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Aug. 27, 1946.
Filed Dec. 1, 1944
Patented” Aug. v27, 1946
‘I 2,406,495
y Frederick R. `Grand-Jean; University City; Mo.;
, assignor to Sel-Mor sGarment Co. Inc., St.
-. Louis, Mo., a corporationkofllíissouri
_ .Application December 1, 1944, Serial No. 566,229
'I'his invention relates to improvements in de
vices for selection of articles of wearing apparel,
and more particularly to merchandise selectors
Ífpresently- required in> selection of an article ,of
~~Wearingapparel in order best to suit customer
Y -
An'additional and important objective is at
for garments or otherv articles otwearing ap
parel produced and stocked in a Variety of meas
' tained, by reason of a relative certaintyof lit, in
urements, types, models, styles and perhaps of
an assurance of satisfaction of the »selected gar
other varying characteristics. The device is par
ment; in a reduction of number of _merchandise
‘ Yticularly, although by no means exclusively, de
returns, increase in number of sales «possible by
each sales person >in a given unit/of` time; and
increased customer satisfaction byV obviating un
certainty7 and vacillation on thecustomer’sï'part.
signed to facilitate the correct selection of items
of >women’s wear such as lingerie.
InV order to assure, or at least enable an opti
mum. selection oi garments from an extensive
stock, whether a manufacturer’s stock or at re
. VVThe foregoing and'numerou's other objects"v will
moreV cleariy appear from the following detailed
description of a single, exemplary, preferred ein
tail, there are provided not only >a substantial
number of styles and types of lingerie and other 15 >bodiment ofthe invention, »anda consideration
garments, but there is also noted a Atendency ' ofthe description in `coni'iection‘with the accom
-* . among more progressive manufacturers to attain
panying drawing, in which:
Fig. 1’ is an assembly of the device,~ viewed in
an increasing l‘perfection’ of iit> and adaptability
of garments to out-size or small size iigures, or ' plan, with portions of an upper and an interme
figures of unusual and abnormal' proportions'. It 20 diate disc broken away for clearness of"under
is 'nevertheless realized in. manufacturing and
Fig. 2 is a plan view of an intermediate disc,
merchandising circles, that this increasing spe
and Fig. 3 `a» corresponding view of a base-or '
cialization and individualization‘of garments in
lower disc, the discs'of Figs. 2 and 3 being-'shown
troduces, by reason ofa much greater number
" ’
of stock items, an increasing likelihood of error 25 in corresponding relative positions.
Referring now by characters of -reference’to the
drawing, the device, as shown, but" with pos
in the case of inexperienced or inadequately
sibilities of variation in number and arrangement
trained'retail sales> persons, and, >even in the
of its elements, includes ay base or A‘bottom disc
case of experienced -personnel, the added com
plication‘ofproper selection‘andntting of gar 30 element, generallyindicated ‘at l0. Shown 'as of
ycircular form, the base’ is provided with a fixed
ments has heretofore'required first, a'thorough
in customer’s selection. Thisl is particularly true
knowledge of the stockand types‘of’individuals
to be iitted, and secondly, a quick'andlhereto
fore sometimes difficult mental process on the
center pin or the _like I`I,‘ identified with an axis
of rotation and, ’in the formfshown, als'o‘an axis
of structure. In this example, provision isl'made
_part of the sales person, in order'to arrive at 35 for selection of a garment, according» tov size and
the’optimum combination of at-‘least'three vari
ables in an item of lingerie, viz., height of wear
er, hip and bust measurement. The present in
customer measurements, of any‘of’four styles,
models, numbers, types or other desired basis
oi' group-ing.
Accordingly thearea of the base
' I il is divided into four vequal aliquot areas ory
mary objective the attainment of `a simpliñed 40 sectors I2, i3, I4 and I5.
‘ vention accordingly has as its general and pri
low-cost device which will Ylargely eliminate the
high degree of personal equation >heretofore in
volved in the correct selection of an optimum
item of wearing apparel for an individual pur
Along one of the arcuatemargins of tliebase
disc I 0 is a series of equiangularly related gradu
ations I5, accompanied by al designation I1 which,
inthe present case, consists of the word “hips,”
45 or other wording to identify the dimensions or
measurement signified by the graduation's i6.
