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Aug; 27, 1946.
Filed Feb. 2, 1944
r '
Zä?ííiam JI. 17o?? ery
Auge 27, 1946.
4 Sheets-Sheet 2
' Filed Feb. 2, 1944
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Aug. 27, 1946.
Filed Fe'b. 2, 1944
4 sheets-sheet s
A_“g- 27,v 1946»
2,406,359 ’ '
"Filed Feb. 2, 1944
4 sheets-sheet v4
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mmá .my
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Patented Aug. 27, _71946
»1" f'znoesse
l'vl'wmiivrLAST AND "soLE FomvuNG .
aY .,
:William H. Doherty, Elmhurst, N. Y. » ’
"Áppucatiòn‘ Febr'úa?y 2, 194fi_.`.seria_.1_N0. 520,731
4 claims. (c1. 181-34)
Arlfhis invention relates Ato shoe machinery and
member I1 for strengthening purposes and’for
supporting the frame as hereinafter described.
more particularly to> a‘vacuum> last and sole form
ingr machine.
A>An object of this invention is to, provide a ma
chine withl which new'or replacement soles may be
applied to shoes.
H «
` mounted a rotatable-'frame Íêëhaving an Il.¿shapedThe frame I6 is rotatable‘within the opening I8
. by means of the handle IS. The handle I9 is pro- `
vided with _ a >spring-pressed register pin 20
adapted to engage notches 2| in the underside of
the table I5. As shown in Figure 1, by the opera-I
A furtherobject is izo-provide a'machine par
ticularly adapted to apply‘plasti'cv soles.
Another object of my invention is to provide a
tion of the-handle I9 the frame may be vswiveledÍ
from one position to another.
machine which is provided with a vacuum last
to holdvthe shoe being- soled or repaired in the
when shoes are being resoled since to secure a
- A'I'he frame I3 is formed with two members 22
an‘dï23ïforming> a yoke asis clearly shown in Fig
ure 9. i The yoke is joined by the rod 25 on which
proper resoling the inner vsole must be flat and in
is mounted
The frame
the 30
is supported
frame 30. by
‘ means of the
proper position. This is particularly important
position. As shoes are Worn the inner portion of
the shoefbecomes depressed about the ball of the
foot and it is important vthat this section `be
straightened to provide a level inner sole as in a
new shoe.
members 3| and 32 which'engage the shaft 33
mounted on the shaft 25 by thel members 34 and
35 which engage the frame 36. Mounted between
the members 3| and v32 is an adjustable shaft k4|)
My machine is adapted to handle shoes of vari 20 engaging the heel last 4|. -The upper portion of
the shaft 4I) is threaded and is engaged by the
ous sizes and to fit the sole to conform with the
nuts 42 and 43 so that the position of the shaft>
original last. In order to'accomplish this cer
40 between the members 3| and 32 may be varied
tain adjustments of size and contour are neces
as to height. The members 3| and 32 are pro
sary. As will be seenlfrom the drawings and the
ensuing description I have provided means for 25 vided with s_lots 45 and a bolt 46 passes through
said slots and through the slot 41 in the shaft 40
adjusting my molding elementv to any desired
so that the position of the sha'ft`40 may be ad
shape. It will also `be seen that I have provided
justed laterally as well as longitudinally with re
means for switching the machinev so that it is
spect tothe supporting members 3| and 32.
adapted to mold soles foreither vthe left or the
right shoe.
