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Aug. 27, 1946„`
' Filed VMarGh 26, 1945'
8 Sheets-Sheet l
y Aug; 27, 194s.
Filed March 26, 1945
_. 2,406,418
8 sheets-sheet 2 '
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wle wis..
‘Aug7 27, 1946e
Filed March 26, 1945
` 8 Sheets-Shee’rl 4 ,
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Filed March ze.' 19454r
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Aug. 27,1946.
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.‘ Filed March 26, 1945
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8 Sheets-Sheet 6
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y um??
Patented Aug. 27, 1946
Lewis Walters, New York, NY. _ `
Application Marchlßö, 1945, Seriai No; 584,842
`11 Claims.
(Cl. 164-49)
This invention relates 'to `tape dispensing .ma
chines and -is an .improvement over my prior `Pat
the .machine `opposite from that shown in Figure
l, with a portion fof -the device broken away .and
ents Numbers .2,175,959 'issued October 10.», £1939,
in section.
2,20‘92'66 issued Ju1y 53;, 1940, 2,213,993 .issued »Sep
Figure 5.i`s a fragmentary Venlarged'bottom plan,
tomber 3, 1940, and 2,245,472.155116451 June 10, 1941, „5
partlyîbrokenawayandin section.
and 'is a Continuation fin-par`t Of my copendi-ng
application, ' Serial No. 527„241, .ñled March 20,
Figure ~6 .Tis an enlarged vfragmentary Ásectional
view taken `.on .the line 6--`6 of Figure 2.
'1944, ifor lTape dispensing machine.
_ ,
Figure 7 .is a fragmentary sectional View taken
.An object v`of this .invention is yto >provide ia
Aon the -line 'l--Tl vof Figure -3.
moisten-ed tape dispensing machine which ris ¿de- lo
` ;
Figure 8 is a fragmentary sectional vîiew .tak
'signed 'for dispens'ìngîwideïtape and which is so
constructed that Itapes yof, varying widths up yto
the maximum may be dispensed byithis »mach-ine.
Another object yof this invention is lto `provide
`on -theline 8-.8 »of Figure .3.y
Figure .9 is a top plan lof the water ,receptacle
and rbrush holder.
`Figure 10 .is .a ¿sectional vView ~taken on theI
lin a machine .of this type, .an improved cutter for .l5 line l 0-1 0 Vof Figure 9.
‘knife for severing a .measured long-th of tape.
.Figure 11 is :a detail y»end elevation of the water
A further objectof this `invention istoprovide
_and brush :holden
an improved means for `regulating .the length lof
y VFigure» 12 .isa -fragimentaryside elevation, `~partly
rthe dispensed tape.`
in section, of the IeedingmeChaniSm.
A vfurther object .of this invention is to provide A20 'Figure .'13 .a fragmentary `sectional view taken
in a machine of this type vanv improved means for
`onthe l»li-ne I V3---l 3 .of Figure 12.
maintaining .the tape in contact with @the .-moisten
.Figure 14 .is Ia :sectional view »taken ren Ithe-line
ing element.
lfd-.I4 of Figli-re .1.
A further objectief .this invention fis -to ‘inro-`
' Figure .-15 is -a fragmentary-sectional -view taken
vide fin a machine of this itype, an'improved ,guide ¿$5 on .the line I5-I 5 of.Figure;2. '
for guiding the tape .from the supply roli'to the
Figure 16 is a fragmentary sectional view taken
on Ithe 1ine AIii-.I 6 of iFiigurefZ.