A further and important object of» the inven
These latter in the present 4examplecover a range
tion is attained in a simple. compact,»easily-maof sizes, within the sector I2, of 3410146 'inclu
nipulatable article for the general purpose afore
said. and which by one or two simple operations
In each oi the sectors I2, I3, I4 and I5, vis pro
.instantly visually indicates anyone of a number
vided, fc-r a purpose later appearing,l a series of
of styles, if more than one, and of a stock num
target areas or' indicia of suitable or desirable
ber, size, or other designation which practically
form, each area. shown as being-approximately
assures against error on the part of sales persons
rectangular, being indicated "at 2l). It‘will be
and others identiiied with garment selection and
iitting, particularly in the women’s apparel fields. 55 noted that, by preference, proceeding in a given
direction‘across eachfof the base sectors, the areas
` Yet another object of theginvention is attained
`2i) are displaced, each from the preceding area,
in a calculator 0r determining device of the gen
both in an-angularand in afradîal direction.
eral type and for the generalpurpose noted, which>
Otherwise expressed, these predeterminedareas
is of novel form, and which is so quickly operable
chaser or user.
, and freel of possibilitiesof rpersonalerror, as` very 60
materially to reduce .the time of clerks and others
aredisplaced in~A onesdirection of‘- relative'move
`»ment of the superpcsed planar elements-such as
quadrant of the present example,V through the
the severalV discs `later to> be described, thisbe
y inclusive range of 3l to do, and is accompanied
‘ Fing in a direction about or along the element,`
by a suitable legend or marking 38, giving signifi
aswell as being displaced radially of the discs.V
' This exact arrangement~ or pattern of areas, will", ' " cance, as 0f size, to the row of graduations 3'?.
be dictated ysomewhat by the numberof aliquot.,
Proceeding now to a description Vof the upper'
. most or top disc, this'is. as noted, cf somewhat
divisionsrof the base disc, and possibly .otherzof .
the relatively displaceable elements of theisele'c
'smaller diameter than the intermediate discV 39,
Íand is generally indicated at fill, being provided
' rangement as shown, is preferred,and in practice?M ,'-with a central aperture 35A, and is divided into
tor. YGenerally speaking,- however, a'step'ped are 1 '
it is also preferred to impart to the `targetnar'eas i
>four-_»,equal-aliquot parts or in the circular form
20, a bright color which may be different in the
-.shown, into quadrants di, 42, 43 and M. Each
of the several individual quadrants of disc ll@ is
different sectors, Vfor example, red, yellow, green
and blue, so as` to enable the target areas'or
portionssthereof to bemore readily visible for in
dicating purposes, as will hereinafter better apr`
significant of a particular style, type, model or
pear. It should be noted as by no means essen
tial that the number of areas Zehe/the same in ,
Vample, slips Vor other items of lingerie. l These
identifying >indicia are indicated at 45, A6, 41
other broad grouping of the generally similar
items of stock for a` common purpose, for ex
the several base quadrants; for example, one .~ ëandfáß, and the disc further bears, as .applicable
y eitherto thetop -disc di! or to the whole selector
. vquadrant contains five of the areas 20, the other i
Y .
i'our -each.
` assembly, indicia of applicabilityfor and signiñ
cance in vconnection with height of wearer. For
example,.`the indicia “under 5’ 3”,” as pointed out
Proceeding now to a description of aplanar ele- '
ment which'is preferably displaceably disposed
. by the numeralèû, is of importance in connection
L. immediately in adjacence Ito the base I0, a pre
with' other size indicia later to be described, and
cated at 30, and is shown in the Vform of a; circular 25 is obviously of significance in selection of length
ferred form of -such element isY generally indi
. disc whose center or axis 3|»is coincident> with 1Y ~
Each of the quadrants iii, ¿32, 43 and ¿t4 of »the
‘» theimounting pinv or pivot element Il, hereafter ,
- -uppermost disc is provided intermediate'ìts boun
referred to, and maybe mounted thereon.
daries with a linear and radial row of slightly
‘ It is a preference for best andmost complete
- or apertures Si), opposite each of -which is Yan
th‘e selector, of say three'size variables o-r dimen- ¿
fsions; for example, the height of the wearer,> ,
Ywhich obviously is reflected in diiferences in»` ~length of the garment selected, also hip measure~ , 35
> 'ments' and bust measurements. To this end, ,
vthreesuperposed preferably planar and rela
tively movable elements are employed, together
identifying garment size number, these being col
lectively referred to by» reference-character 5|.
