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Aug- 27, 1946“,
> 2,406,343“
> Filed ‘Jan; 7., 1544 Y
-2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Aug. 27, 1946
memwemcmiig??eit Dnitenem .
Es'val, Huntington‘,
Beach, Port
and Washing-ton!"
ArthuriWz Lane;
velt, N. Y., assignors to SperrygGyroscope Come"
pany, Inc., a corporation of New-York‘
Continuation of ‘application. See! ‘No; 4595304;
' September 26; 14942, which .isja, division'of‘ape
plication Serial‘ vjNo: 431,704; February-‘20, 1942i
This‘l'ap‘plicationi January“ 7,‘ 1944; vSerial No.
inventioniigenerallyirelates‘to an improve-r
mentiintlo'cking mechanisms-(for gyro instruments‘
andzisiparti'cularilyi directed ‘to ‘the novel subject-
nozzles 26. and 21?‘ mounted! on‘the rotor nearing-t
case‘, Fig. 1. The jets’are' directed"againstfver
tical k‘nife'e'd'g'e ba?lesZB' and'l2v9i on'the vertical?
matter: in‘ this connection divided‘ from our co~
ring 6‘, the knife edges normally'fbisectingatheiietsli‘ '
pending“ application Serial- No.‘ 431,704; i?l'ed'i 5-‘ from the nozzlesw-h'en the? rotorfcaseisgin 'al-l
February 20; 1942', for Directional gyroscopes‘;l '
leveled position. - In'the event'of':inclination’lof'
"The-{present eapplica'tiontisy. arecontinuatione of
divisional application Seriali No; 4259;804; ?led
September,25',.1942, for'lio'ck‘in’g-mechanisnis for
the" case from alevele'd position,‘ a: torque‘; is
exerted'by one of the jets about the vertical axis”;
directional lgyroscop'eso-
of'theiring to restore thelcaselto'altnormaldeveledl
The novel;fea;tures.anddetailsofithe invention
With lreference'tol Figs.‘ 1 andr3', we preferi‘to‘ii
willabesapparentirom the. following" description
employ in connectioniwithathis' directionalsgyroe
when;readtinhrel'ationv withithe. accompanying
scope a disc-shapedfivertical"compass cardf‘in‘dit -
drawingsywiherein I
cator 401‘ Said .cardiissshown'in‘ theifor‘ 'of at
Fig. 1 is a vertical section of a directional gyro .7 15 ?at‘idisc having teeth'ldllon 'itszperiphery' 'oith'a'tv
instrument. in which LtheQpresent' improvements
it- maybe .resetifrom "a setting knob 42, anthers:
‘Fig; an elevation view, :par'tlyvin vsection,
takenatrrightangleslto'Fig;'1; andf
- ‘
Fig.‘ 3-,is a;horizont'a;l section‘ taken? on" 1m
Disc 40"‘is clamped‘o'nia hub;
43 which in turn iis‘ssecure'drtot'a shaft?“ jou‘r-L
naled ‘in the forwardxpartof theinterior of the}:
20 casing ‘l in at ?xedthollow' bushing 45. A'icrownq,
gear 46' is imounted‘, through .arslip‘fri'ction comv
'.'I'he;instrumentin.zwhichfthis‘invention is i11uS_
nection,,on the inner‘ or opposite end .ofLshaftx
trativelysemb'odiedasishownt in the drawings is
44.: The crown gear'is‘rotated by‘atcomplem'ene l
ane'lectricallm spun :dire'ctional ig-yroscopelof’the ‘ ‘*
tary' oroWn or'bevel gear 41 secureditto'ithelbase
type;‘which may Qr-may not-beislavedito orvcon- 25 .of .the- vertical ring. 6,'so that'as relativeiangula‘n"
trolled-from,a’remote: magneticfcompass, Hbw-
azimuthal displacement offthe outer casing l and;
ever,youriimproved'locking;device is applicable
gyroscope Occurs, the Card Will! rotate‘ through?‘
to; other types: of‘ gyroscopes.
