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Aug'.v 27, 1946.
Filed May '7, 1945
TJ . r
1417 Z5 /â 2517
MM mém@
Patented Aug. 2.7,~ 1946
2,406,522 ,
f ‘William E. Wóoay, columbia, M0.
>¿Application May 7, 1945, _serial Ne. 592,456
1 Claim.
(c1. 27_35)
My invention relates to improvements in com-E
bined burial caskets and vaults.
tion comprising, as shown, a peripheral flange 5
One ofthe objects of- my invention is the pro
vision of a novel combined burial casket and
vault, which utilizes a portion of a burial casket 5
for supporting a vault cover, thus eliminating
a separate basal support for the vault cover.
Another object of my invention is the provision
of a novel combined burial casket and vault of
the kind described, which is simple, strong, dur-V
able, not likely to get out of order, which is
easily assembled for interment purposes, rel
atively cheap in construction, and efficient in its
The novel features of my invention are here
inafter fully described and claimed.
In the accompanying drawing, which illustrates
the preferred embodiment of. my invention,
which extends outwardly and downwardly from
where the side walls I and end walls 2 join with
the outer edges of the bottom 3. The ñange 5,
as shown in Fig. 5` and Fig. 7, curves down
wardly and then upwardly to form a continuous
groove- 6 in its upper side that extends around
the body of the casket.' The flange 5 then'ex
tends outwardly and downwardly from the groove
`6, with its supportingv lower edge disposed in
a horizontal plane.
, For lifting and carrying the casket, there are
provided at opposite sides thereof two hand holds
comprising, as shown in Figs. 5 and 6, two longi»
15 tudinal parallel cylindrical hand rails 1 respec
tively parallel with and spaced from the side
walls I.
Each hand rail ‘I extends through and is snugly
Fig. 1 is a reduced perspective View of my im
incylindrical holes 8 in a plurality ofver-A
proved burial casket.
20 tical brackets <9, three, as shown in Figs. 1 and
v Fig'. 2 is a reduced perspective view ofthe
2, adjacent to the'. upper ends thereof. The lower
assembled combined casket and burial vault em
ends of the brackets 9 are removably fastened to
bodying my improvements.
the upper side of the base portion ñange 5 at
Fig. 3 is a reduced ‘plan View of the burial
the outer side of the groove 6, Fig. 5. As shown
casket with the lid removed.
25 in Fig. 5, the lower end of each bracket 9 is pro
Fig. 4 is a reduced under plan view of my im-l
vided With a vertical threaded hole in whichv is
proved vault cover.
fitted the threaded upper end of a screw I0,
Fig. 5 is 4an enlarged vertical cross sectional
which extends upwardly through a vertical hole
View, partly broken away, of my improved com
the flange 5, ,the‘head of the screw bearing
bined burial casket and vault in its "fully as
against the under side of the ñange 5.
sembled condition, on the line 5-5 of Fig. 2.
The vault cover comprises an inverted box
Fig. 6 is an enlarged end View of my improved
like structure with an open bottom, vertical sides
combined burial casket and vault.
II and vertical ends I2 and a closed top I3. The>
Fig. 7 is an enlarged vertical longitudinal sec
vault cover has dimensions such that it will re
tional view taken on the plane of the line 1-1
ceive therein the sides I, ends 2 and lid :4 of
of Fig. 6.
casket, that is the sides il are longer and
Fig. 8 is a vertical longitudinal sectional View
higher than the vsides I and the ends I2 are
of a portion of the vault cover, taken on the
wider and higher than» the ends 2. These di
plane of the line `tlf-_8 of Fig. 6, showing one
mensions are such` that the sides lII and ends
of the end brackets locked to the vault cover 40 I2 at their lower ends will fit in the continuous
by the adjacent hand hold.
groove 6 in the upper side of the flange 5, the
Fig. 9 is a further enlarged vertical sectional
sides II being spaced from the hand rails or
view of what is shown in Fig. 8, showing the hand
hand holds l, as shown in Figs. 2, 5, 6 and 7.
hold and one of the adjacent end brackets, in
For releasa-bly fastening the vault cover to the
solid lines in their release positions, and in dotted
liange 5 of the casket, the lower edge of
lines in their locked positions.
Fig. 10 is a side view of one of the end hand »
holds, removed.
Similar characters of reference designate sim
ilar parts in the different views.
The burial casket comprises a box-like body
having vertical side walls I, end walls 2, a closed
bottom 3, an open top adapted to be closed by »
a lid 4, which is removable.
each wall II and I2 is provided with a down
wardly-extending projection I4 having through
it a transverse slot I5.
The projections I4 are
respectively extended through vertical slots I5
through the flange '5 in the groove 6.
When the vault cover is mounted on the casket,
with its sides Il and ends I 2 in the groove 6,
the projections I4 will extend below the under
side of the ñange 5. Removable fastening de
The casket body has a supporting base por 55 vices, shown .as G shaped clips I'I, are inserted
through the slots
I5 respectively, as shown in
side of the casket flange 5,- and the projections
I4 extended through the slots I6 in the groove 6.