A further and important indicating feature pres
entlyidentiñed with the uppermost disc, is'ex.
vempliiied by the indexing arrow 52;. Any other
similar-.indexing expedient may- be employed, for
Yexample a projection on or notch' in the material
with some means such‘ as the pivot I I of the pres- I `
ï "ent‘example, for constraining these elements to 40,
It will be noted how
spaced, narrow, radially elongate windows, ports
results for the particular intended purpose of the
present design, to provide for the accumulation in
a fixed path of movement.
YSince the upper or topmost disc, in the present
Y example, 'is divided into four equal aliquot areas
or vquadrants for the purpose of denoting four
particular stylesV of stock garments, the inter
ever,V that for certain purposes wherein no more
than two variables need be taken into account,
s’ as Vin `~the shoe trade for example, whereinV the:
mediate and'basediscs are also divided into cor
responding areas or quadrants such that aper
ì' shoe size) "and last or width', a two-element ar- ’ ^ tures formed in and indicia carried on the lat
ter discs respectively may be arranged in a pre
` ‘ rangement may prove suiiicient; however, in the
present ïarrangement of three superposed ele- . f determined pattern within each quadrant to co
l ments, »Iit is preferred to form the discs ofv de:î i -» operate with the indicia on the upper disc for
. ‘
principal dimensions of account are length> (or ` 'f
50 Vthe
critical, but for easy visibilty, vit is preferred to
purpose >of indicating which style of stock
garment and size within Vthat stock will provide
vthe best fit. Thus the quadrants delineated on
^ provide say at least a one-fourth `to three eighths
the base disc serve to denne areas within which
"creasing, diameter from bottom to top. _The exact
ä extent'of‘diminution of diameters or areas is not
«indicia must be located in order to render the
inch margin on the base disc,rbeyond theY perim-î
ï veter of the intermediate disc, and also to provide 55 selector device fully useful.v In the case of the
. g for th‘e same difference between the intermediate
and uppermost or top element.
` TheV intermediate disc 30 of the present ’ex
>:intermediate disc the several patterns ofY aper
tures formed therein must be located in the
quadrant areas appearing thereon in a manner
to cooperate with the indicia on the bas discand
ample similarly to the bottom disc orbase, is `
ï provided'with an axial aperture 3|, and is- divided 60 likewise with the patterns of.V apertures and ap- `
plicable indicia appearing onthe ,upper disc. It
1 into four aliquot parts, otherwise designated as '
' should be observed that the number of aliquot
i quadrantsV 32,'33, Bland 35. Since in the 'base
areas delineated on each of thediscs may be in
disc, each of the quadrants isrcharacterizedV by
` the same general arrangement of indicia 20 and; Y creased»` from that shown to provide fora Wider
3 th'e same pattern or a substantially similar pat (i: selection of rgarrnentsor the'divisions may be de
Y creasedif such is desirable.
1 tern in'y each of the quadrants, th'e intermediate
The device Ymay be constructed in a variety of
disc' 30 isV also provided in each quadrant with a .
' i' pattern shown'as consisting of four, and inione i .vwayswithout departing from the general under
quadrant, five stepped rectangular apertures or;V
windows 36. VThe general arrangement, pattern.
and areasV of the windows 36 corresponds lbroadly
`to the pattern and areas of the indicia-bearing
portions 20 of base plate IB. The provision of
an Vangularly related ’series of graduations, gen
lying principles thereof, and is `by preference
formed of a stacked series-of planar elements
suitably imprinted or lithographed. These ele
ments may be of paper, cardboard, sheet plastic,
\ metal or combinations of such materials; fur-.
. thermore, it should be noted that. the occasional
; ; ` erally indicated Vat 3'1- extends, inyat least one 75 use h'erein of terminology such as'î‘rupper” and
‘.‘lower”.is1not»to Vbe understood aslimiting -the
device' to any :particular .position of :use ' or Ydis
;play,: since obviously its functionisindependent
ofthe position’of its >axis element ,I.I, or'other
means 'constraining the relatively movable ele
mentsto substantially’a common path .of move
ment. ÍThis terminology isaccordingly employed
only for brevityand convenience of `description
but Without limitation.
