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'Aug. 27, 19,46.
' 2,406,435
0. v. PAYNE
5116a Juné so, 1945
Ou‘cnn KPH Yua
Patented Aug. 27,‘ 1946
Oscar V. Payne, Leicester, Mass, assignor to,
Crompton & Knowles. Loom Works, Worcester,
Mass‘, a corporation of Massachusetts‘
' .Appli'cation‘ June 30, 1945, Serial ,No. 602,437,
:7’ Claims. ‘ (01.242-124)
This invention relates to improvements in warp
beams and it is the general object of the invention
to provide means associated with improved warp
hand part of the structure shown in Fig. 1, certain
parts being in section to illustrate the'manner in
which the sleeve and warp head are connected
to'each other, .
582,551, ?led March 13, 1945, I have set forth a
' Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a beam head and
beam'so constructed that‘ the pressure of the warp
threads forces a sleeve or the like against the
, Fig. 2 is'a detail rear/elevation of the right
In my co-pending application Serial No.
beam barrel to prevent longitudinal slippage.
according to my present invention,
head clamp means to hold the warp ends on the
Fig. 1 is a front elevation of a warp‘ beam made
Fig. 4 is a perspective view showing the inter
mediate shell, and '
' ‘
The warp head is connected to the sleeve and is
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary‘ enlarged transverse
thus held in position on the, beam barrel by the
section 'on line 5—5 Fig. 1 showing the manner.
very forces which tend to move the head along
in which the holding ‘lips or projections catch. the
the barrel. Preparatory to the warp winding op
eration it is customary to attach the warp threads 15
Referring to Fig. 1, the beam designated gen
to the beam so that rotation of the beam‘ will
erally at B has a‘ cylindrical barrel l0 extending
draw the warp threadsfrom a creel. It is an im
throughout the length thereof. Right and left
portant object of my present invention to con
beam headsl-I and H" are mounted on the barrel
struct the aforesaid sleeve ‘with warp holding lips
in such manner that they can be adjusted there
or projections which hold the warp threads at the
along to vary the width of the warp space be
warp threads.
start of the winding operation;
tween them. The warp heads and parts attached
In order that the sleeve may be compressible
thereto are similar and a description for one of
or deformable for the purpose of being forced
them will su?ice for both.
against the beam barrel
The head H is formed with a ?ange II having
one longitudinal slot and it‘ is another object of
a warp engaging surface l2 and a hub I3. A
my invention to have the warp holding lipsor
sleeve l5 made of thin sheet metal surrounds
projections extend from the sleeve into the slot,
and closely ?ts the barrel l0 and passes through
thereby permitting the warp threads to be held
the bore Hiof the hub I3. The outerend of'the
between the lips and the beam barrel. The inf
sleeve is turned up to form a ?ange I‘! which can
ward force exerted by the warp threads tends to 30 be secured in any approved manner to the hub [3.
bend the lips toward the barrel to insure tight
The sleeve may be driven into the bore in the
holding of the warp ends.
hub so that the latter and the sleeve are in effect '
' Where the sleeve is ‘made of a metal having an
appreciable thickness it‘ma'y ‘be desirable to use
The sleeve has front and back longitudinal slots
a shell surrounding the barrel and extending be 35 20 and 2|, respectively, which de?ne upper and
tween the warp heads. It is a further object of
lower sections 22 and 23, respectively, extending
my invention to construct this shell with a longi
along the barrel and compressible byreason of
tudinal slot into which warp holding‘ lips or pro
the slots against the barrel by the pressure of the
jections extend; In order that the lips on the
warp wound on the beam. As shown more clearly
sleeves and the shell may be aligned it is a further 40 in‘ Figs._ '1 and v3 a‘ series of lips or projections 25
object of the invention to provide the shell and
are integral with the section 23 and extend into
sleeves with overlapping parts which prevent sub
and part way across the slot 20. As shown in
stantial relative angular movement around the
Fig. 5 these lips are spaced slightly from the
beam barrel. Even in those instances where the
barrel to de?ne a notch 26 into which the warp
sleeves are made of thin sheet metal it would 45 threads W may be held. The sleeve sections and
still be desirable to have holding lips or the like
lips are somewhat resilient and can be pressed
for the intermediate part of the beam and the
toward the barrel ill by the warp threads.
aforesaid shell is therefore not limited to use with
Extending along the barrel between the sleeves
sleeves having thick walls.
is an intermediate shell 30 which in the present
With these and other objects in view which will 50 instance may be formed with a single slot 3| into
appear as the description proceeds, my inven
which extend lips 32 similar to lips 25. The shell
tion resides in the combination and arrangement
30 has end teeth 33 which enter notches 34 in
of parts hereinafter described and set forth.
the sleeves to prevent substantial relative angular
In the accompanying drawing, wherein a con
movement of the sleeves and shell around the
venient embodiment of my invention is set forth, 55
barrel. In this way the slot 3! is kept in align
tending along the barrel and having a longi
ment with the slots 20. As shown in Fig. 2 the
inner free ends of the back of the sleeve sections
tudinal slot permitting the sleeve to be forced
into holding relation with the barrel by the warp
threads to prevent slipping of the head along
,22 and 23 are formed as teeth 35 and lie between
the teeth 33 on the adjacent end of the shell.
the barrel, and warp holding lips integral with
The shell therefore does not interfere with the
contraction of the sections 22 and 23;
the sleeve and extending into said slot. '
3. In a warp beam having a barrel and a warp
head, a sleeve connected to the‘ barrel and ex
’ Preparatory to the winding operation the heads
'H and H’ will be meved approximately tothe‘ir.
required positions to de?ne the width of the warp 10 tending along the barrel and having a longi
tudinal slot permitting the sleeve to be forced
space and can be held in these positions by small
into holding relation with the barrel by the warp
set screws 31.