A further object of this _invention ~is to pro
Referring 1to the drawings theinumerfal Ztl-desig
vide in a machine of this type an improved îmean's
nates ,generally a „housing which :is formed ».ofop- ,
'for actuating «the cutter on «the ‘return lor idilingfáëo` posite -side walls «2| and :22 connected together
stroke of -the _operating lever, so'that -the Í.cutter
will be »properly actuated .for any .selected length
of tape dispensed.v
at the rear thereof by :a rear wall 23. The ,rear
wall 23 is formed with `a tube 24 through which
a :securing :bolt 25 >is yadapted 'to engage, the bolt
Ay further object of this :invention is to pro
25 .also engaging fthrough the .opposite side walls
vide an improved «means for supporting fthefsup-f 35 2| :and 22'. The -zend wall I23 4iswcont-inued down
ply roll so that tapes -of lvarying widths may "be
wardly and iorwardlçy, «as «indicated at 2.6,sand ,the
' dispensed.
bottom wall «2B >is bent-upwardly fat-its :forward
‘with the above objects l»in view, uuu others end, as indicated Iat :21,` and secured between -`the
which may hereinafter more fully appear, the in
side "walls 2l ~andr~22 by fastening :members 28rsevention consists of the novel construction, com- 40 cured to inwardly projecting 4lugs 219 :carried :by
bination .and arrangement-of-partsas willbe more
the inner sides -of `the side walls -2‘I and 22,.
speciiically referred to and illustrated in `the 'a'c-.
-Theend »wall :2.3, fbottom wall 26 and upwardly
companying -drawings wherein is shown an »em
Iinclined y’wal1g25l »define '1a -esupply roll'chamber
bodiment =of the invention, but it `will >be under
v3l) 'within which a gummed tape supply:ro‘11î3|
stood that changes, modiñcations ,and variations" 5 .is adapted .to engage..
of the invention may be resorted -to which rail
Thezroll 3-| «rotatably :engages‘on'aipair 'o'f .rollers
within the scope »of the invention :as claimed.
32 .and :33 which are >mounted ion boîlts 34 and
x In the drawings:
l 35 respectively, extending ëbetween Ythe :side Vwalls*
Figure .1 is a. vdetail si'de elevation of a tape
.and ,preferably spacer sleeves i36 -iand 31 are :dis
dispensing machine «constructed according to an 50 posed yabout ‘the bolts ‘34 rand 3‘5 and eng-age ‘fthe
l embodiment of .tl-iisin-vention.A
_Figure 2 is .a-detail top plan of the machine.
y Figure Sis a longitudinal sectional View taken
substantially on .the line 3_3 -.of-Figure -2.
. Figure 4 is la detailside elevationîof thesid‘enf
.inner -faces of the :side walls 25| and 22 .so as to
hold these .side ‘walls ein :desired ¿spaced .apart
relation. Preferably roller 3‘3, ‘whichzis a ¿lower
4forward roller, lincludes ra çpair -of outer :rollers
~i218 and ,39 of less _fdiameter Ythan ithe intermediate
tween the side walls of the housing and overlies
the horizontal table 64. The tubular rear portion
18 of the presser plate 69'forms a tape guiding
mouth or throat 12 within which the free end of
roller 39a. A> bolt 40 extends between the side
walls 2| and 22 at the forward end of a roll
chamber 3|) and has mounted thereabout a spacer
sleeve 4|, and a plurality of rollers 42, 43 and 44
the tape is adapted to engage as it is pushed for- "
are disposed about the spacer sleeve 4|. There
are two short-l rollers 43 at each end of interme
diate roller 42 and there is one outer roller 44 on
the outer side of each roller 43. In order to
The >plate 69 is relatively light in weight so as
not to cause undue friction on the forwardly mov
ing tape and cause the tape to lbuckle at the for
ward end of the plate 51.y A second presser plate,
generally designated as 13, is rockably mounted
' provide'a> means whereby supply rolls of'different
widthsmay be rotatably held in upstandingzpœ
sition Within the> roll chamber 3D, I have pro
, _on a bolt or pivot member 14 extending between
vided a pair of plates 45 and> 46’which have»bosses 41 and 48 respectively at their lower end
portions.` The plates 45 and 46 areelongated
and are loosely supported on a transversely ex»z
the side walls ofthe housing. The presser plate
v13'includes a plate member 15 formed with a 'Y
tubular rear end portion 16, which is transversely
elongated sothat the rear end of the presser plate
tending bolt 49 extending between the side walls
Y may have'relative vertical movement with respect
2l and 22 at the lower rear portion-of the roll'
l _to pivot member 14.