the same angle.‘
The illustrated.-
gyro instrument includes: an ,outericasing.l'-hav-'
v,Insorderto resetrthe compass card‘ or indicate
ing;a. shock.mcunting frame, 51111 which. a ‘eon.v 30.~ing disc 40, it is preferred to lock ,the'rotorrbear- >
ventional verticalringiorrother gimbal?'is mount-v
ing: Case 10f the gyrOSCODeabout its axis de?ned
ed‘for movementaboutna. vertical axislby means
by trunnions 8 and 9 at the, time: .thegcardeis';
of the respective upper and loweritrunnio’ns'rzr
and 3v which are journaled. in suitable bearings
reset-l For this purpose; the Setting‘. knob: 42;».
Fig-3, istconstructed So that it may; be. pushed;‘
(not shown) < in" the; frame. Ring 6 , also sup; 35. inwardly With-‘respect tov casing I. and also‘ be"
ports-the rotor; bearing: case: or frame 7' of therotated to reset the‘ card. a The knob 42~is shown
gyro instrument with freedom‘v of movement about
as secured {to-‘a shaft '48- whichJs-slidabh' and
aghorizonta'l axis, this mounting being provided
byjjtpunnions'ar andggextending. from the case
rotatably journaled in bearinggll?, ,59, in suitable"v
mounting structure within‘ the‘ outer casing‘ |..
and. suitable bearings (not: shown) ' in the oppo- 40 A pinion 5| is monuted. to rotate with the shaft
sitelegs'ofltherring.‘ The gyrorotor (not-shown)
48 by ‘means of‘ an engaging cross pin.52‘ and
isrssuitably journaled within the rotor bearing
slot 53 construction. A‘ limited axial movement‘
case;_th'e|'spin axis oflthe rotor being’ normally
of the pinion 5| along the shaft 48 is permitted
disposed at right angles to both vthev vertical axis
bythis Construction, but the pinion is yieldingly
ofthe ring '6 and the horizontalaxis ‘of the case 45 held against such movement ‘by meansof a-"coil.
1; The ;gyro'rotoriispreferablyYsplm by means
spring- 54 contained Within an Opening atone"
of 1a suitable polyphasemotor (notishown) which
end of ‘the-same. One end of the coil spring‘54.
ismenerg-ized from a‘ suitable source of electrical
bears against the internal‘ wall in the opening;
energyby Way of a (number of current’conductWithin the pinion, and the other end’bears against.
ingsubstantially frictionless trunnion pivot struc- 50 v a 011088 pin 55 Which extends through the shaft
turesl=as particularly‘ described in the parent ap48.‘ As the knob 42 is moved inwardly, the; teeth
The‘ gyro case ‘I is shown as pneumatically.
on the pinion 5| are brought into-‘engagement
withithe teeth“ on the-disc 40, butin the event
leveled,’ inthe rpresent instanceéfby means ofiair
thatlthe teeth do ‘not properly. ‘engage at ?rst-p;
jetsrwhich issue from ‘the tangentially directed? 65, the spring 54v permits therpinionii to yield’until
engaged, the card, 40 may be readily reset in a
the frame is mounted to pivot about a horizon
tal axis, means for locking the ‘frame from
desired position by the operator by turningthe
knob inthe proper direction. Inwardlydirected
?xedly mounted on said frame and a- normally in
I effectively positioned toothed piece movably
the teeth properly engage. With the parts thusly
movement of the knob 42 also displaces a slidable
pivotal movement comprising a "sector gear"
rack bar 56 by means of the engagement of a
"mounted on said vertical ring, and means for
mounted below the verticalring supporting struc
ture for the gyroscopic instrument. The ring 60
which includes a yielding element interposed be
tween the toothed piece and the means’ for mov
collar 51 on the inner end of the shaft 48 and. . moving said toothed piece to an effective locking
a groove 58011 the side of the'rack bar. The' 1 position in which the piece engages the sector
teeth on the rack bar 56 mesh with a. gear sector ‘ gear.
