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Patented Aug.` 27, 1946
Eugene W. Caruthers, Seoane, Pa.
Application March 9, 1944, Serial No. 525,779
1 Claim. (Cl. 23S-161.5)
'Ih‘is invention relates to an improvement in
rail joints and more particularly to a practical
means of properly maintaining a supply of lubri
' cant to the fishing surfaces of the joint bars and
of the rails, to prevent “frozen” joints in the
The presence of “frozen” rail joints in a, rail
way track is due not only to the rusting or cor
roding of the joint bars and of the rails at the
composition or material may be utilized in con
nection therewith.
However, a practical phase of the‘invention is
to use a rupturable material in the making of the
carrier units 2 and 3. While;` that materiaL as
stated, may consist of a Very line screen cloth or
coarse foraminous paper sheet, the preferable
construction employed is to use for each carrier
unit a very thin piece of plastic material in the
fishing surfaces thereof, but also to the excessive 10 form of a plastic screen cloth or grid, the inter
binding engagement between th'e joint bar and
stices of which are filled with a lubricating me
the rail, when the joint parts are tightly bolted
dium such as graphite or talc. This provides a
together. j Under these conditions the rails are
prevented from having the necessary longitudinal
relative movement to accommodate the same to
expansion and contraction influences. Accord- ;
ingly, the present invention contemplates a sim
readily rupturablelubricant carrier unit which'
definitely breaks down under the bolt tightening
of the joint bars either when the joint bars are
originally installed or when there is take-up for
wear. Therefore, the lubricant carrier units
while not interfering with the maintenance of
and constant lubrication of the contacting metal
tight joints, nevertheless, at the same time pro
» surfaces in the joint, thereby to prevent excessive 20 vide for a proper spread of the lubricating medi
binding action and to permit proper andneces
Y um or material on and throughout the entire area
sary relative longitudinal movement of the rails
of the fishing surfaces of the bar which contact
within the joints.
with the corresponding fishing surfaces of fthe
A practical embodiment of the invention is il
rail, and thus maintain at all times, and in a
lustrated in fthe accompanying drawing, in 25 th‘oroughly practical manner, a lubricated rail
ple and practical means to provide for a complete
Figure 1 is a sectional view of a lubricated rail
joint embodying the improvement contemplated
by the present invention.
While various types of plastics now available
on the market may be used for the foregoing, an
example of the plastic available for the purpose
Figure 2 is a detailed perspective view of a part 30 is nylon.
of a, rail joint bar illustrating the application
Whilevthe drawing illustrates, by way of exam
thereto of the rupturable lubricant carrier which
ple, fianged formations for the carrier units 2 and
provides for positioning and holding the lubri
3, whereby they form cap pieces which may be
cating material on and over the fishing surfaces
slipped over the head and foot of the
of th‘e bar.
35 bar, nevertheless, it should be understood that a
Referring to the drawing it is shown that in
suitable adhesive may be appliedto the units or
carrying out the invention the same primarily
mixed with the lubricating material iri the form
contemplates associating with each joint bar I
of a paste, thus providing means for causing firm
lubricant carrier units designated by the numer
adherence of the lubricant carrier units to the
als 2 and 3. These units are intended to be inter
metal surfaces of the joint bar so as to hold them
posed between the contacting fishing surfaces of
in proper position when the joint bars are being
the bar and of the rail and may, as shown, be in
applied to the rail ends and bolted into position.
the form of flanged cap pieces respectively fitting
over th’e head and foot of the bar so that when
the bar is drawn into tightened position within 45
clamped tightly between the bar and the rail, and
carrying the desired lubricating material, serve
From th‘e foregoing it is thought that the im
provement contemplated by the present'inven
tion will be readily understood without further t
the ñshing Space of the rail the said units are
description and that changes in the form and
to position and hold the lubricating material on
construction of the carrier units and of the ma
terial employed in lubricating the same may be
resortedv ito without departing from the scope of
and throughout |th'e fishing surfaces thereby to 50 x the appended claim.
the opposite joint bars. These lubricant carrier Means
units may consist of a matrix or grid form of
cluding joint bars fitting within the fishing
gasket of screen cloth or equivalent foraminous
prevent the freezing of the rail between and on
material and any desired or practical lubricating 55 spaces of adjacent rail ends, said ymeans com
prising, a lubricant carrier of temporary char-V`
acteristics constituted by'a. strip of rupturable
fishing surfaces of the rail, andkwhereby, when
the joint bars are drawn tight under bolt pres
sure, the lubricant on the carrier is forced into
the contacting metal surfaces of the bar and rail
such thi‘nness as not to alter the initial or sub
sequent ñt of the bars relative to the rail when 5 and the break-down of th'e carrier is effected.
the strip is interposed between th'e head and foot
fishing surfaces of the joint bars and the related
foraminous non-metallic material having the in-Y
terstices filled with lubricant, said strip being of
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