Other objects and-advantages of my invention
will' appear in the ensuing description and accom
panyingdrawings, in whichl
.Figure lis a side elevation in section of a
Mounted in the forward end of the supporting
members 3l and 32 is an externally threaded
shaft >5l) surrounded by a threaded collar 5I
mounted in the slot 52. The externally threaded
shaft 50 may be moved upwardly and downwardly
35 by .turning the wheel 5I. Shaft 50 supports at
its lower end the foot part of the last 55 4which
extends within the toe 56 of a shoe 51. The rear
surface 58 of the foot last is bevelled and is
heel-forming plate;
` ~
adapted to engage a bifurcated lever 60 having
Fig. 4 is a detailed view partly in section of a
sole-forming member; "
40 ends 6| and 62 fulcrumed through the bolt 63
to the heel last 4|. A connecting cam v‘65 is
Fig. 5 is a sectional View showing my machine
machine embodying my invention;
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the bed of my machine;
Fig. 3 is a detailed view partly in section of a
in operating position;
f `
Fig. 6 is a detailed view in section on the line
6--6 of Fig. 5;
Fig. '1 is a, detailed View in cross section on the
line 1-1 of Fig. 5;
Fig, 8 is a detailed View through the vacuum
nozzle; Y
Fig, v9 is an end View in section of my machine;
adapted to engage the bevelled'face' 58 of the
foot last to force the fo'ot and heel lasts `apart
when pulled downwardly. The shaft 50 is hollow
to provide a channel 1U to which may be con-v
nected the combination vacuum and steam hose
1 I. The channel 10 communicates with the chan
nel 12 in the foot last to apply either steam or
vacuum to the last. A rubber'gasket 13 may be
Fig. 10 is a cross sectional view taken on the 50 provided to insure the seal. As shown in Figure
6 and in Figure 2 a foot plate 15 is provided which
is reversible for right and left shoes and which is
Fig. 11 is a cross sectional view taken on the
line |||---|0ofFig.2;
adapted to be placed under the foot portion of the
line ||--| I of Fig. 2.
last 55. Pins 11 are provided to center the foot
Referring more particularly to the drawings I
provide a table or casting I5 upon whichl is 55 plate 15. An adjustable eccentric valve 18 having
3 Í
l a channel 19 is provided at the end of the channel
Í 12 to vary the amount of suction which may be
i applied to the inner sole. Itwill be appreciated
flexible members 86 and 95 to cover the inner sole
and theinner heel portions.' An instep plate |28
is then inserted to form the edgeof the heel and
the heel member |21 is formed. As it may be
that by turning the valve 18 a greater area of .
l the channel 19 will be brought- into register with
l the opening to the channel 12. An interchange- ,
desirable for the operator to work from side to »
side the entire frame may be shifted by operation
able heel Vplate »16 is likewise provided for en- , kof the handle I9. yWhen this work is completed
gagement with the heel portion 4I of the last. It f ‘the frame is pivoted on the axle 25> onto the bed
l will be appreci'atedf> that the heel pl’ate'may be: 1 ~ plate‘ I‘Iàl“ and clamped intof’pla'ce.; Heat may then
varied for diiîerent size shoes.
be- appliedët'o siet‘the plastic or composition mate
Mounted on the frame 3B is a table 80 having a
*plurality of slots 8|. A plurality of adjustmentîfï,
table 80 and may be fastened in pl‘ac'e by means-1-`
l.. A. machine for applying soles to shoes in
cluding a frame, a support pivotally mounted on
ï of cam levers 84 so that the position ofthe ad?A
said frame, a table on said support, a last mounted
` ‘ plates 82 having slots 83 Vare connected tothe
Í justment plates 82 with respect to the'.` table 81|@y on» said support having foot and heel portions,
i may be readily varied. The> inner ends. of. the. ., . means. for adjusting. said foot and heel portions
i adjustment plates 82 arepivoted at' 85 toa'ile'xible
sole forming band 86 butl extended beyond said?.`
` to 'accommodate shoes of different sizes, an ad
justableheel plate on said heel last, a reversible
band at 81. The ends 88 and 89 of the’ile'xible 20 foot plate on said foot last, means for applying
1. `band 88 are setin the spring controlled studs 90. ‘
a vacuum into> the inner sole> of a'shoeï, a; ileXiblej
and'SIY which are provided with nuts,> 92 and Y03
member one.. said table. deiiningxtheV solelpertion,v '
so that thetension thereonmay-be adjusted.
means for adjusting said flexible‘memberito con-j -
' VA somewhat similar flexible heel Vforming mem- ‘
form it'to the desired shape', a flexible-member on
' 1 ber 95. is- mountedV on theftablej 80 through the 25 said table deññing.y a: heel „portion,reaeh'_of. said
.i frame'36rand is provided with- a threaded stud
flexible members cooperating with _the-other to
i 96 controlled by the nut. 01 to position it in co
deñne the entire sole portion; and means for Vap
plying heat to said heel and sole portions, f
operation with the sole forming portion 86. A
‘ pair of arms 08 and B2i-are pivoted at |00 andr|0I
2. A. machine for applyingv solesV and
Vto the frame Strand bear adjustable-screws- |82Y 30 shoes including aA base,vv a ,member - pivotally
and |03V and pressure points |04 and |05.
