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Aug. 27, 1946.
o. v.l PAYNE
Filed March 13, 1945
Patented Aug. 27,V 1946
' ; o
" ' ifuNr-r’lgp ¿STAT
:Qscar ‘E_V. îPayne, ?Leicesterj, ,"Mass‘.;A ¿assigner -’to
_ `
JCrompton J‘i’aKnowles Loom "Works, _Worcesten> ' '
'-Mass‘., a'corporation of Massachusetts
_ Application-.March .13, 1945„ Serial No. 582,551
»9 claims.y `(C1. 242-1245)
. '__This'invention relates -to improvements in warp
'I-I ,adjustable along LtheÁbarrel Ito >Vary vÍthe vlwïidth
.beams :and _itis Vthe vgeneralobject«of the inven
ofthe warp space. ,Only one headîisshownfbutlit
is 'to'be understood 'that al'hea'dsuch as‘illustrated `construct -a beaminsuch 4away .that the ’
.pressure .of „the warp threads _can be _used tohold `
beam having .a barrelfand adjustable heads be
‘head may be formed of' mëtal'and ’has Ya `true in
ner Warp engaging„surfaceßiz"iormedlon a ‘head
iiange `| _3_.from which extends a hub ’1.4, "Small set
tween which the ywarp threads .are .wound `on the
screws .|'5 .in rthe`.'hub kmay‘be utilized 'to’hold'an
f 'IIihe warp _for .looms ,is .generally wound on a
barrel. ',In the pastavariety .of devices have been .
initial’setting of vthelriead Vprior tothe winding
.employed vto .hold .thebeam lheads . in their ad 10
justed position. along .the barrel, but noneof-.them I amawarehave,made'fuse ofthe -warp
`‘Inïthe ‘preferre‘dïformxof ’the invention shown
"in_'Fig'sl ‘_ 1 and "2, "head jhas “attacheditherefßo _ a
, sleeve "S -formed ‘preferably 4oihthinV `shee’t'meta'l
litself Itohold the Yheadsfir'lposition. iAS Awarp is
Wound the 'inner layersleXertv considerable force .
on the barre'Landin the case> of beams made of 16
woodthisforce is sufficient to crush ordeform the
barrels. 'It is an .important-_object of my present
’inventionto utilize thisforce exerted bythe warp
threads to clamp a part .of the beam head onthe
and having lan `‘internal `_dia-meter only 'slightly
greater‘than‘t-he external vdiameter of the Mbarrel
along itwherr the :head :is adjusted-lengthwise of
the beam. l'-I‘he‘hu’lo of the ‘head’ lia-sa -bore'Zllinto
which ‘the `sleeve -is driven, Ãand' the -sleeve ‘may "be
barreltightly _enough to prevent endwise slipping. 20 turned outwardly to form a‘ñange ’21' for-“attach
This _result .can be .accomplished by providing ,the
ment >as by welding or «the ‘like'to ‘the outer-end
beam .head with a ,split _sleeve extending ,over the
barrelinsuch a .Way that the warp threads will
compressßthe sleeve and hold it frictionally` against
the 'beam'.barrel.
'The aforesaid Sleeve Will ordinarily be made of
_thinsheet metal andwill adda negligible amount
tothe windingdiameter of "that part of the. barrel
adjacent to the beam head. Where the sleevesl
are made o‘f'thieker materialfhowever, it may be
desirable to preserve a uniform winding diameter
throughout the use_d length of the barrel, and to
effect this result Ait ,is a 'further object of mypres
ent invention 'to utilize as‘hellïbetween -thefsleeves
ltheir linner fendslandi‘a‘t fthëir outeren'ds terminate _
Aclose to theflange. ' "The particular f-form'o'fß slot
shown in ‘Fig '2 is .not essential. ‘The slots form
vtwo >resilient ‘sections f21 and "28, "respectively,
which are capable of movement toward eachother
`under-'pressure of the warpdue tothe slots. "While
I have :shown Aonly)T two slots, lyet Amy . invention :is
not »necessarily thus-_ limited, sincesmore -fs`lots`1can
begprovidedriffitiisjdesired .to provide additional '
of _the heads and form theshell `and sleeves with C., Cl resilient fsections. The ïinner rend lof .the @sleeve
overlapping ,parts which will in effect .provide a
windingsurface of uniform diameter. '
Withtheseand other objects in View which will
is preferably tapered ;as :at î2t9'to .favoidçean abrupt
shoulder «between the" sleevel and .the _barreL
In operation, the heads H«wil1 be slid'along .the
appear as .the _ description proceeds, my invention
barrel »to-define a warp space ofthe desired width,
resides in the combination andarrangement of 40 yafter'which'the setscrew l5 of each head is tight
parts hereinafter describedandset forth.