chamber 30.
lThe forward portion of the plate 15 is reverted
The bosses -41 and 48 are adapted to slide
Alengthwiseof the bolt 49 and the plates 45 Yand 20 or bent back- upondtself so as to form a trans
versely extending housing 11_v within which a
46, at their upper forward ends,»arel each formed
rweight 18 is adapted to be positioned.` The weight
with a slot 5|) within which the bolt 49 and the
- 18fis adapted to overliel a pairof tape moistening
'brushes 19 'and 89 which aremounted in a brush
25. holder, generally designated,V as 8|. ' The brushes
19 and _88 project slightly above the top of table
roller 42 and between this roller and the next
>sleeve 4| are adapted to loosely engage. The for-7A
ward~upper ends of the V_platesf45 vand 4,6'1nay be
.disposed at opposite "ends of -theinternnediate
» 64 at ythe forward endV of the latter vs_o that the
_ adjacent' rollers 43/ and if ' desired these plates
‘ may be disposed between the short rollers 43 and
lower gummedside of the tape will >brush over~
these brushes and will- »becomey moistened thereby.
V44 or may be positioned at therouter ends of the
rollers 44.
_ A tape guiding table, generally' designated as
The brush holder'89, shown in Figuresf9, 10A and
` 11, includes a box-like housing formed of va bot
5|, is disposed forwardly of the roll chamberV 30,
and extends forwardly and downwardly there
from.A The guiding table 5| includes a flat plate
52 extending between the side Awalls of the hous
' ing which is'formed at the opposite longitudinal
edges thereof withv vertical flanges 53 forming a
channel therebetween and horizontal outwardly
extending flanges 54 -extend from the upper edges
of the vertical flangesï53 _and seat on lugs 55'
Whichyare carried _by the inner sides ofthe side
walls of the housing andthe flanges 54 are se
cured on the lugs 55 by fasteningi members 56.
tom wall 82, opposite >side walls 83 and 84 and
front and rear walls>85 Íand A86. An upstanding
rib 81 is mounted inthe holder 8| _forwardly from
the'rear wall 86 and provides a water channelor
passage 88 so that the water entering intake open
îng’89 which is formed in the'sidewall 84„may en
gage at the opposite edges of the brushes _disposed
_in the holder 8|, forwardly from the partition or
rib 81. Theplate 9|l'is secured to the inner side
of the bottom, wall 82 ‘and provides a means
» whereby the brushes 19- and 89 mayberaised to
the desired degree for engagement 'with the
lower side of the tape. A water reservoir
vThe table5| >provides Van’additional means'for 45* gummed
9 I, of substantially _L-s'hape in plan, extends'from
holdingthe side walls’of the housing- 'in_‘spaced'
the side wall 84v and communicates with the in
»apart parallel relation.
' ‘
A plate V51 is disposed within the channel formed
by the vertical flanges 5_3' ofthe table,- and has
the lower» side thereof positioned in spaced rela
' tion to the upper side of the plate 52 so as to 50
' thereby form a 'passageway 58 within which the
'tape is adapted to slidingly engage. The plate
terior of the brush holder through the opening
189 in the 'side wall 84.v A bottle' or liquid re
ceptable 92 is supported from theouterside of a
.gear housing 93, secured- tothe side wall 2|. The
receptacle 92 is seated ina- transversely curved
plate 94,> `having a lower forward end V95 against
which the lower forward end of the receptacle
51 has _a transverselyr disposed rib 59 extending
92 is adapted _toseat and the plate 94 has formed
upwardly therefrom and the rib 59 -is formed-with 55 integral
therewith a supporting plate or bracket
plate supporting lugs 60'“ at the opposite‘ïends
' 96 having'ïa'curve'd slot -91 therein throughV which»
thereof which loosely engage in cutouts'o'r recesses
a bracket adjusting bolt 98, threaded into a gear
V6| formed in the horizontal flange 54l and, the
v>housing 93, is adaptedto engage.
