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Aug-127, 1946.
Filed Dec_. 5. 1941
2 SheIetS-Sheet 1
Ailg. 27, 1946. -
Filed Dec‘. 5, 1941
I ‘.
2 Sheets-She'et 2
Patented Aug. 27', 1946
Joseph E. Pernet, Chicago, 111., assignor to Fuel
Saver Corporation, Chicago, 111., a corporation
of Illinois
Application December 5, 1941, Serial No. 421,124
1 Claim.’ (01.11045)
This invention relates to combustion improving
apparatus and more particularly to combustion
control for use in connection with furnaces, steam
plants, and the like.
It is an object of the invention to provide an
improved combustion apparatus by supplying sec
ondary air over the fuel bed through a tortuous
passage in addition to the primary air supplied in
the usual manner.
arrows. The upper metal channel l2a extends the
entire length of the space I l and is provided with
openings l3 to enable the passage of air under
pressure into a chamber I4 immediately above the
metal channels,
The chamber 14 is preferably provided with a
metallic header [5 having a substantially ver
tical side wall I6. This side wall "5 is provided
with a large number of very small perforations I‘!
Further objects will be apparent from the 10 which latter are distributed throughout the length
of the bridge wall substantially as shown in Figs.
1 and 2, so that air under pressure maybe forced
In the drawings:
through these small openings and delivered over
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a steam plant or
the ?re bed in a widely distributed spray. Fire
furnace, and illustrates one embodiment of the
having correspondingly small holes there
through'is laid over the front of the header It
Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view through
as illustrated.
the bridge wall‘ of the embodiment illustrated
A blower I 8 may be driven‘by means of a motor
in Fig. 1 and illustrates the secondary airchan
speci?cation and appended claim.
I9 and this blower communicates with the bridge
Fig. 3 is a detailed sectional view through the 20 wall heater space H by means of a suitable con
duit 2!! so that when the blower is in operation,
bridge wall and is taken on a line substantially
air; under pressure, will be delivered
corresponding to line 3-—3 of Fig. 2.
through the small openings l1 and over the ?re
Referring to the drawings in detail, the em
bed in a direction opposed to the normal direcbodiment illustrated comprises a furnace setting
I having the usual side and end walls and which, 25 tion of draft in the furnace.
It will be obvious that in normal operation, the
in the present embodiment, is merely illustrative
bridge wall becomes very hot and the tempera
of one type of installation for which the inven
ture of the air passing therethrough will be raised
tion is adapted. The embodiment shown in the
drawings comprises the usual ?re box 4, grates 5
to approximately 1200 degrees to 1500 degrees
the ?re bed. Such draft installations are well
known, and are, therefore. not shown in the pres
The highly heated secondary air is delivered I
over the entire extent of the ?re bed in the form
of a spray and to accomplish this result, a com
and ash pit 6, the front of the furnace being pro 30 Fahrenheit. It will also be understood that the
length of the tortuous channel through which
vided with the usual ?re doors 1 and ash pit doors
the air passes while in the bridge wall may vary
or dampers 8.
in different installations and that any desired It will be understood that in installations of this
number of metal channels may be used to accom..~
type any desired draft means may be used, for in
stance, forced draft may be provided underneath 35 plish the desired result.
ent drawings; however, it is intended that pri
paratively large number of the small holes I‘! are
mary air should be delivered in any suitable man
ner underneath the ?re bed. and that suitable 40 provided. The size of these holes is necessarily
greatly exaggerated in the drawings. 7 They are
means be provided for such delivery.
preferably only about one-eighth inch in di
A gas chamber 9 is provided back of a bridge
wall Ill and the hot gases and smoke pass over
While particular embodiments of the invention
the bridge wall and through this gas chamber
and into the smoke ?ue 3, so that the bridge wall 45 have been shown, it will be understood, of course,
that it is not desired that the invention be limited
becomes very highly heated.
thereto since modi?cations maybe made, and it
The v‘bridge wall Ill is preferably made of ?re
is, therefore, contemplated by the appended claim
brick and is provided with an elongated medial
to cover any such modi?cations as fall within
space H extending substantially from end to end
of the wall. ‘Within this space is a series of super 50 the true spirit and scope of the invention.
Having thus described the invention, what is
posed metal channels !2, alternate channels be
claimed and desired to be secured by Letters
ing longitudinally displaced as shown in Fig. 2,
so as to provide an elongated tortuous air conduit
between the metal channels and through which
an air current may be directed ‘as shown by the
Patent is:
A bridge wall for use with the ?re box of a
55 furnace, said bridge wall having a tortuous pas
sage therein from the bottom of said wall toward
the top,'a pressure chamber at the top of said
Wall and forming a part of said passage, passages
from said chamber into said ?re box, and a pas-‘
sage for connection'with means for forcing air
through said tortuous passage into said cham-‘
her and outsaid openingsand againsta'the normal
vide a zigzag continuous passage from the air in
let to said pressure chamber, each channel com
prisinga pair of side ?anges and a Web extending
between and connecting said ?anges, the ends of
the webs and side ?anges of each channel being
a ' oifset with respect to the ends of the Web and side
draft in said furnace, said tortuous passage com-iv
prising individual superposed channels of uni
form cross section longitudinally offset to pro'-‘ 10
?anges of an? adjacent channel; said Wall having
means for closing the projecting ends of, said’
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