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Aug. _27, 1946.
» »2,406,317
Filed April 16, 1945
y‘231,116,311` l
Patented Aug. 27, 1946
Gust Bonde, Marinette, Wis.
Application April 16, 1945, Serial No. 588,615
2 Claims. ‘(Cl. ‘1_-255)
îlilîn plungers for clearing clogged drains or the
An object of this invention is to provide an irn
proved suction plunger which igsimp-le in con
struction and will automatically return to its nor
the rod Il,
gaged about the drain opening. The plunger rod
Il is then moved downwardly so as to flex and
distort the inner cup member I0, as shown in
dotted lines in Figure 1. Pressure in a downward
suction cups, said cups cooperating with each
types of ñxtures.
Another object of this invention is to provide a
device of this kind which, by reason of the novel
In the use and operation of this device, the cup
‘member Hl has the flange or rib II thereof en
mal position, the device including inner and outer
other to provide an eiiicient suction action for
quickly cleaning or loosening drains in various
Il, bearing at its lower end against'the upper end
of the boss I2, and bearing at its upper end against
a transversely extending pin I Slengaging through
This invention relates to improvements in suc
` direction on plunger rod I'I will compress the
spring I8 so that the outer cup member I0 will ,
be tensioned against the surface of the fixture
about the opening. As the inner cup member Iä
fîeXes downwardly the air inside of this member
will be forced downwardly and this air will pro
construction thereof, is more'powerful in its op
eration than conventional suction cups.
With the above and such other objects in view,
vide a force for unclogging the drain.
as may hereinafter more fully appear, I have in
The plunger rod il may be worked up and down
and as the plunger rod- I1 is released the spring
vented the device shown in the accompanying
drawing, in which:
Figure 1 is a vertical section, partly rbroken away 20 I3 will force this rod upwardly so as to return '
the inner cup member Id to substantially its nor
mal position. In this manner the pump will op
and in detail, of a suction pump constructed ac
cording to an embodiment of this invention.
erate automatically on its return stroke and, the
downward pressure on the outer cup member II!
Referring to the drawing, the numeral Il) desig 25 will provide sufficient pressure to seal the flange
I I about the drain opening.
nates generally an outer> resilient. cup member
The above is the preferred embodiment of my
which is formed at the lower large open end there
invention but it is to be understood that modifica
of with a flange or rib Il. rThe cup member I9 is
tions may be resorted to that fall within the scope I
formed at the upper end thereof with a boss I2
having an opening I3 therethrough, the purpose 30 of the claimed invention.
Figure 2 is a sectional View taken on the line
2_2 of Figure 1.
for which will be hereinafter described.
What I claim is:
An inner resilient cup member I4 is disposed
within the outer cup member I B, and opens down
wardly. 4'I‘he inner cup member I4 terminates at
its lower open end adjacent the lower end of the
outer cup member I0, and is secured to the inner
yside of the outer cup vmember ID, as indicated at
1. A suction plunger> comprising a >resilient
outer cup having an opening rand a boss about
said opening, an inner cup secured at its lower end
to said outer cup, said inner cup having an open
ing aligning with the opening of said outer cup,
and a plunger rod secured to said inner cup and
slidably engaging through said ñrst opening.
2. A suction plunger comprising a resilient
The inner cup member I4 may be vulcanized or
outer `cup having an opening and a boss about said
otherwise ñrmly secured to the outer cup member
opening, an inner cup secured at its lower end to
I0 so as to form substantially an integral bond.
said outer cup, said inner cup having ank opening
The inner cup member I4 is provided with an up
aligning with the opening of said outer cup, a
wardly extending boss I6, and, as shown in Figure
plunger rod secured to said inner cup and slidably
1, when the device is in normal position the upper
end of the inner cup member I4 will be disposed in 45 engaging through said first opening, a spring
about said rod bearing at one end against said
downwardly spaced relation to the upper end of
boss, and a spring tensioning member iixed rela
the outer cup member I0. The lower end of a
>plunger rod I1 is threaded into the boss I6, and
slidably engages through the opening I3 of the
_boss l2.
A spring IB is positioned about the plunger rod
tive to said rod and bearing against the opposite
end of said spring.
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