A second bolt or'screw 99 also engages Vthreu’gh
vward movement of the plate 51. `'I‘he rear por 60 the bracket 96 forwardly from the slot 91 and
about 'which ‘the receptacle holder is adapted to
tion of the plate 51 has formednintegral there
pivot when adjusted by loosening of bolt 98. The
with, a pair of outwardly extending supporting
receptacle 92 has extending from the forward
lugs'6'3 which engage over the upper sides of the
lower end thereof, a tube |00 ‘and a flexible tube
The forward tape guiding table 64 secured by 65 -||l| is telescoped over the tube |89 and projects
vertical iiange'53. The lower edge 62 of the cut
Y out or opening» forms a stop 'tof limit the'V down
i fastening members 65 to inwardly projecting lugsk
66 carried by the side walls, is disposed in a hori
zontal position extending from the forward lower
end of the table 5|.
The rear
l edge or end of the
" into the reservoir' 9|.
-The talpe T, which is withdrawn from the sup-k
ply roll 3|, is fed forwardly by means of a ser
` rated feeding rollerV |82 which is secured to a
table 64 is spaced forwardly from the forward end 70 shaft |83 journalled between-the side wallsj2|
and 22, kThe feeding-feller- -|02 extends >through
f of the tablel 5|, and forms arspace 61 within which
' a tape cuttingv blade 68 is adapted to slidingly en
gage. A'rockable'presserplate 69 formed’with'a y
an opening |84 formedin-the center ofthe _table
member 52 s'o that the roller |02 will engage the
tubular rear'portion 1l)- is mounted 4on a'trans
. versely extending’bolt or shaft 1|' extending be
which is mounted ona shaft |06, >carried by a
U~shaped 'roller support l'I'lIr‘I., .is disposed fabove
'ward :rocking according ‘to the _position ofl :the
the ita'ble îmember 52 rand .is `ad'a-'pite'd *to `engage
member f| 35...
the upper Iside :of the :tape
directly above the
roller |02. .The roller .mounting fIllFI is ro‘c'kably
Lever I 29 .is lform'ed With 'a right angularly‘and
.outwardly 'extending' 4arm ‘.136 engaging `'through
.mounted 'on 2a shaft '|08 extending between ‘the Ch ra'nopening '|311 A'formed inthe side wall TI 38 vso `that
Vertical >fla‘ngesi53 fof thef'tableaäíl -and a .spring
.le‘Ver :|29 maybe selectively adjusted .to the de
Vwhich is formed of a pair -of Ycoils |09 and .|10
fsired Iposition. .A 'ila-t spring |39 :loosely engaging
having an intermediate fU -s'hapedrrolle-r .tension
about _'pivot .memberílSU-cons‘tantly urges I‘lever
ing member |II, `is disposed about the «shaft vor
4|23 outwardly .so :as to maintain ,pin "|33 vin lthe
bolt .I U8 andoonstantly urges 'the :roller 105 :down 10 selected recess i134. .Housing :|32 :is formed with
wardly into tape .Contacting ìposition. ‘The :outer
»at least :a `:pair Vof «ears 13:9a which are y:secured
ends .of .the :coil springs `.|09 and :1111) 'extend
through the vertical `flanges §53 "and terminate :in
'a :lateral extension .engaging :the llowerfside of the
horizontal 'flanges 54. ‘fll‘he ‘shaft :I 03 :has :secured . a
:thereto 'a >gear '.I'|'2 4xivhieh ~meshes ia :gear i113
by fastening members ‘|40 ‘to ‘the under' iside of
.side wall 22. A let/er returning fspring |41 ‘which
.is secured iat e'nd lto an Veye iIf-'IEZ :carried ïby
lever |20 sand the :spring 1:41 .engages overrairoller
|143 carried by ra 4spiifo’t member |44 disposed .in
the lever fhousin‘g '|32 and :the ¿opposite -fend .of
-Jside walls :of 'thehou'sing The shaft `I |11 has fse
spring 141| is secured t'o va screw |115 'carried yby
'îcured 'thereto ra .small gear :I 1'5 rmeshing with a
.the side wall 2‘2.. Lever
upon rearwardv
îdriving gear |16 .loosel fearri‘ed `byïafdrive .shaft .20 `swinging thereof .is adaiïted|20.,
:to îengage a ¿cush
ioned îstop member A:14S-'carried îby 'a‘lu'g 141 >which
‘Theïgears >|1-ï5ar1d 1:16 :are disposed .in the .gear
.is :disposed within the lever housing |32.
