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Aug. ,27, 1946. I
-|_. cQKEs'rER '
Filed Dec. 28, 1945
[may 6! IFSTEQ
Patented Aug. 27, 1946
'i \'
2,406,466 ;
Lynn C. Kester, Hereford, Tex.
Application December 28, 1945, Serial No. 637,542
4 Claims. (o1. 46--119)
This invention relates to a toy ?sherman, and
it is one objectlof the invention to provide a toy
A line I I extends downwardly from the front end
of the rod I0 and at its lower end carries a hook
l2 from which a representation of a ?sh may be
consisting of a ?gure representing a man seated
upon a log and holding a ?shing rod in his hand,
the arms being pivotally mounted so that when
pull is exerted upon a line carried by the ?shing
rod, the arms will be swung downwardly, the arms
suspended if so desired.
It will be understood ,
being connected with the eyes and mouth of the
that the ?gure may be secured in seated posi
tion upon the log in any desired manner, or it
may be formed integral with the log in casethe
log and the ?gure are formed of plastic or other, '
?sherman’s head so that as the arms are swung
molded material.
downwardly the mouth will be opened and the 10 In order‘to pivotally mount the arms 8, there
has been provided a shaft I3 which extends
eyes pushed forwardly to a protruding position
transversely through the body with its ends pro
and thus indicate a surprised expression over
catching a large ?sh.
truding therefrom and the arms are rigidly
mounted upon the protruding end of the shaft
so that when the arms are'swung downwardly
Another object of the invention is to, provide
a toy of this character wherein the arms are
?xed to the ends of a crankshaft which passes
_ by pull upon the line I I,‘ the shaft will be turned.
This shaft has a rearwardly extending crank I4
thru the body of the ?gure, the crank of the
to which is pivotally connected the lower end‘ of
shaft having pivoted thereto a rod for operat
a rod or link I5 which extends upwardly'through
ing the eyes and the mouth and this crank be
ing engaged by a spring which will return the 20 the neck 6 and at its upper end is pivotally con
nected with a lever I6. The lever ‘16 projects
arms and the mouth and eyes to a normal posi
rearwardly from the lower jaw ll of the head ‘I
tion when pull upon the line is released.
Another object of the invention is to provide
and since the lower jawi-s pivotally mounted at
its junction with the lever I 6, as shown at I8,
a toy of this character wherein the log upon
which the ?gure is seated has its ends cut 25 upward movement of the link or rod I5 will tilt
the lever I6 upwardly and the jaw I‘! will be
straight across so that the end faces of the log
may be used for advertising purposes or for
swung downwardly and open the mouth I9. An
arm 20 extends upwardly from the lever I6 and
at its upper end this arm is connected with a
- Another object of the invention ‘is to provide
a toy‘ ?sherman which is of simple construction 30 rod2l which extend-5 forwardly and at its front
end carries eyes 22 normally disposed in a nat
and not liable to become broken easily or get out
ural position in the eye-receiving openings 28 of
the head. When, however, the'lever is swung
upwardly and the arm 20 moves upwardly and
ing drawing, wherein—
Figure 1 is a perspective view of the improved 35 forwardly during tilting of the lever I6 about
the pivot I8, the rod 2i will be shifted forwardly
toy ?sherman, portions being in section,
and the eyes will be caused to protrude outwardly
Figure 2 is a fragmentary sectional view taken
a slight extent and impart a surprised'appear- '
transversely through the body of the ?sherman
ance to the'?sherman. When pull upon the line
along the line 2—2 of Figure 1,
of working order.
The invention is illustrated in the accompany
Figure 3 is a view of the forked member hav 40 I I is released, the arms and the lower jaw and the
eyes must be returned to the normal position,
ing eyes at ends of the arms, and
and in order to do so there hasbeen ‘provided a
Figure 4 is a perspective view of the lower jaw
spring 24 consisting of a strip of resilient metal
vand its mounting arm.
which is curved longitudinally and has its lower
The log I which constitutes a base for the toy I‘
may be formed of metal, wood, plastic,,or,other 45 end secured to the back of the ?gure by a fas
suitable material, and has its ends cut straight
across to provide flat end faces 2 upon which
advertising matter or slogans may be applied.
The ?gure 3 represents a ?sherman seated upon
the log I and this ?gure may be formed of metal 50
or other suitable material.
