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Aug. 27, 1946.
‘ c.
Filed Aug. 16, 1945
Patented Aug. 27, 1946
Charles A. Brewer, Noroton Heights, Conn.
Application August 16, 1943,‘Serial_No. 498,825
‘ 81Claims. (c1. izoe-sc)
This invention relates to improvements in
erasers as generally used for erasing writing,
' I2 prevent escape of the erasures and dirt par- ~
ticles and'allow the air pressure to escape through
hole 21, screen ‘I2 and vents I8 to the atmos
drawing, typewriting‘and ‘similar uses.
7 This invention has for its principal objectto
Receptacle I0 is made of transparent material
take away the particles from the erased surface
which serves to indicate when the receptacle re
while it is being erased.
‘ Another object is to utilize the power or force
quires emptying. Emptying is readily accom
plished by pulling upward on cover I 3 While '
used in operating the eraser to also. act to re
gripping receptacle It. This will separate these
move the vparticles from the surface being erased.
parts, allowing removal of baffle plate II and
' Another object is to prevent ‘undue injury to 10
screenIZ which may then be cleaned and the
the. surface on which the erasures are being
receptacle emptied and the parts I I and I2 placedv
in position and the two parts Ill and I3 secured
Another object is to dispose of the particles
together by fasteners I4. An insert I9 of rubber
or dirt caused by the erasing to a suitable re
15 or similar material is secured to the base at Ill.
The circular eraser when worn out is readily
Other objects will be understood from the fol
‘ removable for replacement by releasing the latch‘
lowing description.
25 which will allow pin 26 to be removed and the
In the drawing:
eraser housing 5 separated in halves and the
Figure 1 is a partial longitudinal vertical sec
tion of the preferred form of the invention hav
eraser can be removed.
In the form shown in Figure l excessive erasure
or damage to surface while being erased is pre
vented by the use of suction as the means for
Figure 2 is a section taken on line A.—B. of Fig- ‘
revolving the eraser. Any excessive manual pres
ure 1.
sure on the eraser while erasing will automat
Figure 3 shows a latch for securing assembly 25 ically slow down the speed at which the eraser
of the eraser 3 as shown in Figure 2.
will revolve. This is accomplished by propor
Figure 4 is a longitudinal vertical section of a
tioning the vanes 2| which will limit the power
modi?ed form of my invention.
delivered to the circular eraser 3; this’ provides
In the embodiment of my invention, as illus
a Slip drive between the motor 6 (or source of
trated in the accompanying drawing, 3 is a cir
power) and the eraser 3.
cular shaped eraser, 4 a suction fan, 5 eraser hous
While it is believed from the foregoing de
ing, 6 an electric motor, ‘I an electric circuit con
scription the nature and advantages of my'in
trol switch for motor 6, 8 electric cord to a source
vention will be readily understood, I do not limit
ing one of the halves of the eraser housing re
of electric current, 9 ?exible conduit, I0 trans
‘myself to what is herein shown and described
parent receptacle for deposit of erasure particles, 35 and the right is herein reserved to make such
II removable ba?le plate, I2 removable screen, I3
changes as properly ‘fall within the scope and
is a cover for receptacle ID, at I4 is shown one
spirit of my invention.
of the three fasteners for detachably securing
I claim:
1. An eraser comprising a housing and mount
The operation of the eraser shown in Figure 1 40 ed therein a circular shaped revolvable eraser,
is as follows: The lever of the electric switch
conduit connection to said housing, one end of
‘I is moved to the position shown by dotted lines
said conduit tangentially positioned to the perim
in Figure 1. This closes the electric circuit and
eter of said revolvable eraser, the other end of
places the motor in operation, suction fan 4 being
conduit connected to the suction inlet of a
secured to the motor shaft revolves thereby gen 45 motor driven suction fan, a discharge outlet from
erating a suction in passage I6, ?exible tube 9
said suction fan having a passage ending in a
and passage 20. This suction acts on circular
dirt receptacle having a ba?le and a screen inter
cover l3 to receptacle I0, Figure 1.
eraser 3 and vanes ZI causing the circular eraser
3 to revolve in the direction indicated by the ar
row in Figure 1. While the eraser is being ap
posed between the receptacle chamber and out
50 lets to the atmosphere.
plied to erase, particles are drawn in by suction
into passage 20 through ?exible tube 9 and pas
sage I6 through suction fan 4 and forced by air
pressure from fan 4 through passage I‘I into re
ceptacle chamber 23. A ba?le plate I I and screen 55
‘ ,2. An eraser comprising a circular shaped
eraser mounted in a housing and free to rotate,
a passage leading from the interior of said hous
ing, a conduit connected to said housing having
its opening leading into said passage, a motor
driven suction fan having its suction passage '
joining the opening of the other end of said‘coné
duit, a, discharge passage leading from said suc
tion fan to the interior of a, receptacle, ba?ie plate
and screen in said receptacle, air vents leading
from inside of said receptacle above said baffle
and screen to the atmosphere and a removable
cover on said receptacle and providing a housing
5. An eraser provided with a rotary erasing
member; a suction-operated turbine connected
thereto to rotate the same; and means for ‘sup
plying suction to said turbine, said suction also
removing the erased particles resulting from an
erasure by said rotary erasing member.
6. An eraser having a source of suction and a
suction-operated movable means, and an erasing
connected to said movable means to be
for operating saidi suction fan. ,
10 moved thereby’ to produce an. erasure,‘ the suction
3. An eraser comprising a housing; a circular
also acting to remove the erased particles result
revolvable abrasive member mounted therein;
ing from the erasure by said movable erasing
suction-operated means connected to said abra a member.
sive member to rotate the same; a motor-driven
7. An eraser having a movable abrasive mem
suction fan; a conduit connected'to said'hous 155. ber; a power source; and means including a ?uid
ing, ,one end of said conduit being tangentially
driving medium, for connecting the eraser to said
positioned to the perimeter of the revolvable ab
power source to be driven thereby, said drive
rasive member and also positioned to connect the
yielding: when, the abrasive member is overloaded
suction-operated means: to said motor-driven
to prevent damage to the material being erased.
suction fan; and a. dirt receptacle connected to 20
8. An abradingt device including a. housing hav
the discharge outlet, of said suction fan.
ing, mounted therein a movable abrasive, member;
, 4. An eraser comprising. a} housing having
suction-operated driving means for said mem
mounted therein a movable abrasive member;
ber to. move the. same to cause. an abrasion; and
suctioneoperated means connectedlto said mem-‘
a conduit connected to a source of suction and
ber to move the same to cause an erasure ;_. and. 25 arranged to cause said suction-operated driving
a conduit connected to a sourcerof suction and
means, to be operated and drive said abrasive
so positioned as to cause said suction-operated
and to provide a suction means, adja-.
means to be operated. and drive said‘ abrasive.
cent said abrasive member for picking, up. parti
member, said conduit. also opening adjacent said,
cles resulting from the operation. of said abra
for said suction fan, its passages, and; the motor“
abrasive member and removing particlesv result. 30
ing from the operation, of said abrasive member.v
sive member.
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