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27, 1946.
Filed Nov._28, 1944
. 14000571!” ?MMc/me.
Patented Aug. 27, 1946‘
August Max Hambacher, Denver, 0010.
Application November 28, 1944, Serial No. 565,506
1 Claim.
(01. 5-478)
This invention relates to a folding bedstead
construction, more particularly to a small doll
or child’s bed. The principal object of the inven
tion is to provide a simple and economical con
struction which can be folded ?at for shipping
purposes, which can be quickly and easily erected
by a child, and which, when erected, will provide
a substantial, non-collapsing bedstead.
Other objects and advantages reside in the de
tail construction of the invention, which is de
signed for simplicity, economy, and e?iciency.
These will become more apparent from the fol
lowing description.
In the following detailed description of the in
The outer extremity of the hook members I1
terminate in hooks [9 having rounded ends 20.
The hooks I9 are so positioned as to engage a
cross member 2I, there being one of these cross
members in each of the head and foot frames I3
and I4.
Thus, when the head and foot frames are
swung upwardly to their vertical positions, the
cross members ZI will come in contact with the
10 rounded extremities of the members I5. This will
force the latter members downwardly until the
hooks I9 snap upwardly around the cross mem
bers 21 to lock the bedstead in the erected posi
vention, reference is had to the accompanying 15
To fold the bed it is only necessary to force the
drawing which forms a part hereof. Like numer
extremities of the hook members I‘! downwardly
als refer to like parts in all views of the drawing
-until they disengage the cross members 2i. This
and throughout the description. '
In the drawing:
allows the head and foot frames I3 and I4 to be
folded inwardly at their tops until they lie upon
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the improved 20 the slats II] as shown in Fig. 3.
While a speci?c form of the improvement has
Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section through the bed
been described and illustrated herein, it is desired
stead in the erected position; and
to be understood that the same may be varied,
bedstead in the erected position ready for use;
Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail section illustrating '
within the scope of the appended claim, without
the folding action of the improved bedstead.
25 departing from the spirit of the invention.
The improved bedstead consists of two parallel
Having thus described the invention, what is
side rails I0 and II which are pivoted at their
claimed and desired secured by Letters Patent is:
extremities, as shown at I2, to a head frame I3
A folding bedstead comprising: two side rails;
and a foot frame I4. A slat supporting strip I5
a foot frame; a head frame; pivot means respec
is secured along the lower edge of the side rails 30 tively securing said foot frame between the foot
I0 and I I. These strips support a plurality of bed
extremities of said rails and said head frame be-.
slats I6 which are secured thereto. The slats
tween the head extremities of said rails; slat-sup
form the support for the mattress or bed proper.
porting strips secured along the inner faces of
The strips I5 terminate in spaced relation to
said rails adjacent the bottoms thereof; slats se
the extremities of the rails l0 and II to provide 35 cured at their extremities to said strips and ex
stops for maintaining the head and foot frames
tending transversely of said bedstead; elongated
I3 and I4 in the upright position. The pivots
resilient hook strips secured at their inner ex
I2 are positioned above the strips I5 so that the
tremities to the bottom of the middle slat with
head and foot frames may, when folded, lie flat
their extremities projecting oppositely outward
upon the slats I6 in parallel relation thereto.
40 beyond said head and foot frames; and hooks on
The frames I3 and I4 are maintained vertical
the projecting extremities of said hook strips de
by means of resilient hook members l1 which
tachably engaging said head and foot frames to
are secured at their inner extremities to the mid
prevent the latter from swinging inwardly at
dle slat I6 and arranged to extend toward each
their tops, said slat-supporting strips terminating
extremity of the bedstead beneath the slats there 45 at the vertical position of the inner faces of said
of. The hook members I‘! are preferably ‘?at
legs for preventing said frames from swinging
strips band sawed from a suitable resilient wood.
outwardly at their tops beyond a vertical position.
They could, however, be formed from metal or
other suitable material if desired.
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