The ?gure has a
body 4, legs 5, a neck 6, and a head ‘I, and at
opposite sides of the body there have been pro
vided arms 8 which project forwardly therefrom'
and terminate in hands 9 holding a ?shing rod I0.
tener 25 and its upper end portion disposed in
overlapping engagement with the crank I4. The
spring is straightened?somewhat by having its
upper end portion ?exed upwardly and rear
wardly during upward movement of the crank
I4, and when pull upon the line is released, the
spring returns to its original shape and down
ward pressure upon the crank will rotate the
shaft I3 and cause the arm to be swung up
55 wardly to the initial position, and downward pull
exerted upon the link I5 so that the lower jaw
l'I will be closed and the eyes returned to the
normal position.
provided with a lower jaw pivotally mounted for '
openingrand closing movement, a' crank shaft
vrotatably mounted through the body, arms ?xed
It is though that persons skilled in the art to ' to end portions of said shaft and extending for
which the invention relates will be ableto obtain 5 wardly therefrom in position for holding a ?shing
a clear understanding of the invention after con
rod, a lever extending rearwardly from the pivoted
sidering the description in connection with the
jaw, a link connecting the rear end of said lever
drawing. Therefore, a ‘more lengthy, description
With the crank of said crankshaft, an upstand
is regarded asunnecessary.
ing arm carried by said lever, eyes movable
Minor changes in the shape, size and arrange 10 through the eye openings ,from a normally re
ment of details coming within the ?eld of in
tracted position to an extended position and con
vention claimed may be resorted to_ in actual__
nected with the upstanding arm to effect‘ such
i , 2 'm?ovement during movement of said'lever for
practice, if desired.
Having thus described the invention, what ‘is, .7 , opening and closing the lower jaw, and a strip
15 ‘of resilient metal curved longitudinally and dis
1. A device of the character describedbo'mp'ris "T? ; ‘posed ‘vertically in the body with its lower end
ing a base, a ?gure supportediuponjhebaseiino. hseouredkto ,thebackof the body and its upper
‘end overlapping the crank of the crankshaft to
, seated position and having 'a‘b'ody formed'withl a "
neck and head at its upper end, the headjha'v-, j yield'ablyjhold the crankshaft in a normal posi- ,
ing eye openings and having a lower jaw pivotally 20 tion and yieldably hold the arms and the lower
mounted for opening and closing movement, a
claimed is:
shaft extending through the body; with ends pro
truding from opposite sides thereof and within
the body being'formedwith a rearwardly extend
i ,3, and
A device
‘of the
11.1 character
9: eormalrgsitiondescribed compris
. 1
ing a ?gure having a body provided with a neck
and head at its upper end, a crankshaft rotatably
ingcrank, arms ?xed to the protruding ends of 25 mounted throughthe body, Iarms ?xedftor said
the;_sh_aft and extending forwardly H and having
hands at theirifront ends, a ?shing rodv carried
by, thelhands of said arms and provided with a
dependingline at its front end, a jleverextending
rearwardly from the pivotedj jaw,’ a link extend 30
in'g verticallyj'through'the neck and-having its ‘
crank shaft and projecting'forwardly; from the’,
body, the head having eyeopeningsand being
provided with a lower jaw mountedfor opening
and 'clo'singr'm'ovement, a lever extending rear;
wardly from the lower jaw, a spring member'en}
gaged with the crankshaft and yi'eldably holding
lower end pivoted tothe crank of said shaft and
the same’ in a normalposition with the'arm's,
its upper end pivotedto the-rear end ofsaid lever,
raised and the‘ lower jaw closed,~uandneyes movable ,
an upright ' member extending upwardly‘ from
through the eye openingsof ‘thehead'la/nd con
saidlever, a member in the head extending hori-v 35 nected with said levervfor movement from‘ a re:
tracted position to a- forwardly protruding‘ posi
zontally between, front and rear portions of the
tion when the jaw isxmoved to an Openjpositionlv- head and having its'rear ends connected withlthe,v
o 4.’ A devicejof the character’ described compris
upper end of the upstanding member ‘and pro
ing a ?gure including a body-havinga neck and
vided at its front end with eyes movablethrough
the eye openings of- the ‘head from a normally 40 headatits upper end, thehead being provided
with eye openings, andhavinga lower jaw mount-h
retracted positionto a forwardly protruding posi-'
ed for opening “and closing movement, arms at
tion when' the leveris swung upwardly’ and the;
jaw' swings downwardly to an open position, and‘
opposite’ sidesv of said body, eyes movable through’
the eye openings from, a normal position to aifor
a strip of. resilient metal secured at one end to‘
the back of thebody and extending upwardly and 45 wardly protruding ‘position, means rforvmounlting
forwardly with its upper end. portion overlapping ‘ the‘ arms for swingingrrnovement, from ajnora
mallyraised position to a lowered positiomsaid
the crank to yieldably hold the crank in a normal
position andjyiéldably'hold the arms, in anormar
position and the jaws closedlandthe eyes in their
means being connected with the lower jaw-and, '
the- eyes fQrppeninethe-lWver jaw and moving
a 50 the'eyesforwarqlyto: 2,1 prQtruded pqsition when
2. 'A device of the character describedikcomprislf'
ing a- ?gure representing a ?sherman and having '
a' ‘body provided with aneck and .headatits
upper end, the head having eye openings.- and
the armsare lowered; and spring means yieldably
holding the arms, and the jaw 311d the 163765 in a
normal position;
o‘ ,_ if in
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