:housing 93 formed lwith ears II Iî8 and 'secured by
The shaft IYFI :has seoured‘thereto >between'the
fastening ëmemb'ers 11.9 to ‘the side wall `2'I ofthe
Vside Walls 2| and -22 thereof., f‘a'bla'de shifting .deg
housing. The ‘shaft ItIïI ‘has `secured to the ‘end .25 Y|48 fand‘th’e dog 21118 is ‘adapted to »engage the'rear
thereof »opposite lfrom gear I|6 l‘and outwardly 'of
end of Ía blade shifting (lever |49 which is Irook- "
side wall 2-2, .a lever '|20 having a handle 12| pro
ably mounted 'on .shaft 1M. I'I‘h‘e `rear ‘endn‘of
.J‘ecting .inwardly'over the housing 23.
lever '|49 fprojeots rearwardly îfroin `shaft II4,
.In 'order Ato Y'provide for rotation fof Eshaft ï'I:If4
and the lforward or long-end thereof proj ects ¿for-'
mounted «on “a yshaft |=If|I Jjiournalled vbetween Vthe
with rocking »of shaft |11., vI have :provided ‘a »
l'wardly finto >an l"opening |50 which .Sisfor'med in
small gear 12.1, which is loosely mounted on `va
'shaft |2'2lhavingcollars 123 Tat the 'opposite ends
thereof. Thezsh'aft "| 2~2 'extends between the Spar
allelfarrns 1.24 hand ’a U-shaped support ‘which :is
v-ñxedlylmiounteigi fon shaft il‘l'l ¿by means 'of‘a Collar
|25. The parallel'sides 'of the supporting lniem
“ber 124 'are formed with y'elongated `arcuate :slots
|25 which `are 'eccentric rwith 'respect 'to the îaxis
la ëblade :Carrier 45.1. 'The blade 'carrier 15| »com- .
'prises a .plate î! 52 lhav-ing a blade exposing .open
ing :|53 fand the êplate |552 is .slida‘bl'e ïbetw'een »a
pair Iof :spaced-‘apart 'plate :guiding lugs 1*"54 and
of shaft |I.`I "so ’that when the roller :support tor
mounting |24 `moves upwardly `with rotation of AO
shaft :II-'1 shaft 122 will initially lremainstationary until gear |21 is tightly clamped .againstßgear
I|6 `after which gear I IE will 'rotate with >gear
holder |224. This :gear holder with f'ge‘ar Iî2| foon
stitutes a ‘ratchet >`which .is :so constructed .as tto
provide an initial lostïm'otion with‘re'speot‘ëto 'gear
II5, the -purpose ror which ‘will ïbe‘ihereina'fter
In order to provide for 'positive îrele'ase ’o‘f ’gear
I 2| from gear |16 `on 'the :return àczyele of >lever
|20, I have provided .a "U «shaped .gear «releasing
>member 12.7 `which is .secured by'fastening means
|23 `to the side wall 232.> .The collars I 23 are
adapted to engage the upper ends ¿of the free -l'e‘gs
' of the U-shaped member 1| 21 ¿and Í'ho'ld ‘îthe gear
|2I and ‘shaft ’|22 'stationary 'while ‘.r‘a't'ohet v‘sufi->
porting member 124 :swings 'downwardly îfoir the
remainder l'o'f its return Cycle. vThe v'lower I‘edges
of the side legs of ratchet 'supporting member
|24 are notched out as fait '|29 'so 'as' ‘to per-mit
`suiiicient vmovement of «the 'ratchet ‘supporting '
member during the release fof ratchet r‘gear ‘Ilzïl
from 'locking withígear II I6.