2,. A locking mechanism as claimed in claim 1,
58, Figs. 2 and 3, on a ring 60 whichis rotatably
is shown as having a number of circumferen
1 ing the same.
3. A locking mechanism for directional gyro
scopes comprising’, in combination; a gyro rotor, a
tially spaced inclined slots 6| therein into each
of which projects a radially extending pin 62
‘ bearing frametherefor, a vertical ring on which
_ ‘situated on a smaller ring 63 concentrically
mounted within said ring 60; Rotating move- ~ ; the frameis mounted to pivot about a horizontal
axis, a casing in which the ring’ is mounted to
ment of the ring» 63 is prevented by an extending
' portion of the respective ?xed pins 62 therein ‘ pivot about a vertical axis, means for locking the
in a like number of spaced vertical slots 64 con 20 frame from pivotal movement comprising a sec-'
tor gear ?xedlymounted on said.frame;and._a
tainedin-the periphery ofa ?xed base ‘65.
‘ .Ringil is mounted forli ited rotationandthe 7
I normally ineffectively positioned’ ‘toothed-piece:
movably mounted on said vertical ring,ian axially
ring‘ 6,3;iss1idably1but non-rotatably mounted to
move-relative tovthe ring 6].‘ The ring '63 in-@ ‘ movable pin for actuating‘ssaid toothed piece to an .
bludes 'meansvtherein in the, form of pins 62 for. .25 effective engaging position with said sector gear,;
and means’ for simultaneously moving'said'pin
‘engaging the, inclined slots in the ring: 6 | .
and engaging the same to'effectively lock
It will be seen therefore, that rotation of’ the '
the ring from pivotal movement.
' Y
outer ring 60 by rack 56 will lift the innerring
4. A locking mechanism as claimed in claim 3
.63. As said ring 63 is IiftedLFig. 1, it engages the
in which the toothed piece is a rack whichris
‘lower end of a vertically positioned pin 66~which
is slidably mountedin the, vertical ring 6. The r pivotally mountedon thev vertical ring.
5. A locking mechanism as claimed in claim 3
upper end of pin 66 is indicated as engaging a
which‘ includes a‘yielding element interposed be
,curved leaf springli'l secured to a pivoted rack
68. VNormally, rack 68 is disengaged from a gear. , tween the toothed piece and the axially movable
isector69‘ suitably secured to the exterior of the 35
‘bearing case ‘I, but when the pin 66. is lifted, the
‘teeth of the rack 68 engage. the gear sector .69
to thereby lock the-gyroscope about the horizontal
‘axis of the same de?ned by‘trunnions 8 and 9;
‘The spring 61 serves to prevent damage to the
‘teeth’ of the engaging rack and sector in the,
‘event that the same do not‘ mesh properly when
. initial contact between the parts is made.
6. A locking mechanism for directional gyro-J
scopes comprising, in combination, a gyro rotor, ‘
a bearing frame therefor, a vertical ring’ on which
the frame is, mounted to pivot about a horizontal
axis,'_ a casing in which the ring, is mounted to
'pivot about a vertical axis, means for locking the '
frame from pivotal movement-comprising a sec
tor gear ?xedly mounted on said frame and a
The »
normally ineffectively positioned toothed piece
movably, mounted on said vertical ring, an axially
contact of pin 66 and ring 63 constitutes a slip‘
friction lock for the vertical ring 6 ofthe gyro 45
'movable pin for actuating said toothed piece to
‘scopic instrument; that is, the friction between
an effective engaging position with said 'sector
the'pin'66 and ring 63 opposes turning'of the gear, an axially movable annular. member, 00-‘
‘vertical ring but 'does not rigidly lock the same,
axially positioned withrespect to the ring, for: ‘
gthereby lessening the strain on the. parts during _
50 simultaneously engaging 'said' pin .to'effectively 7
ithe caging operation.
