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.Aug 27, 1946.
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2,406,432 '
Filed Jan.- 26j, 1944
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' ì ‘P
_ v
l -[miento-r
à #er/m20 /Vz'ere
' \\
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Aug. 27, 194s.
Filed Jän. 26. 1944
à sheets-sheet 2
Patented Aug. 27, 1946
Herman Niere, St. Louis, Mo.
lApplication January 26, 1944, Serial No. 519,800
1 Claim. (Cl. 119-62)
best seen in Figure 3 of the drawings, the hous
ing 3 is open at its sides.
provements in poultry feeders ofthe fowl-ex
J ournaled in suitable bearings 1 which are pro
cluding type, and has for its pri-mary object to
vided therefor on the end walls 5 adjacent the
provide, in a manner as hereinafter set forth, a
device of this character which` is adapted to be Cl edges 8 thereof are shafts 9. Vertically swing
ing closures I0 are fixed on the shafts 9, said
opened by the weight of one or more fowls de
closures resting on the edges 8 of the end walls
siring to feed therefrom and which, further, will
5 when in lowered position. Arms I5 are fixed on
close by gravity when the fowls leave.
the outer end portions of the shafts 9. The clo
Another very important object of the inven
tion is to provide, in a poultry feeder of the afore 10 sures I0 are notched or recessed, as at I1 (see
Fig. 4), to permit the upper portions of said
mentioned character, comprising a housing and
closures to project upwardly beneath the top 4
a trough mounted therein, a novel construction
of the housing 3 to provide a substantially rain
and arrangement whereby said trough may be
tight closure to protect the feed adapted to be
expeditiously removed for cleaning or other pur
This invention relates to new and useful im
Other objects of the invention are to provide a
poultry feeder of the character described which
will be comparatively simple in construction,
strong, durable, highly efficient and reliable in
use, compact and which may be manufactured at
low cost.
All of the foregoing, and still further objects
and advantages of the invention, will become ap
parent from a study of the following specifica
tion, taken in connection with the accompany 25
placed in the housing.
Removably mounted in the housing 3 and
adapted to rest on the bottom 6 thereof is a
trough I8. The side flanges of the angle iron
legs I on one side of the housing 3 have their
upper portions cut away at I9 to facilitate slid
ing the removable trough I8 laterally into and
out of said housing. The lower end portions of
the closures I0 overhang the side walls 20 of the
trough I8 to prevent the entrance of water, dirt
and other foreign matter.
Bars II are mounted on the legs I above the
members 2 and in parallelism therewith.
Treadles I2 are mounted for vertical swinging
movement on the bars II. The treadles I2 in
Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of a poultry
clude bars I3 having one end portion pivotally
feeder constructed in accordance with the pres 30
connected to the end portions of the bars II.
ent invention, showing a portion of the remov
Slats or planks I4 are mounted on the bars I3.
able trough broken away in section.
The bars I3 extend inwardly and upwardly from
Figure 2 is a view in end elevation of the
the bars II adjacent the legs I and said bars I3
are connected by chains I6 to the arms I5. Thus,
Figure 3 is a cross sectional view through the 35
the closures I0 are connected to the treadles I2
upper portion of the feeder, taken substantially
for raising thereby to open position.
on the line 3--3 of Figure 1.
It is‘thought that the operation of the device
Figure 4 is a bottom plan View of one of the
will be readily apparent from a consideration of
ing drawings wherein like characters of refer
ence designate corresponding parts throughout
the several views, and wherein:
vertically swinging closures.
the foregoing. Briefly, the closures I0 normally
Referring now to the drawings in detail, it will 40 rest in closed position on the edge portions 8r of
be seen that the embodiment ‘of the invention
which has been illustrated comprises a plurality
of supporting legs I of angleiron. Mounted
transversely on the lower end portions of the
the housing 3, said closures being sufficiently
heavy to retain the treadles I2 in raised or ele
vated position. If necessary, weights may be
45 provided on the free end portions of the closures
legs I are feet 2 in the form of bars of wood or
I0. Feed may be placed in the trough I8 by
other suitable material.
opening the closures III or by sliding said trough
Mounted in the upper portions of the angle
laterally out of the housing 3'. A fowl desiring
iron legs I and rising therefrom is a housing
to feed from the trough I8 mounts one' of the
which is designated generally by reference char 50 treadles I2 which is depressed or swung down
acter 3. The housing 3 includes a bottom 6 from
wardly under the weight of said fowl. Thus, the
adjacent closure III is elevated to open position
which end walls 5 rise, said end walls having op
for permitting access to be had to the trough I8.
positely inclined upper edge portions 8. Extend
ing between the uppermost portions of the end
When the fowl leavesl the feeder and dismounts
walls 5 is an inverted channel-shaped top 4. As 55 from the treadle I2, the closure III whichv has been
opened returns by _gravity to closed position and
the treadle is again elevated.
ing between the upper portions of said end walls,
From the foregoing it will now be seen that
there is herein provided an improved chicken
vertical swinging movement on said pivots and
adapted to rest on the end walls when in closed
pivots in said end walls, closures mounted for Y
feeder provided with closure members adapted to
position, saidfclosures projecting upwardly be
protectI the feed therein, which closures may be
neath the top of the housing, a removable trough
readily opened by the ’weight of a fowl; which
Y for the reception of feed, slidable laterally into
_may be readily ñlled, which is provided with `a
and out of the housing through one of the open
readily removable trough to facilitate the clean
sides thereof and adapted to rest on the bottom
ing of the device, ,and which accomplishes all 10 of said housing, portions of certain of the angle
the objects of this invention and others, includ
iron supporting> legs being cut away for the pas
of said trough into and out of the housing,
ing many advantages of _ great practical utility` „ ,A sage
and commercial importance. Although a pre
transverse bars secured to said supporting legs,
ferred embodiment of the >device is as illustrated " Y treadles comprised of transverse members and
and described, it is to be understood that changes
longitudinally extending treadle members there
in the details of construction and in the combi
nation and arrangement of parts may be resorted
between, pivotally mounted between the extremi- Y
Y ties ofA said bars on both sides of said housing,
to which Will fall within the scope of the inven
tiongas claimed.
What is claimed is:
, A poultry feeder of the Acharacter` described
comprising a plurality of. supporting legs of angle
iron, a housing mounted in the upper portions
the’in'ner extremities 'of said transverse treadle
members terminating at points adjacent the lon
gitudinal center line of said housing, but clear
of Atheends of said housing Vthereof,.and'arms
securedA to .said :pivots inY Vsaid endzpwallsV and
chains connecting the outer ¿extremities ipfsaid
of the rlegs and vrising therefrom, said housing
arms with the inner extremitiesv of said .trans-Y
being open on opposite sides, said housing in 25 verse ,treadleA members, said chains beings posi'
cluding a bottom, end walls rising from the bot
tioned exteriorly of the ends ofthe housing.tom and an inverted channel-shaped top extend
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