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Aug. 27,1946.’A
I `
1.,.1. KUERT
Filed July s1, 1944
2 sheaves-snee@> 1
l. ¿Kür-:RT
. 2,406,335 ~
FiledL Julyx 31, 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
mA J. Kms/2Ty
Patented Aug. 27, 1946
2,405,335 „
Ira J. Kuert, Los Angeles, Calif.
Application July 31, 1944, seria1N0.547,491
's Claims.
(C1.- 18e-11),
This invention relates to a mobile tower.
The general object of the invention is to pro
vide an improved mobile tower such as an elevator
rality of pipes I4 which extend Vthrough. apertures
I3 and 13a inplates I5 and I 5a. The plates I5 '
and I5a are secured to thetop and bottom of the
frame I'I at each corner. thereof. The pipes I4
are provided with spaced apertures I6 through
which pins‘such as bolts `I1 extend. By adjust
ing the position of the pins I 1 the position of the
pipes I 4 relative to the platform I I may be ad
justed. Each. pipe at its lower end has a pair of
or hoisting apparatus which is particularly
adapted for use in elevating concrete to be poured
into wall forms.
A more specific object of the invention is to
provide a mobile elevator including a novel tower
supporting means.
A further object of the invention is to provide 10
curved arms I8V secured thereto by bolts I9. Eachv o
a novel tower construction for an elevator.
pair of arms I8 supports a shaft 20
A further object of the invention is to provide
in turnk
supports a caster or transporting wheel
anovel means for mounting a tower member.v .
I4 are free to turn„ thus permitting '
Another object of the vinvention is to provide
the caster wheels to turn so that the platform may
a novel joint for use in building towers and similar
` be shifted. If the apparatus isv used on a surfaceV
that slopes, the effective’length of the rods mayr
be adjusted by proper placing of the pinsr I1 so
An additional object of the invention is to prou
vide a novel platform frame construction for a
mobile elevator.y
A that the platform vmay be heldin a substantially
Other objects and advantages of 'my invention
will be apparent from the following description
horizontal position.`
taken in connection withthe accompanyingdraw
ings, wherein:
The platform I2 is removed at the middle por
tion of the frame to provide a well 22 in which I
arrange my improved tower which is indicated
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a mobile hoisting
, The` toweris mounted upon a .truck 24 which'
includes -transverse channel 'members 25 ~ and.
apparatus embodying the features of my inven
longitudinal I-beam members 26. The members
Fig. 2 is a top plan View of the‘platform with
the upper ends of the caster wheel pipes and the
tower broken away and with the concrete mixer
25 and 26 are vsecured together. at their ends. `The
I-beamV members `26 are provided with opposedl
apertures through which tubular axle supporting
members 21 are inserted. The members 21 are
held in place as bywelding at 28. The tubular
members 21 receive axles or shafts 29 which sup
port roller bearings 30 which latter support
Fig. 3 is an enlarged sectional view taken on
line 3_3, Fig. 1,'
Fig. 4 is a perspective view showing a column
coupling member;
Fig. 5 is a View similar to Fig. 4, showing an
other coupling member;
Fig. 6 is a fragmentary side elevation showing
a column joint and column braces;
Fig. 7 is a section taken cn line 1_1, Fig. 6 ;
wheels 3 I.
Each wheel 3| has ,a plate 32`provided with
apertures 33 receiving screws 34 which enter the
wheels to hold the plates in place. The plate 32"
serves to hold the bearings 30 in place
and each>
Fig. 8 is an enlarged transverse section taken4 40 plate is provided with an aperture 35 which re
ceives a reduced portion 36 on the axle 29. "
on line 8_8, Fig. 1;
The axles 29 are received in a pair ofv plates Á31.
Fig. 1, and
Each V'plate has a ñange 31a secured to the frame
II` by bolts 31h. The` plate 31 is braced ‘bydown
Fig. 10 isv a reduced side elevation showing the
wardly converging angle members `31c. Each'
45 plate 31 has an aperture 31d
Referring t0 the drawings by reference char
which receives the
reduced end portion 353 on the Vaxle 29. Washers
acters, I have shown my invention as embodied in
31e are arranged on each side of the plate 31.
a mobile hoisting apparatus which is indicated
The wheels are- held in place by pins 38 which
generally as at I0. As shown, the apparatus in
cludes a rectangular frame I I which may be made 50 pass through the portion 360i theshaft.