ÍIn the .accompanying drawing, . wherein two
forms of the inventionareset forth, _
_ -
Fig. 1 isa vertical longitudinalsection through
part of a, warp beam`A having my invention ap
plied thereto,
I t n
ened toV hold the beam‘heads .in position.' » The . `
windingîoperation is then startedrandfas thei’irst
wraps of warp are Wound on the beamztheïpresg
sure; which theyexert ¿forcesfthe _resilientïsections
45 of each,¿s1eeve very -ñrmlyfagainsttheebarrelnnd ' n
'holds the ¿sleeveandfits flange or kl‘ieadV-.I-I against
Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the beam head and
longitudinal slippage along the barrel. The set
attached sleeve shown in Fig. 1, and
screws may remain tightened if desired but I do
Fig. 3 is a View similar to Fig. 1 but showing a
not rely upon them to prevent end movement of
modiñed form of the invention.
50 the head along the barrel.
Referring to the drawing,V the beamB com
As the winding continues there is an increasing
prises a cylindrical barrel I 0 provided with
tendency for the beam head to move longitu
gudgeons l I one of which is shown in the drawing
dinally, but this is Voffset by the increased tension
for support in winding machines and looms.
or force which is exerted by the initial Wraps'of
Each end of the beam is provided Witha warp head 55 warp on the resilient sections of the sleeve, .The
f I, _. _Í
connected to the head and capable of being forced
barrel may if desired be provided with a surface
sufñciently smooth »to prevent abrasion of the `
warp threads but possessed of suñ‘icient frictional Y
into holding relationship with respect to the bar
rel by warp threads Wound around said meansV
characteristics to hold the sleeve sections.
In the modified form ofthe invention shown in
Fig. 3 the barrel and head may be as alreadyrde
scribed, but the sleeve 35 will'be made of some
to prevent slipping of the head along the barrel,
` 3. In a Warp beam having a cylindrical barrel,
a head mounted on said barrel, and compressible
means extending along the barre1 and connected
Ato the'head ,and having1 partsthereof which are
What >thicker material. such ast tq .eñect ,ag sub-3
stantial°increase in' diameter of the Winding sur
'forcedfintd holding relati'oh Ivvth respect to `the
This 10 barrel by the force exerted by the Warp Wound Y
face of ythe beam adjacent tor-the head.
sleeve 35 Will be slotted in a manner similar to _» Y f around said means to prevent slipping of the head
that described for the preferred form of the in- (Y ` along the barrel.
vention, but in addition to the slots'will also-'be 1 - 14. In a Warp beam having a cylindrical barrel,
provided with teeth 36 separated by slots v_3'1 which
t a head mounted on said barrel, a sleeve secured
to the head vand having parts thereof extending
along the barrel and so formed as to beforced
into holding relation with the barrel by forces ex
Vindent the inner end of the sleevesl35. Surround
ing the barrel is a shell 38 having teeth y39A to enter ~ -~
the indentations 31 in the sleeve 35 and having
, erted by the warp- threads Wound around said
slots receive the teeth 36 on the sleeve 35:
The adjacent parts of the shell and sleeve-._are‘vf»Y` sleeve to «preventslipping of the head along the
parts 20
therefore constructed ' with overlapping
which permit a limited longitudinal _adjustment
of the head along the _barrel while presenting in
yeffect a'substantially cylindrical Winding surface
'of uniform diameter >extending between the head
„ on the barrel. ' The shell may also be slotted as-V
` Y at 4I to `permit éasyapplicationthereof Yto ,the
barrel. f The Shell Willdhave but one of these slotsV -
,5. In a warp beaInhavi/ng .a cylindrical barrel,
ar head mounted von said barrel, a sleeve secured
to the head and `having parts thereof extending
along the barrel and circumferentially spaced
from'each other and capable'of being forced into
holding relation with respectv to the barrel vby
warp threads‘wound around said Aparts to prevent
narrowedjsomewhat andthe .shell Will be ‘Corn
slipping of ythehead along'the barrel.