.The manner and Vusage ,of Atheselector assem
.bly when -employed'in connection with, articles of
`wearing«apparel,:is-thought .now to have become
_'Itlshould benoted as. entirely feasible and‘with
'inlpresent` contemplation, that, in` case, for. exam
4ple,x.there- is Vonly a: single style„.number or model
kofhglçaifment .from which selection isito be eiîected, f
.afgroupofthree selected quadrantsof the assem
:bly.:could of themselves .be employed, for example,
quadrant 1|,2uof .the ¿base disc, 32 .of theinterme
»diateudisc-.and 44 of the top disc. Accordingly,
the .use of theiterm ‘fdisc” isy intended in a broad
sense vand-:not .as;particularly limiting therela
.tively movable elements to-'a full circular or other
‘obvious from the foregoing ¿detailed description
Itisí-well known in certain types of calculator
of : itslparts 'and combinations, but it may for
devices, forexample, in slide- rules characterized
ycompleteness' be indicated-as usual practice for 15 by either logarithmic or arithmeticgraduations,
Ath'e salesperson to ascertain the'height of the
that-the same principles of indication and setting
wearer of the garment to'be selected. An appro
may lbe.. employed 'whether the slide rule- be of
priate selector assembly is then employed, as de
linear cr circular construction and arrangement.
termined by the indicia of height signiñcance
Obviously' also, the principles ofthe present selec
pointed out by numeral 49. 'Hip sizeand bust
tor may, in .a Ymanner which will now have be
size are taken by measurement and recommen
come obvious, be embodied in a device in which
dation given, according to type of figure and
the'elements are of elongate rectangular form and
other, personal factors, as to which of the> plu
areflinearly..displaceable, all within the intended
rality of available styles or types ofgarment is
scope hereof.
bestadapted for the customer. In the present ,
Although the invention has been described by
example this'selection will be elîected from one
making. detailed'reference to a single preferred
of 'the four appropriate indicia 45, 46, 41 and 48.
embodim'entthereof, the detail of description is to
Theselector is now ready for manipulation, in
.be understood rsolely in the sense that it is in
volving only two'relative placements of the discs.
structive ofthe practice ofthe invention, rather
TheñrSt of these consists in a superposition of
than Ain any. limiting sense, because of the many
the now-determined bust size,‘andvhip size, each
asrea'd-on the margins, respectively, of the inter
mediateï-and-base disc, in the roWs‘of graduations
variants îpossible withinthe full intended'scope
vand spirit of «the'claims hereunto appended.
l " I claim‘as my invention:
31 vand I5. For example, with a bustfmeasure
ïl. Adevice for aid in selecting a lady’s garment
ment of v34 andfahip measurement of 36, the in 35 from a 'stock of varying sizes and styles, the de
dex line :corresponding to bust ñgure 34 will ‘ce
vice including three superposed planar elements,
.brought `in alignment or vregister lwith the hip
two of which are relatively displaceable and indi
measurementfgraduation 36. The two lowermost
‘displaceable with respect to the third or
discs now being relatively positioned, the upper
base and one other element each
most disc is partially" rotated Vto bring its index 40 having‘a row the
of graduations arranged for selec
mark,-such asfarrowf52,`> also in alignment or reg
tive‘register upon'relative displacement thereof,
ister with the'two graduation lines' above referred
one such row being a range of hip sizes and the
to. »There‘will then immediately be visually indi
other, a range‘of bust sizes, the elements other
cated,> for example, if the underlying target areas
than the base each having a plurality of aper
E0 yof« disc 'Iûhbe'bright'red -in color, a flash ap
pearance-offresi color throughat least one of the
apertures Ior'windows `:âllzof the uppermost disc.
There may «be coincidentally, - an ¿appearance of
other -areas' 2t of the base disc, :through one'or
perhaps more than one of the-windows 5U in other
of thefquadrants ofL the upper disc'- 4B, and if de
sired, -and as. noted, 'differentfgroups of the target
areas 2ß'of‘t-he'~base disc in the severall quadrants
maybe provided with diiîerent colors lor other
indicia, vin the interest of obvia-ting error. In» any
event, with the three discs' now setas noted, »there
is nowl accumulated-in thefselectorvthe' three size
variables heretofore noted, namely, #wearer height,
(oriength ofgarment), loustsizei-andy hip size.
