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Patented Aug. 27, 1946
' »2,406,563
Wesley J. Robents, North Little Rock, Ark.
Application June 8, 1945, Serial No. 598,374
3 Claims.
(Cl. ISS-'893)
This invention relates to valve caps for pneu
recess I2 to provide clearance for the Vupwardly
matic tires, and more particularly, to a valve cap
protruding end yof the valve when the cap is in
which is fastened to the valve stem of a tire to
clamped position on the valve stem.
prevent its loss but which may be manipulated to
Lug members Il), I0 are formed with circular
expose the valve without detaching it from said
openings I3, I3 adjacent their upper ends. Piv
otally secured to lug members I0, I0 at said cir
A main object of the invention is to provide a
cular openings is a clamping cap member I4 corn
novel and improved Valve cap which affords thor
prising a shell element adapted to closely fit over
ough protection for the valve stem against leak
sealing cap member l. Clamping cap member I4
age of air through the valve and which prevents 10 is provided with a rear extension I5 formed with
the admission of dirt or other undesirable foreign
a pair of oppositely directed lug elements I6, I6
adapted to be pivotally engaged in the respective
A further object of the invention is to provide
circular openings I3, I3 and also formed with a
an improved valve cap which is securely fastened
depending arm member I1 adapted to contact the
to the valve stem to prevent its loss but which 15 upper surface of extension 9 when clamping cap
may be readily manipulated from an open to a
member I4 is rotated into overlying relation with
1closed ,position or from a closed to an open posi
sealing cap 'l and to exert a substantial pressure
on said upper surface.
Further objects and advantages of the inven
Clamping cap member I4 is provided with a
tion will appear from the following description 20 front
extension I8 formed with a notch or slot I9.’
and claims, and from the accompanying drawing,
Collar member 2 is formed with an eye lug 2U at
its front portion in which is pivotally secured a
Figure 1 is a side elevational view of a valve
stem equipped with a valve cap according to this
Figure 2 is an end elevational View of the struc
clamping bar 2|, preferably formed of stiff wire,
the upper end of said clamping bar being shaped
25 to form a resilient hook portion L22 which is
adapted to be engaged through slot I9 and exert a
clamping force on the top surface of extension I8
Filgure 3 is a top View of the structure of Fig
to secure the clamping cap member I4 firmly in
position over sealing cap l. The clamping force
Figure 4 is a detail view in cross-section show 30 exerted by hook portion 22 combines with the
ing the cap structure in released and partly open
clamping pressure exerted by depending arm
v ture of Figure 1.
member I'l on the upper surface of extension 9 to
provide a balanced clamping action on sealing
Referring to the drawing, I designates the con
ventional valve stem of a pneumatic tire.
Threadedly engaged with valve stem I is a collar
_i cap 1.
member 2 which serves as the anchoring means
for the valve cap structure. Formed on one Vside
Extension I8 is appropriately shaped and
formed so that it may be employed as a wrench
for removing or replacing the valve core.
of collar- member 2 are a pair of eye lugs 3, 3 in
To open the cap, clamping bar 2| is disen
which is pivotally engaged the lower straight por
gaged from extension I8 and clamping cap I4 is a
tion 4 of a U-shaped bail member 5, preferably 40 raised to the position shown in Figure 4. Seal
fabricated of stiff wire. The upper ends of the
ing cap 'I may then be lifted off the valve'cap so
legs of -bail member 5 are formed with eye por
that access may be had to the valve. The reverse
tions E. Pivotally secured to bail member 5 at eye
procedure is followed in closing the cap.
portions 6 is a sealing cap member 1 comprising a
Collar member 2 isinitially engaged sufficient
rigid shell of metal, plastic, or other suitable ma 45
ly far down on the valve stem so that the desired
terial containing a deformable gasket element 8
initial sealing pressure is obtained.
of rubber or the like. Cap member 'I is formed
While a specific embodiment of a valve cap
with an extension 9 which carries rigidly secured
device has been disclosed in the foregoing descrip
thereto a pair of vertical parallel lug members
I0, I9. Formed on the outwardly facing «surfaces 50 tion, it will be understood that various modiñca- y
of said lug members adjacent their lower ends are
curved ear members I I, I I which are respectively
engaged with the eye portions -6 to pivotally secure
cap member 'l to bail member 5.
The gasket element s 1s formed with a central 55
tions within the spirit of the invention may occur
to those skilled in the art. Therefore it is in
tended that no limitations be placed on the in
vention other thanV as defined by the scope of the
appended claims,
top of the valve stem in’sealìng'relation thereto,
What iS claimed is:
a` link Aconnecting said sealing cap to said collar
member, a clamping element pivotally secured to
said sealing cap member and adapted to closely
1. A valve cap comprising an anchor member
adapted to be secured to a valve stern, a sealing
cap member pivotallf»r secured to said anchor
overlie said sealing cap member, and means se
member and adapted to oVerlie the top of the CR curing said clamping element to said collar mem
valve stem in sealing relation thereto, a clamping
ber in clamping relation to said sealing cap mem
element pivotally secured to said sealing cap
` c member and adapted to overlie said sealing cap
member and means securingsaid clamping ele
ment to said anchor member in` clamping rela-->
tion to said sealing cap member.
2. A valve capV comprising a collar member `
‘ adapted to be threadedly engaged with a valve
stem, a sealing cap member adapted to overlie the
3. The structure of claim 2, and wherein said
clamping element is provided adjacentí'ts point of
pivotal securement with said sealing cap member
with a pressure arm adapted to exert a sealing
force on said sealing cap member.
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