r '
' ‘
look the ring from pivotal movement'and: movev
It will be noted that according to the present
the pin axially, and means for actuating said'
:invention, the gyroscopic» instrument is locked
iaboutfthev horizontal‘ axis but is not manually
'77 A locking mechanism for directional gyro;
- reset about its vertical axis, the card 40 only of
comprising, in combination, a gyro rotor,
:the instrument being manually reset without ef
annular member.
a bearing frame therefor, a vertical'ring on which
afecting movement of the. rotor bearing case be
the frame is mounted to'pivot about a horizontal
1 cause of the slip friction mounting of the gear
axis, means for locking the frame from pivotal
movement comprising a gear mounted coaxially
with respect to the axis'of the frame and a'nor-.
much greater than the aforesaid friction of the 60 mally ineffective meshing piece ‘therefor. movably "
mounting of the gear 46 on its hub at the time
mounted on the vertical ring, and means for'
> that the ring 63 is lifted during the resetting op
. moving said meshing piece to an effective locking
146, the frictionbetween the stationary ring 63
. and the vertical ring 6 through the pin 66 being
‘ eration.
position with the gear.
As many changes could be made in the above
construction and many apparently widely dif
‘ferent embodiments of this invention could be
made without departing from the scope thereof,
itiis intended that all matter contained in the
; above- description or shown in the accompanying
: drawings shall be interpreted as illustrative and 70
1 not in a limiting sense.
. '
What is claimed is: '
l. A locking mechanism for directional gyro- 'l
scopes‘ comprising, in combination, a‘gyro' rotor,
‘ a bearing frame therefor, a vertical ring on which
8. Locking means for gyroscopes comprising the
combination with an outer casing, a rotor bearing
frame mounted for oscillation about an axis '
therein,va ring mounted for limited rotationin
said casing and having. inclinedslots therein, a -
but .non-rotatably
mounted within said ?rst ring and having means
for engaging said inclined slots, a setting knob for '
rotating said outer ring and thereby lifting the I
inner ring with respect thereto,~-andlockingimeans-1
lifted 'byI-said‘iimer ring" for engaging said frame
to lock the same against oscillation about said
9. Locking means for gyroscopes comprising the
combination with an outer casing, a rotor bearing.
frame, a gimbal ring journaled in said casing for
turning about an axis and within which said
frame is journaled for oscillation about a second
axis, a ring mounted for limited rotation in said ,
the combination with an outer casing of, a rotor
bearing frame, a gimbal ring journaled in said
casing for turning about an axis and within which
said frame, is journaled for movement about a
second axis, a ring mounted for limited rotation
in said casing about the axis of said gimbaLa
concentric ring slidably but non-rotatably
mounted for movement‘ relative to said ?rst ring,
casing about the axis of said gimbal, a concentric
inter-engaging means between said rings to lift.
ring slidably but non-rotatably mounted within 10 the slidable ring on rotation of said ?rst ring, a
said ?rst ring and having inter-engaging means
setting knob for rotating said ?rst. ring and there-'
‘ between said rings to lift the same on rotation of
by lift the slidable ring with respect thereto, and
said outer ring, a setting knob for rotating said
means slidably mounted ‘in said gimbal and
outer ring and thereby lifting the inner ring with
adapted to be engaged by said slidable ring when
respect thereto, and means slidably mounted in 15 lifted for'locking said frame against movement
said gimbal and adapted to be engaged by said
about said second axis and for frictionally op
inner ring when lifted for locking ‘said frame
posing turning of said gimbal aboutsaid ?rst
against oscillation about said second axis and
for frictionally opposing turning of said gimbal
about said ?rst axis;
10. Looking means for gyroscopes comprising
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