'The forward rockingfof l'lever |120 ímay ïbe `~vse
lectively limited .by means of an adjustable 'look
ing lever 129 mounted on ia fbi-vot m’emleerflï-3'0
.engaging through `|the outer wall >123| `df lla lever
housing |32.
The adjusting -lever |29 Ais provided 'witha 'stop
pin |33 which is engage‘able in a selected one Aof
a plurality of Arecesses or .pin :sockets |34 'formed
'inthe 'inner ‘side of -the wall |30. 'A ilever »stop
member |35 is carried bylever .|29 and. Íis >posii
tioned in the path of the :swinging vof lever .120
:so that the latter/.lever will be èlilriitedlin its ïfo’re
|55 which are carried by the inner sides of the
side walls=2| and 22. 'The îplate |ï53?isfals'o adapt
ed to :slidingly engage between the adjacent ends
of the table members r52 :and .34 and 'preferably
tablev B4 is formed with a rearwardly 'pro'jjeeting
portion |56 -twhich lengages in `-the opening i153.
:The ‘plate :carrier .|51 iis constantly furged up
‘wardlyfbylmean's fof-'a pair :of ‘springs >15'1 secured
.at their .lower 'ends to 'bolts |1533 .carried Íby the
plate |52 'and to bolts ol' pins 1159 oar-fied bïyït'he
. iside 'wallsfof the housing.
Blade 68 ‘is-‘secureo‘to
.the rear ‘side 'of plate |52 lby 'fasteningmembers
¿|60 in the Iform Aof trivets or the .like 'and blade
88 is of inverted V-shape, as indi’eatedfa‘t '16| .so
as to provide a shearing effector Aaction when
blade 68 is `pulled .downwardly by rocking of lever
:|49 under the upward rocking >of .lever rocking
dog 1148. The fstop member :|55 'will engage the
flower >edge of opening ‘|53 when lever |49 has
`been ¿released from 'dog .I 48 ‘by counter-'clockwise
‘rocking or `rotation of this dog as viewed in Fig»-A
ure-3, so that yblade fcarri‘er ¿I 5I maybe moved up
wardly by means of springs 'I5'I and 'permit the
tape to ¿be ‘moved `forwardly ‘between ythe knife ,
The brush Eholderïlil îis ‘supported lforwardly of
the «blade `carrier -1251 îby 'means-of inwardly pro
ie'cting supporting lugs Y|64 carried >by 'the'.sid'e
` walls of the housing, and preferably right langu
viarflanges »16‘5 'are formed lintegral 'with `.the ‘ror
ward ends «of the 'side -walls and are 'disposedfin
spa'eedjapart relation, as shown more clearly ' ’in
"The `|~blade 'carrier Iï5I `is limited in its 'down
ward ¿movement ïby ‘means of ‘a 'pair 'of inwardly
protecting .lugs 'Ißtfoarri'ed «by fthe side -walls o‘f
:the housing, ‘as 'shown ¿in Figure -7. Àt jthe time
:the "carrier l‘IT-5I ‘is ’in its îlowermo'st position `the
Èblade "68 ’i-rift'erseCts `¿the ftlable 5| at theiforwarä
f' end thereof 'that the tape '~I' ’eannotfbe @pulled
>upwardly to inoperative. position whereby the c 'I
i forwardly until lever |20 is initially vrocked-'for
wardly on the initial lost motionV thereof with
Arespect to the tape feeding gear train.