The' result Jattained will become obvious with
out Adetailed description of underlying reasons, it
being 'apparent that by ‘reason of the vstepped
arrangement of yareas 2D and ythesteppedI arrange
ment "-of‘ windows “36, there lwill 'usually appear at
tures, said'apertures being' arranged in dissimilar
patterns on the respective elements for selective
V,register when the apertured elements are dis
placed, one such pattern of apertures consisting
of a stepped arrangement in which the apertures
of thepattern are progressively displaced in two
directions, a dissimilar cooperating pattern of ap
ertures on an adjacent elementbeing a linear
arrangement, with the line of apertures extending
across the path-of movement of the element'in
which they areformed, the base element having
a plurality ‘of items of indicia so arranged in a
pattern as to -‘ cooperate with and be selectively
visible through the registered apertures of the
otherelements in .accordance with the selected
register óf lsaid rows of graduations for predeter
mined hip’ and bust sizes, and further indicia on
one of the Vapertured elements including means
selectively coacting with the selected register of
least one, sometimes 4more than one,`of the areas
the rows' of graduations to predetermine hip and
dows ‘50 in any given quadrant of the upper disc.
ables-sand». arranged. for »selectiveregisten.and said
bust sizesfor selectively determining the visibility
through the Awindows of intermediate Vdisc 30.
of .an item of 'indicia on the base element, to des
However, because of the restricted width and lin
ignate a stock garment of optimum size and style.
ear arrangement of aperturesI 59 ‘in disc 4U, and
2. LA' device for aid in selecting a garment from
the-stepped arrangementof-windows 35 in disc 3i),l
anddue further tothe particular patterns of Win 70 a stock of vvarying sizes and styles, including three
superposedscircular discs, two `of which are rela
dows `3'5 and areas’2ß, there will never, in the de
tively4 rotatable vand each rotatable iwith respect
sign shown, be vsuch-a registration'of apertures
50 and 36 as to display the target color or indicia
toa thirdortbase disc-the base-disc and oneother
of Vareas »20` through‘more’than "one of the win
having «.,angularJ-graduations ' denoting size vari
other liavinglapertures arranged in angularly and
radially displaced relation for selective register
with the apertures in the other disc, the remain
to include that of the customer. for v.whom selec
tion is to be >eiîected, the relative rotation of each
disc, to relate the respective rows of graduations
ing disc having a radial row of apertures, the
and indexing indicia for predetermined registra
¿base-ldisc having a plurality of separate indiciaA
selectively visible through the selectively registra
tion, being effective to bring an indicia on the base
disc into visible range within registering aper
tures in the upper and intermediate discs to des
nt, three superpcsed rotatablecircular discs, a
disc area.
patterns of apertures in the intermediate disc,
range of hip-measurements, a similar row of an
arranged in a pattern to cooperate with and be
ignate optimum style and personal fit.
>ble'apertures of the other discs, and further in
5. The combination and arrangement of the
’.dicia 0n the uppermost disc including means ar
ranged in cooperatingLrelation with the selected 10 elements and features as recited by claim 4 but
further characterized in the division ofthe areas
registerfof the angular graduations on the base
of-theseveral discs into the same number of ali
disc and one other disc for determining the se.
quot,V parts, the corresponding aliquot parts of
lectedf'relative-rotation vthereof and visibility of
the several discs being cooperative in reference
base 'disc indicium to designate optimum size and
15 to apredetermined style, model or type of article
style of 'garment
, '
oi apparel, and in whichdilîering indicia are em
3. In a device for selecting- an article of lingerie
‘ ployed in the several .aliquot divisions of the base
from a stock thereof, to assure optimum style and
5. ïn-a devicev for aid in selecting an article of
row of angularly related graduations indicating a
range 'of hip measurementsA on the lowermost or 20 Wearing lapparel from a stock thereof to assure
optimum style land personal fit, three superposed.