The ~
outer edges of these arms arecontacted yby cam i
1V wheels IIN)l and |09 having operating handles |01 `
i and |08. It will be readily seen that the shape of
the heel-*forming section 95-may be controlled by
p the position'of. the screws v|02 and |03 and -by. the
cam wheelsv IílIiv and |09. `Mounted in the‘frame
l I5 onthe shaftl I0 isA a bed plate ||'I which may
be provided with‘heatersl | I2 Aof any conventional p
` type or with radio frequency heating> apparatus. 40
The entire >bed plate may be raised by moving
ï the shaft IIIl upwardly in the socket II3 and
. locked by means.l of the lock screw I I4.
It will' be.
appreciated that a conventional Vfoot vlever may
\ be placed below the shaft `to raise and lower it if»
desired; Mounted in' the bedl plate- III are a plu
mountedin said base, av shaft in said member, a
frame pivotally mounted on said shaft, a> last'
comprising foot,- and heel- portionsf supported-by
said frame, a reversible foot plate on- 'said last,
means for moving said foot and heel portionslwith
relation to each other to'engage a_ shoe, flexible
heel and. sole forming members adjustably `
mounted on vsaid frame, said heel and sole*- form-1> »
ing members having adjustable meansto con
form them to the heel and welt of the shoe to beV
soled, a heating plate mounted on said base;v in
position _to be engaged by the. heel andl sole of a
shoe. and- the» sole and heel».V forming members in
one-‘position of thepivotal movementbf Ñsaid
rality of. spring controlled» pressure buttons |I.5»,
‘ mounted' in the- conventional manner ini casing
| I6 so as to resilientlyV push themselves above- the
3. Amachine fora-pplying soles'toshoes includ- y
ing a. base,v a member mountedí on said basegpa
shaft in said member, a frame mountedmn: said:
shaft, heel ’andI foot' forming lasts mounted onïsa'id
Thetableßniis 50 frame, a reversible foot plate on said lasts; ‘means
l provided with >slots' |120 adapted. >to be engaged
for adjusting said heel andV foot forming lastslwith
p by the wing nuts |2| to clampftheftable against `
respect. to. each- other to; lit; the 'shoe> f toi be;~ soled;
the bed plate I I I».
a heel and foot forming.member:mounte'dzgonzsaid
_ In. operation» the- frame V3tlimay~ be- pivoted- on
frame includingçflexible- forming members,_means
1 the shaft 25 to the position shown' in> Figure-1; 55 pivotally connected? tofsaid‘ñexibleforming meme’ s
The shoe. to be. soled. is thenfplaeed upon the foot
` bersrforV adjusting. said' flexible forming: members
last 55.` and theheel lastY 4|. adjusted'fby meansv of
to lconform to the's'hoe; and mea-ns'.- on said frame
thescrevv` 42. The table 80“ is then. adjusted to
for adjusting said foot and heell formin'gi members
surface» of the bed plate II I'.
‘ the shoe with the-extensions 81. of: the adjustment
1 plate 82 extendingv between- thewelt'andth‘eíupper 60
so that the ilexible band 86 defines the.A contour
l off the sole and the' ilexible band of the soler|i5r
deñnes the’contour Aof theV desiredfheel.` The foot
plate 15 and the interchangeablee~heel?plate> 1B
with relationtofsaid footfan'dfheel lasts.. i
4. A machine for applying; soles to-'sho'e's- i'n‘-y
cluding~ a». base;l a` member pivotally mounted on
saidY base, a shaft in said nie'n'iber;'aI frame
mounted onf said shaft,> 'aY lasît.v comprising' heel
and foot portions adjustably supportedïby.' said
will. of course be placed in register to- accom
65 frame,l a1 table- mounted' on said. frame, flexible
\ modate either theflef-t or right shoe, whichever is'
members defining heel-and footiporti‘ons onasaidi
` being Worked- on. Thefshoe may then .be-sterilized
table, means >pivotally connectedy to said flexible
by the entry of steam through t-he- hose 'I'IV and
` the. vacuum may. then be- applied. to cause; the
inner sole to adhere flat against the foot plate 15.
‘ PlasticV material> may then`4 be:` applied> within the
members for adjusting said flexible memberato
conformv them to, the> desired shape, andiA afbed
plate'for supporting'saidî table;l
' î
. -`
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