The clips Il are then inserted through the slots
I5, locking the vault cover to the casket flange ti.
Figs. 5 rand ’7, thus locking the vault cover in
operative position on'the casket.
For lifting and carrying the vault cover before
it is mounted on the casket, two end hand holds
are provided at vthe ends respectively of the vault
cover. In the form shown in the drawing, such
hand holds comprise two hand rails I8, one of
which is shown in Fig. l0.
The hand rails I8 may then, if desired, be
turned to the release position, shown in solid lines
, in Fig. 9, and the brackets with said handrails
removed from the vault cover. The side hand
rails 'I on the casket, may be employed for lifting
and carrying the combined casket and vault for
The two hand'rails
' I8 are similarly-fastened’to the ends’I2 of the
vaultïcover, so that a description of'one will .
moved, if desired, by removing the screws I0 . '
Vfrom, the brackets 9.
wall a vertical row of slots 2i! adapted to receive
ï From the foregoing it will be
Y respectively through. them a vertical row of out-k
wardly and downwardly extending projections? if' Vj
f Y
i2 of the vault cover.
' In thehorizo'ntal plane of the upper slot 2e,
opposite sides of each bracket »I e are respectively
l and their supporting brackets ISI may be re
Two parallel, vertical hollow brackets I9, rece y
tangular in cross section, havingeach in its inner
adapted to embrace the inner wall'of the vadja
cent bracket .Iâ and hold it? against the end wall>
‘ When ready for interment, the side hand rails
suffice for both Vfastening means.
noted that, with
ofniy combined burial casket
4 _ y
and vault,‘an additional supporting-basal struc-V
tureto carry the casket and vault cover may be
20 eliminated, together with the extra expense of
providing such.
. f
It will also be notedY that the casket and vault
cover'rnay be made of any suitable material im
provided with alined holes 22, adapted to have
pervious to water, and that the air contained in
rotatably-fitted in them one endïof a hand rail
the vault cover, when the latter is in its opera
I8, the other end of which is rotatably fitted in 25 tive covering position, prevents entrance of water
the holes 22 in the adjacent bracket IS, Figs; 2,
‘5, 6,77, 8, 9 and 10.
The end portions of the hand rail I8, as shown
to the interior of the casket, and forms an her
metical seal without use of calking.
Many modifications of my invention, within the
in Fig. l0, are reduced and are provided'on their
scope or" the appended claim, maybe made with
peripheries, spaced from their ends, Awith flattened 30 out departing from the'spirit’of my invention. '
' portions V.23 on the same side,'see Figsïß, 9_ and
What I claim is:
l0, which flatv portions are respectively disposed
Means for lifting andcarrying one end of a
within the brackets I9. ~
`_ 1
' In attaching the brackets I9 to an Vend wall
vault cover, comprising, in combination, the vault
ÄI2 of the vault cover, a hand rail» I8 has its ends 35 cover having an end wall provided 'on its outer
side with two vertical rows of outwardly and
mounted in the holes 22, withthe flat portions
downwardly extending projections, two .vertical
23 vertically’disposed, as shown in Fig. 9.V This
hollow bracketsrectangular in cross section, havY
V~ permits
the upper projections Y2l> to Venter the
ing each through its inner wall a vertical row of
'brackets through the upper slots- 26, and the lower
projections ZI to pass through Ythe adjacent slots ,40. slots adapted to receive respectively therethrough
253, as shown in solid lines in Fig. 9.
said projections the> downwardly extendingl por
tions of which'rare adapted to engagethe inner
, '
The brackets I9 kmay' thenïbe raised-to `the
position shown indottedlines in Fig. 9. The
hand rail'IS is lthen turned inthe ho1'es'22, -to
. position upwardly facing the iiat portions 23, as
shown in dotted lines inFig. 9 and «in solid lines
wall of the adjacentv one'of said brackets,` each ~
.. of said brackets having in opposite sides respec
tively two alined holes,> and a horizontal hand
rail having reduced end portions respectively ro
in Fig.. 8. 4In this position, the end peripheries
»er1-.hehehe rail >le will be over and against the
V`upper sides of the top projections 2l, thus lock
in_g the two-brackets I9 to the 'end wall vI2 of the
vault cover. V`When so positioned, andthe vault
cover is placed in operative coveringposition on
the casket rail 5, the lower ends of the brackets
It, which are curved, fit on the upper side of the
fia-nge '5, as shown in Figs. 2 and '7. v
Y . In aburial operation, after the >body has been
placed in the casket, and the lid 4 placed on the
casketbody, »as shown in Fig. V1, the vault cover
is lifted bythe hand rails I8 and positioned with
, its Walls/’disposed in the groove 6 in the upper 60
tatably ñttedín said two holes, said end portions
being provided on¿the same side with flattened
portions respectively disposed in said Vbrackets,
-and when disposed vertically permit the projec
t'ionsrofv said "two rows to pass through said slots
permitting said brackets to be raised with said
hand rail’s end'portions above the uppermost of
said projections, whereby when said hand rail
is Yrotated to dispose its flattened portions hori
Zontally, said hand rail will lock the two brackets
to said vault cover.
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