d 6.-Í In a AWarp beamjhavinga barrel and a head
" From'the'foregoingítvvìll be> seen that I'have
Vso constructed that the split parts can be ‘forced
and lduring the Winding operation the slot will be
"pressed to’grip the barrel tightly in a manner sim 30 thereon, a sleeve connected tothe head and hav
ing split parts, >extending _along the barrel and
ilar to that described for the sleeves of the vheadsi
provided `arQvvarpbeam having va head with which
against the lbarrel by warpr threads Wrapped
is associated al part vvhich` is forced against the
slippage ofthe head'longitudinally ofthe barrel.
around said parts for- the purpose of preventing
' barrel in holding, relationI with respect thereto by
the Warp threads. It will further be seen that
the sleeves on the heads,çvvhile litting the barrel
j '7. In a warp beam having a barrel and a Warp
head, a sleeve connected to the head and extend
ing along thev barrel' and having split portions
closely, permit longitudinal adjustment of the
headalong the >barreLand that the sleeves are
provided lwith compressible sections defined by
i ~ slots Ynot necessarilyiopen as set forth herein- but
providing resilient parts connected to the AWarp
head and compressible by the warp thread. In
.split parts,jand a split shell ofsubstantially the
same exterior diameter as saidsplit portions sur
' the modified form ofthe invention it willbe‘seen .
rounding said barrel, said sleeve and shell having
overlapping parts on which Warp' threads' are>
that an' auxiliary .shell surrounds thebarrel to
maintain a uniform winding diameterthrough
.out theeffective length of the beam and that'the
ing said barrel, ysaid sleeve and shell having over
lappíng'parts on which warp threads are Wound. .
9. _In avwarp beam having a barrel' and a head
thereon, a sleeve 'èonnectedto the head and hav
ing split parts extending along the barrel and
1. In‘a warp beam having a barrel and a warp
head on said barrel, means connectedto said head
so constructed that the splitpparts can be forced
i v2. In a Warp- beam'havin'g'a'barrel and a head y
on Ysaid barrel,':"a~ plurality of circumferentiedl'y- es
spaced Ineans‘distributed around the barrel'and
barrel by the pressure'of the warp threads Wound
disclosed, but what I claim is :‘ ' ' `
around saidfSplit parts, and a split shell surround-_
I do notÍWish to be limited to thedetails herein '
head,` a sleeve connected to thehead and extend
’Havingthus described my invention it will be
seen that'changes and modifications may be made
»therein by those skilled in the art Without depart
‘ ing from the spirit and’ scope ofthe inventionand
lsaid parts.
ing along the barrel and having split portions
forced into holding vrelation with respect to the
and extending along said barrel and «havingïparts
thereof spaced circumferentially and capable of
being ¿forced into holding> relationship with re
spect'to the barrel by warp threads wound'around
' 8. In a Warp beam havin'g‘abarrel and a warp
shell has parts which-overlap similar parts on
the sleeves to prevent the formation of an abrupt
the exterior diameterofvvhich _is greater than the
barrel diameter, said portions `being forced into
_holding‘relation’with respect to the barrel by :the
'pressure _of the warp threads vWound around said
against the-'barrel by >Warp threads Wrapped
around ‘said'parts `for thepurpose of preventing
slippage of the head longitudinally of thebarrel,
and a split shell surrounding the> barrel„ said
Ysleeve and shell khaving ' complementarily1 formed n
overlappingl parts lonïwhich _'the'warp its Wound.
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