VA swingable cover plate |61 is rockably mount
' tape may be fed through the opening in lsaid car-~ .
rier, and means for moving said carrierdown
wardlyy on the cutting cycle thereof.
ed on a 'pivoting bolt |08 carried bythe 'side walls . CII
3. In a tape dispensing machine as set forth Y
and `engages overk the supply roll chamber |30.
vA second closure |68r isrockably mounted'onï a
pivot bolt |69 extending between the sidewalls
in claim 2, wherein> ‘said last named >means in
cludes a rock lever-engageable at one vend thereof
«withpsaid carrier, and` a lever operating dog en
the rear end of closure |68 terminates at substan- _
roll supporting
with a supplyîroll
rollers inchamber,
said chamber,
a plurality
of said rollers being formed of a plurality of ax
ially aligned roller sections, and a pair of supplyV
roll rguiding plates "1n vsaid chamber., each'of said
plates having an end thereof interposed between
a pair of said roller sections whereby rolls of dif
' gageable with the opposite end of said lever.
and the free end of: closure member |68 termi
. 4. In a tape dispensing machine, a housing
nates at the forward end of the housing whereas 10
‘ptially the -forward end of Íclosure |61.
In 'the use and operation of this device the sup
ply .roll is disposed in rollchamber 30 engaging
on rollers 32 and 33 with platesA 45 and 45 ad
justed to' loosely support th'e supply roll 3| within
the chamber 30. The tape T is taken from the
top of roll 3| and moved forwardly over table 5|
ferent widths may be supported on said rollers.
5. A tape dispensingn machine comprising a
.between feed rollers |02 and |05, and in the guid
housing, `a'tape guiding ta-bley in said housing,
ing space 58 beneath the plate 51; As lever |20 20 a pair of tape feeding rollers for »moving the tape
ais: rocked forwardly in the initialforward rock
lengthwise of said table, a Ygear train Vconnected
ing of this lever,V ratchet gearV | 2| willl initially
with one of said rollers, a drive Shaft for said- gear
lrotate on shaft |22 until this shaft is tightly
train, an operating lever ñxed to said shaft, pawl
bound by the eccentric slot |26 and gear "|2| th'us
lockedìto driving gear IIB. When knife oper 25 and ratchet means for operating said gear' train
upon rotation of said shaftin one-direction, a
ating .dog |138 is rotated downwardly'away from
loose coupling between said shaft and said ratchet
the rear -end of «plate operating lever-|49 springs
providing lost motion between said shaft and said
|51 willv move plate. carrier |5|- upwardly and
ratchet, a tape cutter, meansmounting said cut
vwhen `plate carrier |5| is in its uppermost posi
tion: thej` tape can be. pushed forwardly in the 30 ter for sliding movement across said table, a ‘car
rier fixed to said cutter, means constantly' urg
space |62 and the tape will then enter the guid
ing throat 12` andpassbeneath the lightweight
pressure plate 69 and will th'en be'pushed between
the brushes 19 and 80 and a pivoted pressure plate '
The extent of the forward rocking of lever |20
is limited by the adjustment of stop lever |29
sothat-the length of dispensed tape can be very
accurately guaged.V
f '
This tape dispensing ,machine has been Vcle
signed particularly for dispensing `relatively wide
tape and, as hereinbefore described, the lwidth of
the tape is only limited by the width of the chan
nel A¿formed between the ¿table ilanges 53. Any
desired narrow width of tape may be dispensed, it
only being necessary to adjust the supply roll sup
porting plates 45 and 4B between the selected
rollers 42, 43 or 44.
Y What is claimed is:
ing said'cutter'to a position above said tableya .
cutter depressing lever disposed below said table
-and engageable with said carrier, and a trigger
fixed to said shaft engageable with said depress
ing lever when said operating lever is in a sub
stantially rearmost position to thereby move said
cutter downwardly to cutting position, said loose
coupling providing means whereby said cutter will
be moved upwardlyV above Vsaid table by said lat
ter means prior to rotation of said feeding’roll
ers by said gear train.
