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Aug. '27, 1946.
_ H. s. NAGIN
Filed.v June 2, 1943
% 4
Patented Aug. 27, 1946
Harry S. Nagin, McKeesport, Pa., assignor to Re
liance Steel Products Company, McKeesport,
Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania
Application June 2, 1943, Serial No. 489,330
1 Claim.
(CI. 94—30)
My invention relates to structural members,
and is particularly adapted to gratings and floors.
suitable thickness. The platform ll between the
bearer bars has been expanded from the condi
The members are made from a single unitary
tion shown in Figure 1, and resembles a sheet of
metal shape.
expanded metal which extends between the bearer
It is customary to make gratings either by cast 5 bars IQ and is integral therewith. The portions
ing, usually but not necessarily in one piece, or
of the platform immediately overlying the bearer
by fabricating the grating from rolled metallic
bars have upstanding projections Ill’. The sec
members. The latter method commonly includes
tion from which the grating is formed is illus
the use of longitudinal bearing bars secured in
trated in Figure 1 which shows the section after
spaced parallel relation by spaced cross bars 10 it has been rolled or extruded and slits 12' formed
which are joined to the bearing bars by welding
therein, but before it has been deformed. The
or by deformation of parts of the bars. Another 1 expanding operation and suitable apparatus for
type of grating includes spaced longitudinal bear
performing this operation are well known to those
skilled in the art and need not be explained'here.
ing bars, secured to bent bars, portions of which
extend between the bearing bars and usually are 15 The proportioning of the ribs ID, the spacing
fastened thereto by riveting.
thereof, the thickness of the platform I l and the
vMy invention provides a structural member or
size of the openings are matters of design. Suf
grating which is made from a single member,
?ce it is to say that the sections can bedesi'gned
which may be a rolled metal shape or an extruded .
to carry loads of various magnitudes, depending
metal shape. The rolled shape consists of a plat 20 on the conditions of use.
form which is substantially ?at and depending
In FigureZa the grating’consists of spaced de
spaced apart ?anges, narrow and relatively deep.
pending bearer bars Illa and a connecting plat
In one form of the grating, the platform between
form I la, having opening therein. It is made
the ?anges is slitted and then deformed so as to
in the same manner as the grating shown in Fig
form spaced apart openings, generally similar 25 ure 2 is made, except that the platform or top
to the openings found in expanded metal sheet.
In the expanding operation the portions of the
platform between the ribs are widened, and con
sequently the spacing between the ribs increased.
portion is substantially ?at. This ?atness can be
obtained in the operation of expanding the shape
shown in Figure 1., or by subjecting the deformed
portions of the platform of the grating shown in
The ?anges or ribs are of sufficient depth and 30 Figure 2 tea ?attening operation such as for ex
thickness to economically carry the load to which
ample may be performed in a press. The section
the member is subjected. When the member or
may be formed without the projection l0’ shown
grating is in use, the ?anges rest upon or are
in Figures 1 and 2.
secured to a suitable support, and the platform
The grating made according to this invention
is in contact with the traffic.
35 has the great advantage that it is formed from
I also contemplate roughening the top of the
a single section, so that there are no joints, welded
platform by forming therein grooves, depression,
or otherwise, to work loose. Such gratings are
and projections.
much cheaper to make than gratings heretofore
The main object of the invention is to provide
a unitary grating which is made from a single 40
While I have described presently preferred em- metal member formed either'by rolling or ex
bodiments of my invention, it is apparent that the
In the accompanying drawing wherein I have
shown, for purposes of illustration only, certain
preferred embodiments of my invention;
Figure 1 is a perspective view of 'a suitable
shape, which has been slitted but not expanded,
Figure 2 is a sectional view of the shape shown
invention can be otherwise embodied and prac
tised within the scope of the following claim.
I claim as my invention:
An integral grated ?ooring structural panel
comprising a rolled or extruded continuous ?at
platform having integral therewith a plurality of
more than two spaced, parallel disposed, solid,
in Figure 1, after the shape has been expanded .
?anges depending from one surface only of said
to form the completed member, and
50 ?at platform and serving as bearer ‘bars, said plat
Figure 2a is a view similar to Figure 2 but show
form being of uniform thickness between saidv
ing the top portion of the member as being sub
bearer bars, said platform being slit and expanded
stantially ?at.
between the said bearer bars to form a grating
The grating shown in sectional view in Figure
comprising a plurality of bearer bars with ex‘
2 consists of a series of spaced apart substan 55 panded metal structure between said bars ‘and
tially parallel bearer bars or ribs IU of suitable
integrally connected therewith.
dimensions which depend from a platform ll of
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