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‘Aug. 27, 1946. '
A_ w_ pAvis
2,406,322 '
Filed May 15,’ 1945
)6 /4
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Aug. 27, ‘1946.
Filed May 15, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Aug. 27, 1946
Andrew W. Davis, Madison, Ill.
Appiication May 15, 1945, Serial No. 593,950
4 Claims. (01. 1V2‘—63)
This invention relates to machines designed
for skiving counter stiffeners of shoes, the pri
which are disposed directly opposite to each
mary object of the invention being to provide
?llers having recesses of various sizes, and de
signs, the ?llers being constructed so that they
may be readily removed and replaced, to the end
viding shoulders l5 adjacent to the ends thereof.
The matrix ?llers embody semicircular mern~
bers 16 which are constructed of suitable mate
that the machine may be readily converted for
other, the flanges having cut-out portions l4. pro“
rial, preferably plastic material, the members H5
being curved so that they will accurately fit the
constructing counter stiffener blanks of various
curvature of the matrix roll I I. As clearly shown
sizes and designs, without the necessity of re
by Fig. 4 of the drawings, one end of each matrix
moving the matrix and replacing it with a matrix 10 ?ller section It is formed with cut-out portions
of a different size or design; thereby reducing
adjacent to one of its ends, providing an exten
the time'period for converting the machine, to
a minimum.
Another object of the invention is to provide
sion H, the extensions" of the sections of the
matrix ?ller, being positioned within the cut-out
portions Id of the matrix roll. The edges of
a sectional matrix ?ller which when positioned 15
the matrix ?ller sections are beveled, as shown
on the matrix roll, will be securely held against
by Fig. 4 of the drawings, and these beveled edges
are adapted to cooperate with the beveled sur
With the foregoing and other objects in view
of the disks l8 and IS. The disk I8 is
which will appear as the description proceeds,
secured‘ to the shaft l2, and when the matrix
the invention consists of certain novel details of 20 ?llers are‘ positioned, one end of each (?ller sec
construction and combinations of parts herein
tion is positioned so that it contacts with the
after more fully described and pointed out in
beveled surface of the disk l8. The disk‘ I9 is
the claims, it being understood that changes may
be made in the construction and arrangement of
parts without departing from the spirit of the
now slid into position over the opposite beveled
edges of the sections of the ?llers, and the nuts
20 are operated to force the disk l9 into grip
invention as claimed.
ping relation with the matrix ?ller sections.
Referring to the drawings
Thus it will be seen that dueto this construction,
Figure 1 is an elevational view of a counter
?ller sections may be readily and easily re
stiffener forming machine, illustrating a matrix
moved or positioned. While I have shown and
?ller, constructed in accordance with the inven 30 describedythe disk H! as attached to the shaft
tion, as positioned on the matrix roll thereof.
12, it is to be understood that the disk may, if
Figure 2 is a plan view thereof.
desired, be constructed as an integral part of
Figure 3 is a vertical sectional view through the
shaft l2.
Figure 4 is a perspective view illustrating the 35 It will of course be understood that the surface
of the matrix ?ller sections are ground out to
matrix roll sectionsas separated, and one of the
form recesses indicated at 2!, to ?t various sizes
filler sections used on the matrix roll.
Referring to the drawings in detail, the refer~
ence character 5 designates the table of a counter
and designs of counter stiffeners thereby permit;
ting the counter to move into the recesses which '
are formed to skive the desired portion of the
stiffener skiving machine, which is provided with 40 counter
an opening through which the feed roll 6 extends, A
Should it ‘be desired to remove the matrix ?l
the feed roll being rotated by suitable means not
lers and replace them with ?llers having recesses.
shown, whereby the counter stiffeners are fed
for skiving counter stiffener blanks of a larger
through the machine.
or smaller size or design, the filler blocks may be
The reference character 1 indicates the knife 45 readily removed and replaced with ?ller blocks
holder block, the ?xed knife supported thereby,
which will form the required size of stiffener
being indicated by the reference character 8, the
eliminating the necessity of replacing the
knife being adjustable by means of the set screw
entire matrix roll, to make the change.
9 which is shown as extended into a threaded
From the foregoing it is believed that due to
opening formed in the‘ knife holder block 1, the 50 the construction shown and described, the utility
main portion of the screw being disposed within
of applicant’s invention will be apparent, and that
the elongated opening I!) formed in the ?xed
a further detailed disclosure as to the use of the
knife '8.
The matrix roll is indicated by the reference
character II, and is mounted on the shaft l2,
the matrix roll being provided with ?anges i3
device is unnecessary.
What is claimed is:
1. The combination with a matrix. roll and
matrix roll shaft of a counter sti?ener skiving
ends of the sections to the matrix roll, the edges
of the ?ller sections being-beveled, a stationary
disk having a concaved surface ?tted on the shaft
and adapted to ?t over the beveled edges of the
?ller sections, at one side of the ?ller sections,
machine, of a. matrix ?ller comprising wide semi
circular: ?ller sections, adapted to ?t around the‘
matrix r011, said matrix r011 having cut-out por-i
tions, extensions on the ends of the ?ller sections
adapted to ?t into the cut-out portions of the
matrix roll, and disks ?tted on the matrix roll‘
shaftadapted to engage said ?ller sections, se-,
a movable disk having’ a concaved surface adapt- \
ed to ?t'over theopposite side edges of the ?ller
sections, and a nut on the matrix roll shaft
adapted to ‘engage the movable disk, securing the
curing the ?ller sections on the'matrix roll.
2. The combination with a matrix roll and 10 movable disk in engagement with the ?ller sec
matrix roll shaft‘ of a counter stiffener skivingv
machine, of a matrix ?ller comprising wide semi-f ' . 3 ' tions.
4, The combination with a matrix roll and
matrix r011 shaft of a counter stiffener skiving
machine, of a matrix ?ller comprising wide semi
shaft and having a concaved surface, said ?ller»
sections having beveled edges adapted to ?t into‘ 15 circular sections adapted to ?t over the matrix,
shoulders on the matrix, extensions at the ends
the concaved surface of the stationary disk, and
circular ?ller sections, adapted to ?t around the, r ,
' matrix roll, a stationary disk mounted on the:v
of the matrix ?ller sections adapted to engage
a movable disk having a concaved surface-adapt»
ed to ?t over the opposite beveled edge of r the"
matrix ?ller, securingthe matrix ?ller sections on
the matrix r011.
‘3. The combination'with a matrix roll and
matrixroll shaft of a counter sti?ener skiving
machine, of a matrix ?ller comprising wide semi
circular ?ller sections, means for securing the
the shoulders of the matrix, securing the ?ller
sections. against lateral movement with respect to
the matrix, and disks having concaved surfaces
adapted to embrace the ends of the ?ller sections,
securing the filler sections on the matrixroll.
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