base disc, said base disc having a plurality of pat
relatively rotatable concentric discs of substan
terns of indicia' thereon, the indicia in each pat
tially circular form andof progressively decreased
tern being arranged in stepped relation, a row of
diameter, whereby to render at least a marginal
angularly related graduations on the intermedi
ateidis'c, indicating a range of bust measurements, 25 portion of each of the discs visible and accessible
for manipulation at all times, a row of angularly
said rows being in physical adjacence to enable
related graduations on thelowermost or base disc,
juxtapdsition'` of ' graduations indicating applica
indicia adjacent the graduations to indicate a
yble bust'and hip measurements,'a plurality of
‘each pattern-being a stepped arrangement of ap 30 gularly related graduations on the intermediate
discV and indicia adjacent said graduations to ren
ertures, a corresponding plurality of patterns of
der them indicative of bust measurements, the
- apertures arranged inradial rows being provided
graduations including index lines such that one
in the >upper disc for ‘cooperative and selective
or more lines of the two said rows are adapted
registerwith apertures inthe intermediate disc,
the upper 'disc being provided, with style indicia 35 to be brought into register, the rows of gradua
tions being movable into physical adjacence toY
for each pattern'ofV apertures and separate size
enable through rotation of the discs, an align
indicia adjacent each aperture ofthe radial row,
ment ci graduations corresponding to predeter
the three discs being pivotally mounted on a com
mined hip and bust measurements, a plurality of
mon axis, and'being'graduated in diameter from
bottomto‘top, whereby to render marginal por
40 patterns of indicia on theV base disc, those indicia
tions of each- disc visible and accessible at all
times, and other indicia on the upper disc for se
of each said pattern being in a stepped formation
personal ñt, three superposed relatively rotatable
ing substantially uniformly spaced radially of the '
disc, and the apertures in the upper disc being of
substantially lesser area than those of the inter
but-with certain of the patterns diiïering in rela
tive disposition and arrangement from others on
lective register with the juxtapositionment of
the base disc, a plurality of patterns of apertures
graduationson the base and'intermediate discs
being lprovided in the intermediate disc, each of
Yin ‘accordance with Vhip and bust measurements
said patterns being in the nature of a stepped
for determining the relative rotation of said discs,
relation of Ysuch apertures, and the several pat
rotation thereof's'erving to bring indicia on the
terns on the intermediate disc diiîering in the
base V'disc into view through registered apertures
relation of apertures to each other in the same
in the intermediate and upper discs to designate
50 pattern, a plurality of patterns of apertures be
optimum style and nt of an article of lingerie.
ing provided in the upper disc and arranged in
, 4.- In a device for selecting an article of lingerie
radial rows, the apertures of the radial rows be
from a stock thereof to assure optimum style and
discs, a row of angularly related graduations on
the lowermost or base disc, indicating a range of
hip measurements, a similarlrow ofv angularly re
mediate disc, there being provided separate size
latedY graduations on the intermediate >dismin
dicative. of bust measurements, the graduations
radial rows on the upper disc, the spacing in an
indicia adjacent each aperture of each of said
gular and radial directions of the base disc pat
nf thetwo said rows are adapted to be brought 60 terns and the arrangement and areas of the ap
ertures in the intermediate disc being of such
into register, said rows being in physical adja
structural arrangement that the base areas are
cenceto enable through `rotation of the discs, an
selectively visible through one or a small plurality
alignment of graduations corresponding >to pre
of the apertures in the upper disc, and indexing
L determined- hip and bust measurements, the upì
indicia on the upper disc arranged for cooper
permost disc being provided with indexing indicia
ative registration with the predetermined align
adapted to be brought to register with predeter
ment of graduations on the baseand intermedi
mined registering graduations of the respective
ate discs to indicate the desired relative rotational
rows thereof. a stepped arrangement of indicia on
arrangement of said discs and‘thereby determine
the basedisc. a stepped arrangement of apertures
a selection of wearing apparel in accordance with
being provided on the'intermediate disc, and a
the size indicia adjacent the apertures in the Yup
radial row of apertures being provided in the up
per'ydisc as denoted by the selectively visible base
per, disc, with separate size indicia adjacent each
aperture of said radial row, theY upper disc being
including index lines such that one or more lines
further provided with indicia signiñcant of style,
model or'type of articleV and of a range of heights
75 .if "
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