These set screws are
not intended _
threads to prevent slipping of the head along
to withstand very much if any of the lateral pres;
the barrel, and warp holding projections carried
by the sleeve vand extending from one side of said
sure of the warp but are merely for; the purpose
of holding the heads inradjusted positionl After
the warp threads have been caught under’ the
lips25 and 32 the beam is set in rotationrin the
fdirection indicated by arrow a, Fig; 1 and ‘the
warp threads are drawn from the creel and
wrapped around the sleevesand the shell. The
warp threads exert a considerable inward ,force
which not only compresses ‘the ‘sections ~22 and
23 against the warp barrel l0 but‘also tend to
head, a sleeveformed of resilient material con
nected to thebarrel and extending along the
barrel and having a longitudinal slot permitting
the sleeve to be forced into holding relation with
the barrel by the warp threads to prevent slip
ping of the head along the barrel, and warp hold
bend the lips'inwardly toward the barrel center
fertile ‘purpes'e 6f ‘?elding the ‘warp ends ‘tightly.
said slot and being bendable toward ‘said barrel
shell itself twill be's‘llbjééted t6 some coin
slot into the latter, ~
4. In a warp beam having a barrel and a warp
ing lips integral with saidsleeve extending into
26 by the pressure of the warp. ’
5. In a warp beam'having a barrel and a warp
the’ depth
of the warp
to the threads
winding increasesthey
head, a sleeve connected to the barrel and ex
tending along the barrel and having a longitudi
exert ‘inerea's'ingly high en forces on'the'warp
heads H and H’ tending“ to move them ‘toward
' the ends bf the barrel. The inward pressure" of
the ‘Warp threads is sunicient 'tb 'overeofne this
nal slot permitting the sleeve to be forced into
holding relation with the barrel byv the warp
threads to prevent slipping of the head along
the ‘barrel, and ‘warp. holding lip's integral with
the sleeve extending into said 'slOt and normally
end ffffé’é, HOWe-‘Vé‘i’, 'and theheaas‘are held tightly
in ¢ , i?dfiin the niannerset forth- ifl'the éIfOre
spaced from said barrelito‘lprovide notches ‘for
'From the foregoing’ it will be seen thatfl have 35 the reception ‘of warp threads between 'the barrel
SaldIiD-“p‘ehdi?g‘ ‘a??lié?tildh.
and lips.
i’fGV’id'e‘d 'Sili?il‘é
'lb'y'whi‘ch Wail-‘71b threads
may be ‘attached to“ l'ibldiflg ‘lips or pi‘Oj-édtibhs
6. In a warp bearh'h‘a'ving a barrel and two
spaced warp heads thereon, a sleeve oneach warp
vféi‘in‘éd bri 'cnin'pre’s‘slble sleeves ‘which are éTsSQCL
@?éd ‘with Oi‘ connected “tb the warp ‘heads. 'The
head extending along ‘the barrel toward the other
'34 prevent relative angular‘rnove
ment of the sleeves and shell, thereby aligning
longitudinal slots, and warp holding lips on said
sleeves and "shell extending into the slotsjin said
warp head, a ‘shell surrounding the barrel and
lips “2'5 and '3': eizte'nd int?) their respectiveislots 40 located
between and interlocked with said sleeves,
and are forked into warp end holding
said sleeves and shell having substantially aligned
position by the ‘pressure of .the warp.‘ 'T‘heteeth
V 33 and nOtchés
the H3175 on both the ‘sleeves and shell.
shells 'ahd’sleeve, respectively.
v '
7. In va warp ‘beam havin'g'a ‘barrel and ‘two
"new/‘menu's described 'my inventioh it will be
space-d warp heads thereon, a isleeve'on each'warp
I seenthatchan'ges and modi?cations may be made
head extending 'albhg f the barrel toward the other
warp head, ‘a shell surrounding .said barrel and
therein ‘by those skilled ‘in 'the artw'ithout 't'le
'jparting‘ironi'the spirit and‘scop'e of the iinven-r 50
extending ‘between. "said ‘sleeves, ‘interen'gagin'g
hen-‘aha I do hat wish to be limited to the details
teeth and slots "on ‘said _sleeves and shell to pre
vent substantial relative angular movement of
the‘ sleeves and shell aroilnd said barrel, said
' hereindisclosed, “but whatvI-cl'aim is:
‘I. In awarp beam having‘a barrel and a warp
head, ~a sleeve conneeted to the barrel and ex
tending along the barrel and having a ‘longi
tudinal “sliit‘p‘erinitting the sleeve to be forced
sleeves ‘and ‘shell having ‘substantialy 'alignedlon- e
into holding relation "with the ‘barrel ‘by the ‘wane
holding ‘relation with respect to the barrel, and
threads to prevent slipping bf the head along
the ‘barrel, and‘ warp jholdi'ng means eitending
rremtnesleeve vi?to’sa'id‘sl'd't."
’ 2. In ‘a "warp beam having a barrel and a warp
head, a sleeve connected iii) ‘the barrel and ex
gitudi'nal ‘slots "to per t, the pressure of the warp
~ wound on 'the
to force the latter Yin-to
Wail) hbvl'dlh'g lip‘son Said sleeves and ‘shell ex
tending into the slots of “said sleeves and shell,
‘' ;
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