Upon each endof each of the Ifbeams 26 I se
of channel irons. Upon the frame II `I arrange
cure pins 40 which are upwardly directed and
a platform I2 for the operator. The »operating
are held in place as >by welding at 4 I. . Each of the
mechanism is mounted on the frame II as shown
in Fig. 2.
pins slidably receives a tube l42. -Thetubes 42
In order to support the frame Iprovide a plu- 55> form-fourcorner members of the tower 23.. The.
tubes 42 rest upon the I-beams 26 and thus their
placed to permit the bucket to dump from either
` weight is carried to the wheels 3| on the truck 24.
In order yto make the tower adjustable in
. height I employ novel coupling members which
, are shown in detail in Figs. 4 to 7, inclusive. Each
coupling preferably includes a member 44 and a
1 pair of members 45. A pair of the members 44
or four ofthe members 45 may be employed if
1 desired. The member 44 includes a body portion
one of the other two sides of the tower.
The tower is shown as provided with a staging
V90 which is braced by a member 9| and is held
on the rods 42 by bolts 92 which pass through
apertures in the rods.
Upon the end of the platform remote from
the `motor 14 I provide a concrete mixer 93 which
has a drive gear 94 driven from a gear 95 on a
` or wing 46 having a semi-cylindrical groove or
shaft'l96'by a'chain 91 which is driven from
in# 10 the sprocket ~98 on a shaft 99. The shaft 99 is
ï recess 41 therein. Each of the48members45
cludes base portions or wings
driven by bevel gears |00 from the shaft 12
ranged at right angles to each other and are
previously mentioned by clutch means not shown.
The concrete mixer‘includes a skip |95 which
grooves or recesses 41 and 49 are of a radius cor
is vpivoted at |06 and is operated by a cable |91
responding -to the external radius of the tubes 42.'
whichY passes over a pulley |08 and extends to
'I‘he groove 41 includes an arcuate `boss 5|) in-: ' a drum |09‘where _it is driven from the shaft 12
termediate its length and each of the grooves 49 *v by clutch means not shown.
the apparatus I provide the ’
`, includes an arcuate boss 5| intermediate Y its`
lInorder to move
frame sides with U-shaped brackets |||) which
length. `The lower surfaces of the bosses >4|] and
nected by grooved
or recessed portions 49.
The:v Y
I5| engage the top of a tube -42 upon which they 20 slidably Yreceive pipes |||. By sliding outthe
are arranged and the upper surfaces ofthe bosses
50 >and 5| are engaged by the lower' end of vthe
pipes |||> they afford ready' means for shifting
upper tube'which the coupling member'supports.
>In. order to prevent premature dumping of a
the apparatus.
In use the coupling members are mounted upon a
bucket 18,A I provide a suitable catch >| |2 whichv
tube as-shown in Fig. 7 and suitable fastening 25 may be released to permit the bucket to `swing
members 52 are inserted through apertures 53
to discharge the contents.
in the members k44 and 45.
In operation the tower is `built up tothe desired
YTo support the tubular members 421v provide ’ height‘and the bucket is arranged in the correct
transversely extending horizontal braces 54‘which
dumping position. The operatorjthen starts theY
are connected to the adjacent' base portions 48, 3.0 motor ‘ 14 l and,1 performs the various operations
as shown in Fig. '1. Above and below each hori
incident ,toV power the concrete.;` As theK work
zontal brace -54 I arrange intersecting tieA mem-v
bers or rods l»55 which have, eyes'engaged by ,theV
fastening member 52.>
' '
progresses the height of the ‘tower may be
changedif desired,
In order to brace the ‘entirer tower, guy cablesl
51 are secured at their upper ends to one or
f y
i .
end,‘said platform member having va well dis-p
porting wheels mounted'on the shaft means, a
tubes'42 to prevent slipping of the crown block.
