ak flush tank provided y
' tioned and supported within the' Aiiush tank byU
merely slipping the hangers I6 over‘theïupper.
edge of the end wall of thetankandcoupling ¿the
' with the usual flush valve actuating lever, with a
-reservoir suspended therein, said reservoir pro
vided with a discharge opening in the lower por
tie rod 33 to the ñush medium of the tank by' ` ‘ tion thereof, a discharge valve normally closing
vsimply removing the screw I4 and replacing the
Vsame after having extended it through the per->
¿foration in the endY 34 ofthe tie rod. After the
said opening, a stem on said valve extending be
low the reservoir, a bell crank lever pivotally
mounted on. said reservoir, and comprising an
armdisposed in lgenerally horizontal positionv .and -
„device _is installed, `>should it be found> thattoo
littlefor toozmuch fluid is being discharged from
extending under said valve stem and an upright»
1y disposed arm having alaterally projectedlug,
the` reservoir uponY >actuation of the flush, „the
vamount can be readily regulated by» adjusting 25 andV añexible thrustrodfsecured to andmovable
Withthe flush valve actuating lever and adjnst
_the >-nuts v36 onthetie rod. The operation vof the
ably secured to .saídlug
device fis ,believed .to .be »clear from the drawing
and-:the Ioregoingdescription..
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