6. A tape dispensing machine as set forth in
claim 5 including a stop carried by said housing
engageable with said carrier Vfor limiting the up-ward movement of saidV cutter. '
'1. In a tape dispensing machine, a tape guid
ing table of U-shape in transverse section, out
wardly extending supporting flanges carried Vby
1. In a tape dispensing machine including a 50 the opposite legs of said table, a passage forming
plate disposed between the legs of said table _and
housing formed with >a', supply roll‘chamber, a
having the lower side thereof spaced from the
pairof roll supportingrollers in the lower portion
upper surface of said table, and’outwardly ex
of said chamber, a pair of vertical roll supporting
supporting lugs carried by said plate en
plates in said chamber, a stationary shaft ex
gaging said flanges to thereby support said plate
„tending transversely across said chamber and
spaced from said table, said flanges and said legs '
loosely extending through said plates whereby
being formed with a pair of cutouts within which
saiduplates may be selectively spaced Vfrom each
certain of said lugs engage for holding said plate
other, a plurality of rollers at the upper forward
against endwise movement.
portion of saidvchamber, means supporting said
8. In a tape dispensing machine, a feeding
latter rollers, said plates being notched at their 60
forward ends to engage over said latter support
ing means, and said plates being'engageable b'e
tween selected ones of said latter rollers whereby
_said plates will be held in spaced parallel relation.
2..',In a tape dispensing machine, a tape guid- f
ing table, including a pair of table members hav
ing >their adjacent ends disposed in spaced rela
tion, a knife carrier slidable in the> space between
said table members and having an upper elon
gated opening within whichv one of -said ta-ble
members projects whereby said one table member
will limit the vertical movement of said carrier
in atleast one direction, a knife secured to said
carrier and having an inverted V-shaped cutting
~edge,spri1_1g means constantly urging said carrier
means for the tape comprising a rock shaft, a
lever secured to said shaft, a driving gear loose
on said shaft, a ratchet gear meshing with said
driving-gear, a carrier for said ratchet gear fixed
on said shaft, and means mounting said ratchet
gear on said carrier whereby said ratchet gear
will be immovable relative to said driving gear
during the rotation of said shaft in one direc
tion, said carrier including a pair of plates fixed
to said shaft on opposite sides of said'driving
gear and formed >with eccentrically disposed
curved slots, and a shaft loosely ' extending
through said slots i and said ratchet gear,
9. In a Ytape dispensingmachine, a feeding
means for the tape comprising-a rock shaft, a
lever secured to said shaft, a driving gear loose
on said shaft, a ratchet gear meshing with said
driving gear, a carrier for said ratchet gear fixed
on said shaft, and means mounting said ratchet
'gear on said carrier whereby said ratchet gear
will be immovable relative to said driving gear
during the rotation of said shaft in one direction,
said carrier including a pair of plates fixed to said
shaft on opposite sides of said driving gear and
formed with a pair of eccentrically disposed'
curved slots, a shaft loosely extending through
said slots and said ratchet gear, a pair of collars
on said latter shaft, and stationary means dis
posed in the path of swinging of said ratchet gear '
engageable with said collars for effecting pòsitive
release of said latter shaft from said carrier prior
to the completion of the return cycle of said first
shaft and for effecting an initial lost motion
between said first shaft and said driving gear.
10. In a tape dispensing machine, a housing,
a feeding lever rockably carried by said housing,
a cap-shaped cover carried by one side of said
housing engaging about a portion of said lever
and having a slot in which said lever may freely
rock, an abutment ñxedly carried by said cover
for limiting the rearward rocking of said lever, a
forward stop disposed in the path of the forward
rocking of said lever, and means adjustably
mounting said forward stop whereby to regulate .
the feeding cycle of said lever, said mounting
means including a stop carrier swingably carried
by said cover, said cover having a plurality of
recesses onthe inner side thereof, and _a pin car
ried by said carrier engageable in a selected
11. In a tape dispensing machine, a housing,
a feeding lever rockably carried by said housing,
a cap-shaped cover carried by one side of said
housing engaging about a portion of said lever
and having a slot in which said lever may freely y
rock, an abutment fixedly carried by said cover
for limiting the rearward rocking of said lever,
a forward stop disposed in the path of Ythe for
ward rocking of said lever, and means adjustably
mounting said forward stop whereby to regulate
the feeding cycle of said lever, saidmounting
means including a stop carrier swingably carried
by said cover, said cover having a plurality of
recesses on the inner side thereof, a pin carried
by said carrier engageable in a selected recess,
and a. spring engaging said carrier and movable
therewith for yieldably holding said pin in a se
lected recess.
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