The crown block includes pulleys r61 over which
a- lower pulley `69 and onto a’drum 10 'where
it is drîvenfthrough a clutch 1|` from a shaft
of a motor 14. YThe other end of thecable 68
has a hook 15 which engages` an eye v16 on a
bail secured to a bucket 148'. ‘ The_bail consists
of a channel 19 as shownin Fig. 3 which, ad-V
towerframe adjacent-to and'below the well, said
tower frame including longitudinal and trans
verse members, means whereby the shaft means
pivotally supports the vtower frame, ,and a tower
on said tower frame and extending‘upwardly
‘ One end portion of the cable 68 passes" over
12 which is driven by a` beltV 'ory chain 13 by means
posed between the sidesand ends of the platform,
shaft means mounted/beneath the platform" and
^ extending transversely of the platform and beinglocated intermediate the sides of said well„sup-
blockv |55Y which comprises a ‘rectangular frame
made of channel members andhaving depending 50
pinsjöß welded thereto at the corners thereof;
The pins |56-, likejthe pins 40, fit into adjacent-~
having adjustable ktransporting Vwheels at each
' The uppermost set of tubes 42 supports a Ycrown
a cable 88 passes.
‘ 1. 'A tower construction including a platform
regardless of the slope of the ground on‘which
Having thus described myinvention, I claim:
kmay be readily arranged in'a vertical position
and which is highly efficient in use.
and ratchet device 80 associated with Yeach drum;
Bytightening or loosening the cables 51 the‘_tower
tor, which ,can be economically manufactured
and‘can -be readily assembled and taken apart
.. By. 'operating ycranks 59 the cables 51 may be
tightened or loosened and may be heldby a pawl
the apparatus rests.,V
35 parent that I have invented a novel mobile eleva;
more sets of the coupling members bythe fasten
ing means previously described."V The lower ends
of the guy cables pass over drums 58mounted _on
the corner plates |5.
' From the'for'egoing description it will beap
2. A tower construction including a' rectangular
platform having a transporting caster wheelat
each corner thereof, said platform having a
well, said 'well being disposed 'betweenthe sides
and ends of the platform, ja -pair of spaced, Yhori
zontal,I coaxial shafts‘mounted beneath theplat
formy andextending' transversely of ‘the platform,
said shafts being located intermediate the sides
of said well," spaced supporting wheels mounted
`on each shaft, a rectangular tower frame ad
jacent to the lower ends thereof, is provided 65 jacent to'and vbelow the‘well, said tower frame».
with aligned shaftsßll which are pivotally sup " _including longitudinal and transverse members,
means whereby -the shafts pivotally support the
ported on brackets 8| secured to the bucket by
tower frame, anda tower on said tower >frame
bolts 82.
and extending upwardlyY through 'the' well. ‘ "
The channels 19 receive the stems -83 lof `T
' 3; A tower construction including a rectangularr
' bearn- guide > members 84 which are removably 70 platform having a vertically adjustable transf
connected to the'horizontal braces 54 by the
bolts 85. The construction shown permits the
'bucket 18 to dump to the right or left in Fig.
3.V By removing the bolts 85 the T-beam guide»
porting> caster wheel at each corner thereof, said
platform having 'a‘rrectangular well, said well
being disposed between the
sides and ends ofthe
platform, a pair of spaced, horizontal,- ïßQßliäial>
membersmay4 be moved` through 90"V andjre-f 75
shafts mounted beneath the platform and ex
tending transversely of the platform, said shafts
being located intermediate the sides of said Well,
a pair of spaced supporting wheels mounted on
each shaft, a rectangular tower frame adjacent
to and below the well, said tower frame includ
ing longitudinal and transverse members, one
longitudinal member being arranged between one
pair of the wheels, the other longitudinal mem
ber being arranged between the other pair of
wheels, means whereby the shafts pivotally sup
port the tower frame, a tower on said tower frame
and extending upwardly through the welL/and
adjustable guy members connecting the tower
and platform.
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